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Maybe the healthiest Valentine’s Day treat you’ll have this year? With no sugar (in the truffle base at least, toppings are fair game haha!), just 5 ingredients, and 3g protein per 49 calorie truffle, these beauties are as delicious as they are festive!

»»Get the recipe here««

ps- vegan? swap in vegan protein powder like Vega One and you’re all set!

As a raw salad, this dish scores points with me for ultimate pack-ability. No matter where you end up (as long as you don’t mind bringing a mason jar along), this is going to taste amazing. Bright, energizing, citrusy, refreshing, creamy, spicy, it just hits every note. Plus it’s one of those dishes where the leftovers are actually even better so go ahead, whip up a big batch and enjoy it all week!

»»Get the recipe here««

Before getting to the recipe, let’s take a moment to fully appreciate how awesome homemade sushi is:

  • delicious, undeniably delicious
  • healthy, especially when stuffed (literally) with a small mountain of veggies
  • customizable, filled with exactly what you feel like right now
  • easy to make, especially when you make a big batch of seasoned rice ahead of time (and it gets even easier with practice!)
  • easy to eat- hello study snacks!

Ready to make some yourself? Get this vegan & gluten free Crunchy Sesame Soy Carrot Sushi recipe here!

There’s nothing like yet another snow-ice-free-for-all to remind you that even though it’s March it’s still very much winter up here in the Northeast but at least I have warming, hearty meals like this Curried Cauliflower Garden Bowl to keep me going!

Get this Garden Bowl recipe and my go-to classic hummus here!