SOME MOTHER SHENANIGANS FROM WHEN i WAS FEELIN SILLY….. I’m sorry Mother 1 i’ll pay homage to you later

This is how entitled Shelli is. She’s taken over the HOH room, yet again! To have her precious shower that she couldn’t have downstairs for some reason. 

Wanna know where the actual HOH is? Downstairs, sleeping in the comic room!

What in the fresh hell is this?!

Like sorry you lost the POV and had to do a punishment! This is what you signed up for. Also when she was finishing up her punishment, she jokingly said “I expect my peasants to follow me into the house” or something to that effect. All I heard was “I expect my peasants..” and tuned out because seriously! It was one of those joking but serious moments that make you shake your head in frustration at someone!

im so excited about the thought of seventeens future comeback!! like theyre going to have a new theme and new clothes and new hairstyles omg theyre all gonna look and sound so good im so excited!!!

Bestfriend!Luke who’s kind of been in love with you since the day you met. And unfortunately for him, there was never an opportunity for him to say anything about it, what with boyfriends and breakups and him just never having the nerve. And then somehow you ended up with someone and he just figured he’d wait it out, because you were supposed to be with him, right? But when you show up to lunch one day with a ring on your finger and a smile on your face, he knows he has to act fast. He sits through months of wedding planning, trying to figure out the best way to tell you that he should be the one at the end of the aisle. But something comes up every time he tries, and soon it’s the day of the wedding and he’s watching you walk towards someone who isn’t him. So when the preacher says “Speak now or forever hold your peace.” Luke pulls all of his bravery together and stands up.

sandyclaws68 asked:

Seriously, you want me dead. You want me to be found hunched over my laptop, a puddle of drool growing at my feet, and one last art-inspired KakaIru fic visible on the screen. :D In recompense my request is "Lazy Sunday Morning" and the art needs to include the following: tea cups, a newspaper, and Iruka with extra long hair, like to the middle of his back. Then watch me write!

Lazy Sunday Morning for Sandyclaws

I hope it fits your request XD I had lots of fun drawing it I hope you like it!

I have finished the mavin video 

I’m going to render it while I shower rn and then maybe I’ll upload it too??? yeah?? i was going to wait to upload tomorrow but eh, if the rendering doesn’t take fucking forever then i’ll upload tonight.