Inexpensive Suncare!
All of these sunscreens ingredients are approved by me and should be suitable for sensitive skin as well.
All of these can be purchased on
Read some reviews before purchasing to see if it really suits you.

My previous reccomended sunscreen post
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Kiss My Face SPF 30 $9.97: cruelty free, no white cast, moisturising, no smell and good ingredients!
Alba Bontanica Natural very emollient sunscreen SPF 30 $8.29: Mineral, good ingredients, cruelty free, fragrance free
Holika Holika moisturising BB cream SPF 30 $5.01: good BB cream, very limited shade range though.
Nature Republic SPF 50 $7.48: great sunscreen, good ingredients, high protection, no irritants
Kidsport SPF 30 $5.59: not greasy, with white cast, cruelty free, great ingredients
Natures Gate SPF 50 $8.85: Vegan, cruelty free, Oily so if youve got oily skin already this will probably look greasy

spider-mafia  asked:

So I've recently been trying to step up my game in the shower/hygiene game (using shampoo that's specific for my hair, lotion for skin, better face wash, etc.) and at first I was tempted to just load up on dollar store stuff, but I was wondering if you knew of any brands that are better than generic stuff but don't cost an arm and a leg?

I’m going to level with you- for the past six months I have exclusively bought SheaMoisture’s hair and body products. I have very dry, thick hair and oily skin, so I have to be very particular about my shower choices.

That said, there was a time when I did survive on cheap-o body products, and this is what I spent my money on.

Under $3

  • Alberto V05: There’s no getting around it- these smell incredible! If you have thick hair, use their moisture milk series (especially the passion fruit). If you have thinner hair, check out their tea escapes.
  • St. Ives: This brand has excellent exfoliating body washes that work wonders on my oily/acne-prone skin. If you don’t have dry skin, use their Nourish and Smooth.
  • CVS: I absolutely love, love, love the CVS face mask line. They are so inexpensive and really work well. You can buy a sample mask for $2 and a whole tube for $4.

Under $5

  • Old Spice: My boyfriend absolutely swears by their 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. That’s $4 and all your bath needs satisfied.
  • Aussie: I used to live off this brand exclusively throughout high school. They have so many different types of shampoos and conditioners that all smell incredible. Buy whatever works for your hair type!
  • TRESemme: The nice thing about this brand is that their bottles last literally forever. Folks with thick hair- use this conditioner

If You Can Afford It

  • SheaMoisture: My absolute favorite product line! Currently using this body wash, this shampoo, and this conditioner. Finally a company that understands curly hair.
  • Paul Mitchell: Both my boyfriend and I use Paul Mitchell products. I use a leave in conditioner, and he uses a styling cream. These products are $$$, but thankfully they last for several months.
  • Burt’s Bees: An option for you organic conscious folks! I have not used any of their bath products, but love their exfoliating wipes and their chapstick. My boss swears by their hair products and body washes.

Also… in case you thought I was kidding about SheaMoisture!

The Giant Post of DIY Skincare!

Hello lovlies! I have neglected this blog a little- I’m so sorry! I’m going to get right back on track asap. Today I’m going to talk about some things you can do at home from things you can find in your kitchen (if you’re in a dorm room or something these are things you can easily find and store in there as well) and they are very easy to make and use.

Just a a forewarning- I won’t be giving exact measurements, only because  it depends on what you’re using it for (e.g. are you wanting it for your face or body?) Depending on what your intended use is, you’ll need to decide for yourself how much is necessary. I will just try to tell you the proper ratio you need. Okay whew. I feel like that was a long intro. Sorry. Let’s get started! 


Yogurt & Honey ||  This mask is great if you find your skin is dull or lackluster. It’s perfect for all skin types, it will nourish dry skin and bring radiance while controlling oil on oilier skin. Yogurt by itself has such amazing skin benefits, when I was in high school I would come home from school and apply a thin layer of plain yogurt to my arms and face- it feels nice and cool and if you apply it after coming inside from the sun it counteracts the UV rays and helps to prevent sun damage. It’s kind of amazing. The lactic acid, zinc, and calcium in yogurt are all extremely beneficial to the skin. It will brighten your complexion, it helps treat dark spots and active acne, and it also has anti-ageing properties. Did I mention it’s also packed with anti-oxidants? Amazing.

