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hi hello i’m khushi (she/they/he) and i’m pretty fucking lame. I tend to curse a lot so if you want me to tag that just tell me??? um my name means happy in my native language and my birthday is october 31st. I’m working on 4 petekey fics right now and I need to get my shit together (btw my wattpad is badlywrittenfics) honestly send me au ideas and i’ll write a blurb. ye that’s it have a lovely evening/day/afternoon!!

Prompts lmao

Soooooo I put sharon6713 through a lot since I mean, she’s editing my Wolf series… and it’s getting a bit dark XD

So in order to make it up to her, since she kinda hates me =P (and I haven’t even finished the series yet hahahahaha) she sent me 8 drabble prompts to help her recover. There will probably be more to come later as well hahahaha

But the prompts give me something happy to write in between working on my DARK fic hahaha because even I need a breather from it now and again lmao but it’s just so much fun to write!!!

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Hi! Just wanted to pop by really quick to tell you that I really enjoyed CML. To be honest I started reading it when there were about 20 chapters in, but I had to stop because I was in a poor mental state where ANYTHING sad put me in a bad mental place. Now that I feel better, I retook the time to read the entire thing. I was nervous but I'm so glad that I did. There is a lot in your fic that I can relate to, and I'm happy that it turns out ok. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you:D

Aww, thank you so much. I certainly understand needing to take a break. I’ve done that with long, hard fanfics, too. And that spot was particularly rough. I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of it, though! 

I’m sorry to hear you related to some of the things in the story–I take that to mean you’ve had difficulties similar to Kuroko’s, perhaps. If so, I certainly hope that it is all in your past now, and that you’ve been able to heal.

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I absolutely love your fics! Don't feel the need to write them if you don't feel like it. Please feel comfortable writing them!

Thank you so much, pumpkin! I did a lot of the fics lately with a pressure to deliver them, I was pressing myself all the time, because they were prompts, I felt the need to finish asap and that’s why I think they aren’t quite good and that kinda demotivated me. I felt anxious all the time, just to finish them, it was constant. But since I wasn’t 100% happy with what I was doing (and had done all the prompts remained) I stop to think that, because I rather (now) take a long a time and do an amazing fic, with no hurry, no pressure, than just do it for the feeling of get rid of the request. I have one or two ideas, I just feel like I can’t execute them. For now.