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Midnight Cinderella Fanfic Masterlist

I originally made this for myself because I wanted them all in one place and so that I can find them easily when I want to reread them, but I figured why not share these with you guys too. OwO

I’ll be constantly updating this list as I find more fanfics. Feel free to msg me if you find one not in here, and I’ll add it on this list. ;3

UPDATED: 12/01/15
Special thanks to leorysxi for adding on fics I haven’t listed yet. ^w^

For the authors of these fics, hope you don’t mind that I compiled all these here, just tell me if you want me to remove your fic here or something. :o

Alyn Crawford x MC

~ Your Heart by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Catch me if you can by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ My Girl by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Fall by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Yours by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Cuddles by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Alyn x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

Giles Christophe x MC

~ Of teachers and students by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Giles x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Giles x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Sensei by koichiidesu - Oneshot [Newly Added]

Louis Howard x MC

~ Happily Ever After by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Louis x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Louis x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Louis x MC (3) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Louis x MC (4) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Louis x MC (5) by maybemirai - Oneshot [Newly Added]

Leo Crawford x MC

~ Of Jealousy and Kisses by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Leo x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

Byron Wagner x MC

~ Frozen by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ In spite of all the danger by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Good Morning by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ One More Chance by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Control by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Runaway by koichiidesu - Ongoing - Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 [Newly Added Ch. 13]

~ Byron x MC by theempresskaizer - Ongoing - Chapter: 1, 2

~ Byron x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Byron x MC (3) by corpxe - Ongoing - Chapter: 1, 2 [Newly Added]

Nico Meier x MC

~ Subtle Not by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Nico x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Nico x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Nico x MC (3) by nicomeier - Oneshot  [Newly Added]

Sid Lloyd Grandier x MC

~ Pinky Swear by koichiidesu - Oneshot

~ Sid x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Sid x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Sid x MC (3) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Sid x MC (4) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Sid x MC (5) by averageasshole - Oneshot

~ In the Morning by deathbymidnightcinderella - Oneshot

Albert Burckhardt x MC

~ Albert x MC by theempresskaizer - Oneshot

~ Albert x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Albert x MC (3) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

Robert Branche x MC

~ Robert x MC by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

~ Robert x MC (2) by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

Leo Crawford x MC x Giles Christophe

~ Leo x MC x Giles by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot

Alyn Crawford x MC x Leo Crawford 

(I think it is..? XD)

~ Alyn x MC x Leo by midnight-sinderella - Oneshot [Newly Added]

Byron Wagner x Louis Howard

~ Byron x Louis by incorrectmidc - Oneshot

~ Byron x Louis (2) by incorrectmidc - Oneshot

Sid Lloyd Grandier x Louis Howard

~ Sid x Louis by koichiidesu - Oneshot

General [ No pairings || Platonic ]

~ General by incorrectmidc - Oneshot [Newly Added]

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Renperor reacting/reflecting on his mother with rey?

I like this one.

Parents weren’t something they spoke about often. Hers were dull aristocrats from a boring, sun-filled planet. They had raised her with the sole purpose of marrying her off. His were both long-dead, ripped from his young adulthood by coup.

She sat with her back to the footboard, across from him. He had his lamp switched on though the sun had risen already, casting warm light into the room. He was frustrated, as he was every year this day came around. Moody and unpredictable, she knew better than to tease him.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


It was after dinner when he opened up just a little. 9:21 in the evening, the exact minute all those years ago when the messenger arrived. 

“It’s been almost twelve years.” He was standing at one of the windows, the bright lights of Coruscant outlining his dark robes. She stood at the door having just walked in, now feeling like an intruder to a private moment of grief.

“Does it hurt less?” She approached cautiously, fearing one of his moods.  To make peace, she offered him the warm cup of chocolate in her hands.

“Never. The feeling of helplessness expands.” He didn’t turn to her, eyes fixed on the outside buzz. “I was just barely fourteen. They’d been assassinated off-world and there was nothing I could have done. That war to follow was quickly over, but it didn’t bring either of them back.”

This was more weakness than she’d ever seen him display. “I remember hearing about it,” she said softly, unsure if she should take his hand for comfort. She had been eight when it happened, still too young to fully grasp the concept of death. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about now.”

“What were they like?”

He sighed and looked down through the glass, down into the bowels of the city. “My father was quick-witted and unable to sit still for more than a few months at a time. My mother was soft but stern. Commanding. She sat on that throne like she was born for greatness, and she proved she was.”

Leia, daughter of Vader. She’d been quite a force during her reign, so much so that Rey had read about her in history classes, had become very familiar with her late mother-in-law’s successes and defeats. She was more diplomatic than her father and son, but there was no shortage of her temper. Rey hoped they would have gotten on well, but there wasn’t a way to know.

“Every day, I try to be a little more like her. Take a little bit more from her style of rule, her policies. Perhaps one day I’ll be as strong as she.”

She took his hand now, moved in closer to his side. There was so much more to the man she married than he showed her, whole strings of dreams and wishes and feelings. Hopefully one day he’d open all the way up. “I think she’d be proud of you.”

“Thank you,” he said and kissed her brow. “That means more to me thank I can express.”

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You’re right, obviously I should be shipping Ruckus and Marbles because Marc Jacobs, Mike Bloomberg, Willie Nelson, Gregor Mendel, Randi Barnyard and all the other writers made it so obvious that’s where the story’s heading!!! And Peyton Manning said he’s the new Topanga so…..Papaya who?? 😂