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Savitar threatened Iris for five months. In the end, she killed her would-be murderer. But only because he tried to kill her man, not for payback. Such a sweet yet, badass woman.

SHE’S SUCH AS BADASSSSSS!! I LOVE HER SO FKING MUCH! OMG!!!!!! I want to see that Iris for season 4. All the time. Saving her man, being the boss. I loved every single second of it!

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i love your writing so much omg!! i wanted to ask if you could write a scenario where the reader is an idol, but jaehwan is a fansite? and after a couple of meetings at fansigns they develop bigger feelings for each other? it can get steamy too! thank you in advance ; v ;

thank you so much love!!

i wasn’t sure how to make this steamy, so i didn’t go in that direction, sorry :( however it did try to make it cute! i hope you enjoy ^^ ~admin fuzzy

               There he was again. You spotted him every time without fail, because he stood out so darn much. An adorable fansite owner who was there to see you at seemingly every gig, every engagement. You found yourself looking forward to seeing him, because his demeanor was so cheerful and relaxed around you it was lovely. He would sometimes sheepishly give you accessories to wear, and you’d always put them on with a smile, or ask him to himself, just to see his eyes light up. He would always wear his little lanyard with the fansite title on it- a clever and endearing pun based off your name. And it always warmed your heart to remember he was taking pictures of you, tagging you in them on twitter, and you’d play it up for him sometimes just to give him a nice shot.

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“Receiving is where everything begins in volleyball. Connections mean everything in volleyball.

request meme: Tsukishima bros for the lovely @miyukeis

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Hi !!! Just discovered your art, and I love it so much omg ;_; I wanted to know if it bothered you if i use one of your piece as a wallpaper for my phone or smth. As I'm not taking credit I supposed it should be fine, but I still wanna check, u know ? Have a nice day !!! sending lots of love :DD

Hullo, sorry if I missed your message, I don’t always log in to Tumblr. This might be a super late reply, but sure, you can use my art as wallpaper if you wish. Thank you for asking! Have a nice day~

I feel the urge to get a bunch of SB's together and get SA shut down

I rarely log in anymore but whenever I do its the same bullshit every time. In fact, today was the first time I’ve logged in in a long time and it was to delete my account. They protect the men on that site oh so well but the girls get shit for simply asking for a small gift on the first date. The site is overflowing with cheap johns who have no shame in bringing up sex immediately and they don’t even get penalized for it- EVEN WHEN YOU REPORT THEM. I’m sick and tired of it.

I haven’t told you girls this before but even I’ve gotten scammed by a guy from the site. Men go on there pretending they’re something they’re not just so that they can get a cheap fuck. Brandon Wade has no issue with the site overflowing with Johns but GOD FORBID an escort goes on there looking for an arrangement, then all hell breaks loose. Seriously pathetic.

SA is full of cheap filth and it’s only going to get worse. The chances of you finding a decent SD on that site is 1 in a million. I have the best luck free styling and using sites that aren’t actually meant for sugaring.

Let me say this once and for all. SA is no longer a sugar dating site. The men I’ve met on there treat it like a game- scam, give low offers, find the easiest/cheapest fuck and then they move on to the next girl. And you know what? They’re going to get what they want! Thanks to SA and their trashy advertising (eg Lisa Ling’s documentary, dumb and trashy girls going on Dr. Phil, and billboards saying ‘Happy 18th birthday! Meet your new daddy) a ton of naive, stupid girls are jumping into to bowl. For some of them $500 is so much money!! 'Omg you want me to sleep with you twice a week for $1000 a month?!?!?!?! Of course!!’ Get this straight. $1000 to a millionaire is peanuts. You know what he’d get for a $1000 with an escort? 2 hours, maybe 2.5 depending on the girl. He’s secretly laughing at you while you’re sucking his wrinkly old peanut sized dick for $125 per meet. How cute.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an opening message on SA where the guy brings up sex right away. I’ve reported these men, but SA did nothing. I’ve had guys ASK ME IF THEY COULD GIVE ME A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR SEX DIRECTLY OVER SA, BUT ONCE AGAIN, SA DID NOTHING. When I asked for a small gift on a first date? Account suspended.

I really hope Brandon Wade and his shitty website get shut down. It’s an embarrassment to all the legitimate arrangements out there. The site revolves around money and sex- sound familiar? Prostitution. Illegal. Hm, gee. Poor Brandon Wade and his staff trying to keep all the escorts off the site. WHAT ABOUT THE JOHNS. YOU LEGIT DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE SMALL PERCENTAGE OF ESCORTS ON THE SITE. THE SITE IS PRACTICALLY 95% JOHNS, 5% SDs. Yes I’m an escort, but when I’m on that site I’m looking for an arrangement, not a broke john. An arrangement is not solemnly based on sex.

Oh and to top it off I never felt comfortable showing my face on that site. Guys seem to be reviewing girls, sharing their photos and numbers on forums, telling one another which ones the cheapest and easiest, which ones a bitch, which one will fuck bareback for $150 and a subway sandwich.

Moral of the story is don’t fucking use SA. I’m deleting my profile and never making a new one again. I will boycott the fuck out of this site. It’s caused nothing but stress and a few grand that I could have easily lived without. I’ll stick to free styling and sites where men actually treat me like a human being and give me the fair allowance that I deserve.

This post is all over the place but I’m genuinely pissed off so fuck it.


Excuse me as I go heavily breathe in the corner. It’s Maple Rock Candy, man! You can’t go wrong! Maple. Rock. Candy. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.

Warning: This is for people who actually have time and cooking ability. Lack of either of those things could involve in dangerous things such as a messy kitchen or a cup of crystalized hard sugary shit.

I randomly found this in my Youtube likes (not sure why it’s there, because I can’t bake) and it’s relevant….right?! Let’s hope links are working and my internet will be faithful!

- Canadian Sorry Man

….I may have drooled a bit, but you will never know.

  • straight girls: I love boys so much omg I want a boyfriend so bad they're so cute ahh
  • lesbian/bi/pan girls: I love girls so much omg I want a girlfriend so bad
  • straight girls: um... you sound kind of desperate and fake....

#OMG THERE NEEDS TO BE A VICTORIAN BAKER BOY AU ABOUT THIS#or a newsboy au #either works #little newsboy kim minseok runs errands and delivers newspapers for his boss kim jongdae #who is sleeping with his assitant kim joonmyun #jongdae makes an alliance with powerful aristocrat wufan #who will sponsor jongdae’s little newspaper company and help bring it to greatness #and so minseok has to work as errand boy and run back and forth between wufan’s mansion and jongdae’s firm a lot #at the mansion he meets wufan’s slightly older (but far younger looking) half-brother luhan #who immediately takes an interest in minseok#and makes his like ‘miserable’ by constantly harassing him and teasing him and trying to get minseok to work for him

can someone please write this?