Julie update ✿

Hey cuties! Just a little check-in here.

First off, a huge, HUGE thank you for helping me get halfway to my GoFundMe goal! It’s a gigantic help in the publishing road I’m about to go down :)

Second, I went out and applied for a job today! (This is a big deal for me because I have crippling anxiety in the face of people and germs, eep!) It’s for a tiny florist shop near my home - I talked to the owner for a long time, it went very well, and I’m a perfect candidate for the job - she’s gonna call me tomorrow to let me know if I got it! *panicked-but-happy-screaming*

(*cough cough* I also think it’s really cool because I wrote Claudia as a florist and Talia as a botanist ajshdkjahskdjhak)

And last, I’m finishing up drawing #3 as I type this. I’ve also been making big progress in Book!Home, and I’ll be launching that blog soon so you can see all the artwork :)

Thank you for your kind messages and never-ending support! <3


Labyrinth of Jareth 2016
Another costume event I never miss!

My friend Amber and I did another outfit together only this time we didn’t twin! We in fact, complimented each other by being the Sun and the Moon! She made her entire moon headdress which is absolutely beautiful in person! Especially with that silver shimmery tulle ✨🌚✨
I was the sun! It’s not my usual dark colors and black ensemble, but it was fun wearing something all GOLD for the first time! And yes, those are gold doilies on my sun crown. They were so damn pretty I just wanted to stick them on everything ✨🌝✨ but now I have a whole pack of 50 gold doilies so I guess it time to have people over for tea? Or I can use them at work as a fancy coffee coaster.

Of course like every year, I always miss out on taking photos of everyone’s outfits. But it’s so hard when’s you’re walking around in awe and basically falling in love with everything and everyone you see haha!

I had lots of fun! And it’s always fun dressing up with Amber ❤️ she’s the coolest! Can’t wait till next year!

So today I went to the doctors and got probably the best news I could’ve received. Today I reached 50 pounds lost. This is a number I never thought I would ever imagine I’d reach. So I want to share these pictures. The picture on the left was taken sometime in March of this year and the picture on the right was taken this morning. I can finally see a change, I see how my face is getting smaller, my arms, everything. It makes me feel so great to know I did this to not only feel better about myself on the outside but to feel healthy. I’m no longer afraid to wear just a tank top and I am okay with not wearing huge flannels to hide. Now to get to this point I changed how I ate drastically, I don’t have many snacks, I basically only eat Gluten free food, and I work out daily whether in my room, or if I get to the gym, and I even looked on Pinterest for exercises to do while I’m at work. I’m happy but my journey isn’t over I still have 15 more pounds to go to reach the doctors goal but another 20 on top of that to reach mine. I’m not gonna let college get in the way of my changed lifestyle either I’m determined to keep working and bettering myself. #WeightLoss #myjourneytohealth #happy #thenandnow #transformationtuesday

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[Trans] Suho’s Esquire Article 

by: LittleAriel13

“At the question “How does it feel to have so many fans?”, this was his answer. “Basically, I always feel thankful. Even magazine photoshoots like this one I’m doing now, I think I’m able to do it thanks to the many fans. When I buy the clothes that I like and wear them, too, I can feel the gratitude toward my fans, and especially at the chance to become a magazine cover model like this, I’m thankful to my fans. I think I live while always bearing in mind the thought that I’m thankful. “

Okay I am super conflicted

I kinda really feel like “becoming” nonbinary because it appeals to me so much. It is the same feeling when I hate my natural blonde hair and dyed them black, or when I hated wearing pants so I jumped into skirts and dresses. But I am kinda “forcing” myself to stick as cis female because I don’t experience the physical dysphoria. I just think that “discomfort” I feel isn’t really a reason to basically choose a gender - I think gender chooses you, not you choose gender. But I wonder though. Doesn’t my “discomfort” with what I have and sort of craving for being nonbinary mean that I am nonbinary? I kinda wonder how did nonbinary people discover they were nonbinary, because I am very confused right now and don’t know what to do. Should I ditch my assigned gender already, or accept it but just with addition that I don’t feel female gender roles at all (except for wearing dresses)?

