so radio 1 uploaded a video of me and phil kinda meeting snoop dogg and i was like can i edit this or add some content and radio 1 was like nah we’ll just upload it basically snoop dogg was just walking around a garden taking pictures of flowers and he just walked up to phil and took photos without saying anything so phil rightfully so went hi snoop dogg nice to meet you in the whitest moment of 2015
—  dan howell

I haven’t like had a close friend since like 5 yrs ago and like if I put the total amount of time I actually had friends together it’d be like 2 years at the most I don’t even remember what it feels like to have a close friend or really even be close to anyone crIES


Last night was a lot of fun and it was nice to meet all of you heyyitsraniel hinaofficial master-yota c-u-spaceass defjon synomis ianxalfrancis tsukuba-steve tortured-society and anybody else that I missed(or don’t have urls?). Thank you guys for being so welcoming to your group. friday–knight it was nice meeting you this weekend as well glad you were able to make it last night, have a safe trip back to NorCal and hmu whenever you’re back in the area. kekeballin thanks for the invite out, maybe I’ll see you next time?

More motivation to get the Z running/driving.

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Hello! My name is Bree, and I'm 15 years old. I've been dealing with depression for about 3 or 4 years now, with a resurgence only recently. My favorite things to do are watching YouTube, watching TV, going on Tumblr, writing stories, singing, dancing, and acting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life, but right now, I'm currently working on dealing with the fact that my crush of 6 years is dating my best friend. There's more about me! :)

Nice to meet you, Bree! I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ve been through something of the sort, and it’s never fun :/. And I hope you know that you are very loved and there will always be someone who cares about you <3

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Punchline: An Underdog Story

By Megan Keelan.


Punchline is by no means a new band; however, if you’ve never heard of them, here’s a little back story. They’re a band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that is currently made up of Steve Soboslai (vocals/guitar), Chris Fafalios (bass), Cory Muro (drums), and Paul Menotiades (guitar/vocals). They started playing together 14 years ago, and have released 6 LPs and 3 EPs. Punchline has toured the world alongside bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore. They were a part of the Fueled By Ramen Records family from 2003-2008, after which they decided to create their own independent label, Modern Short Stories. Looking at their past, the success that they’ve recently found is no surprise.

             At the very end of 2011, Chris made a shocking announcement: if the band didn’t reach number one on iTunes with their new EP So Nice to Meet You, then he would give up his bass and leave the band. On January 2, 2012 (the day before the album dropped), Steve was featured on the Fox show Mobbed to make his feelings for a long-distance friend known. When So Nice to Meet You was released the next day, it fairly quickly climbed the iTunes charts. It eventually peaked at number seven overall, but made it to the number one spot in the Rock genre. The real shocker: the band didn’t spend a single dime on advertising for the album. The only pushing for the album was done through Facebook and Twitter, yet it was able to outsell bands who have millions of dollars to spend on advertising in every way possible. Needless to say, Chris made a second announcement to say that he would be staying with the band because beating Metallica on the rock charts was enough for him.

            If you haven’t bought the EP, it’s available on iTunes here. Make sure to go like Punchline on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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“So, today during our designated art time, one of my girls Molly deicded that she was going to be Tinkerbell and that all the gold glitter was her pixie dust.” Charlie paused, running a hand through her long tresses. Another handful of the gold sparkly dust fell into her lap and she let out a small sigh. “Apparently, I’m never going to fly, no matter how much glitt–excuse me, faith, tust and pixie dust–I have.”

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Punchline - Universe

Social media has become such a huge part of everyday life. You can interact with it from any and every type of media, whether it be your computer, cell phone, or television. Hell, I'm using social media right now for this article. Punchline shows that social media has done one amazing thing; it has made the use of word-of-mouth extremely easy. In seconds, anyone and everyone is able to see what you have to say, standing on your own little soapbox. With all of this, Punchline was able to get their latest EP, So Nice To Meet You, to the top of iTunes rock charts in less than 24 hours. All of this possible from the band asking their fans to buy their album and get it to the top of the charts (along with one of their band members saying they were out if the album didn’t reach that). Punchline has been around for almost 15 years and show no signs of slowing down

“I swear I’ve been here before, is it all an illusion

Or are we left where we begin, what were we ever fighting for”