(and I brought all my ugliest tights with me wheeeeee)

These photos are rad so I thought I’d spill them onto tumblr as well. (I didn’t really need to put that hoop-wedgie-face up there but it still makes me laugh so, you guys can have it too.) This was in fact at the British Juggling Convention that was on earlier in the month and it made me so ridiculously happy that I think I’ll be organizing my life around it from now on. :D

I am now in France again with lots of free time until the 20th so, writing/reading/getting down on some of those reviews for reglissenoire - finally read the fic, LOVED IT TO BITS, also already have some fanart lined up so expect some o’that <3 

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anonymous asked:

Hey - I didn't see you post anything today, and I was wondering if you were okay? You sounded really stressed lately and if you need anything to make you feel better, I'm always willing to write you cute septiplier fluff. PR AU fic anon

Hey anon, yeah I had a bit of a bad day yesterday so I basically just watched youtube all day and went to bed early but now I’m feeling a lot better so yeah, I’m okay :) thank you so much for caring though and for sending me this message, reading it made me really happy <3

well, I will never say no to septiplier fluff but you don’t have to write it if you don’t want to :)

thanks again anon, you’re the best <3

right, so apparently google adsense doesn’t work with tumblr anymore (probs bc its owned by yahoo) and I have no idea what else I could use for ads? Like tbh I could use the extra money, mum’s back in hospital again because she had another episode. So if anyone knows any ways to make some quick money online? Or any good ads to put up?

If you want to donate to help out my paypal is (yeah I know shut up I made it when I was like 10 and going through my random phase) even just a dollar would make a difference, we’re literally that low on cash right now.

If you want to talk about maybe paying something for a fic, or possibly a drawing, maybe even a video, send me an ask, I’d be happy to do any for literally just a dollar! 

I know a lot of you are pretty poor yourselves, so I’ll still be taking prompts for free, but right now I need to look for a job, and help out around the house, so I might not get around to them (I’ve had some for literally months now, so if you want a rush order, all it would cost is 1$)

I know paying for a fic or a drawing seems a bit obnoxious for me to ask of you guys, but I really do need the money, and as I said, I will still be doing everything for free, but it won’t be my priority!!

stuff I am into (also hello again tumblr)

so over a year ago I took an unannounced tumblr hiatus because I was trying to avoid seeing anything spoilery about Teen Wolf season 3B.

…but then I never actually watched the season so I just kept avoiding tumblr.

I still haven’t seen anything past 3A but I decided I don’t actually care anymore. canon means nothing to me now! maybe one day I will watch at least 3B but eh. I’m happy just writing fic and ignoring the actual show. (so yes I am still writing Sterek and I have SO MUCH FIC I need to finish it’s ridiculous)

but I missed tumblr, so I am back! yay! <3

when I said I wasn’t going to be following TW stuff anymore Manda was all “what else are you even into” and I LIKE A LOT OF THINGS OKAY MANDA 

so here is an incomplete list. 

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(my bff had me listening to rap all day lol) ANYWAY HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, I GOT SO MANY NEW FOLLOWERS OMG:D?!?!? i get the hint, queue is cooler than me…i’ll just leave then…bye!

JK i’m back and very fucking HAPPY GUYS I’ve passed my exams with flying colours and yes i’m a real nerd so good grades actually mean a lot to me and i was so stressed over these!!!…it almost feels unreal how well things went:)

NOW ABOUT MY ONGOING FIC (wtf so many worried anons chill guys I’M NOT DEAD!!!) :
- no i’m not going to stop writing don’t worry,
-yes the next chap is a smutty one,
-i’m not lazy (okay sometimes maybe) i just needed to study!!

Now I DO have a problem with this chap:

(see? 4864 words)

i wrote it in an hour and a half, as per usual, so how the fuck i’ve managed to double my usual amount of words is a mystery….the thing is, i can’t really split this chap but, at the same time, FUCK IT’S GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO PROOFREAD and i wanted to post it today so yea, don’t get your hopes up i think i’m gonna delete everything and start again :/

ladyever asked:

Hi! I've just read your fic "Calm" and it is amazing. I didn't know I've need that last domestic scene with all that "Happy, Mom?" until I read it, and now I need to watch it soo badly! Lets see what they show us on those episodes, but, anyway, it will be my head-canon now. Thanks!

Aww thank you so much for taking the time to send me this message! It really means a lot. 

I hope we get a little reaffirming Regal Believer scene at the end of the season. I’d really love one.

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I just had the shittiest of days. Like ever. And then i went and read STOP THE CAR. And after it i cried. A LOT! But now i feel better. It's just like i needed that. So thanks! (And it is also beautifully written, as always. I love your writing.)

fuck, i’m really sorry your day wasn’t all that good. but hey, i do believe that crying helps, so i’m super fucking happy that my fic helped you channel that!!!!  ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ thank you, my dearest!!!!! and i’m sending you love, so hopefully things start working out again soon.