Get to know me tag!

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Nickname(s): Dee very basic lol

Gender: Female

if i had a cat what would i name it: I’m so bad at names but muffin or snowball

Height: 5′0 ._.

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

favorite color: any pale colors tbh 

Time right now: 8:38pm

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours

Favorite #: 9

Last thing I googled: how to say flour in spanish lmaoo

Blankets I sleep with: 2 always has to be two

Favorite bands/artist: Omg i have so many both kpop and non-pop artist.

Dream vacation: Going to Italy

What am i wearing right now: A plain grey shirt and black pants

When I made this blog: August of last year

How many blogs I follow: 131

pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr url: Doll

do i get asks on a daily basis: on occasions but not really 

why did i choose my tumblr url: I always associated Tae with flowers idk why?

I tag @coociemon @bangtan-y @oneofthemillionarmy @kpopkimchi you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to (: 


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It’s in two daysーーー! SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』 Waーーーi! I get excited when I happen to catch a glimpse of everyone’s excitement for SCA FES on social media☺︎

Is your physical condition good to go? Although the prolonged heat wave makes you feel like you’re melting. Have you been eating only cool things in cool places? The day of SCA FES will also be hot! Super hot! Is what kind of day it’ll be so taking care of your health from now would be best! Take it easy the day before and prepare yourself☺︎ Be careful of getting heatstroke or sunstroke⚡︎ Stay frequently hydrated and wear a hat, and we also have a towel with a hood in our goods line-up. Let’s devise a plan to not receive direct sun exposure for a lengthy amount of time⚡︎

I’ve been liking caps recently. Also, it seems like there are people who aren’t sure of what to wear,,! Basically, wear something light and easy-to-move in◎
I think sneakers would be good to wear! You’d be worried about getting beach sandals or heels dirty, and you can’t go all out( ;  ; ) (being stepped on hurts)
There could be changes in the weather, so bringing something that you can put on such as a parka, windbreaker, or raincoat would be helpful☺︎ These (in picture) have been my favorite sneakers recently

There’s an official site for SCA FES.Check out the videos about prohibited items・important points and how to get there, okay☺︎ It’d be great to look at the venue map and understand where things are⤴︎✈︎✈︎✈︎

Well then, it’s already almost 8/21. It’s finally hereーー I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s all make this the best day ever⚡︎⚡︎ Best regards☺︎

Thanks for the translation to SH! And talking about Scandal-Heaven, the girls have seen the 10th anniversary video that the international forum managed to complete! See Rina and Tomomi’s tweets here and, if you are curious about the outcome of the video, check it out here!

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omg i saw just these hella cute brown suede lace combat boots but they were like $600 but I couldn't help but to think of Luke randomly buying you them bc he thought you would like them. You would look so pretty in a hem v neck grey jumper, that slipped off on both shoulders and making you have sweater paws and a pair of black skinny jeans, you wearing your new boots that Luke got for you, with your pretty brown hair loosely curled making you look so fucking pretty+

and you would walk out of the bathroom and Luke is basically heart eye emoji right now & literally drooling at how beautiful you look and see your boots that he got you & grin at you, as he walks up to you and grabs your waist and you’d say “like my boots?” with a smile and he’d go “yeah, i do. whoever got them for you has amazing fashion taste” & trying his hardest not to giggle.

i’D LOVE THIS knjfdgljns sign me tf up for getting $600 boots kjdfakagj

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1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Loud breathing, Loud chewing, Smacking…basically tiny noises no one else hears but I do and I’d kindly like you to fucking stop it, world.

2. What is your song(s) of the week?
IDK. I don’t really have a song of the week. I typically do genera’s or something. Right now I’m listening to a lot of dreary acoustic music.

3. Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
Who gives a fuck? Honestly?

4. What is your favorite food?
Maybe like Thanksgiving/Holiday food.

5. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Return of the Living Dead, all of the Friday the 13th movies apart from Jason Goes to Hell and after.

6. Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Coffee. Just a lot of coffee.

