2016 in review
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>dan:</b> published another book called DAPGO, repeatedly called himself phil trash #1, became more open about sexualities, had "the most fun he's ever had," watched dil get married and have a baby, visited Australia, received boncas awards for his creative works including Collaboration of the Year and Film of the Year, starred on a Disney show as a voice actor, reminded everyone that by this point he and phil were basically the same person, came out with his own plushie, made glitter faces, aired his BBC Three documentary "The Supergamers," wrote and sang his own diss track, helped conduct the longest youtube tour in history, created two movies based on this tour (including a documentary), started rebranding himself, heart-eyes Howell became a regular in videos, encouraged Americans not to give up fighting for equality after the election, talked about anime (a lot), traveled all around the world, sang and co-wrote the song "The Internet is Here," posted the famed halloween baking video, nearly killed himself with sprayable deodorant, finally seemed to decide not to give a fuck about others' opinions and used his talents to create a legacy he's proud of<p/><b>phil:</b> won the award for Creator of the Year, also received awards for Collaboration of the Year and Film of the Year at the BONCAS, went all around the world on tour for TATINOF, released a second bestselling book, has "spent the majority of this last year with another person," has become more and more giggly and joyful throughout the videos, watched dil grow up, get married, and have a baby, visited florida, produced funny content with the furthering of the 7 Second Challenge App, ended the Internet Takeover in April, helped produce two movies about his tour, co-wrote the stage show and song "The Internet is Here," appeared on Disney channel as a prince gorilla, "thicc," was picked up and carried by dan in pinof 8, survived australia, discovered he was a woodpecker in a past life, started his Sleepless Nights with Phil series, people finally started recognizing his talent and unique skills, laughed and interacted with his followers despite his enormous workload, stayed his happy and positive self throughout the year<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Transformers are my children. My many, many giant children who turn into cars and planes and guns and USB sticks. My babies. Mommy loves her good war veteran sons and daughters and cassettes. Mommy is so proud. You fight and you roll out, babies. You drink that Energon. You do those space drugs. You honk at that cute car at the Taco Bell. Fly through that rainbow. Start wars over your boyfriends. Boyfriend Wars. Is basically all this franchise is. Live your giant alien robot lives. *smooch*


I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.


John Boyega Wins Cannes Film Festival 2016 Chopard Trophy

Chopard has designatedStar Wars” star John Boyega and fellow Brit Bel Powley as the winners of the Chopard Trophy, its annual award for emerging talents.

French actress Juliette Binoche will hand out the awards at a ceremony during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on May 12, to be held in partnership with Variety.

Previous winners of the Chopard Trophy, launched in 2001, include Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, Shailene Woodley, Gael Garcia Bernal, Jack O’Connell and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

The Trophée Chopard was created with the intent to recognize the finest up-and-coming stars of world cinema.

Watch the video of the 2015 recipients.


Let’s all just appreciate the friendships that BTS share with their managers

Like Jimin and his little mangers relationship 

they way he looks so adorably at his little manger who may I point out is a Jimin bias 

Like I love when they also show a protective side to their managers like awww

And how proud he walks around with him, not treating him like a manger but a friend and the way his arm slings so perfectly onto his shoulders

I mean how can you not love these two smol babies, the fact that jimin has someone who has smaller hands then him….like OMG! 

It just so rare to see this sometimes and it melts my heart

Look at this adorable monkey and Sejin just being so used to him, we all know his probably suffering from v cuteness

walking along side by side + sunshine smiles

But my favorite it when they protect each other 

because nothings more peaceful to armies than knowing their managers are looking after them 

Like how he carriers Jungkooks luggage for him, a little gesture but still meaning the world to the boys 

PLaying with his tummy like how much more heart warming can this get….

You thought I was finished NOOOOOO!!! I’ll continue because look at how  much they trust one another, taehyung holding onto his manager just because he wants to shows how comfortable they are with each other

always staying by their side + OMG the height difference is so cuteeee!

I mean I would smile like that to if i was walking beside Jungkook too

Mangers always be watching over them <3

And Bts always watching over their managers and always being humble and just perfect human beings 

Or when you learn that the managers are just as dorks a BTS like how here Jin’s manager is do fascinated with his fingers awww

and just they way they are able to have a laugh with each other, like the managers are so funny I guess it runs in the Big Hit family 

Sorry that I didn’t post any suga, jhope or rap monster I couldn’t  find any photos of them together but we all know the mangers love them too, feel free to send me any photos if you find them I’ll happily edit this