So like I said before, you can apply a layer of yogurt on your skin on its own, or you can also add a drizzle of honey with it. Honey is also an excellent skin nourishing ingredient, it has antibacterial properties and is excellent if you are using this mask for the treatment of acne, it will also unclog your pores and shares the anti-ageing benefits of yogurt. 

Now, when choosing the yogurt go for something that is plain, not flavored. And try to find a yogurt that is full fat with live cultures for best results. As for the honey, raw honey is best but if you can’t find raw honey, just make sure that it is pure honey. 

Egg White & Honey || 

I myself have oily skin, so I tend to look for things that will control the oil and balance my skin. Egg whites are really good for oily skin, so I don’t recommend this for dry skin types but if you have combination skin then it should be good. Egg whites  also give your skin a glowy appearance as well as tightening the skin, so this is a good mask to do if you have more mature skin (my mom loves this mask). You’ll want to mix two egg whites with a drizzle of honey until the mixture is frothy- don’t whip the eggs into a meringue, that is not the consistency you want. It’s a pretty drippy mask but it dries very quickly. This is a good mask to do the morning or night before a big event because it will make your skin look beautiful and luminous. 


Lemon & Sugar || Sugar is an awesome natural exfoliant. Lemon juice is very acidic and might irritate your skin if you are sensitive, so make sure to test out a little bit on your skin before using it in a mask or scrub. If it causes an irritation for you, try diluting it with some water. It has skin/acne spot lightening properties and it will also treat acne because it has antibacterial properties. (You can make a honey+lemon juice mask or spot treatment for acne as well) I recommending using this scrub for your skin, if you have acne on your face and body focus on those areas, and I would avoid using this for a lip scrub because the lemon juice might dry them out. You can use brown or white sugar, but not powdered sugar (obviously you need a less fine, more abrasive type of sugar). Mix roughly 2 parts sugar to 1 part lemon juice, add more lemon juice if it seems to dry but you don’t want it to be a drippy mixture.  

Coconut Oil & Sugar || Coconut oil is moisturizing, sugar is exfoliating. Put them together and you have an awesome scrub. Again, 2 parts sugar to 1 part coconut oil. You don’t need to melt the coconut oil before using it for this scrub. 

Hair Treatments

Coconut Oil || The amount of oil you will need will depend on how much hair you have. Gently melt this in the microwave and massage it into your hair with your hands. Leave it for at least thirty minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. Your hair will look shiny and well conditioned. You can do this every week and it will make your hair very healthy. 

Olive Oil || You can use this the same way as the coconut oil, it will do the same thing. You can also mix the two. Both are very good for your hair. You don’t need to heat it before applying it. 

Other Tips 

Banana Peel || Banana peels have great acne treating nutrients in them. The next time you have a break out, gently rub the inner part of the banana peel onto the affected area. Do this each day and you will notice how good of a spot treatment this is for acne. You will want to use a fresh banana peel for this each time. 

Okay, that is all I am leaving you with today. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I hope this was helpful and I will be doing more posts like this in the future. I hope you have a lovely day! :) 

xo, Hafsa 

anonymous asked:

I would like to take more care of myself. Any tips ?

Well … That’s a hard one, as taking more care of myself was my main New year resolution. I think that taking care of ourselves should be our top priority as we only have one body and soul and we’re meant to spend our whole life in it. You sometimes have to be selfish and to worry about yourself first. I went through depression last year and taking care of myself changed everything to me. 

Allow yourself 30 min to 1:00 a day to take care of yourself. Take a bath, buy some new makeup and other beauty products : I love to smell yummy so I like changing my routine and try loads of new products. 

Learn how to love yourself but if something in your appearance makes you uncomfortable work your best to change it. 

Take care of your hair by washing it 2 or 3 times a week top, use a heat protector if you blow dry your hair but try to dry your hair naturally as much as you can. Always use conditionner, use castor oil on your roots and coconut oil on your length twice a week.

