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“If you are able to catch me this weekend. There might be a reward.”

Hot, young and free. They dance to the tune of their own goddamn ) music. Refusing to bend for society’s norms these two ladies dare to bend the rules, and even break them. Blonde has a penchant for boy drama ( for fucking and leaving ), whereas Brunette speaks truth and refuses to do anything but what she wants to ( because you are not the boss of her ). They whisper to each other of past lovers and the idiocy of the world, laugh at those who believe they have them figured out. For you will never know the heart of them. They are contradictions to whatever the hell society believes is the norm.

ooc: I was so proud of that Nattie/Roman manip that I uploaded eariler today. ;-; I hate it when I find mistakes on finish work!

When I am finished refueling fighter jets⛽️✈️ and am on my way home to station, a little fitness jitteriness feeling kicks in😆. I go back to the Cargo Compartment of the KC-10✈️ (aka Big Sexy aka Gucci Jet) and do some quick and simple workout routines such as hanging sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups to get my blood pumping🔴. After that I feel a little pump coming upon me so what do I do? Practice some posing routines🗿. Have to squeeze in some practice every minute I can so that Coach Dorton ( @natty_muscle ) is proud of his trainee upon return from deployment. Mini workouts like these get me pumped and motivated to kill my shred after I land💪🏼. While being out here in the Sandbox☀️🐫🐪 I notice many peoples negative judgement and energy that is aimed to be delivered towards me. What do I do then? Smile and Stay Humble😊🌀. Help the people out that genuinely come for help and better everyone’s attitude as a whole to have a positive and insane workout for maximum results👊🏼. @somarphysique (Vero Mastodon Ambassador) can tell you himself. We shred, keep the positivity rolling➕, and help ones who seek aid in fitness aspects. I do this for me, but even more for the 👉🏼 Vero.👈🏼. Dom and Chico you have helped me build my confidence up, each day as my physique progresses, and I bow down to both of you🙏🏼. You are what makes me, me in that gym.🌟 My Team💪🏼, My Family👨‍👨‍👦‍👦. I breathe👃🏼Vero. I am a Vero Mastodon.

Lastly Happy Birthday CEO of Vero Mastodon Dominique Collier 🎈🎉💥
2014 - Present Vero Mastodon™ Brand Ambassador
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I have to say, there is something immensely satisfying about changing my gender pronouns on facebook. A little annoyed that ‘demigirl’ or ‘demigender’ wasn’t one of the custom options, and that it said I had to pick at least one of the given custom options, but hey ho, at least they acknowledge genders other than male or female.

Also, reminder to folks because I put it under a read more cut last time so I’m not sure who saw it - After a few weeks/months of trying to figure it out, I now identify as demigirl, and my preferred pronouns are they/them :)

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Cel is so much hotter than Nattie, upgrade, bro!

No she isn’t, and No. Not happening. It’s not an upgrade. 

Sorry to anyone I have hurt

It’s okay. I know. Natty is clingy and annoying. I hurt people without trying (or so I have been told) I don’t mean to. I don’t want to be clingy and annoying. I try not to be. Sorry if I am, if I was. Sorry if I hurt you, or anyone. I didn’t mean to cause anyone pain. I didn’t mean to annoy anyone. Sorry. I suck suck at this whole relationship thing. I suck at keeping people close to me. Not sure why besides that apperantly I’m clingy. So sorry.

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So Hogan , Jericho , Nattie and Eva are all at NBC Upfront ... yet another event Renee is skipped over even if she is the co-host for tough enough?

Wow…that’s a low blow. If Renee was co hosting shouldn’t she be there?

Did she lie about that?

This moment.
Apparently the ride broke down but I was just happy chillin next to her. I searched through my pocket for a penny, but all I had was a quarter, so I told her she had to make a big wish and she couldn’t say it out loud. She took the quarter and said “I love Tia Natty so much” and threw it in the water.
There are no rules in wishes.

A noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn

thar’s a noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn calt

WWE Diva Nattie and Husband TJ Meet Internet Superstar Grumpy Cat–See the Adorable Total Divas Clip!


Thar isn’t innybidy who loves cats mer thun Nattie duz, so wen she gits t'chance ta meet Innernets star Grumpy A'kat, t'WWE Diva cannot contane hern excitement!”Grumpy A'kat is hostyun’ RAW toniite an’ TJ an’ I air verr, verr eggcited,” she exclaims. “We air bof…