Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494

i feel like there are so many things about luke that go unmentioned more than they should, y'know? so quick to call him a dweeb or say he’s awkward or that he tries to be funny (false: he is funny) but he’s also so intelligent (that one seems to be forgotten a lot) and talented; he can be childish and loud but he holds onto a lot, he can be quiet and grumpy, frustrated by small things or be the cause of frustration for others; he’s thoughtful and reserved and i think he is equal parts observant and oblivious, he can be awkward, sure, but there’s a lot more to him than that and sometimes things make him seem so one dimensional?

Hey look an au no one asked for !!

I’ve been ridiculously ill over the past three days and ended up doing nothing but sleeping and watching cartoons. So as I’ve been feeling ok enough it sit at the pc today and doodle a bit, this just kind of ended up happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss~”

…I put myself and @trixystix in this hole and I’m not too sure either of us are getting out any time soon. ((original screenshot here)) Can you tell I tried to make the dummy look more like Fakir? XD

~ Starr

Ava Speaks!

Okay, so I’ve had this blog for less than a year, and I’ve already reached over two hundred followers, and I’m just so, so happy and thankful for each and every one of you that follows me and reads my writing, or shows interest in my characters. I just…I can’t believe I hit 200?? Like, I wasn’t even really expecting 5 people to actually like my writing, but 212??  Anyways, I just want to say I really can’t thank you guys enough, it’s because of you that I’ve been able to develop not only my muses, but my writing skills, and my people skills. Okay, so, because I have a feeling this is going to be pretty long, all the other mushy-gushy stuff is below the cut! 

So, without further ado, what you’ve all been waiting for!

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Are you available for a date this weekend?

I’m afraid I’m fully booked, caro - though…I’m sure I can find some time for a star that shines as bright as you

I just want it to be known that I am working on those Davekat requests, I’ve just been terribly busy and not feeling too great so I haven’t been on my computer much. 

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“So, my dad’s been trying to impress these investors for a while now and he wants me to go to dinner with them and talk it over to hopefully seal the deal. Do I go for a casual smart look, or a formal smart?” Will asked, holding the different options up against his chest. This was one of the few opportunities that he had to impress his father, and it was important that he aced it. His dad was the only member of family that he had left and although he didn’t see the man much, he still cared a little too much about his opinion.


ono yuuki and eguchi takuya | “this yeast is fickle…mr. sugar adores the yeast…right now, they’re in a show together. so! if for example, the yeast was eguchi-kun, would the sugar be ono yuuki-kun?” -morikubo showtaro, tokyo otome restaurant

sources used: JP wikipedia (小野友樹) (江口拓也)

inspired by @ectini and @luxicity, onopara in paris scans from @nikkipro

(Fun and completely irrelevant fact: I plotted this out for a week on Excel.)

I found them because of Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS’ KaiMike, and stayed because their friendship gives me hope in the world (lol) Seriously, though. Egu famously gets along with senpai through inviting them out to drinks, and OnoYuu does not drink alcohol. OnoYuu is good enough in soccer that his plan A was to go pro, and one of Egu’s long-standing childhood traumas is soccer.

Despite their differences in tastes and hobbies and a whole lot of other stuff (…fashion sense…), they still made Team YuuTaku as their independent project together, they still hang out together, they’re still each other’s good friend. Which I think is really great.

(Further note: while I did my best to at least sort this by year, there’s a big chance I got some dates wrong - like in large franchises they didn’t join at the same time, for example Yu-gi-oh. In this case I just went with a year one of them joined in, depending on what I thought fit best.)