Never go to bed with some make up on. If you have pimples use a face wash or moisturizer containing Benzoy peroxyde because this does wonders : it erases dark marks from previous pimples, cleans the skin and prevents new pimples. Do face masks 2-3 times a week. I also use a facial cleansing brush with my regular face wash once a day. 

Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize ! I have oily skin so I used to think that my skin didn’t need moisturizer … I started using some because the Benzoy peroxyde dried out my skin a lot. And my skin has never looked that good !

I exfoliate my skin everyday too with my regular shower gel and a bath lily (is that how you english people call that ! 😅 ?!) and once or twice a week with some brown sugar scrub. Love the one from Sephora by the way ! 😍😍😍 And of course … I moisturize my body everyday.

Something else that works wonders is applying, with an old mascara comb, castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows if you want them to grow way faster.  I use castor oil to make my nails grow faster too. 

Finally never underestimate eating healty. No need to do a drastic diet to lose a bit of weight if you need to, just eat healthy in good proportions, workout a bit and you’ll feel so much better ! I suffered from panik attacks. The people who went through that too know how bad you feel… I felt like I was going to faint every time … So I started eating after every single panik attack and I could have 3, 4, 5, 6 panik attacks a day … I gained 20 lbs because of my anxiety and the simple fact of eating better changed my life. Buying new clothes never felt so good :)

Hope this helps a bit 😘😘

anonymous asked:

would you recommend MUJI skincare products?

Muji’s skincare line in general is very delicate because their products are free from fragrance, alcohol, and paraben. The price is on the affordable side. The cleansing oil is fantastic imo. It’s olive and jojoba oil based. Very effective and efficient first cleanser, emulsifies well, doesn’t leave any residue, and it also doesn’t sting! Light Toning Water is a very good hydrating toner. Performance and texture wise, it’s veeery similar to Hada Labo Gokujyun Toner. I would recommend both products.

Moisturising Milk is quite moisturizing but it feels tacky / sticky on my oily skin, so i usually applied this very thinly. All-In-One Essence is actually a gel moisturizer despite its name. It’s lightweight and absorbs really well, so it’s perfect for humid environment. But i can see it may not be moisturizing enough for people who have drier skin. Both are just ok products, if not forgettable.

I love Muji’s peelable cotton and DIY mask sheets too. Good thing about Muji is that their skincare products are available in trial size. So i’d say better patch test first to see whether your skin likes them.

Anonymous said I use Shiseido pureness and it’s been working amazing for me since I was 13 but now I’m 18 and I’m debating on wether to change my routine or not since it’s the pureness line and more for puberty i heard

idk if you’re using the entire Pureness line or not, but i think you might want to change your cleanser to something gentler because the facial foam from Pureness has high pH. If your current routine (minus the cleanser) is working just fine then i’d say keep it up. Unless you have new skincare goals (e.g. fading hyperpigmentations), then you might want to incorporate new products on your routine.

aznapitzari said hi!!! honestly ur blog is a blessing!! i want to ask is it necessary to use night creams (especially for oily skin) or it’s ok to use the same cream in the morning and in the night routines? if not, what night creams would u recommend (for oily/combination skin)?

‘night cream’ is basically just thick(er) moisturizer. honestly it’s totally ok to use same moisturizer for both AM and PM routine. but you might want to use ‘heavier’ moisturizer if you feel your skin is drier and/or more dehydrated in the night time for example due to acid treatment, weather, or aircon system. depends on your skin’s needs!

i have oily/combination skin too and i personally avoid creams because they are just too much lol I prefer gel, liquid, or facial oil for my moisturizer.

Anonymous said Do you know any other tumblrs like this one for other groups? Like where they identify products of other group, i feel like yours is the only one i’ve seen that is solely for finding products xD

not sure about beauty finds. but if you’re looking for kpop fashion finds you can check out this masterlist.

