Managing a big community!

I think the only bad thing about managing a big community is when people want to start drama or spread lies about your community. Specially when other community harass you!

It’s not good at all and at least with me, my mental health can’t deal with this so well! But all the rest… It’s so good! I love taking care of people and helping everyone! And you guys make me so happy!

I think I can say that I’m proud of this community and managing Teenietots is the best thing ever! All babies and carers and sibs here are amazing and I love you all!

Can I have a hug too? Sometimes mommy needs love too!! I’m kinda having a hard time and all the harassment I get it’s not really nice, my borderline ass can’t deal with that, hehe. Sorry about the borderline ass XD



HE’s SO CUTE FLUFFY a big ball of fluffiness he deserves all the good things in this world he’s good at cooking he loves his hyungs he’s good at singing DAMN BOI HE HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE and he’s good at playing the piano he has a pretty pair of legs he’s like the sunshine of the group the moodmaker so savage a diva and he’s PROUD OF HIS TANNED SKIN AND TOLD YOU THAT MAKES ME CRY LIKE A PROUD MOM and– i just think he deserves much much love but he ain’t earned that yet….

Y'all better appreciate him and give him much love because he deserves it😊


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


“수고했어 오늘도 ❤️️ You guys have worked hard”

From little, mini concerts on the rooftop to stadium concerts, I can’t express how proud I am of not only how much the boys have grown but also how much the fandom has grown as well. We all know how hard they’ve worked to achieve all of this success. I can’t think of a better group that deserves all the love and support that they’re getting. Thank you for taking all of us, carats, along with you on the ride. We’ll continue to support you forever!

Group hug guys group hug


Please tell me this is something lance would soo do xD (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)


So I’m gay. What of it? What are you gonna do about it?


[PIC] 170307 Min Restaurant

Let me release my feels…

1 The fact that all these Bangtan items are inside the restaurant after years of disapproval. How proud must they be now?

      - Yoongi Hip Hop monster? ARMY Bombs? and what the Kumamon??

2 That they actually have one of Bangtan’s Golden Disk Trophies

3 That finally… finally… we know Yoongi’s family!! Let’s respect them please….

4 Look how smol Yoongi is beside his hyung! He looks like his mom! He legit is the baby of the family and yet he takes on so much responsibility as a hyung in Bangtan!!

5… *deep breath* Appa isn’t in the picture… :(

We are so proud of you Tarjei!

I just really need to express how proud I am of Tarjei (I think we all are). This little 17 year old piece of sun just never fails to impress us. We don’t really know much about him, and I love that he is a private person. Most teenage boys at his age would LOVE the opportunity to get praised by tons of girls (and/or boys) and jump right at it. But he doesn’t. He seems so shy in fan videos and like he doesn’t really understand why so many people love and idolise him, and it almost embarrass him sometimes. 

In that interview he did last year, he acts like what he does isn’t a big deal. He seems so ambitious and like he is his own worst critic. I hope the people in his life tells him how proud he should be. He seems like he doesn’t care about fame (and maybe doesn’t really like it), but is just passionated about acting. He is a theatre geek! 

He has now signed with this big swedish agency, who has a lot of amazing Scandinavian actors, and I think we can all agree, that this is a fucking big deal. He is pursuing his dream, and I’m so happy for him. I hope they will guide him in the right direction. And from the short interview Henrik did, we know that Tarjei cares about his own limits and comfort zone and is not afraid to express that, and that is so important. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to increase his acting skills even more, and decides to attend an acting school, even though he could get big roles based on his popularity alone.  He deserves all the succes in the world, and I can’t wait to see where this will bring him. Go Tarjei!

Oh and btw, how fucking adorable does he look in these agency photos? I mean… come on!

I meant to mention this last night, but I’m insanely proud of Dino. Like he managed to be on Honor Roll while ALSO being an idol and doing things for Seventeen. The precious baby is a smart and hard working young man and I am so proud of all his accomplishments and for the things that will come for him

skyparents in S4 so far:
  • Abby: Clarke, my baby, off to save the world *so proud*
  • Abby: Raven, you lil genius, literally a rocket scientist *so proud*
  • Abby: Murphy, my trash kid, you need a hug, come here I promise no more heart pumping *so proud*
  • Abby: Bellamy, off to keep my girl safe and sound *so proud, so grateful*
  • Abby: Octavia, ... Marcus, this one's all yours.
  • Kane: ... *groans* We need a bigger minivan