Ok so as many of you know by now I’ve been pretty crazy over an alt! age - so much so that I even wrote a fanfic about it!! - so here’s the basic of the basic headcanons (brainstormed with @everssball <3) that i have of them

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I love your headcannons because of how detailed they are, so I wanted to know what you think of one of mine - I'm pretty sure that Rhys and Nesta, once they get to know each other, will be best friends. They'll be the kind that snipe at each other, but they will be so close that if Nesta and Feyre didn't look so much alike people would assume that Rhys and Nesta were the siblings. They have similar hang-ups about not having done enough for their family, and have enough people in common to bond.

Oh man. I’ve honestly never thought about Rhys and Nesta. I think there is big potential for them to be good friends. They also have a lot they can teach the other. I think Rhys is a perfect example of the kind of man Nesta now recognizes as the kind she and her sisters should be attracted to (basically NOT like their father). I also think the way Rhys wears masks can be soemthing for Nesta to learn from Rhys. Because I don’t think she can do that. At least not well. She’s good at hiding what she feels but not at wearing a costume like Rhys does. But at the same time I feel like Rhys and the gang have a lot they could learn from Nesta. Where Feyre only hedged at the distinction between the inner circle I think Nesta is just call them out on it. Not all the time. But when it’s useful for her/will help her deflect attention. But I think they need that. And I think they’ll be good at turning it back on Nesta and how she’s behaved over the years. I think once Nesta settles in/finds her resolve she will be invaluable to Rhys. Especially when it comes to dealing with the other courts. She’s brilliant. And she reads people so so sooo well. Better than Rhys I think. So I totally see potential for them to be good friends. But I think she has to earn it. She might be too hot headed at first. But idk! That last scene where she and Elain saw Feyre ONCE AGAIN sacrifice herself (by going back with Tamlin) will either be a game changer for her give her so much guilt she can’t function. I think it will be the Fire she needs. Cuz you know she HAD to have known Feyre was lying and doing that whole “Rhys brain washed me” routine for their sake. Nesta is too smart and perceptive NOT to have seen right through that act. Even if she was traumatized. It’s like her super power. UGH. I NEED THIS BOOK!! But yeah. To go back to your headcanon. I think when Rhys sees how much Nesta does care about her sisters that will be a foundation on which to build their relationship. And I think she is just as cunning if not more so than he is. And I think she is probably a lot like him in some regard. Like once she learns to wear a mask she will be as unstoppable as him and maybe more so because she’s a woman and men tend to underestimate women.

was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop, because I really loved the chances they were taking I loved how bold they were. So being inspired by that I started delving into the late 80’s - and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential. And the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want - bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me…but basically in thinking about that, and thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth for me because it’s so now. I’ve never really made these kinds of changes before. And having been born on December 13th, 1989 –  this album is called 1989


Ok so as many of you know by now I’ve been pretty crazy over an alt! age - so much so that I even wrote a fanfic about it!! - so here’s the basic of the basic headcanons (brainstormed with @everssball <3) that i have of them

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I was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop, because I really loved the chances they were taking I loved how bold they were. So being inspired by that I started delving into the late 80’s - and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential. And the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want - bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me…but basically in thinking about that, and thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth for me because it’s so now. I’ve never really made these kinds of changes before. And having been born on December 13th, 1989…this album is called 1989.
—  Taylor Swift

Breaking News: Youth buys new pants. Wears them.

OKAY, you know what collar stiffeners are, right?  Collar stays?

These things that go in your collar to keep it pointy?  WELL, headcannon time.

They are one of the few things we don’t see in the in Dressing Room Three.  They wear them, no way their collars do not have stiffeners.  The most basic ones are plastic, but this is Kingsman.  You can get collar stiffeners is gold and silver.  I don’t know if they were in the drawers or what, but I’m sure they do SOMETHING.  Mini knife?  More poison?  Cyanide in case they are caught?  Emergency bugs?  A mic?  A wifi router so a Kingsman always has a connection?  So.  Yeah.  Collar stiffeners.

