I was as pure as a river
but now I think I’m possessed


I’ve already done one of these, but my interests have changed since I posted my last one! So if you see something that you like or post about, REBLOG THIS AND TAG WHAT ON THE LIST APPLIES TO YOU, and i’ll follow you!!

  • Gregory Horror Show
  • Gorillaz
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Yo-kai Watch
  • Vivziepop
  • Pan Pizza/Rebeltaxi
  • Jaltoid
  • Jacksfilms
  • Kubz Scouts
  • Jontron
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Sly Cooper
  • Steven Universe (but please don’t follow me if you’re one of the people who will antagonize people for shipping gregpearl)
  • Pokemon
  • Clarence
  • Loud House
  • We Bare Bears
  • Gravity Falls

NEW ORIGINAL SONG! It’s called Colouring In and it’s basically about being a massive child so if you too are one or just like the video please reblog and like!

☆I need more blogs to follow☆

yeah so please like and/or reblog if you post mainly one or more of the following stuff and I’ll check out your blog :’)

(btw you don’t have to post any of the ships i listed for me to follow you but it would be cool if you did)

- Harry Potter (ships i like: romione, hinny, remadora, wolfstar, jily, scorbus)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra (ships: zutara, sukka, tokka, bopal, kainora, zhurrick, wuko, korrasami)

- Teen Titans (2003) (ships: bbrae, robstar, flinx, robrae, cybee)
- Big Hero 6
- Miraculous Ladybug (ships: ladynoir, adrienette, ladrien, marichat, djwifi)
- Star vs The Forces Of Evil (ships: starco, tomco, tomstar lmao)
- Voltron: Legendary Defender (ships: klance, shallura)
- Shadowhunters (ships: malec, saphael)
- Fanarts of those fandoms above
- aesthetic stuff (like pastel, space, …)
- cats. i love cats.
- science stuff

Note: I will not follow you if you post stuff from incest ships or ships between a teen and an adult and if you post:
-Creepypasta/Horror (basically creepy things)

I’m looking for more blogs to follow so if you post more than one of these, reblog this post?;

-Aesthetic (old porcelain dolls, space)
-Artwork or art references
-Phineas and Ferb
-Hey Violet or Melanie Martinez
-Steven universe
-Animation in general
-Animal crossing
-wlw (anime/ cartoons, etc)


You have endured a lot of pain and survived many challenges together these past two years. Thank you for consistently making and sharing quality music for us fans to enjoy. We hope you continue to be a WINNER that shines through tough times and  keeps on growing as real artists and musicians. INNER CIRCLE of WINNER, by WINNER, for WINNER! Happy second anniversary, boys! We love you! #WINNERVE2SARY ❤️

yes but suicide squad’s diversity/representation is so AmaZing. three main characters that are POC, a strong and unsubmissive Asian woman, a Mexican man, an Indian man, and ofc four strong and independent girls who don’t request special treatment because of their gender. Not to mention, the background characters were also vv diverse and express how the Real World Looks. Even if you don’t like the movie, you should appreciate the acceptance of All people in Suicide Squad.