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00q for the ship questions, please?

omg Lena thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses for some reason i really feel like it would be Bond. These little kisses are only for them when they are alone
  • Gets jealous the most Bond. no doubt XD
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive Q.
  • Takes care of on sick days absolutely take care of each other. They would likely both be insufferable when sick and need literally all the attention
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day Bond. Q likes the beach but he just burns too damn easily. Besides where is he supposed to leave his computer?? Just out where anyone can take it?? (Bond gets them a private beach. XD)
  • Gives unprompted massages Both. They both get stressed often, and like to help each other relax
  • Drives/rides shotgun. HA. Not even a question. Bond drives Q gives sassy remarks from the shotgun
  • Brings the other lunch at work I always love the idea of Bond bribing Q with food. Q doesn’t eat enough and Bond knows what he likes.
  • Has the better parental relationship Neither???? Not sure on this one because we know so little about Q
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed Depends on the day and who has more energy
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer Q
  • Still cries watching Titanic Q (Bond hides it well, Q hasn’t seen it yet)
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes Q. They are nerdy couples costumes too.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas Both of them. Omg they are both the worst. Bond buys Q all the fancy things and Q tends to get Bond really high quality weapons (knives and such)
  • Makes the other eat breakfast Bond. Honestly Q, you need to eat. 
  • Remembers anniversaries Neither of them. Not big on it.
  • Brings up having kids I don’t think either of them would, unless you are talking about Q and his cats, because they are absolutely his kids

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who 

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could you do some spaceflower? "how about no?"

“Come on Hana, it’s just a little kiss.”

Hana pouted back at Jeff who had his arms around her as he chuckled at her expression, from the corner of her eyes Hana spotted PBG glaring into their direction from the middle of the soccer field.

“How about no.”

This interview gives me so much hope for Jasper, omg, my brain went:

  • Rebecca Sugar wants to teach children the importance of loving yourself
  • She wants them to know that they don’t need a relationship to be loved
  • She also said that Jasper suffers from a deep self-hatred
  • Jasper spent all of Season Three trying to validate herself with Fusion
  • Fusion is a metaphor for relationships
  • Jasper has been trying to overcome her self-loathing with a relationship
  • Jasper feels like she needs to be in a relationship to be loved
  • Jasper needs to learn the importance of loving herself
  • Rebecca Sugar wants to teach children the importance of loving yourself

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top five moments neil fucking destroyed riko in public


  1. “i’d ask you how it feels but i guess you’ve always known what it’s like to be second you worthless piece of shit” THE SHORTEST ONE BUT LISTEN MY SUPER FAVE he could barely breathe but he fuckging did it
  2. “kevin and i talk about your intricate and endless daddy issues all the time”
  3. “neil didn’t have words, so he answered with his fist” he fuckign punched riko in front of everyone THATS MY SON
  4. “you’re going to eat those words, you’re going to choke on them” god this was on national tv amazing
  5. ok this is just in front of jean but??? “ “who is your King, Nathaniel?” Neil spat in his face” i love neil so much bless

thank u!!! ♥

ask me my top 5 anything!♥


Excuse me as I go heavily breathe in the corner. It’s Maple Rock Candy, man! You can’t go wrong! Maple. Rock. Candy. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.

Warning: This is for people who actually have time and cooking ability. Lack of either of those things could involve in dangerous things such as a messy kitchen or a cup of crystalized hard sugary shit.

I randomly found this in my Youtube likes (not sure why it’s there, because I can’t bake) and it’s relevant….right?! Let’s hope links are working and my internet will be faithful!

- Canadian Sorry Man

….I may have drooled a bit, but you will never know.

I just want Dean to be talking about the impala and going on about his ‘baby’ and all that. He’d be like, “My baby is so good to me.” Or, “My baby has been there for us when no one else has.” Or, even, “No one gets to mess with my baby.”

Just something like that and Mary would be so amused, smiling fondly. And then, I want Dean to be talking about his baby and he points to the impala. Mary would be so confused, frowning, “You were talking about… your car? The whole time?”

“Uhhhh, yeah, mom, what else would I be talking about? That’s my baby.”

And, Mary would just blink rapidly and make a vague gesture to Cas. Because, she thought that they were together and that Dean just called Cas his baby. Because, she’d seen them together and she wasn’t at all blind. And, she’d just mumble those things to Dean.

Dean would be so flustered and Cas would tilt his head and squint at Mary in confusion. Sam, oh god, he would laugh and laugh and laugh.