Well, apparently now you can get collar stiffeners personalized.  Names, important dates, cutesy sayings.  You know.

WELL, Harry is walking on eggshells (heh) around Eggsy after he comes back from the dead.  He finds that Eggsy’s anger is completely warranted, so he gives it time, doesn’t push, because all he can do now after all the apologies is let Eggsy have time.  Because with things so fragile, one wrong move and he could damage it, and lose Eggsy’s friendship and the chance of anything more.

One day, Harry finds a tiny box on his desk with a ribbon on it.  No note, but he opens it and finds a nice set of collar stiffeners that say I forgive you and You’re not a COMPLETE prick.  And he knows they’re from Eggsy, cause who else would give him something like that?

So hew wears them, everyday.  Yeah, he’s missing one essential item from his kit, but he likes knowing there’s a little bit of Eggsy with him, with him at all times, and even if he can’t have him, he has this little bit to carry with him, always.

And one day after a meeting, Merlin wants to fuss with Harry’s collar stiffeners (upgrade, check them out, let’s see what they do first), so he demands Harry pop them out so he can take a look.  But Eggsy’s sitting right there, so he can’t, Merlin, are you crazy, stop ripping my shirt.  And Merlin gets them out, and sees they are not his tech, and gets pissy, but Eggsy sees, and he asks Harry how often he wears them.

Every day.  Of course.

So they kiss, and Merlin is in the background grumbling about idiots and took you long enough.

And from then on, Eggsy, on anniversaries and Christmas and Harry’s birthday and just random Tuesdays, Harry gets collar stiffeners with I love you and you’re a dork and forever yours and let’s do lunch, yeah? and just to be a shit manners maketh man, cause hey, everyone needs a reminder, right?  And in the mornings, Eggsy will choose a pair and put them in for Harry, and sometime during the day, Harry will pull them out and see Eggsy’s little declarations of love.

(Eggsy also gets some with things like I’m wearing a plug and fuck me and I owe you a blowjob.  And Harry can’t concentrate on work after that.)

And they can’t wear wedding rings, spies can’t wear those, are you insane, so when they can’t wear their rings they wear wedding collar stiffeners.  And Harry feels the weight of them, and knows Eggsy is his.  Forever.


hi taylor! my name is bella and i’m going to be seeing you the 2nd night at gillette stadium on july 25th! my seats are in section 104 in row 17. after a lot of hard work (and many trips to the craft store), i just finished my outfit for your show. i decided to make my outfit inspired by your incredible things fragrance because it’s absolutely my favorite of yours yet! also, i thought this outfit would also represent your style right now (which i LOVE). i noticed you wear a lot of skirts and crop tops together lately, and what’s a better place to wear that than a 1989 show?!

ever since the tickets went on sale for the 1989 tour last year, i have not stopped trying to buy them. i asked for them for christmas, but sadly those were not under the tree. after that i tried to buy them on ticketmaster, but your show was basically sold out and i didnt trust resale ticket sites. so then i started to save my money and also tried to win them on the radio. sadly that didn’t work either. finally, about two weeks ago, my mom found a local resale ticket place that was very trustworthy. there weren’t many options, so my mom and i got tickets in the same section but in different rows. i honestly don’t care where i sit though, i’m just happy i get to see you!!

you are literally my sunshine, and i’m so proud to be a swiftie. whenever i’m sad, i always listen to your music really loud, and i instantly feel better. even when i’m not sad, i listen to you 24/7. whether it’s cleaning my room, hanging with friends, or sitting on the bus to school, your music is always my first choice. i don’t think there has been a single day since 1989 came out that i haven’t listened to the album. i have loved watching you grow as an artist over the past few years, and i’m so proud of what you have accomplished. i love you so much and i’ll see you soon!!! taylorswift

About these so called ‘evil clowns’

So many people are pissed off about these “evil clowns” stalking different US cities. If you haven’t heard of them, well here’s some background. Basically a bunch of men have begun lurking around stoplights or wooded areas, trying to lure kids and others away with them for evil doings. They all wear weird clown makeup and very distinct outfits. It started in just one southern town, but now it’s spread across the country.

