okay but about the new update on overwatch.

So we have this cucumber cyborg ninja boi but i want to address the fact that kimono he is wearing is right over left.

Why does that matter? cuz this is why

He’s wearing what he wore in his funeral basically.

Also hanzo and genji both got this matching spray and its p dope

But now take a look at this white flower on genji’s side(right). Those flowers are called chrysanthemum and it has different colour variations including pink, yellow, red, white, bronze, magenta and purple.

Once again why does this matter u may ask, well thats because white chrysanthemum are used as funerary offerings in asian culture (China,Korea,Japan).

At first when i saw the kimono was on right over left i thought it was a mistake, but now that they choose white chrysanthemum out of all possible flowers and its colours. It made more sense to me.

just a thing that’s been on my mind: i thought it was really, really cool that hillary clinton abandoned her really made up and polished look for her speech yesterday

when bill clinton was the governor of arkansas, hillary got so much hate for not looking or acting like a traditional politician’s wife that she basically had to physically transform herself completely in order to salvage bill’s career. she had to dye her hair and start wearing makeup and get rid of her glasses and change her clothing style and lose weight. i watched a segment from that “the choice 2016″ special where a commentator said something along the lines of: she had to completely forfeit her own physical identity.

and i just love the idea that now that the pressure is finally off her, she doesn’t have to do that anymore

and i know people are going to be all “oh, she looks so tired! oh, she’s broken! oh, she must be sick or maybe dying!”


and i just hate how women aren’t allowed to even show their own faces in public without being told they’re somehow broken for doing it.

like, i never wear any makeup in my daily life and haven’t for years because i find it physically uncomfortable, and i like having the freedom that comes along with that in terms of time, money, etc, but there is also this massive guilt that comes with it, mostly because we almost never see women who aren’t perfectly made up in our popular culture. like, sometimes i’ll be all, “wow, i really relate to rory gilmore!” and then the little patriarchy voice in my head will hiss, “uh, you will never be like rory gilmore because she’s a dorky book nerd who’s gorgeous and you’re a dorky book nerd who’s plain as hell. rory gilmore wouldn’t even talk to you!” i mean, obviously rory gilmore won’t talk to me because she is not real, but there’s that weird feeling like you don’t even belong among the ranks of the female characters who represent our gender on tv and in movies.

and when i woke up on november 9 and got ready for work and saw my blotchy devastated face in the mirror, i thought, “man, everyone out in the world is going to think i’m so ugly, how can i inflict this upon them?” and then i thought, “you know who would rate my value completely on how i look? donald trump. you know who didn’t  give a shit about looking like america’s perfect standard of beauty until she was forced to? HILLARY GODDAMN RODHAM CLINTON.”

and it was like, that decided it for me. i just feel better now. i hope that if i ever have the supreme misfortune to meet ol’ donald, he looks at me and thinks, “blechhhhh! what a 4!”. because feeling guilty for not catering to patriarchal demands on women’s looks (and has the patriarchy found its truest human embodiment in donald trump or what?) just feels so offensive after what has happened and how misogyny has been reaffirmed by the results of this campaign season and election.

and so i am thankful to hillary for making the decision to not get all dolled up for that event and to instead just look like herself.

maybe she will start wearing her rad glasses again next. YAAAAAAAS.

Ok but Harry’s pink Converse were a mess. He wore them so much they could basically be thrown out now. And we have zero pictures of him wearing them outside of the shoot despite the fact that it looks like he wore them for 3 solid years.

My shorts, my business!

