I don’t want to dwell on all the bad that’s happened. Although whoever did this to Nikki is so disgusting. What I want to do is let Nikki know that we’re there for her, that she didn’t deserve this, and that we love her. Nikki, if you’re reading this, you are the kindest, best admin I’ve ever encountered. I’m proud to call you Mom. Please take this time to take care of yourself. We hope you’re okay. And if you need anything to help rebuild, I’m sure you have so many people willing to help. Including me.



*drops in at the latest moment to show off my nice outfit* ((ps fellow vegetarian friends the skirt is totally fake leather dw your lovely selves)) 

the eyeliner gods were gracious to me today and that made me happy 

hit up your local bisexual phan trash with things if ya fancyyyyy woo i should probably leave now okay bye

I just had to gif this bit because of er- for reasons that include- becau- oh sod it


make me choose ✿ anonymous asked:
hayley marshall or faye chamberlain

“Don’t be dense Niall, of course he’s spotty about this one,” Liam interjects, “How is he supposed to advance in a relationship with someone who doesn’t speak?” He reaches for his second roll from the basket set in the middle of the table, “The most he knows about her is that she likes animal printed shorts, she has a cat, and knows how to bandage someone properly –”

“Not true,” Harry pouts, “I also know she likes lemonade.”


Harry picks berries for a summer job and Y/N doesn’t talk

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hellooo i need to follow some new blogs so if you post any of the following it would be great if you liked/reblogged this

harry potter

marvel (avengers, spiderman etc)

percy jackson/heroes of olympus


the 100

the hunger games

the maze runner

the secret history

the song of achilles

or photography/aesthetics in general

tears are literally streaming down my face while writing this, i’m happy about all the love i’ve received just from creating this blog. i never expected people to like me, like ever. i was just a child who took in interest writing this nerd who had the powers of an arachnid, who overcame so much in his life. i found peter just so..interesting, and relatable in such way. during my time here, i started to make friends who made me cheer up in a way that it gave me a smile each time we threaded or spoke out of character on skype. i..just..THANK you guys, alright? i’m truly happy to have you all here, cheering me on constantly. here’s to another year for me STICKING around! B)

                                       happy by pharrell plays in the distance.

                              THANK YOU ALL. SO MUCH.  

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ppn’s follow forever

since i just reached 700+ followers, i decided to compile this little list of people who made my tumblr experience so far worthwhile and i really really enjoy following them.

i’d like to preface this with a little speech. when i made this tumblr, i was really happy that i found orphan black, a show that spoke to me and resonated within me on a deep personal level, and i was equally happy to find a fandom full of people who felt the same. and while after the last season, this might no longer be especially applicable, i decided to stay within the bounds of this fandom and all the related fandoms (because let’s be honest, most people i follow are all one huge fandom that watches anything that has two canon queer ladies kissing) and will always follow people who are/were in it.

and while i might not have even talked to some (okay, most ….) of you (2shy4tumblr), i really deeply enjoy your presence on my dash

adoringbrochu | alisonsgotthewineglass | androgymous | beths-seller | biromanticcap | brochuvelyne | captamyperalta | capytron | castribble | charmedsestra | chloeopoly | cloneclubdrinkstrolley | cophineblogonimpulse | cosmosniehaus


dailyorphanblack | dark-delphine | darlingvioleta | dlphinecormier | doctor-cormiayyylmao | dreamdelphine | ebrosession | ebrosexual1 | evelyne-brochu-my-queen | eveylnebrochu | funnier-than-polonium | girlmeetsclone | glyceraldehydes | gogogotchi | gracehelsmall


iamonyoursidenow | intextrovert | its-in-the-dna | itssohardtofindanurl | keepyourheadandheartstrong | lcmorganart | machinerisms | maryvancity


neverloveawildthing16 | niehaus-knees | ninosbrain | orphanblackanalysis probablytatiana | rachel-the-proclone | red–opti | roswellgirlx | ruthlessdelphine

sapphiclexa | sarahjlbecks | satoboto | scientistclone | sestrasb4mestras | shelookshellfine | stupidsuburbanclone | thisismycophine | tonysewicki | westcoastclone | wickisawicki | zeroazucares

i follow many more amazing people but yeah, if i had to list them all, we’d be here for an eternity. i’m also sure i overlooked many people i wanted to list and … ugh. let me just say i appreciate each and every one person that i follow and that follows me, we’re all rock stars in this little corner of tumblr

  • half the drrr!! fans:oh my god izaya's still alive!!!
  • the other half:oh my god izaya's still alive???