7. What is your usual bedtime?
9 p.m. and it would be 8 p.m. if I could get away with it because I’m OLD.

8. Are you lazy?
Selectively Lazy, Functionally Lazy.

9. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween? 
Usually scary things…I can’t remember specifically.

10. What is your Chinese astrological sign?
Ox- which is something I just learned thanks to this.

11. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

12. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
Occasionally, the “Me” of different timelines will meet up and cross paths, yes.

13. What do you wear to bed?
Leggings, and some cotton type shirt of some kind. I don’t do T-shirts specifically because I feel confined in them.

14. Wal-Mart, target or k-mart?

15. nike or adidas?

16. hot tea or cold tea?
Iced sweet tea. (I’m Southern okay??)

17. tea or coffee?

18. are you patient?
Selectively patient?

19. do you want to get married?
I have been married for 10 and a half years.

20. do you want kids?
I have a three year old and I do not want any more. I didn’t think I wanted kid until one day I did and I had one and now I’m done. Why is this a thing people are asked?

I tag @thejedipath
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Name: keydra


Star Sign: cancer

Gender: female

Height: 5'4"

Favorite color: all shades of purple!

Time: 10:56 am

Lucky Numbers: 7, I guess? It’s my favorite number soo

Last thing I googled: is broccoli a man made vegetable adshxhjdj

Number of blankets I sleep with: one in the summer and three in the winter

Favorite fictional character: I have so many favorites but the only one I can remember is Dimitri from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Favorite Book: the only book I can think of rn is The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Favorite Band: she isn’t a band but def Banks and Imagine Dragons

Dream Jobs: idk there’s so many things I want to do, either a graphic designer, a child psychologist, or some type of business owner lol

What am I wearing right now: basic black tee and shorts

Current amount of followers: 205

What do you post about: I post whatever catches my eye

Do you have any other blog: yep of course

When did your blog reach it’s peak: i made a couple of Karrueche gifs and posted them

What made you decide to get tumblr: for rp purposes and for the fact I was bored lmao

What do you get asks on the daily: I don’t get any and when I do they’re super random

Why did you choose your URL: because im lowkey/highkey in love with Karrueche and she’s bae

I tag @wccnds @kiamasonjerry @kaylalovesssit

LHello, everybody! So, I got tagged by @hime-crosser so why not? 

1) հօա եɑӏӏ ɑɾҽ վօմ? 5'7"
2) ահɑե ϲօӏօɾ ɑղժ sեվӏҽ ís վօմɾ հɑíɾ? basically the exact same as my mayor of Tel Mith, Shandrul. A platnium blonde shoulder length bob.
3) ահɑե ϲօӏօɾ ɑɾҽ վօմɾ ҽվҽs? hazel.
4) ժօ վօմ աҽɑɾ ցӏɑssҽs? Yes. I used to hate having to wear them but now I love them as a fashion accessory. Not having to get frames from wal mart went a long way.
5) ժօ վօմ աҽɑɾ ҍɾɑϲҽs? No.
6) ƒɑsհíօղ եվթҽ? I’m heading into a minimalistic mature more age appropriate  wardrobe. Simplicity. 
7) ɑղվ ƒɾҽϲƙӏҽՏ, ʍօӏҽՏ, օɾ ҍҽɑմեվ ʍɑɾƙՏ? I have a freckle on the left side of my lower lip.
8) ահҽղ աҽɾҽ վօմ ҍօɾղ? October 23 (the day after @hime-crosser!)
9) ահҽɾҽ ժօ վօմ ӏíѵҽ? The states
10) ՏíҍӏíղցՏ? A little sister and a little brother.
11) ժօ վօմ ցօ եօ Տϲհօօӏ? No.
12) ահɑե ƙíղժ օƒ Տեմժҽղե ɑɾҽ/աҽɾҽ վօմ? I hated school, but I tried to be a excellent student in gradeschool, didn’t get the grades so then gave up and became the “bad kid” in class for middle and high school. In my college courses I went back to trying to be that overachiever and got good enough grades I suppose.
13) ƒɑѵօɾíեҽ ԵѴ Տհօա? RuPaul’s Drag Race, Project Runway, and Ink Master.
14) dɾҽɑʍ յօҍ? A fashion editor or a fashion buyer. A Stylist would also be something I would deeply enjoy.
15) աօմӏժ վօմ ӏíƙҽ եօ ցҽե ʍɑɾɾíҽժ? I am.
16) աօմӏժ վօվ ӏíƙҽ եօ հɑѵҽ ϲհíӏժɾҽղ? Already did.
17) ցíɾӏվ ցíɾӏ օɾ եօʍҍօվ? Neither - just a nerd which doesn’t really have gender. I know the media and people in general love to portray all nerds and geeks as middle class or wealthy lanky white guys with glasses and bad teeth but it’s not actually like that.
18) ժօ վօմ ӏíƙҽ Տհօթթíղց? I love shopping. 
19) ժօ վօմ հɑѵҽ ɑղվ ҽղҽʍíҽՏ? There could be, but I don’t know for sure.  There are a few people from my past who hold grudges.
20) ժօ վօմ հɑѵҽ ɑ Տ/օ? Yes.
21) íƒ ղօե, ժօ վօմ աɑղե օղҽ?N/A

