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omg so to explain this… my friend @rynnaminttea took screenshots of our skype chat with our friend Emmer and… ok so Emmer is Illumi, Ryn is Killua (and the blue text), and I’m Gon lmao. We were doing reaction pics and this happened 


a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)

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I've been meaning to give you this quote, so I figure the "first sentence" thing is as good a chance as any. "They broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws" you can change it so another character is saying it about Riza if that would make it easier. I just really wanted to give you that quote before I forgot again!

They broke the wrong parts of me; they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

That was the mantra Riza Hawkeye had repeated to herself over and over again until it became scripture. It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from the insurmountable pain that plagued her since the moment they had fractured her arm. 

She braced her back against the wall and lifted the back of hand that held she blade she had found so she could wipe away the beads of sweat and blood that had saturated her brow. 

After everything that had happened, she decided that it was no longer about the precept she had bound herself to; rather, it was about surviving so that she could see another day.

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Oh, he's soft and warm like this at night too. You've just had dinner, he's just taken a hot shower so he's soft and pliant and needy. He pulls your arms so you're draped over him on the couch while his fingers run up and down your back. He whines when you try to get up, pulling you back down against his chest.



This is my classes pet Betta fish, Jesus! (pronounced like the religious figure, not hey-soos). I’m going to buy him some stuff for his tank when I get the chance, poor guy must be really bored in there.


Alec Ryder, Ex-N7 & AI Developer, Human Pathfinder, Hyperion Ark

with his daughter and surprise successor, Maia Ryder

20 questions tag!

rules: answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.
tagged by: @cyyphr (thank you so much)!

Nickname: i just go by my name ;( sarah lol (although my fam has a bunch of nicknames for me that i wont bother sharing hfjbdnskm)
Gender: female
Star Sign: capricorn
Height: 5′4″ so 162cm
Time right now: 1:40pm
Last thing I googled: “train to busan” bc i wanted to see what it was abt
Favorite Bands: bts & hey violet
Favorite Solo Artists: drake, banks, halsey, melanie martinez, nav, the weeknd, frank ocean, kehlani, beyonce… a lot tbh
Song stuck in your head: passionfruit - drake
Last movie I watched: yo honestly i dont rmbr its been a while tbh ive been too busy
Last TV Show I watched: again , idr its been too long hdfjnskm /;
When did you create your blog: 2015? but i deleted everything n started over a couple months ago so ye
What kind of stuff do you post: 85% bts, 10% aesthetics, 5% memes/weird shit
When did your blog reach its peak: it hasnt rly lol im just chilling
Do you have any other blogs: nope
Do you get asks regularly: eHHH i get them randomly hfgdnsm
Why you chose your URL: bc min yoonji runs my life tbh ?? i , the biggest min yoonji stan , would die for her
Following: 199 fhgdbsjnm
Posts: 2.7k
Hogwarts House: slytherin
Pokémon Team: i dont rly know pokemon but is this the pokemon go thing ?? cause i think i chose team instinct randomly lmAO 
Favorite colours: black & red
Average hours of sleep: issa mess tbh . sometimes more than 8 hours and sometimes less than 3 ,, it depends
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, & 25
Favorite manga Characters: i dont read manga hfdjnsmk
How many blankets do you sleep with: three lmAO
Dream job: actress or something related to investigation/crime (i am a crim major after all lol)
Dream trip: dubai ;((( tbh i wanna live there tho lMAO or the bahamas?? mayb even hawaii :P man i wanna travel the whole world BYE

im tagging: @pcrksjimin @hoe4jimin @vmiiin @jeonjiah @youngsforevermp3 @sunshinehobi7 @gxldengguk @itsrapmonster @taesflower @whysuga and anyone else that wants to do this! :~)

Song Tag

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping. 

1. reminder - the weeknd (first choice lawl i mean ok it’s a good song)

2. all my life - run the jewels (i had to skip a lot of run the jewels after this one, they show up a lot in my library lol)

3. gimme all your love - alabama shakes (i just discovered them they’re SO GOOD, go listen to them NOW, GO)

4. jamba - tyler, the creator (sigh. i have a lot of him, too)

5. perth - bon iver (the memories)

6. lips - the xx (i can’t believe they come back after years and just get better and better, i love them)

7. hasta la piel - carla morrison (gaaah she breaks my heart every time!)

8. long long way - damien rice (well. he was bound to show up. i’m a sad bitch.)

9. spring day - bts (lolol yayyy i’m so glad they’re represented in this list)

10. quien fuera - silvio rodriguez (aaaah nothing makes me cry like folk-y spanish music, listen…it’s not just my childhood but the poetry behind it is just so beautiful)

bless you @taenecesito for tagging me, i think you’re my longest friend in this kpop world :)

i’m not tagging 10 ppl lol: @auroraartemis @taes-babe @war-of-hormoan @sugas-noona @jy-jk @secretkpoptrash @jen-kookie

everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you go tagging any hate about fma 03 just to be an asshole then your opinion is no longer valid because all your doing is spewing out hatred. like please don’t ruin a series for me, let me enjoy what i want. this includes any version of fma like be happy our fave anime got more than one series. not a lot of animes get that.

                         just another couple changes to THE COLLECTIVE — all can be read below~ 

As you may have noticed, I have a NEW THEME! yay! Made it from a base code provided by @agirlingrey. I did a lot of work on it but the heavy lifting was from what she did to create such an awesome base to begin with. As you also may have noticed, I am moving into subcategories of muses ( Primary / Secondary / Tertiary ). The reason behind this is that I really use more muses on a regular basis than others. In turn, I know more about those I use often and have expanded their bios. There are nine primary muses, eight secondary muses, and seven tertiary muses. All of them are available upon request, but I will probably be more apt to use my primary and secondary muses as the situation arises. I have all new TAGS for all of my muses and writing partners. So go check them out in the tags~ Speaking of partners, I finally updated them to people I feel that I actually roleplay and talk to on a regular basis. We just have a lot of threads and feel comfortable being around. If you are interested in partnership, just shoot me a message! Ships featured are also the same way. Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same. Thanks again for reading and I appreciate all of you!! i’m so close to 250 followers like wut
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