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You are not fully white 😂😭😂😂


I’m full greek Cypriot.
Cyprus is in the Mediterranean and part of the EU. I am European last time I checked.
Seriously. Y'all taking the piss now.
anyway if I wasn’t why wouldn’t I say I was mixed or whatever else? All races and mixes are so fucking beautiful with gorgeous heritage and roots and Id be so fucking proud, the same way I’m proud to be greek. Unless someone wants to tell me I was actually a fucking fed-ex baby and my real parents are in Jamaica or Mexico or something and I was dropped on a doorstep. Stop.

Bellamy and Octavia would be in the same house at Hogwarts and no-one can convince me otherwise.

In all likelihood, it’d be Gryffindor.

Like, imagine how proud he’d be of his baby sister.

They spend all the holidays at school because they’re each others only family. Whenever Bellamy goes to Hogsmeade, he brings back enough sweets and stuff to keep Octavia happy until the next time he’s able to go.

He finishes school first, obviously, and does so with enough OWLS to be able to join the Hit Wizards as a capable recruit.

With his help and belief in her, Octavia’s able to earn the 5 NEWTS needed to be able to join the Auror program, which is where she meets Indra and comes into her own.

Neither of them are meant to be safe jobs, Bellamy OR Octavia.

They thrive in danger, but know that as long as they still breathe, they’ll always have a safe home with each other.


I’ll combine the rest of the anonymous matchups right here. These are all the anons who sent me matchup requests so if you sent it on anon, it’ll definitely be in this list :) + akuhimitsu because yours was sent through fanmail and the description was long :D

Match: Akashi Seijurou/Midorima Shintarou

Akashi: He loves the fact that you still try to act strong because it shows your strength. He wouldn’t mind you being a “baby” either because he loves pampering you with everything. Since you seem well-rounded, he’d be very proud to have you as his partner. Maybe you guys might even end up having jam sessions together for music and training together for sports. If your ideas clash, it might cause some issues, but nothing the two of you couldn’t fix.

Midorima: Since he is also a tsundere, he would be able to empathize with your strong façade. Perhaps that’s even how he first noticed you. He’ll be pretty understanding and he’ll love how you’re not only focused on sports and music but also academically strong. Your determination is also one of his favorite traits because he also believes in hard work. Though, your stubbornness may cause some clashes with the equally stubborn Midorima. But the two of you will make up in no time.

Match: Kiyoshi Teppei

He’s always extremely understanding of your traits. When you’re being a bit odd and random, he would just be happy for you, going along with whatever you were saying/doing. Your shyness would be balanced out by his kindness because whenever you felt a bit shy around him, he’ll always make things comfortable for you. He loves cuddling with you during horror and romantic movies! Caring and sweet would be the similarities between the two of you and thus, it would prevent any major fights from happening.

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episode 12: if this feeling isn’t love, then there is no love in the world


I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.


In Cantonese, the word “嘉”, or “Ka” in pinyin, means “praise.” Jackson is always praising others - from cheering on Jaebum as the best leader, supporting Mark in interviews, encouraging Bambam like a father, teaching Youngjae how to speak English, complimenting Jinyoung for being the mother, and always making Yugyeom laugh, Jackson gives just as much praise as he recieves from others. Constantly being humble, including other people, and being kind to not only his own friends but also to strangers, Jackson has shown us the importance of not just chasing after one’s dream - but also to strive and become a better person every single day. Because loosely translated, 嘉 also means “to not just make something good, but to go the extra distance to make it great.” And Jackson has taught us so much about not just settling for the bare minimum, but also trying our best to challenge ourselves in everything we choose to do. 

Thank you, Jackson. 

exo is performing one of the opening acts for seoul fashion week tomorrow… the fashion week coordinators actually deemed exo relevant enough to invite them to perform an opening act at seoul fashion week… they made it…. our boys fucking made it big time… and now all i can think of is


“I don’t know if my songs fit in films”. (Ed Sheeran after his songs were rejected for “Catching Fire” soundtrack - 06/09/2013)

“I See Fire” Performed by Ed Sheeran from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (music video published by Peter Jackson on youtube - 05/11/2013)

“All Of The Stars” Performed by Ed Sheeran from “The Fault In Our Stars” (music video published by Ed Sheeran on his youtube channel - 09/05/2014)