Apparently the key to me writing is being doped up on prescription meds cause I cranked out a Deacon/m!SoSu fic, another 500 words on my Maxson/m!SoSu fic and about 2k more words on the next chapter of CL (bringing that one up to a little over 6k and they JUST got to Antiva, haaaaa). CL might need to be broken into two chapters cause otherwise this one might be way too long. Like 15-20k and even I have my limits for chapter length.

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You should ship Sara and Snart (Do we have a name? Like Cold Canary, or something like that?), because I need fanfictions! Lots of fanfictions! Like now. Right now...


I do ship it. (I’m trash.)

I also ship Sara and Ray. (I’m very trash.)


and, as usual, I make no promises on the fics, but boy am I happy you thought of me O:)

I think, when I finish Pretty Boy’s Rocker, I’m gonna rewrite You’re A Killer, Tweek. It’s good and all, but I’m just not happy with it. But I need to finish a LOT of my fics (which I haven’t been able to update because my files crashed and deleted themselves) and I honestly want to rewrite them ALREADY. I just don’t like my fanfics right now, and they could just be so much better tbh.

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Valentine, or I may as well call you google because you have everything that I'm looking for! ;) How goes it? I am pumped that it is Thursday. I have big plans to relax and write fic this weekend, so it can't come fast enough. You mentioned baking cakes? What kind? Perhaps it will inspire me, I have a get together friday night and I need to make something. Have you seen Hades?! I'm so pumped they kept him like the cartoon. Now just give me some CS pics and I'll be happy ;) Chat soon Xx - CSSV

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You are the sweetest you know that? 
Oh your plans sound really good! Do you write a lot of fics? Only for ouat/CS or maybe something else too? (I’m kinda addicted to CS fan fiction) 
Yep. I love to bake. And I’m quite good at it. Last time I made my favourite chocolate cake. It’s literally the best cake I’ve ever had. And it’s made without flour. Just eggs, butter, almonds and of course chocolate. And whipped cream with orange sauce. I don’t recommend it if you like to eat healthy. It’s actually not a normal cake - it’s a sin. 
I was so surprised they kept the disney look but I’m not disspointed. I mean it’s ouat, they can do whatever they want. 
I always want CS pics! And spoilers! We are getting close to the premiere so I’m hoping for some news very soon.