I’ve heard tons of people complaining about them. They’re even on the news going on and on about how these scary clowns are ruining the safety of our country. Look, I get it. No one wants a disturbing guy in a clown costume bothering them. No one wants to think about their children being lured into the forest for god knows what.

And I guess now there’s been a murder? I don’t know. I’m not keeping up with the stories. I suppose I should, being an American and all, but I’m sick of seeing them portrayed in such a negative light. Honestly, I love these guys. For every creepy, harmless loser in a clown costume, that makes me just a little safer. Just a little less noticeable.

Because when an average man lures kids into the woods, it doesn’t make headlines, does it?

So thanks, clowns. You’ve got at least one fan out there.

Quick update!

I’m currently working on completing a cover video for everyone. I want it to be perfect though, so its taking some time. Plus, I am in the process of moving which is eating up a lot of my time. Just know, its in the work for you!

For now, here is my OOTD!
I also wanted to talk about the top I am wearing, especially if you are DMAB! One of the big problems I face when buying “women’s” clothing is that I don’t have breast. Most “women’s wear” is design for individuals with breast, unfortunately.
However, this top is perfect!
Basically, because you tie the top in the back, you have control over how tight it fits you in the front. So if you don’t have breast, you can easily adjust how the top fits you!

Now, for the awesome part! I actually hand made this top!
That’s awesome because I plan on using designs like this in my own clothing line. So yeah! You are getting a glimpse at one of the first designs I will be launching with my very own clothing brand!


-Elliott Alexzander

Fashion Week is the only time of the year when you can justify packing five winter jackets for a six day vacation. Now that statement might seem a bit superfluous, but nothing beats flying back from Europe wearing 3 thick sweaters under your jacket because your suitcase was four kilos over. Clearly I have some issues with packing.

Besides the fact that my bedroom looks like Mount Vesuvius spewed up everything from fuzzy socks to liquid leather pants, I have made some serious progress. I am so excited to be back in New York, New York. But once again the problem that arises every time I wake up is back to haunt me. What do I wear?

Let’s start with the basics. Camisoles in every color: nude, white, grey and black. During a frosty East coast winter, every layer matters. Next is a bunch of your favorite sweaters. I love my textured sweater from Sandro and my incredibly comfy sweater from Suncoo. Black pants are inevitable, but also some fun colors like rusty red and forrest green. My go-to jackets will either be my black peacoat with a chunky scarf or my grey jacket with a little red hiding hood style hood (or Assassin’s Creed, whatever floats your boat). Word is it’s really wet in NYC so I’m bringing my bright red rain boots to contrast my probable all black ensemble. I am planning on making a statement in my Elizabeth & James chelsea boots and BCBG Max Azria Handbag. The most important thing for me is being able to mix it all up and still have a nice color pallet going on.

I am so excited to share my experience at NYFW on my blog. I have so many exciting things planned. The energy of PFW was off the charts and I can only imagine that vivacity is amplified in the one and only, New York City. A special thank you to Valentine and the rest of the #Fashion tumblr team!

Maria Pukhanova channels my current feelings for Revs Magazine #5 photographed by Lena Kholkina

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Sheinside is an online store that sells a wide range of clothes that are trendy, cute and affordable! Shopping online may be stressful whether it be you not being able to afford the outfit or if they don’t have appropriate clothing for where you live right now. However, I recently came across Sheinside who offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and have clothes for ALL SEASONS!