That’s all I want.

#OMG THERE NEEDS TO BE A VICTORIAN BAKER BOY AU ABOUT THIS#or a newsboy au #either works #little newsboy kim minseok runs errands and delivers newspapers for his boss kim jongdae #who is sleeping with his assitant kim joonmyun #jongdae makes an alliance with powerful aristocrat wufan #who will sponsor jongdae’s little newspaper company and help bring it to greatness #and so minseok has to work as errand boy and run back and forth between wufan’s mansion and jongdae’s firm a lot #at the mansion he meets wufan’s slightly older (but far younger looking) half-brother luhan #who immediately takes an interest in minseok#and makes his like ‘miserable’ by constantly harassing him and teasing him and trying to get minseok to work for him

can someone please write this?

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i love hotaru and chibiusa together can you imagine them meeting each others families in an official this-is-my-girlfriend way and being like "so these are the parents that killed you" "yeah are those the people that made you cease to exist" "yeah"

“and here’s my mom, you may remember her as the one who saved you when you used your ultimate power to destroy Pharaoh 90 and turned back into a baby”

“haha yeah i remember that. and over there’s my third mom, she’s the one who was your only friend during your lonely childhood in Crystal Tokyo” 

“yeah haha me and pluto had some good times at the time-space corridor” 


Merlin woke up with a start, looking around with widened eyes as he tried to figure out where he was. He realized that he was back in his bed at home, at his mother’s house. He shut his eyes tightly and reminded himself what was going on to keep himself from panicking. He had been killed. Then somehow, he had come back to “life.” He had… killed people in his untreated state. And now he was in a new town where his uncle lived, where no one knew that he was a “PDS sufferer.” 

Sometimes, he wished they would just call it what it was. He wasn’t suffering from any syndrome. He was undead. He was a zombie. 

He was safer here, he knew, but everything made him nervous. He feared the rain because he knew that it might reveal his pale as death skin underneath. He wouldn’t touch anyone because rather than the warmth of normal humans, they would only feel his iciness. Even though he wasn’t supposed to wear his contacts all the time, he was disgusted with what he looked like underneath. He didn’t like the way his eyes showed how dead he was. 

He got up and did as many normal morning things as he could. He showered. He got dressed for school, which felt weird to be going to after everything that had happened. Even though society wasn’t quite back to normal, it had been a few years since the rising of the dead. Things were slowly getting back to normal, and one of those things was, unfortunately, school. 

He also did the unusual things. He put in his contacts. He coated on the makeup that made him less pale. Fortunately he had already been a pale person before he died, so it wasn’t hard to get his skin tone back to “normal.”

He went downstairs to sit with his mother while she had breakfast, hating the looks she gave him as he entered the room. It wasn’t quite fear, but it was definitely uncertainty and sadness. 

“How’s school going?” she asked him. Her voice was small. It hurt him, almost, like the memory of the knife that killed him in the first place. 

“Um. Well enough,” he said. 

“Got any friends?” she asked him. She knew that he didn’t, or the ones that he did, he wasn’t super close to. 

“A couple, I guess,” he said. It was better to humor her. 

She nodded and smiled at him, her eyes warm, unlike him. “I’m proud of you, Merlin. So’s Uncle Gaius.” He was away on a trip. Something doctorly. He was one of the doctors that helped the PDS sufferers. They were in high demand nowadays. His mother was only staying with him until he got back, and maybe a while longer because she had missed her son, of course. But she had a job, and she was trying to get a transfer over to the little town Gaius lived in for his sake. 

“Right,” he said, standing up after a moment. He didn’t need to eat. He didn’t want to hang out for breakfast. “I’d better be off. Love you, mum.”

He turned away from her, grabbing his backpack and walking outside the house. He kept his head down as he walked along. Luckily they lived close enough to the school. After the short walk, he went to the library to wait until the bell, trying to focus on the book he was reading. 

Ooc; Holy shit I want to create an Utapri / Idol verse for Ayato bc I need the thing even though HE WAS OFFERED THE JOB AS AN IDOL AND HAD TO RECORD SONGS IN HIS CANON VERSE. ALSO his voice is not only great but!! He is also a marvelous dancer ok it wAS CONFIRMED BY Kou and his manager and even Ruki. And Papamaki Ketchup Daddy knows it too.
And PSA , VOID is still one of the best songs ever, leave me be. And also Gin no bara. And Parhelion Logic. TL; DR —- All his solo songs are great I’m going to cry.