Anonymous said Hello thank you for your hard work ^^ Do you know what apps our boys use for taking selfies except from snow?


ninjacksonfive  asked:

heyya haley! given your uni i was wondering if you knew any ways i could get rid of zit/pimple marks or tiny indents on my skin, idk what they are anymore,i know i had one on my cheek for a whiiile now, and some(between my brows) just fucking annoy me for some reason. i rarely get zits now,so my face is technically clean and i know i'm in the middle of puberty yadayada but still :// any tips, if you could? ^^

okay well im just starting so i still have pretty limited knowledge but this sounds like it could be enlarged pores, but i cant really tell without looking at it, but most skincare problems can be aided by developing a good routine to try and restore balance to skin. enlarged pores occur in oily skin and the fact that you are going through puberty also means you probably have oily skin so this will be centered around that.

specific products dont really matter, what you want to look for is ingredients so in your routine you should have

  • a cleanser - for oily skin it should be more water than oil, cleanser is needed to clean off makeup and grease and grime which can cause enlarged pores and spots if uncleaned (for dry and sensitive, use one with more oil than water)
  • toner - for oily skin it should be more alcohol than water, toner helps to get anything that your cleanser didnt and also will help to dry up spots and any bacteria (dry and sensitive, more water than alcohol)
  • exfoliator - do not use everyday!!! once a week should be fine, exfoliating is important for oily skin because the top part of the epidermis has a lot of layers and the preferred number is 25-30 but if theres alot of oil being produced its not going to shed properly and therefore will build up and be trapped and result in spots and enlarged pores and blackheads etc (its also important for dry skin to prevent flaking)
  • masks - once a week
  • moisturiser - for oily skin it should be more water than oil, this helps to keep skin moisturised and protect the skin (dry and sensitive more oil than water)
  • diet - drinks lots of water and eat fruit and veg and try and get some fish oils
  • spf - try and put in some sun protection, alot of moisturisors and foundations contain it so it should be easy enough

again this is pretty general stuff but i hope it helps, idk if what youre experiencing is enlarged pores (maybe google it and see it its similar) but either way developing a routine will help your skin alot. Of course you dont have to do any of this and because these are hormonal causes due to puberty its not going to fix it but it can help! also having a routine doesnt mean your skin will magically be totally clear, there are lots of factors that you cant control but doing these things will keep your skin in good condition and give it all the things it needs to work properly

anonymous asked:

can you do hcs with race and a reader with dry skin that they're really insecure about? if not it's fine :) sorry if it's a weird request

not weird at all!! i have oily skin so i am sorry if this isn’t quite accurate 

  • race thinks you are the most beautiful person he has ever seen
  • he would leave little kisses all over your face constantly 
  • like sometimes you have to force him to stop bc it is distracting
  • if you are ever really upset about your skin it makes him really sad
  • he would hold you and comfort t you
  • “no no no you’re so gorgeous doll you have no idea”
  • kisses your tears away
  • he just wants you to love yourself wholeheartedly
  • he understands you’re gonna have better days and you’re gonna have worse days when it comes to insecurity 
  • he goes with the flow and lets you know he loves you all the time
  • also little comments like 
  • “you look so good today”
  • if you wear makeup “i like that color on you doll”
  • idk he is just a ball of love for his s/o i love him dearly

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Is the korean skin care thing for all skin types? could we get a link for it?

here’s some links that talk about it and where you can buy  pre made 10 step kits, and a lot are skin type specific  +++   +++  .  yeah it says it’s for all skin types, its a lot of moisture though so i dunno how oily skin types will feel about it. that’s just my opinion though. so basically you use whatever products you want that work for you, (you dont have to get a kit, theyre just suggestions) that follow these 10 steps every morning and night

  1. oil based cleanser (pretty sure you can skip this step in the morning since it’s used to take off makeup)
  2. water based cleanser 
  3. exfoliater 
  4. toner
  5. essence
  6. serum
  7. sheet mask
  8. eye cream
  9. moisturizer
  10. sunscreen (you only do this step in the morning)
to everyone going back to high school!!

alright y'all, I’m gonna tell y'all about my super handy school survival kit! this thing has helped me time and time again and i wanna help you guys too! 

so this is pretty much everything and it may seem like a lot but you probably have most of this stuff in your house. I’m just gonna go through each thing and tell you what it is/why you should bring it ok! aight lets go!