My first pick is this amazing Blue Short Sleeve Hollow Floral Crochet Bodycon Dress which is amazing for summer! Next is this Grey Short Sleeve Geek Print Crop T-Shirt which is very basic and cute to wear anywhere! After that I chose this beautiful Green Round Neck Sleeveless Ruffle Flare Dress which is so perfect and lovely, and looks better with some sort of accessory! And finally this unique Apricot Geometric Eye Pattern Knit Cardigan which is one of my favourite things I’ve found on Sheinside!

Have a lovely day!~Miaღ


Hey Taylor!
I feel like I haven’t updated you on my life in a while so let me fill you in!

First these are just some selfies I took one night and I picked them when writing this post because you make me feel pretty and fearless and I think you’re able to see how happy I am in these pictures.

So recently I have been getting these heart flutters. I went to the cardiologist the other day and I spent 3 hours there. We ran a lot of test and ultra sounds on my heart and I had to wear this monitor for 24 hours. None of it hurt which was good and now I’m just waiting to hear back the results. I wasn’t allowed to shower while I was wearing it (which was very inconvenient because I was also told to run 2 miles while I had it on and after… well basically I smelt the rest of the day). They don’t know what’s causing it. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Also, I have had a torn hamstring for about 2 and a half months now. I complete in dance and I have been out of it ever since. I’m supposed to have nationals in Atlantic city in 2 weeks but I wasn’t cleared by my orthopedic to go back:( So now I have to continue going to physical therapy 3 times a week. It sucks because I play Varsity field hockey at school which camp starts next week. I was told I was allowed to start running again so I’ll be able to do camp. I’m scared of re-injuring it but I love field hockey and I can’t wait to get back on the field.

As far as my love life goes, non existent as usual.

I wrote a post to you a while back that talked about an old friend group I was in and how you helped me get through it when I left it. I also gave it to Kevin in a letter at the Philly show, this was before the show when I thought it was my best chance that you’d read it. Little did I know I was going to be chosen by you wonderful mom to meet you in loft after. Anyway, to update you on my friends, we all became friends again and even though I’m still not in the friend “group” I still hang out with them. Just this way I’m not involved in the drama. Which I like so much better.

I hope you are having an AMAZING time traveling the world and doing what you do best. I can’t wait to see you a second and third time on July 10th (F9 row 11) and 11th (section 118 row 21) at MetLife. The second show I’m going to will 3 friends I met online because of you, ( buttonsoncoats , oldscarfswift , diffscarletletters ) so thank you a million times.
I hope you get a chance to read this!

Forever & Always,


I feel like nobody really knows about my absolute favorite mog item due to its deceptive model and I need to educate people about it

This little bugger shows a torch model in mogit and in the dressing room, so a lot of people pass over it without a second thought. Now, here’s me wearing it:

But sneaky, you’re not wearing it! You don’t have a weapon on!


Glossing over the fact I need a wep upgrade, Excavator’s Brand is TOTALLY INVISIBLE when sheathed on the hip, which is all the time for casters. Basically if you are a healer/caster that can use 1H maces, this little baby will give you a unique, weaponless look that also hides all enchants that may be clashing with your mog.

It’s farmed out of Uldaman as a low drop from almost every trash mob, but can usually be found on your AH for pretty cheap since few know about its invisosecret. If you bring it out to hit things with, it shows up with your enchants as a torch which is also p cool.

This baby doesn’t get enough love and it needs it man it has saved my mog headaches about enchants

Quite some time ago, I posted a ref sheet for my fallen children headcanons.

Here’s what my fallen children look like when they grow up.

Some facts not included in the picture: They basically wear the same size clothing, as well as the same shoe size, so their closets have pretty much merged into one giant wardrobe and they do sometimes frequently steal each other’s clothing (though Frisk’s shoulders are a little broader so somethings they accidentally stretch out Chara’s shirts, whoops). Of course, now that they’ve grown out of stripes, they each have… pretty distinct fashion senses…….. Also Chara’s legs are a bit longer so if Frisk steals their pants, they have to roll up the cuffs, lmao.