So I work at a store that people who are creative come and rent spaces to sell their wares, a lot of it being furniture. My job is to work the registers, clean, paint, build stuff, and carry the furniture out of the store when a customer buys it. Along with that I also have to deal with the vendors who rent the spaces, and for the most part we get along, though there is a handful who tend to be difficult. Anyways, it’s a lot of hands on, hard work, so I sometimes wear shorts so I’m more comfy and so I won’t get too hot. Also it should be noted that these are not booty shorts, and while they are also not the longest things in the world they definitely have a good amount of fabric hiding all the essential bits. They are basically work shorts that one would wear hiking, camping, or WORKING. Now keep in mind that when I started I specifically asked my boss if there was a dress code and if I could wear my shorts. She assured me that there was no dress code and I could wear whatever I wanted, but I probably shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses because it might be hard to be mobile. So I didn’t wear skirts or dresses, I wore my shorts. There is NO REASON that I can’t wear these shorts! Today my co-worker informed me that one of our vendors that I was actually kinda buds with has been telling my co-workers behind my back that I am being un-professional by wearing those shorts and that I am acting like a slut for wearing them around, she has apparently been speaking about me behind my back for a long while as well. AGAIN I bring up the fact that these are in no way booty shorts and my employer has cleared me for them. What is truly un-professional is this grown ass women gossiping about me to my co-workers behind my back when she always asks ME for personal favors whenever she needs help or is too fucking lazing to do something herself, favors that I am in no way obligated to fulfill due to me job, I just help her out because it seemed to be the right thing to do. If this woman truly had a problem with me being the proud owner of a pair of thighs then she can confront me about it to my face or go to my boss about it. She had no right to go to my peers and complain about me because she has a stick up her ass. I no longer have any respect for this woman and she can no longer count on me for my assistance.    

Stop It

Request: Damon smut where he teases you in public and you try to make him stop so he takes you home and you have sex? – Anon 

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: Damon touching you intimately in public, swearing, smut

Word Count: 2881

This is probably my favorite fic that I wrote of Damon. I mean, I can’t even with myself

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Today was the Founder’s Party and of course, you will be attending with Damon, your date, since the first one until now. You opted to wear a high necked, long sleeved, black bodycon lace dress that ended just a little above your knees, basic black pumps. You only let down your hair and wore minimal makeup, but wore a striking red lipstick.

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ENGAGEMENT CARD for @t-w-a-m-p

Hey there ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

This is my gift for the @hannigramholidayexchange 2015 and I really hope you like it! >o< I’ve been stalking your blog for quite a while now and you’re really cool! This gift was a real odyssey since I basically repainted the whole drawing after the first time I thought it was done hehe. Aand figuring out Hannibal’s face with the different light sources probably took me the same amount of time, but now it’s done - so: Hurray! I thought it would be cute to have them wear their engagement rings on different hands because Will and Hannibal are identical different. ♡ 

I wish you a merry christmas <3 (In two weeks ;)) And a happy new year! All the best for 2016! :)


About Ivy:

After seeing her in action, I’m actually good with where the writers have taken her. The age up still looks sloppy, but forgiveably so, and I really can understand why they did it for this specific character, it would’ve been near impossible to move a fifteen year old towards the inevitably strong and very sexual being Poison Ivy is meant to be. Also on a separate note I think it is adorable how she is still mentally young from not knowing that a thousand dollars isnt really a lot to her basic beginner makeup like yes so cute smear that green eyeshadow everywhere and call it good. Also I can appreciate that they have drawn the line very clearly in that Ivy is wearing nice dresses and that’s all, and is giving these horny creeps NOTHING, NADA, ZIP. Just some thoughts, thanks Gotham for handling this as gracefully as possible given the circumstances now let’s talk about nygmobblepot because that’s something ya need to work on a bit. 👍


I’ve been remaking parts of my paladin suit since the original pieces were not up to par with my own standards 😓💦 My technique/process was flawed and I’m slightly embarrassed I didn’t figure it out the first time around… Basically you can see the old ones in the bg that have fabric creases in them because the vinyl is not secured to the foam. This happened only when wearing it all together due to the stress of things so it wasn’t an obvious problem at the beginning. I now figured out a way to make the tube armor pieces the way I want AND secure it to the foam throughout…. Just wish I didn’t have to make them twice haaaa… Otherwise there were only minor adjustments to these. (I wish I knew of a better way to make the round bits on the shin guards but alas) I know they will hold up much better but I’m still nervous about the wear and tear on this costume, ahhhh..

