i walked to the restaurant next door to get coffee and there was a family sitting on the side eating, but as soon as i walked past them, they all stopped what they were doing? to look at me? i was like, “omg.. they’re gonna impale their chopsticks in my eyeballs and kill me.”
walking out, the mom stopped me, and her daughter in awe was like “you’re gorgeous…”

i was like… wow, i feel so fucking plain today but thank you? you nice white family?

Have you ever read something so misinformed or plain incorrect that you instantly lose brain cells trying to piece together what this person was even thinking when they typed it out?

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tbh you're one of my favorite writers in the SLBP fandom because you're so amazing and ily

eeeeh i am an awkward dork who doesn’t know how to respond to compliments but thank you for taking time to read my stuff even tho it’s always so repetitive, plain, and mostly Nobu hahahah XD

You’re awesome, my dear, and I love you~

Wow, I feel bad for some people. They must be so plain and idiotically stupid that they can’t make their own oc’s, so they have to be mean to people who have smart enough ideas to make them. You know, just because you have the creativity of a old man who hates the world and lost his dreams, doesn’t mean you have to be crude and disgraceful to people who have the ideas and wonder of a child who sees more.

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In elementary school our churros were made with blueberry filling and no cinnamon or chocolate on them (came prepackaged too), so now regular churros are a disappointment to me because they taste so plain. I'm so used to cinnamon in my waffles and pancakes since I add a mix of cin/ging/sugar to every type of p or w, that it tastes "normal" and anything less is bad so it's meh

that sounds amazing i wish i went to the blueberry elementary school

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Who takes who's last name when married??

michael and jeremy become mell-heere. michael likes to say ‘michael mell-heere’ in a way that sounds like ‘michael mell, here’ and he thinks its funny. he can also say it in a really stupid poor imitation of kermit the frog’s voice and it gets jeremy every time

jake & rich become mr and mr goranski bc if you think for One Second that jake isnt taking rich’s last name, ur dead wrong. rich is like “i mean are you sure??” and jake’s like “dude jake goranski sounds so badass ofc im sure”

chloe takes brooke’s last name!! for a long time brooke thinks her last name is lame bc ppl mispronounce it all the time and to her lohst is so plain compared to ~valentine~ so when chloe’s like “it just feels right” brooke just starts crying on the spot lmao

jenna & christine become the canigulas and jenna says it all the time she always introduces herself as jenna canigula even if it’s just a first name/casual scenario bc she just likes hearing it lmao


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura


These are the 6 habits that I try to practice in order to be my most productive self.

✔️1. Healthy Habit Tracker

The best way to be healthy, both mentally and physically, is to track your habits. This will help you to monitor when you complete the daily tasks you have set out to do. For example how much water you have drunk, if you got enough sleep and whether you have done exercise. This can also be extended to things like reading or doing certain daily school tasks which are pretty routine.

✔️2. Write It ALL Down

It helps to have everything written down that you need to do, and how much you need to get done in a day. Being able to see all of your to-do’s in one place each day will help you keep tabs on what you still have to do and the time frame in which you should be doing it.

✔️3. Plan Ahead

Make sure you aren’t leaving things for the last minute. In my opinion, if you want to be the most efficient version of yourself, you need to plan in advance. Set aside time each day to plan the next few days or week ahead. Try as much as you can to diarise certain tasks and then plan how you are going to stick to them. By having deadlines you will motivate yourself to stick to them, and can get so much more done in a day than if you play it by ear. Trust me. [tip: reward yourself for particularly difficult tasks — like getting some new washi tapes]

✔️4. Keep Your Journal on You

Always remember to keep your journal in the same place. I always leave mine on my desk next to my bag, so if I’m in a hurry I can never forget it. This may sound silly but making a habit of always having your journal on you is important as you never know when you will need to add something to your list, or to reference your journal. theres no point having an organised planner but you never have it on you to reference, which means you may forget half of whats in it.

✔️5. One Hour of Admin

No one likes to do admin. But its a necessity and putting it off will only make it worse. Set aside one hour of your day, without any distractions, to get all your admin done. Be it making calls and getting small things at home sorted that have been nagging you, or filing notes, and even getting things in your room in order. This would be the time to get your life in order, without doing anything that really ticks off big items.

✔️6. Treat Yo Self.

Im a solid believer in treating yourself. Long afternoon naps and strong cups of coffee, my two favourites. While treating yourself may not increase your productivity directly, and if taken too far could counter it, but by taking some tim to look after yourself you will feel less stressed and will be able to function at a higher level. I know that when I get too stressed I become forgetful and worry more about not getting things done than actually spending time on getting those things done, which is just plain counterproductive. So I invest a couple minutes a day to treat myself. It can even be a nice facial and doing my eyebrows, to having coffee with a friend at my favourite cafe. By looking after your own mental health you will be doing so much more for yourself than just having a few minutes a day of treating yourself, you will foster a healthier and happier mindset that can help you excel.