the first thing I’m bringing is an extra set of clothes – jeans, tshirt, underwear, bra, and socks since I’m such a HUGE WHORE at my school apparently, i get dress coded a lot! and sometimes they make you change into your ugly pe clothes and i will NOT stand to wear my pe clothes around the rest of the day! so I’m bringing all those so at least my outfit can be kinda cute but if u think its very unlikely you will need all this stuff then don’t bring it. however, if you have periods, then an extra set of underwear (and maybe pants) will be helpful if you happen to leak a bit! (I’m putting all this into my locker, not my backpack obviously!) 

next are pads, pantyliners, (tampons if u use those) and advil because i have periods. if you have periods or (if you haven’t gotten it but you are able to get one) this shit is very important to have! also i have advil for cramps but its just pretty useful to have for headaches and stuff too, even if you don’t get periods. 

next in the clear bag we have oral hygiene! I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toothpicks, and breath strips. if you just ate garlic, forgot to brush your teeth in the morning, or sucked dick in the bathroom you deserve to have minty fresh breath afterwards! so bring this stuff it can and will save you

ok also bring a thing of tissues bc some teachers don’t have them in their classroom and if your nose is stuffy then you’ve got a lifesaver!

oil absorbing sheets are great cause i have really oily skin so i always bring them so that i can take the oil off my face without my makeup coming off. clean and clear is apparently the best brand but i only have the cvs brand which works fine too

q-tips for makeup under your eyes or something else, idk. these will probably be handy

compact mirrors are great for checking up on your makeup or spying on the person behind u or something. idk man like u don’t wanna have to go all the way to the bathroom just to see if ur makeup or hair are still on fleck so having a mirror is good for quick checkups

bobby pins and hairties, if you have long hair then you will probably want it out of your face sometimes! especially if you’re doing a lab in a science class, you don’t want your hair to get into some weird substance and explode the school

lotion, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and soap: lotion for weird dry patches (also to ward off bad b.o. – there was once this guy in the bio class before me who always left weird smells behind and he sat in my seat so i put on some lotion and the smell of the lotion overpowered the smell of the b.o. so this shit saved my life!) hand sanitizer because its school and there will be weird gross substances that you may touch and if u can’t get to the bathroom, hand sanitizer will save the day! deodorant bc u don’t wanna smell nast after pe and since i take dance and pe i sweat a lot during the day so. deodorant! also soap cause idk about y'all but at my school there are showers with no soap? so if I use the weight room and I’m all sweaty and gross i wanna shower off with soap. soap is not necessary if you have enough at your school

thread, buttons, safety pins, needles, needle threader thingy, measuring tape, and tiny scissors are all part of this mini sewing kit my friend gave me. this will be useful if you tear your clothes or something. idk. sewing stuff is useful and its tiny

a hairbrush or comb is good to have so that u can fix unruly hair especially after exercise also if you get electrocuted and ur hair gets crazy then u can tame it again with a brush! also if u usually use hairspray or mousse or gel on your hair then you may want to carry an emergency thing of that

emergency money is good if u forget to bring your wallet but you still wanna buy lunch or something

dark chocolate because if I’m in school and I’m sad then dark chocolate will make me happy and seriously. like. if I’m stressed or sad or angry or anything then dark chocolate can be there for me 

cough drops are helpful for surprise sore throats. y'all know what they’re for

gum/mints (not pictured) are good for freshening up breath and they’re just something to put in ur mouth which is good if u bite ur nails or something also gum is fun and mints are fun also yes i did put gum in this picture twice i just realized this

lip balm for those darn lips that get chapped all the time also if u need to kiss somebody u don’t want gross dry lips no u want soft and nice lips that are freshly balmed

(solid) perfume for after pe or dance or something or if u just smell gross then perfume is good and solid perfume is useful for like if ur in class but u don’t wanna spray perfume all over the classroom like thats almost as bad as a fuckboy sprayin axe everywhere so u can just casually put some perfume on plus it stays on and smells delicious

nail file for all those gross hangnails or sharp nails or if ur nails just look whack. this is very useful and important and yes u probably will need this

tide pen is sometimes helpful for stains but honestly like more often than not it doesn’t really do much and once it actually made the stain worse so idk. i mean i guess 

for all my makeup wearers I’m bringing concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and an eyebrow pencil so that in case u have to take your makeup off or it comes off or something u can put it back on

