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Jikook, war's end kiss :D

i’m back home.

[WHY WAS THIS SO HARD TO DRAW OMG,, but it was fun anyways;;;]

send me an otp and a number for a kiss!!!

Also today really sucks being ndn bc like why do yall expect latin and black ndns to spend all of our time teaching yall and explaining shit yall hate non ndns do ??? Or why do yall still gas yall self so much abt how ndns “proctect xy and z for future generations” when yall womt proctect the youth of today??? In fact why the fuck was the only people trying to procect the youth several years ago just fucking me and other minors at the time? Why the fuck was all yall fake ass acivistes just sit by when we were (and still are) talkimg about our experience and trying to break the assumlation within our own communities and yall still targert minnors and try to liken them to chirst as in a sacrifice???


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So from what I know, you screenshot the following: pass-code screen, phone background, song that you’re listening to, and a selfie of yourself

1. The black smudge is me “blurring” my name and email XD
2. I like the song “Marvelous Light” and the album picture is beautiful~
3. Just a “flower tattoo” that I gave to myself
4. My trusty viola, tablet, and headphones
5. You’ve caught the wild Joey while he’s programming!
[I do wear glasses in real life, but I thought I should make myself look funny]

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ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

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