Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi

for the anon that wanted pics and gifs of pau behaving like a kid. i mean that’s him 99% of the time. he comes under the definition of ‘smol’ and ‘baby’ in the dictionary. also sorry for taking this long. 

we’ve got his weird way of twerking this looks like when a baby is first learning to walk and they sort of on their hands and feet and rock back and forth

this was just cute and i had to put it in. forget the jacket, hugging my mate is more important. 

aggressive angry child???

creepy stalker kid 

pumped up kid 

duck face kid 

having fun decorating christmas trees 

any post game celebration gif and videos 

baby photo bomb 

a boy’s best friend 

playing with his own bobble head 

and this 

these videos: 

1. paulo being an annoying fucker and not letting mira talk [x]

2. sleeping baby [x]

3.  the time he couldn’t tie his own shoelaces and needed sami to do it for him [x]

4. paulito singing [x]

5. being annoying af when he wins fifa [x]

6. Paulito singing [x] [x]

7. Dancing to trashy music  [x] (this was in the hallway in a hotel when they came on our down under. what would i have given to be in a room next to them and witness this live) 

8. being an extra awkward kid trying to get Iker’s attention [x

9. him just being a weirdo [x]

10. Finally finding playmates his acual age [x

11.  all posts where he’s losing ludo pretty much is a five-year-old kid having a mini tantrum. (He’s a sore loser) [x] [x]

12. Trolling mandzu (how he hasn’t been bashed in the face by mario baffles me. i ship these two sm) [x]

13. more mario trolling [x]

14. being a cute kid mucnhing on grapes [x]

15. claims to be a role model to children when he still is a child himself [x] (gif)

16. puppy snapchat filter looks so good on him (and anto too) [x]

Pic and gifs of paulo hanging out with other kids [x]

  • Kimberly: Aren’t you supposed to be babysitting Zack and Jason?
  • Trini: Don’t need our help.
  • Billy: [ points ] They're over there, dazzling some of the other kids.
  • [ cuts to Jason and Zack, drunk, talking animatedly to each other and unaware of the circle of drunk kids listening to them ]
  • Zack: All men are at least 30% attracted to me.
  • Jason: My father cried the day I was born, because he knew he would never be better than me.
  • Zack: At any given moment, I’m thinking about one thing; Rita Repulsa hunkered over eating dog food.
  • Jason: I feel like we're the Paris of people.
  • Zack: We're exquisite.

do you ever just cry because maybe the reason jay left is because when he heard erin say “whatever it is, i can handle it”, he was right back there in season 1 and he realised that she’s been through so much already that maybe, she shouldn’t have to keep ‘handling’ things