sunscreen just in case you forget to put some on in the morning bc taking care of ur skin is very important and not having sunscreen on can be very bad so always having some is probably good

pen and pencil in case you lose or forget your pencil bag because if u don’t wanna borrow writing utensils from people for the day then you’re good because you have extra stuff! maybe also a highlighter and a red pen for correcting would be good to have as well 

tiny lint roller (not pictured) handy for getting cat or dog fur off of clothes bc u don’t wanna have a gross hairy sweater or something weird like that. seriously one time i wore this white sweater and i picked up my black cat and i went to school and i didn’t realize it but there was cat fur ALL over my sweater and i was so pissed it was really gross and i was wishing i had one of those. idk where u can find one but they’re bound to be somewhere 

bandaids (not pictured) good for if u get a paper cut or something and ur classroom doesn’t have bandaids like at my school u have to go to the front desk to get bandaids which is super lame so its probably gonna b helpful to bring some 

little notebook (not pictured) in case you forget paper or something and u need to write down notes or just for reminders or anything. this may come in helpful but this is def not necessary cause you can always just ask someone for paper or ask the teacher idk. if u get anxious asking ppl for paper then this is good

don’t forget a little bag to put all this in! i can fit pretty much everything (except for the clothes and the hairbrush) into this bag which is about 8 x 2 x 6 “ and theres still a little space so yeah!

anyways i hope that this was helpful and pls let me know if theres anything else that u bring to school that has saved your life before also let me know if i helped u! seriously most of this stuff has helped me before! <3

a thing ive started doing with my brows is pefore filling them in i brush over them with powder and after i fill em in i brush over them once more with powder, it doesnt really give it a powdery look but i have oily skin so sometimes they can “slide” off my face and this helps keep em on and stop that shiny look…looks more natural

Skincare routine!

So this one was requested by a couple of friends of mine and well sometimes it helps people figure out their own skincare routine. So the products I use are not super pricey, some are slightly pricey but I’d say they’re pretty average compared to how much others spend. And this works for me. Remember you don’t have to spend a ton to attain perfect skin. So I had pretty oily skin and sometimes dry, it was quite annoying and I struggled with it for a while but with these products the oiliness stopped and the dryness has gotten so much better.

So here’s what I use in order:

Nivea’s Soothing Cleansing Mousse (for dry and sensitive skin) - This was introduced to me by my sister. I could never stick to a face wash, I’ve literally tried way too many. This one I LOVED. This one was soft to my skin, it didn’t leave it feeling dry. And my skin felt super soft and clean as well as looking brighter. It’s a foam wash so it won’t be harsh on your face. I use this in the morning and in the night before i sleep, it take’s off any foundation and product you may have on your face. (not eye make up - that i remove separately. the post before this explains that.)

Seaweed Pore perfecter - This helps blemishes and minimize pores, I use one pump and put it on before moisturizing. It leaves my face feeling cool and makes my blemishes lighter. (Since I had a bad habit of peeling spots..)

Garnier Moisture Nourish - Now this comes in a box, so when you look for it, it’ll be in a rectangle box. I love this moisturizer. It’s targeted at dry skin and what’s even better about this is. Garnier has about 5 of these targeted at different skin types. (Example: Oily skin, uneven toned skin and such) This helped my dry skin a lot. I moisturize twice, once in the morning once at night. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, it takes some time to absorb but it feels really good on the skin. My sister uses it too, and she loves it.

Origin’s Super Spot Remover -

This is a little pricey, £15 for a little bottle of gel.

But Oh My God, does it work. I put this on before I sleep, on my spots and blemishes. If i put this on a nasty spot before I sleep, when I wake up that spot will either be gone or it will have gone down massively. This product may sting a little but it traps the spot so no germs or anything can affect it. Then brings it down. So I wash my wash my face with the face wash, then I put this on at night and the moisturize on top. This was a tip I learnt recently that made a big difference.

Seaweed clay mask - I don’t use this everyday, maybe once or twice a week. This came as a joint pack with the seaweed pore perfecter and was on sale. So this is what I used to fight off the oil. This mask literally sucked it all out. 

Here’s a closer look.

You leave it on until it dries up and then wash it off. It makes your face a bit stiff but all masks do. Remember to only use this weekly or twice a week.

