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Shades of Gray from INJUREDDREAMS
Shade of Gray is a collection of Sketches exploring various characters from my favorite fandoms. StarWars,Rise of the Guardians, MTMTE, Rick and Morty, and TMNT Dimensions : 5.5 x8 Pages: 22

For those of you that have been asking me about the sketchbook. You can get it here at my storenvy store :>  Thank you so much for your support guys! ♥ This is really exciting~ 

hahahowaboutno asked:

Ok so Professor! Levi has a grindr probably because Hange made him one so one day he messages Eren. Based of that post you reblogged from me.:)

Okay so he messages Eren and Eren is like
“I’m in your class? And I’m studying for one of your tests do you mind???”
And Levi is super confused because he’s pretty sure he’s never even seen Eren in his class.
Next class period, he realizes Eren is that kid who always falls asleep in the back left of his class (and wakes himself up by snoring)
After class Levi goes up to him and is just
“You wouldn’t have to study so hard if you actually stayed awake.”
And Eren snorts and is like “Sure but you’re boring so…?”
From that point on it becomes like this challenge because Levi is hot and bothered by Eren’s snarkiness and Eren is super amused at Levi suddenly having these super intense lectures now

anonymous asked:

hey um, i dont want to be rude or anything, but would you mind summarizing this post /post/143910550882/cockatielcutie-robotmoxie-got-to-talking-over ? its a really big wall of text and im having some problems being able to read it.. again you dont have to and im so sorry if im bothering u with this

Oh yeah I understand! I have problems with that too so hopefully I do this right…

Basically it’s about how older adults make fun of teens and young adults for trigger warnings. A lot of people in this age gap have ptsd due to trauma inflicted upon them by the very people who are mocking them. These adults often have an abusive parenting style because of “what worked on them” and what they believe is “good parenting.” So not only are they traumatizing these children, but they’re also laughing at them for being affected by it.

My dudes I have a quick question for you, if I reblogged the fics that I write to this blog if they involve Francis as a main character would you read them or just scroll past? Like would it bother you if I reblogged my francis-related fics to this blog?  The only reason I ask is because my fics don’t get much exposure on my main blog so I figured if I could at least reblog the ones that are about Francis to this blog they might get more attention since I have way more followers here. Would anyone mind that? 

im laughing rn bc theres this guy ive been following for YEARS now, hes had no idea of my existence, i follow him not only cause his arts cute, but idk ive enjoyed his ..opinions on certain matters? idk something like that, hes also a close friend of one of my favorite artists so yeah

and he jus tnow reblogged my squirrellight eye close up photoset and the first thing he says thats directed at me is “first of all fuck you’