In Jack’s 2nd part of his playthrough of “JackSepticEye’s Paradox,” he talked about his ideal setting for reading comments (roughly the 43 minute mark) or something like that. So I attempted to create what he had in mind. Hope you like it therealjacksepticeye!! :D The only thing that he mentioned that I forgot to add was the monocle oops.

Both with and without the text! :D

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becky lynch, nikki bella & naomi vs alexa bliss, carmella & natalya - 9/24/16 


So Zadkiel and I were dancing with Oculus/ eyeplier and Woo. While dancing, Z and Ocu were getting to know each other, which lead to this situation. Woo and I heard what was being said and stopped dancing because EATING YOUR DANCE PARTNERS’ EYE IS RUDE WTH. My handwriting is awful I’m so sorry here:

Z: Fascinating… I had no idea eyes could have different tastes. I’m curious Oculus, what would my eyes taste like to you? … Would you like to try one?

Woo: We talked about this, Oculus…

Me: Zadkiel WTF!? Don’t rip your own eye out at the ball!

Ocu: But… he offered..?

Z: What? It’ll regenerate.


But that aside, Z really enjoyed his dance with Oculus and hopes he made a new friend. He totally still gave him an eye some other time as a gift though because “That’s what you do, right? Give your new friends an eye? He eats them so it won’t go to waste.” “Zadkiel no…”

Now I’m curious how Oculus would react to this gift.

when are people gonna realise that jyp never intended to debut the younger kids on sixteen until 2017

they were just there so that they could be eliminated to keep a “highly entertaining and catchy survival show”

they’re talented but they just aren’t ready for debut

tzuyu is the youngest in twice and she really only got in because she was a fan favourite (i rly luv tzuyu tho)

so people saying “somi/natty/chae sisters didn’t get a place in twice because of xyz person” literally stfu

they didn’t have a place in twice to begin with so nobody “stole” their place in the group

they weren’t ready

this has been a psa