Revolutionary Girl Utena: headcanon orientations
This is a short survey to see what Revolutionary Girl Utena's fans think of the characters' orientations. I know there have been some big disputes about what's canon, but in this, I just ask for your own headcanons — what do YOU think are their sexualities?

Hi! I’ve put together a short survey to see what Revolutionary Girl Utena’s fans think of the characters’ orientations. I’d really appreciate it if RGU fans took and reblogged the survey — it’s spoiler-free! Thanks so much!





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anonymous asked:

Yaaaay! I managed to be on tumblr right when the ask box is open:DD can I request a scenario where Kuroo and his best friend (soon to be s/o but let's just say s/o not to confuse with Kenma)--and Kenma--are riding the train and it's crowded and Kuroo notices that his s/o is uncomfortable with the packed crowd so he decides to stand in a way creeps don't try groping them and then realizes that he wants to protect them and got to confess soon?oh man, college huh?Hopefully it's not too stressful!:3

|| Oooh this one’s cute! I’m a total nerd for scenes like this and not to shoujo manga so here’s a fluffy and cheesy scenario on the way! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write or actually think of shoujo stuff like this (which is ironic cuz I’ve been experiencing so much shoujo stuff myself as of late). Oh and no worries! College hasn’t been stressful (for now anyway), but it’s kept me busy especially after getting myself into the orchestra. Also, hope you all enjoy another Kuroo scenario! ||

You always hated rush hour.

The number one thing you’d do after school is leave and ensure to head home as soon as possible. However, today was one of those days in which class rep duties had gone beyond your usual after school hours. You found it bad, especially when you never did like riding the train with a lot of people.

Luckily, you had Kuroo and Kenma by your side though. Their presence was enough to ease you a bit even with your younger best friend so engrossed with the console in his hands. You take a deep breath.

Everything’s going to be fine.

Knowing Kuroo though, he takes note of the action right away. The man’s just too perceptive for his own good.

“Everything okay?” He asks.

You look at him and nod quickly. He gives you a sympathetic smile before patting you on the head. Right, you were never foud of getting home late.

He further understands your reason the moment workers and students enter the train. Suddenly it’s a little more cramped than usual, but that wasn’t the real issue at hand.

It was how a few looked at you.

The least he wanted was to pick a fight and make a scene, but he had the urge punch the guy looking at your back like that. Almost.

The moment Kuroo pulls you close to him, you let out a squeak. He acts like a barricade, a shield to ensure that you’re away from prying and malicious eyes.

“Don’t worry, I got you.” His words are reassuring, warm as he holds you.

Something just seemed to have clicked in him and somehow he can’t help but notice the fact you’re like a flower.

Delicate, gentle…


Someone he had to be gentle with.

The captain zones out for a moment, only for his fellow teammate and close friend to gently karate chop his head. Such brings the middle blocker back into reality.

“We’re at our stop,” Kenma says simply.

Kuroo then loosens his hold on you as the three of you exit the train. His feline-like gazes goes to you as you lock eyes with the man. The two of you remain focused on the other, only to immediately look away after realizing how you’re both staring.

Kenma can only look at the two of you with a sigh of exasperation.

‘About damned time.’

He can only hope either of you plan on making a move soon.

You literally can’t read a single shoujo-ai manga on a website and NOT see a fucking comment from a yaoi fangirl about “EWWW I tried to give yuri a chance but NO WAY, I’LL STICK TO DICKS. IT’S SO MUCH BETTER” (literal comment on something)

and I used to have that attitude and it’s funny cause now I’m gay and just reblog girl stuff. I never was so obnoxious to leave comments on all shoujo-ai, making sure ALL people knew how inferior shoujo-ai is to PRECIOUS yaoi.

Also there are many valid and true criticisms of shoujo-ai that include a good portion of them being aimed at men, sexualizing kids, and lacking better representation of older gay/bi/trans characters but these are all problems in yaoi also soo…. 

I’ve been digging through so much shoujo-ai stuff just to find sweeter stories, stories with older women, and some women creators and it’s like… a needle in a haystack. Most yaoi is written by women for women so that shit is homphobic or problematic too anyway. 

I’d say both genres aren’t great but going to lesbian material to be like “EW STUFF MADE FOR STRAIGHT WOMEN, ABOUT GUYS IS 100% BETTER” towards people who probably don’t give a fuck is… uh.. 

SasuSaku Pre-Genin Days and ItaSasu brOTP/SasuSaku Parallels

Dedicated to an anon who wanted a rant on pre-genin :)

I know many people dislike that Sakura and Ino broke up their friendship over a boy. But I would also like to point out Sakura was VERY dependent on Ino- she was always in her shadow:

always needed Ino for confidence.

But Sakura broke away from Ino’s shadow because of SASUKE. She was tired of being second to Ino and she was tired of following Ino around.

 I think this was another point of Sasuke playing a role in Sakura’s character development. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not bashing SakuIno brOTP. I actually love it. Yes, Ino’s friendship with Sakura was beneficial- Ino gave Sakura confidence but what I’m saying is that Sakura would always rely on Ino for that boost unless she breaks away and finds her own self-confidence. I just think Sasuke was the major catalyst for Sakura in that respect.  And may I also point out that Sakura, a girl who had no self confidence on her own, was willing to fight for Sasuke (although it was for shallow reasons at the time- we see this continually enduring/fighting quality in Sakura’s character later on with her genuine love for Sasuke).

And what I love about pre-genin!Sakura is that she innocently thought nobody else would like Sasuke- she was genuinely surprised that Ino’s (and I guess her) friends knew she liked Sasuke .

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