Chara is embarrassed to be seen in public with Frisk, but that won’t stop them from holding hands. They really care about each other…..!!!!

not pictured: Asriel, at 6′6″ (not including the horns). He is shorter than Toriel. He inherited some recessive genes :’)

what happens now, like logistically?

A little something for youguysimserious because it was her Birthday this week, and she’s just generally a fantastic lady.

Basically, because I obviously wanted to tie my brain in knots, I decided it’d be fun to look at what might have gone down after Felicity saved Oliver. Y’know - like, logistically. 

Rating: T (for Teen. Also for Terrible idea) | Riddled with Arrow season 3 finale spoilers, naturally | Not my characters etc. | Unbeta’d, so please forgive any typos. | Title is a line from Crazy Stupid Love.

Save the city. Save the guy.

Now what?

Stand in the middle of the docks, still wearing the freaking A.T.O.M. suit, and make heart eyes at Oliver, for starters.

Felicity’s well aware that the whole thing is a little absurd. And considering that her day started with her super-fast meta-human friend releasing her from a dungeon in the top secret headquarters of an international group of assassins, that’s really saying something. Or actually, was all that was yesterday? Ugh, stupid timezones. Anyway, the point stands - this is ridiculous.

But it’s good-ridiculous for a change, so Felicity lets herself have a moment to just beam at Oliver. Who is very much not dead, very much thanks to her.

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So today I went to the doctors and got probably the best news I could’ve received. Today I reached 50 pounds lost. This is a number I never thought I would ever imagine I’d reach. So I want to share these pictures. The picture on the left was taken sometime in March of this year and the picture on the right was taken this morning. I can finally see a change, I see how my face is getting smaller, my arms, everything. It makes me feel so great to know I did this to not only feel better about myself on the outside but to feel healthy. I’m no longer afraid to wear just a tank top and I am okay with not wearing huge flannels to hide. Now to get to this point I changed how I ate drastically, I don’t have many snacks, I basically only eat Gluten free food, and I work out daily whether in my room, or if I get to the gym, and I even looked on Pinterest for exercises to do while I’m at work. I’m happy but my journey isn’t over I still have 15 more pounds to go to reach the doctors goal but another 20 on top of that to reach mine. I’m not gonna let college get in the way of my changed lifestyle either I’m determined to keep working and bettering myself. #WeightLoss #myjourneytohealth #happy #thenandnow #transformationtuesday

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ok so bts were on v app live just now although it’s supeeeer laggy and blur LOL but basically they just said they’re healthy and it’s a healing trip and told everyone to not worry about them + talked about their clothes (such as Jimin wearing the same pants for 5 days… ㅋㅋ) and also the weather (Jimin had a coat cuz it was raining but after he bought it, the weather became sunny.. HAHA)

T_T after whatever that happened they’re still so nice to us

09.15.14 outfit : kirk

black bow: Betty Felon
gold peplum dress:
black & gold watch: NOOKA
black tights: uniqlo
black over-the-knee boots: rainbow

I ordered this dress because it’s basically a business casual version of the Star Trek: TOS dresses, and now I just need two other girls to get the dress in different colors so we can form a proper Star Trek girl group. I ordered this dress in an XL, which fits great in the bust/hips, but it’s a bit loose and baggy in the waist. I’ll have to take it in at the waist before I wear it again (or maybe style it with a belt?).

2 weeks post-op and doing awesome! This picture is actually from last week.
Drains are finally out and I got a compression shirt so I don’t have to wear the ace bandage.
I’m not in pain now. The only slight soreness I feel is if I press down on my pec muscles with my hand and if I reach up really high (stretching the tiny incision on my sides).
Everything just went so well.
The only thing I’m not happy with is my own weight. I lost so much weight in recovery that I can basically see my ribs from every angle. But I can get that weight back in a month or two. Once I start going to the gym again.