more and more people keep posting trans headcanons so I thought I’d shove mine out there cause I always figured Jay was transguy. and then Nya happened cause I still kinda ship it? idk what I ship in this fandom anymore xD

pls ignore Jay’s face because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted at allll omg. everything else is acceptable though.


Redraw of this image (from the game My Candy Love)

Yeah i changed a lot of things cause i didn’t like the composition. And i had a lot of fun drawing the plants. But then i failed the coloring haha. ALSO I DREW THAT LIKE A MONTH AGO AT LEAST AND COMPLETLY FORGOT TO POST IT. There’s two more, that i’ll post later.

so today I was talking to this kid and he asked what I did over the weekend so I said “I watched a really good movie. it was super gay.” and he started complaining about how he wasnt allowed to say that and I was super confused. I was like it is gay tho what do u mean its so gay??? then eventually I was like WHY CAN YOU NOT SAY A MOVIE ABOUT HOMOSEXUAL MEN IS GAY WHAT THE FUCK cause he wouldnt stop asking why I could say that and he couldnt

he thought I was just using it as an adjective

he did not realize there were literal homosexual movies. that was the most confusing conversation I have ever had

heyeyey I was tagged by so many beautiful people to do this tag that I thought why not  just-keep-looking-forward (<3) troylermwamwa (<3) irem-i (<3) bothcomedyandtragedy (<3) they are the loveliest. 

Name: Regi

Nickname: Well Regi is a nickname which I force on my internet friends :D Kat likes to call me Jammie :)

Birthday: September 23

Gender: female 

Height: hella tiny (156 cm)

Favorite color: I like blue

Time & date at current moment: 16:30 30/03/2015

Average hours of sleep: weekdays 6, weekends 8

Lucky number: 8

Last thing I put in Google: “ginger ninja” bc Kat tweeted about it and I didn’t know what it was

First word that comes to mind: coffee

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favorite fictional Character: I don’t think I have one, and I don’t know if it makes me a bad person, or? 

Favorite book: The Fault in Our Stars :)

Favorite Anime: hmm I haven’t watched an anime in like 6 years :/ WAIT I HAVE, IT WAS A GAY ONE

Favorite tv show: I’d say the fosters but I’m sooo behind

Last movie I’ve seen in cinema: I don’t know :o WAIT I DO, IT WAS THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING 

Dream holiday: like somewhere warm, with someone(s) I love

Dream wedding: fob and pizza rolls tbh

Dream job: HMM something creative

What are you wearing right now: leggings, and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig old ugly shirt which is my fave 

Last book I read: I think fanfiction counts, definitely, and I read Escort :) Better than many books I’ve read 

SOOOO I tag (wait, so the point is that you answer the questions, I’m so good at explaining things) colour-me-troyler  onlyarandomfangirl troyeoakdizzle gladyousaidhi erhabori8 destroyemeoakley so-letsettheworldonfire slay-what-you-wanna-slay :) loves 

I just discovered this food app and it got so many persian and indian recieps.  I love that food. Makes you wonder why we dont use fruit and herbs in our dishes. Food could be so delicious and healthy. You could say that’s the climate and stuff doesnt grow here. Youd be suprised. My mother in law knows a damn lot about plants and their use in the kitchen (and as meds). Same goes for grandma. Taking a walk with them you’d think you can eat almost every living plant ever (unless its poisoned i guess haha) all you need to know is what parts have a unique, somewhat spicey taste.