So that’s it. That’s how I try to keep my skin healthy. Although I don’t always stay in routine, it is important you do, especially if you’re fighting acne and such.

And most importantly remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Junk food and such will only cause more spots. More water and fruit will gave you a radiant glow.

So that’s it.

Hope this post helped a few people out there struggling with their skin.

Let me know some of your favourite products!

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Side note -

HI!!! So I hope you enjoy this and it helps some of you lost beauties tryna fight skin battles. :( I reached 500 followers on IG thank you so much. My blog is slowly starting to pick up. Just liking a post would make all the difference and leaving comments and ask.

Anyways thank you so so so much!

- A xoxo

anonymous asked:

Hii so i have pretty oily skin esp on the forehead, is it ok if i use powder to set my makeup? Do you have any tips for oily skin maybe:( ? Thanks cutie, love ur content btw xx

Use a translucent setting powder and where you get oily the most bake that area (baking is packing powder on with a beauty blender and leaving it for a while then dusting off the excess powder) it will help your foundation last also always use a setting spray to help you look seamless. Thank you so much love

anonymous asked:

You seem like you know a lot about hair/skin/body care. Are there any must haves you could reccomend?

Thank you so much! :) (I typically think I’m gross lol) 

Okay… first things first, I stopped using anything with chemicals….on my skin mostly. So anything that promotes “getting rid of acne, scars, dry skin, oily skin, etc.” I stopped using. I figured that if they TRULY got rid of all that stuff, no one would buy those company’s products anymore, so their stuff actually makes your skin worse so you can keep buying from them. I’ve had acne for forever, so I tried everything… even proactiv for years and it still didn’t work. Now, I use all organic/ natural products on my face and they work wonders

Face Wash- Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Bar Soap

There are many different bars that come with different ingredients; all using organic oils and are vegetable based. They also don’t test on animals :) You can use this soap on your body and hair too. I use it to cleanse my face and it removes makeup the first time. It’s kinda drying, so you should moisturize. 

Also- African Black Soap

I used to use this a lot, I’ve stopped because I wanted to try something new, but it’s 100% natural (If you get the right one..the brown ugly one) and very good for the skin as well.

Moisturizer- Kiss My Face “Super Hydrating Coconut”

I just started using this as a moisturizer, and not only is it natural/organic, but it smells soooo good. I’m bad about moisturizing my face though, because I have oily skin, so I haven’t used it a whole lot, but so far I really like it.

Toner- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Warning- This shit stinks, BUT it literally shrinks pimples overnight and fades scars. You can also use it in so many other ways like weight loss, detox, cuts, etc. Here’s a list of all the benefits of “ACV”

The Holy Grail- COCONUT OIL!!

I use this for everything. My hair, my skin, as lotion, on my teeth, my lips, on cuts/burns, everything lol. I use it in my hair because it’s really lightweight and makes your hair healthier I believe. I recently started “oil pulling” with it and it has so many benefits… it’s crazy. Yes, I have more than one jar so it’s not gross that I do everything with it. Here’s a list of all the benefits of coconut oil.

I linked a lot of stuff in here so check it out! I’m not a pro or anything, but I’m still working on myself and I love to help others :) Also everything is pretty cheap and you can find it all in one place. I get all of it from the grocery store (Kroger) so I’m sure it’s easy to find. Thank you for asking!

P.S. Everything listed is organic and 100% natural and is cruelty free :)

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Just saw a recent post about primers so thought I would ask.. does it depend on your skin type? I have oily skin so what primer is best or doesn't it matter

If you have dry skin you need a more moisturising creamy primer if you have oily skin you need a more matte based one xxx

im like…pretty sure i have pcos but i havent been tested for it bc i havent ever rly talked to a doctor about it bc theres always other explanations for matching symptoms, i mean i come from a family of very hairy tunisian/italians so my ridiculous amount (mmmlike RIDICULOUS amount. i go through a tube of hair removal cream in a month and thats just for face and neck and chest) of body hair could be bc of that….i have super oily skin so maybe thats what the acne is from….my periods are super heavy and irregular but hey that happens to a lot of people…..the sharp pain i get in my lower left abdomen every so often could just be painful ovulation……. u see what i mean

A Useful Skincare Tip!