With some other adjustments and fixups, I will be wearing paladin Keith Friday (and maybe Saturday?) evening at Katsucon next weekend…!

Valor Foreshadowing

So I’m rewatching Supergirl and I just noticed something. It’s the small things but the writers are pretty clever. lol. 

When we first see Mon-El in the pod he is wearing a red shirt. So why is that significant? Well in the comics when Mon-El becomes Valor his suit is supposed to be the opposite colors of Superman and Supergirl. Basically Red and blue cape. 

So, the writers deciding to put him in the red shirt in the very beginning is a small hint towards that and kind of like a cliffhanger since that happened at the end of s1. 

We don’t really see him wearing red again until episode 2x06. Now this where I think it is very symbolic and a lot of foreshadowing.

In episode 2x06 Mon-El after Alex tells him about how much Kara believes in him, he decides to go and help. And I have no doubt that the writers purposely put him in his future superhero colors. Though he reminds me of Clark Kent from Smallville right now lol 

This is also kind of a small turning point for Mon-El since that was his first step. And of course, at the end of the episode, he gets kidnapped for trying to be better and help people. 

But we see afterward in 2x08 he tries to help those humans and aliens at the bar. So yes this was definitely a turning point and the colors they chose to put him in was not a coincidence. 

*pics are not mine! But I did stitch them together. 

anonymous asked:

What are some reasons you think make Reese on the autism spectrum? (not against it, just want your pov)

i hadn’t really thought about it until now… a friend told me this before i started the show so its like ingrained lol

-he’s pretty awkward in social situations. communicating verbally and with body language. his posture is rigid and he rarely makes eye contact

-his facial expressions and the way he talks are flat

-he insists on wearing a suit at all times. i feel like he has a lot of routines/rituals. he hated having to adjust to being a detective. basically he likes sameness

-he’s really interested in/preoccupied with guns

-wearing the suit even when its hot might also be a sensory thing. either it’s a stim or he’s pretty indifferent to temperature. or both

-hyper empathy or sympathy or whatever you call it


Outfit 131: “Nights in White Satin”

Breaking Bad S04x07 “Problem Dog”

Oh man, things just start to get anomalous from this point: an ivory v-neck and some dark blue Levi’s. The tee is a nice delicate cotton and it reminds me of a melange cotton, but that is just a guess. This is as basic as the basics get and J NEVER dresses like this. 

So, emo painting wear or he wanted to match the wall? Cleansing the home and therefore his own look…? All of the above maybe. The look stands in stark contrast to # 130 when he was playing Rage and I’m inclined to take it as evidence of the conflict brewing inside of him. Gus sees something good in me…but now I have to kill him? He’s seriously emotionally disturbed while painting. I’ve never seen such aggressive and lumbered rolling. 

…and just one more thing. J’s cleaning up his house all on his own. That’s a bitch of job. And there’s the unrelenting Mr Asswipe Walter White not even offering a hand or noticing that he’s got himself together. 

anonymous asked:

Im still screaming at the fucking trailer. NOW I HAVE SO MANY THEORIES GOING ON (btw someone pin pointed that MIKE AND EL ARE THE ONES HOLDING THEIR HEADS AND CRYING, so basically, does El wears Mike clothes again? El goes missing ONCE AGAIN and Mike wears her new clothes because he misses her and I think I'm crying I want to smack the Suffers)

ok listen that teaser left me so shook i can’t even do anything because i just keep thinking back to thAT TEASER OH MY GOD 

also it looks like the same person so ??? idk ?? i did think it was mike at first but it was kinda obvious it was el after a second look bc a) the hair b) the nose and c) the blood dripping from her nose and i know some ppl are analyzing it and saying one shot differs from the other or something but ?? idk ???? i’m honestly just thinking it’s el and she’s having a mental breakdown for some fuckin reason but it can’t be good bc she’s bleeding aND A SOBBING WRECK (the possibilities are endless for why she would be having such a breakdown i’m cryin i just wanna protect her but i CAN’T)

So, Cards Against Humanity. I Did A Thing.

