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(vW ∀ 눈) (vW ∀ 눈) (vW ∀ 눈) (vW ∀ 눈) aaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeeee

aaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeeee SUE!! how you doing!!!?

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Regarding your math test, It's ok, I usually fail mine haha. I have to bs most of them. sometimes i fail, but its ok ill talk to the teacher or classmates or someone afterwards and get help figuring the material out. Don't be so hard on yourself for having a hard time in math, youll get through it, ask peers or friends or advisors for help theres lots of math forums too, they'll love to help you (theyre just a bunch of geeks who have nothing to do but sit around and answer people's questions)

tbh i know all of it its just today was a rly bad day and my brain wasnt working right and i was going a lot slower than i shoulda been (altho unfortunately i usually wind up taking my time on tests rip. i have to get it perfect lmao) so aaa its just…v disappointing cuz i coulda done better but i was taking too long on problems to make em look nice and then i couldnt remember stuff.