I was out in the garden for about five minutes this evening and I came back inside with 53 mosquito bites on my legs. Ugh. They’ve never been this bad around here before but we’ve had a pretty exceptionally rainy summer so I guess they’ve had a population explosion.

On the up side, look at this cute lil warty gourd I found!

I planted a bunch of different kinds of gourds but my volunteer pumpkin patch overtook them. Glad to see a few are making it!

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BatDad Bruce and Tim prompt; both of them getting grounded from the kitchen by Alfred and Alfred just remarking how much they fit the 'like father like son' thing. Heck, just Alfred/any of the family trying to make Tim and Bruce see how much of a perfect father/son dynamic they have.

“Isn’t it supposed to have a smell?” Tim eyes the soup he’s currently stirring; it looks fine, thankfully, but he’s not totally sure he wants to be the one to do a taste test. “When Alf makes it, it always has a nice, spicy aroma. But I can’t smell anything.”

Bruce shrugs, frowning down at the recipe, silently listing off the ingredients. “I’m pretty sure we added everything,” he says after a moment, but he doesn’t sound confident enough for Tim’s liking.

“’Pretty sure?’”

“None of the spices had labels so I just guessed.”

Tim whips his head around to balk at Bruce, incredulous. “Say what? You guessed?” He peers down into the pot again, especially suspicious now, and whispers in horror, “There could be literally anything in here.”

“Relax Tim. I can tell the difference between over twenty different poisons by their smell alone.”

“And yet, you had to guess about spices. We’re going to die. This will kill us.”

Bruce rolls his eyes, coming over towards the stove and looking into the pot. “It doesn’t look bad,” he tries. Tim snorts and holds up the stirring spoon.

“Go ahead and taste it, then.”

Bruce’s eyes narrow slightly but he doesn’t hesitate to take the spoon, blowing on the soup slightly before taking a small, tentative sip of the broth. Tim watches closely, monitoring for any giveaways in Bruce’s expression.

“It’s good,” Bruce tells him after an agonizingly long few seconds. His face is perfectly blank, and Tim blinks, surprised.

“Wait really? Gimme the spoon I wanna try some.” Tim snatches the utensil, dipping it into the pot just as Alfred walks into the kitchen, looking at the pair with both amusement and some trepidation.

“I’m glad to see neither of you managed to start start a fire, at least,” he teases. “You made soup?”

“We tried-” Bruce begins, but he’s cut off by Tim’s sudden spluttering.

Oh my gosh,” Tim chokes out, “You are a liar, you said it was good.” His eyes are watering and his face is turning a bright red. “I barely managed to swallow that! What the hell did you put in there? It’s way too spicy!”

Bruce’s eyes are sparkling with laughter as he calmly replies, “I told you; I guessed.”

“You are the worst. I trusted you. I’m pretty sure like half my tastebuds just burnt away.”

“Good lord,” Alfred shakes his head, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he pushes the pair out of the way. “Let me take care of this and see if I can make us something edible for dinner.” He shoos the two out of his kitchen, listening to their fading voices as they banter back and forth. “Like father like son,” he murmurs fondly, looking down at the spoiled contents of the pot.

Hey lovelies! Just wanna let you know that I’ll be able to sit and answer all of my asks on Thursday morning ^_^ I’ve had a pretty hectic week so I haven’t had the chance to answer them. So never fear! I’m looking forward to finally being able to sit down and get to these because I’ve been wanting to for a while! 

Thanks for being patient with me!

“She always had a pretty face so I wondered how she hung around this place…” 🌹

Today’s color is brown…which obviously needed some 90s witch vibes. 🔮💚

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So I had a pretty epic dream last night. It was Yugioh and I think the concept would make a really interesting AU. Basically all the roles for the characters were switched. 

Ryou was the one who had the puzzle, Yami Bakura was the pharaoh

Yugi had the ring and Atem was the king of thieves. 

Jou is the rich CEO and Shizuka is his younger sister 

 Seto is the thug duelist with his little brother going blind. 

Otogi is Seto’s best friend. 

This sounds really cool 


Hi everyone!! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve had to work pretty much non stop since friday. But I’m back now if anyone wants to get something started!! 


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


“You wanna look smart? Then answer their question with your own question, then answer that question.”