They never went on a spontaneous road trip again


└ Masaki-kun, it was more like you FLUNG ASIDE the dog’s leash right~

Cr: English jweb (Are You Happy Special Site Member Messages)


└ We get to see Neens shove shout *ahem* show his love for Oh-chan.  The brat~~

Cr: Music Station 21.10.2016 (Ai wo sakebe+Don’t You Get It? Medley)


The contrast difference between two phones is somewhat massive…

I miss this hairstyle. My hair is currently super small compared to these pictures, plus it’s like purpleish / reddish! 💕

Anyway! I was tagged by the gorgeous memelord @hughosh! Thank you so much Estefany!! 

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in a totally impulsive moment… i might have watched ae again 😳

nehellenia’s voice still gave me goosebumps and i truly adore rimo venus and the trio (esp tiger’s eye - chihiro is playing him perfectly).

today’s curtain call, uranus reached out her hand like she wanted to shake neptune’s hand. but she then grabbed neptune’s hand, spun her around and hugged her from behind. then neptune poked uranus’ forehead as if to say “bad haruka!” and half the theater was squealing including yours truly.
Lessons in Love, Chapter 12
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By Organization for Transformative Works

The rating is jumping waaaaaaaay up this chapter, friends. Seriously. What you were reading before was PG or PG-13, this is a solid M. This is basically 6,000 words of porn without a plot. Also it’s the first smutty thing I’ve ever published so if you like it maybe let me know?

Featuring: an innocent question that turns feels-y, Abby finally (finally!) getting to see Marcus’ apartment, the Great Big Lingerie Reveal™ and, naturally, some good old-fashioned smut. Hope you guys enjoy! ;) 

You know you’re in love when a picture of your bias stares into your soul makes you shy af.

This is what i feel when I downloaded Yuta’s pictures (especially him looking at the camera pics) and my laptop stucks before the folder appeared. I’m weird as fuck.