“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
“Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

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Could you maybe do the malec kiss scene in CoG from Alec's point of view? Love your writing btw! X

“Alec’s face lit up. “There’s Magnus,” he said, and took off without a backward glance, shearing a path through the crowd to the space where the tall warlock stood. Magnus’s surprise as Alec approached him was visible, even from this distance.”” - City of Glass (Chapter 18 Page 422)

“Magnus.” Alec called, as he sprinted towards the warlock. “Magnus?”

Magnus stood stiffly, side glancing at the crowd around him before addressing Alec.

“Alexander, is there something you need?” His tone was formal and distant, briefly flooding Alec with cold confusion. Alec could see the questions in Magnus’s eyes, questions he didn’t know the answers to and instead smiled hesitantly, suddenly feeling self conscious.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d be my partner.” He flushed. “For the battle I mean.”

“Is that what you meant?” Magnus quirked an eyebrow before regaining seriousness. “But your parents-”

“Would be happy that I’ve paired with someone who’s capable and strong and, well, powerful.” Alec shifted his weight from each foot. 

His cat eyes gleamed and Alec couldn’t tell what the warlock was thinking. He supposed that after living for so long Magnus learned to hide what he felt. Alec just never thought he’d be on the receiving end of it.

“I suppose that’d be alright.” 

“Give me your hand.”

Magnus lifted his hand and Alec grabbed it delicately, albeit shyly, before he started drawing the rune meticulously on Magnus’s palm. His concentration was entirely focussed on drawing the rune, as if the slightest alteration would result in something horrible. He didn’t notice Magnus glancing at him longingly, looking down at his messy, ravenous hair, and it seemed that even though they were so close, Magnus never felt further away from someone. It was aggravating and poignant and something he was getting all too used to. 

Alec’s hair was falling over his eyes mercilessly, black tendrils hiding his eyes as he concentrated drawing the rune on Magnus’s hand. His face was tilted downwards as he studied the rune and once he deemed it good enough, he peered up, his blue eyes looking at Magnus through the cracks of his messy locks. 

“Does it hurt?” He murmured. The rune was finished, but he continued holding Magnus’ hand, finding that he didn’t want to let it go. He suddenly remembered that they weren’t alone, that they were surrounded by shadowhunter and downworlds alike and Alec dropped his hand. The warmth from Magnus’ palm was gone, leaving Alec with a feeling of shame. For the fact that he couldn’t stop hiding his boyfriend from the world. For the fact that Magnus had noticed the small gesture, some sort of sadness and exasperation clouding his eyes. Alec didn’t want to make him feel like that.

“No.” Magnus responded, after what seemed like decades. “That doesn’t hurt.”

“Good.” Alec said softly. 

Magnus laughed bitterly. “And here I was thinking that you found some sort of sick comfort from hurting me.”

“Magnus-” Alec looked horrified, his face draining from colour at the insinuation.

“I’m sorry.” Magnus looked into Alec’s deep, sapphire pools. “That was uncalled for. I just- Do you even care about me, Alec? We’ve been doing this for months and I don’t want to be your dirty secret anymore. I don’t want you to be ashamed because we’ve kissed and I don’t want you to be disgusted with the fact that you like me. I deserve better than that and so do you. I-Forget it.” Magnus muttered. “This isn’t the place to talk about this right now, we’ve got-”

“I do care. By the angel, you know I do Magnus. And I’m not-I’m not ashamed of you. I could never-”

“You have a funny way of showing it.”

A fierce determination flew into Alec’s eyes, his body straightening up confidently. “I care about you Magnus Bane.”

And before Magnus could retaliate, Alec pressed up against him, kissing him senseless. The kiss exploded with passion, confident lips moving against shocked ones, leaving the other absolutely breathless. The lips were moving together fervently but instead of pulling apart hastily, the kiss melted into a certain softness. It ended slowly, it felt slow, as their warm lips stayed pressed together, like a promise. 

Anxiety tugged at his stomach, as Alec pulled apart from Magnus. He expected to fall apart the minute their lips separated. But instead of seeing the gaping expressions of the crowds around him, he was lost in Magnus’s eyes, so incomparably surprised and filled with adoration. He smiled softly, so small that if Magnus hadn’t known him, he wouldn’t have even known Alec was smiling.

Shards of insecurity started to frame Alec’s irises as he stepped away from Magnus, any sort of courageous, romantic one-liner flying from his mind as he finally took in the stares. In the corner of his eye, he could see his parents, gawking at the display. Alec grabbed Magnus’s forearm and pulled him away, speed walking away from the crowded room.

Magnus’s arm wriggled itself from Alec’s steel hold. Alec loosened his grip and let Magnus’s arm fall away, misinterpreting the action. Instead of completely pulling away, Magnus’s hand enclosed around Alec’s and squeezed. 

“…Every place you go, it seems as if mysteries just pile up one after another.”

Cartinelli/Nancy Drew AU: Peggy Carter is a part time detective who works to solve the cases that pop up around her, often aided by her girlfriend Angie Martinelli. Although they often get themselves into trouble, they can always depend on her good friend Howard Stark’s money, and his trusty butler Edwin Jarvis to bail them out of tough spots.

I really like you (Michael Clifford)

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Can I get a Michael imagine where your college best friends and you both confess your feeling for each other?


summary: ^^ that basically sums it up


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You had been friends with Michael for as long as you can remember. You really planned and hoped that it would stay that way. You didn’t want to be cliché, you really didn’t but things happen and next thing you knew you felt yourself starting to want more You wanted to be more than his best friend, but you highly doubted that he felt the same way. You guys were now attending the same college, not staying in the same dorm rooms of course because only the washrooms were co-ed, but you guys still spent basically everyday together.