22) ɑɾҽ վօմ օթҽղ աíեհ վօմɾ ƒҽҽӏíղցՏ? No. 

23) աօմӏժ վօմ ժɑեҽ Տօʍҽօղҽ վօմɾ ƒɑʍíӏվ ժíժղ'ե ɑթթɾօѵҽ օƒ? I’m not close with my family, so of course!
24) ɑղվ թҽե թҽҽѵҽՏ? Ever so many! When things don’t work, like three pens in a row not writing, or the washer getting stuck on the rinse and spin cycle, bible thumpers, people who say “I hate cats” like I’m supposed to cater who I am around what they do and don’t like,  loud chewing, when other dog owners leave their dog’s poo, thinking that because I happen to be vegetarian I’m preachy, I need to be educated about nutrition from someone who ate at a drive thru that day, and that I love processed frozen soy products, when people take my photo without asking, when people post old pics of me when they know I hate photos of me, and finally when people ask my opinion about something then inevitably don’t like the answer I gave and complain about my thoughts. 

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Of all the Sad Things I have planned for this fic, I feel like Luminara’s sewing project might be the worst.

courageous--me  asked:

Oh my gosh are you fucking serious right now? The anons and antis were attacking you over an opinion about kids wearing bikinis?? What has this world come to. Even I think that's wrong for kids to be wearing. Sorry you got attacked like that Sweets.

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet omfg. But yeah, that’s basically what happened ;w; I’m offering a civil debate because I honestly think it got taken the wrong way. If they knew what I was really trying to say, I bet they would have backed off.

health news no one cares about

so for a week there i couldn’t wear my glasses without major headaches, so i figured maybe my eyes were getting better. only this week it flipped and i started getting headaches without my glasses. so today i got my eyes rechecked and basically my scrip has doubled in strength and the astigmatism is back in my left eye (and still there in the right). i found a lovely pair of super cute vaguely androgynous highly nerdy glasses frames that were cheapish for designer frames, but now i have to tell mom that my lenses cost almost $300 because i no longer have vision insurance. anyway. that’s what’s going on here. i’m wearing my old glasses again, so hopefully the headaches stay manageable for the two or three weeks until my new glasses come in.

So, as a demigirl, I’m not completely female. I have days or even weeks where I feel more agender than anything.

That’s basically been the last week or so.

Now imagine. My period comes in the middle of the fucking night. I’m cramping sso badly, and I have to wear two fucking pads so I don’t bleed through onto the sheets.

Do you know how dysphoric this is making me feel right now? I haven’t felt body dysphoria in the longest time, and it’s hitting me really badly right noww.

so i stole this tag from @serbaelazarev

i don’t have my laptop now and i have like ten normal pictures on my phone so this moodboard is terrible

basically it’s måns, jüri, sergey and bea, then a girl with the similar outfit i like to wear, she’s between the nature and city (because i can’t decide which one i like more), the sky (just because??) and this random picture of wall i took in my city (because i like it??)

i tag @zoestraub