Hello, my lovely followers! I normally don’t post anything personal here, but I want to share a very useful tip for those of you with irritated, acne-prone skin. I saw it first in a youtube video about dealing with acne, so I tried it several times and seeing how it worked for me, I thought I’d share it with you, too!

Tip: after using your toner, use the same toner to soak some cotton pads and place them on particularly troubled areas of your face. Leave them on for at least 10 minutes and then gently pat for better absorption. Follow up with a moisturizer. (You may not see incredible results immediately, but doing this several times a week produces noticeable results!)

For the past few months, I’ve been struggling with a really, really bad breakout and I’ve found that this has helped so much! It helps decrease the size of my pimples but more importantly, it reduces the redness of my scars and pimples. This is also a great alternative for those of you who don’t like dealing with the messy application of sheet masks!

Another thing I’d like to add is to look for toners that are hydrating, not alcohol-based. I have oily skin, so I understand why such toners seem more appealing (like Clinique’s acne toner), but using these toners dry out your skin, which can make the problem worse. But if you feel that it works well for you, I recommend that you keep your skin hydrated with a lightweight, hydrating essence and/or moisturizer. Currently, I use belif’s toner for troubled skin. It’s hydrating, it doesn’t sting, and it’s helped calm my skin (and the ingredients are pretty safe for a non-natural product). I’m not rich, but imo it’s pretty affordable compared with other acne treatments, which is another plus! I’ve been using it for about 3-4 months by now, so I know it’s definitely working for me.

However, this tip isn’t limited to acne-prone skin! It can help with flaky, dry patches on the skin, or just anyone looking to get a nice, healthy glow (but I guess you can just use sliced cucumbers). c:

That’s all for now, idk if I’ll write about any more skincare tips I wish you all good luck in taking care of your skin!

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what ur acne-be-gone secrets?

for me this is what i did! 

- always drinking enough water (ive always done this, but like ik its supposed to help)

-getting a good amount of sleep! i went from getting 3 hours daily to now 6-8 hours and honestly it helps so much more

-cleaning your bed sheets or at least the pillow cases more often than normal

-not resting your hands on your face (it was such a bad habit for me omg)

-finding a face wash that works for you. i struggled with this for way too long. I now use african black soap, but not the 100% natural one, but this one of this black bar w shea in it! at first i was scrubbing too much and it was drying my skin out way too much, but now its so perfect. I do have REALLY naturally oily skin so it was perfect for me. then on top of that I found a moisturizer than balances it out so my skin isn’t oily all day. before I was using burts bees kind and there was acne medication in it and my skin was getting sunburnt by the sun just outside bc of it. SO I had to switch and now i just use this coconut body butter . and since it is a body butter i wasn’t sure about it at first bc i thought my skin would get too oily, but no matter the weather my skin has not been super oily at all and it smells really good omg!! i wash and moisturize twice a day every day at the same time, 6AM in the morning and 9PM at night! 

-wearing sunscreen i use this one (x) every day im going to be out in the sun! and i reapply it at school!

-i changed my shampoo and conditioner to an all natural one instead of some random one, but idk if that helped me or not!

-with stress from school, i just learned how to spread out my time with working on things. bc before i would do everything the night before and that made me so STRESSED OUT OMG BUT with learning how to deal with procrastinating and taking more time into my work it just calms me down

-exercise !!! i stopped dance for a year and i regret it, but now that im back into it it makes me happier, i love my body more, and ah it just makes me feel great. i could never do super intense work outs and stuff, but dance has always been that perfect balance for me and i love doing it, so it makes it worth it! 

so yeah hopefully this helps! its been a fun 10 year journey haha

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I saw that you said you're skin isn't doing so great and that really sucks ass, so I thought I'd share a little tip! Adapalene (idk if that's the correct spelling) cream, which is just differin gel works wonders. It can dry your skin out a bit at first so just put a little dab on and the pimple is gone in a day! I use it as a base under my foundation (but I have really oily skin) so you could maybe try that. Love your blog btw!! 💛

Just gonna need to drown my whole face in it then haha! Thank you for the tip!