You were headed to his room at this very moment actually; you wanted to see if we wanted to hang out since you guys usually did something of lunch together on weekends. His door was wide open and you rolled your eyes, smiling to yourself. He always forgot to close. You heard his voice coming from inside the room, and you felt your smile grow. You had it bad.

“Seriously,” You heard another voice, Luke’s say. “Just ask her out.”

You stopped walking, staying outside of his room so that they wouldn’t be able to see you but you could still listen in. “No,” You heard Michael say. “It’ll be weird.”

“Why? Look, you like her. So just tell her.” You felt your heart sink at Luke’s words. So the guy that you were pretty sure you were basically in love with like someone else. You knew that you should have told him.

“You do like her right?” Luke asked, and you didn’t hear Michael again for a few seconds. “Yeah, I really fucking like her, man.” Michael finally said, letting out a little sigh.

You wanted to cry, you wanted to run and you wanted hide. You couldn’t bring yourself to do any of those things, feet glued to the floor.

“So tell her. Then kiss her.”

The room was quiet for a while, so you finally composed yourself, plastered on a fake smile and knocked on the door while walking in. “Hey!” You said brightly. You saw them both sprawled out on the couch, and matching shocked expressions on their faces. “You wanna go for lunch?” You said, directing your question to Michael. You had to give yourself credit, you were being a great actress. “Or am I interrupting a date.”

They both let out a small laugh, and Luke lifted himself up, standing on his feet. “Nah, I was just going. I’ll see you guys later.” He smiled and walked himself out, shutting the door behind him.

“So you wanna go for lunch?” You repeated again to Mike. He seemed lost in thought for a second, before snapping out of it. “Uh, you just wanna eat here? I have cold pizza.”

You nodded; that actually sounded even more appealing.

He came back a few seconds later, a pizza box in hand and placing it on the couch as you guys sat on either side of it. You guys ate in silence. It was weird, there was always something to talk about.

“Who were you and Luke talking about earlier?” You couldn’t help yourself but asking. Mike looked up at you, looking slightly panicked. “Uh, what did you hear?”

“That you wanted to ask someone out.” You said, hoping to sound as nonchalant as possible but as the words left you lips you realized that you sounded hurt. “I mean,” You quickly added, trying to find a reason of why you’d be upset. “I don’t know why you didn’t tell me. I thought we told each other everything?”  You mentally applauded yourself for thinking so fast on your feet.

“Oh,” He muttered, looking down and away from my gaze. “I didn’t think that you’d care.” He said, even though that sounded like bullshit and he knew it. Still you nodded, accepting that reason. “And you don’t know her.”

That was the end of the conversation, but you felt even sadder than before. So there really was someone he wanted to ask out.

We finished, not much conversation after that. Mikey seemed lost in thought, not speaking much. You tried to make conversation with him afterwards but he only answered with small one word sentences.

Once you guys had finished eating, you got up to throw the pizza box in the recycling, a small “thanks” laving Michael’s lips.

When you got back to the couch, you saw Michael in the exact same spot as before, staring at the wall in front of him. “I lied earlier.” He spoke up.

You raised your eyebrows, not sure of what he was talking about. “When I said that you didn’t know her, the girl I want to ask out.”

You let out a little sigh, hoping that he didn’t hear you. You didn’t want to talk about this anymore. The less we talked about it, the less it seemed real to you.

“You do know her.” He added, standing up from the couch and meeting your eyes. “Oh,” You said quickly. “So then who is it?” You whispered, not sure if you actually wanted the ‘answer.

He paused for a second before answering you, gaze still locked with yours. “You,” He said quietly.

“What?” You squeaked, jerking your head back in shock and taking a step away from him. Your mid couldn’t process anything, and you don’t know what was going on.

Michael looked down, biting his lip. “I knew I shouldn’t have told you,” he muttered, more to himself than anyone else. “I knew it was going to ruin things.”

“Mike-“ You tried to speak but he cut you off with his rambling. “Stupid Luke for convincing me to do this. Fuck I just ruined our friendship. Our friendship of like 15 years. I’m sorry, I get it if you never want to see me again.”

“Michael,” You tried to speak up again but couldn’t get a word out. “No, it’s all my fault. I always fuck things up,” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

“Michael.” You said, louder this time, and he stopped pacing and looked at you. “Just shut up for a second.” You told him, and he nodded.

“Earlier one, the reason I was upset that you wanted to ask someone out wasn’t because you didn’t tell me first, it was because I was so fucking sad that it wasn’t me.”

His eyebrows scrunched together, processing what you had just told him. “But it is you.” He stated.

You nodded and rolled your eyes. “Well, I know that now.”

He smiled, and you were happy that the mood was immediately lightened. “So,” He trailed off, taking a slight step closer to me. “You like me?” he spoke quietly.

I nodded. “And you like me?” I asked in return. He nodded as well. “You heard what me and Luke were saying earlier right? About how I should ask you out?”

I nodded again, “And how you should kiss me.” I whispered, leaning in closer as he took another step in and leaned my forehead against his.

“Y/N, do you want to go on a date with me?” He whispered, probably already knowing the answer. “Yes,” I breathed out, itching to feel closer to him.

And then he kissed me.


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