The gif is a cheap ploy so you’ll read on. Nobody’s proud.

I am off work right now, have a bit of writer’s bleeechhh, and am bored. Thank Chuck for y'all. I love our CAH games.

Like, a lot.

But we keep running out of cards when there’s more than a handful of players, even when there’s a reasonable point cap. This blows.

So I started making us a deck.

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My new school has a dress code.

We are not allowed to wear anything that could be perceived as offensive.

I am no longer permitted to wear anything containing an inverted cross, (but anything with a regular cross is fine because it is “religiously appropriate”) because that could be offensive.

I’m not allowed to wear a bunch of mcr tees because they portray death.

I’m not allowed to wear ripped jeans because they’re not, “ladylike attire.”

I’m not allowed to have tee shirts that say things like, “Your Presence Is Unappreciated.”

I’m not allowed to wear shorts that are shorter than just above the knee.

I’m not allowed to wear tank tops.

I’m not allowed to have visible bra straps.

So basically, I and many other girls going to my school, (a public one,) will now have to spend a large amount of time and effort, not to mention money, purchasing new, “school appropriate” clothing in order to now fit society’s image of “a proper girl.”

Did I mention, that the only thing the boys aren’t allowed to do is wear hats?

Well, I’m off to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an entirely new wardrobe. Wish me luck.

was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop, because I really loved the chances they were taking I loved how bold they were. So being inspired by that I started delving into the late 80’s - and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential. And the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want - bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me…but basically in thinking about that, and thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth for me because it’s so now. I’ve never really made these kinds of changes before. And having been born on December 13th, 1989 –  this album is called 1989

I have a lot of feels about Charles basically spending the entirety of XMA caring for/about other people. He’s running the School, helping Alex with Scott, comforting Jean, dropping everything to help his estranged sister and ex boyfriend, and now Ororo in the deleted scene. I mean he’s so arrogant and patronizing and a bit sexist but holy shit he’s so GOOD he fights and kicks ass and tells Apoc to shove it and I just love him in all his magnificent, lilac shirt wearing, 80s haired glory.

Erik Lehnsherr get your ass back to your hot ex boyfriend before he gets kidnapped by a space empress.

mannybear21  asked:

What's your preferred tank glamour?

FFXIV has amazing armor designs overall. We have so much to choose from and some of the glamours I see posted on tumblr really impress me. As far as my favorite, it’s hard to say, but what I prefer right now is pretty basic.

The Dark Divinity War Set has been around for awhile, but I absolutely love how it looks on Alrik. I’m usually always wearing this, with my Guillotine of the Fury.

I’ll be real though, will be hanging up this glamour for good when Stormblood releases. That new DRK armor is just too good not to wear.

@mannybear21 thanks for the ask!


Shit Abled People Say #171

I’m not sure this fits with the theme of this blog completely, but I really need to rant about this, so here I go.

When I was in about fifth grade, we went through a screening to make sure we didn’t have anything wrong with our spines. Basically, all of the girls in our grade had to line up in the boys’ bathroom, take our shirts off, (we were all wearing bras) and some nurses would look at our backs and stuff. After it was over, we were told to put our shirts back on. Now, for some clarification, I have the Brachial Plexus Injury on my right arm, so it’s basically limp and smaller than my left. Because I have this disability, I put my shirts on a bit differently and it takes a bit longer to put said shirt on. I had no trouble putting it on, but midway putting it on, one of the nurses apparently think I need help. She asks “Do you need any help, sweetie?” which I respond with “No, I’m fine.” Despite me saying this, she attempts to “help” me, by pulling my BPI arm. I struggled a bit, and once I got my shirt on, I was flustered and blushing, with other girls looking at me weirdly.

Moral of the story: If you ask me if I need help and I reply with “No,” then chances are, I know what I’m doing. Do not touch my disabled arm without my permission. Peace out.