This ship gives my life a new meaning xD So i was listening to the BatB soundtrack while coloring this and i just though that Evermore was kind of fitting to Lefou. So i did two version of this drawing one with and other without lyrics of Evermore. 

Hello everyone i guess i’m new on this Gafou fandom/ship but i have reblog most of everyone’s post for a while now, but this is the first time i post something on the tag. Everyone just have a great talent drawing all this scenarios (and don’t even mention the fanfics!!), so i hope you like this little drawing.Nice to meet you all!!! 

Did I hear a “Someone draw this please” from @thatsthat24 ??? Thomas Sanders as JD from Heathers? It’s here! I was debating on putting face injuries so maybe I’ll put an alt version up if you want it~

And a great double whammy is I can introduce myself to other LGBT+ Fanders! Hiya! I’m Quinn! I am polysexual and genderfluid so I use he/she/they pronouns. For this post I’d be most comfortable with he/him :) It’s so nice to meet you all! You people have such pretty/handsome/beautiful faces~ I’m nervous about my own face being online so I hope you don’t mind! I didn’t keep track of how long I’ve been a fander, but it has been at least 2 years!

HS:  You asked his opinion [his brother], I don’t know if it was your first album or your second, you made a mistake of asking his opinion and he said to you, and this fucked your head up, ‘I really like your music except for two of the songs on the album’…
ES:  And then he wouldn’t tell me which he just was like 'See you later’. But he likes to fuck with people. He came to see Taylor’s show at Boston, Gillette Stadium, it was for her Red Tour and all of her dancers had this big red flags on stage and everything’s red… and you know, there’s the song Red. And we get on the tour bus afterwards and Taylor comes up and is like 'Hey Matthew, so nice to meet you in person, I heard so much about you…’ and literally the first thing he says is like 'Are you a communist?’. So he’ll do stuff just to fuck with people but everyone loves him.
—  Ed Sheeran talking about his brother Matthew on Howard Stern.

When you meet your fave and he is every bit as nice and adorable as you thought he would be and you’re both really un-photogenic (and sleepy)  at midnight but it’s okay because you had a nice talk and good things happened for you and everything is great and nothing else matters.

I found out my friend’s husband saw Taylor last year while working as the bartender in the hotel she was staying at during the 1989 tour in DC. He said he didn’t know who she was at first, just that she was a gorgeous woman.

He said she said hello and asked how he was as she walked by - it was only when he saw her bodyguards, etc. that he put two and two together.

I tell you this because I think it says a lot about who Taylor really is that she would pause and say hello to the bartender. She could just as easily have walked through quickly without looking at anyone (she was headed to her room) and not given him the time of day and likely he and no one else would have thought anything of it.

It’s the things people do when no one’s ‘watching’ that tell you who someone really is and this is just one more example of the class act that is @taylorswift

Get to Know the RFA
  • MC: so nice to meet all of you, now let's go around the table and tell a special fact about ourselves!
  • Yoosung: I can play LOLOL for 3 days straight with no water, food or sleep.
  • Zen: I look good in any and every angle.
  • 707: I can do illegal things.
  • Jumin: I am a certified cat-mom.
  • Jaehee:
  • Jaehee: ...
  • Jaehee: I don't sleep and I can down 1 cup of piping hot coffee in 0.2 seconds.
Thoughts on the Signs

Aries : Usually cool and random but also an over achiever / Don’t like doing new things if they aren’t good at them right off the bat

Taurus : Honestly they all need to calm down but they will stick up for others in a heart beat

Gemini : Stop screaming

Cancer : So nice when you meet them but can become rather annoying but it’s funny

Leo : Will either compliment you a lot or expect them a lot 

Virgo : Great listeners / normally a walking ball of anxiety 

Libra : childish most of the time and if they aren’t exactly childish they try to be a rebellious teenager ALWAYS SHARING CRAPPY MEMES

Scorpio : Great friends until you say one thing that upsets them and they turn into literal satan

Sagittarius : smart and easily amused

Capricorn : Either loves hugs or hates them and will encourage you to do your own thing

Aquarius : seems saltier than the dead sea most of the time

Pisces : Control yourself pLeAsE

hogwarts au (namjoon)

okay I recently saw this picture with rap monster responding a fan about which hogwart house each member would be in and now I have to headcanon each member of course:

kim namjoon (pt.1):

  • namjoon is excited about hogwarts, he thinks that his first year will be great and he’ll finally learn some more complex spells.
  • when he first gets on the hogwarts express, namjoon finds an empty compartment and starts reading one of the few novels he had brought from home.
  • but then 
  • his glasses break
  • he mutters with frustration and quickly uses a reparo charm and is startled when he hears someone opening the compartment door.
  • a boy who is also a first year, smiles at him and namjoon is confused. the boy waves his fingers at the repaired glasses.
  • “how do you already know the reparo charm?”
  • “uh i break things a lot so my mom taught me how.”
  • “i’m jung hoseok! nice to meet you!”
  • “kim namjoon, nice to meet you too.” that’s how he met his best friend.
  • they get to the castle and namjoon can tell that hoseok is nervous so he gives the other boy a squeeze on the shoulder with a grin.
  • hoseok goes first and the sorting hat only spends 3 seconds before calling out: “HUFFLEPUFF!” 
  • when it’s namjoon’s turn, he can hear the hat speaking to him.
  • “smart kid, you could do great things as a ravenclaw.”
  • “but wait you have some courage and nerve with this brain of yours, where do you want to go?”
  • namjoon is torn:
  • as a ravenclaw, it’s a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and he feels like he is intelligent enough to be part of a community like that but,
  • as a gryffindor, he could be known for being a brave individual almost like a 
  • a leader.
  • and then the sorting hat chuckles and in a loud voice announces: “GRYFFINDOR!”
  • namjoon sits down next to an older boy who seemed to have a kind face. as he glances at the older boy, the boy turns to namjoon.
  • “are you dazed by my beauty?”
  • “um sure, i guess you’re handsome?” the other boy beamed.
  • “i’m kim seokjin, a third year!” and that was how he met his future roommate for the next four years.