This is a lot to take in, so we recommend to make some time out of your schedule to read this “announcement” (If you have more free time, I recommend reading other scanlation group’s statements too). Before you begin reading, please note:

() = Small talk
CS = Café Scanlations
WT = Winter Translations

Hello fellow tea/coffee lovers and scanlators. If you remember from our most recent release post, I mentioned that we, CS, were going to post an “announcement” sometime soon ( and here it is!). We try to keep a low profile on anything that doesn’t specifically concern us, so we don’t cause any potential problems to any of the parties. However, this situation has gone too far and it can no longer be cast aside and swept away from our attention. For those of you wondering who have no idea what we are talking about, then you, my dear reader, have a lot to read…

Brief Summary:
In a very short explanation, WT’s admin, “A” has been doing many shady activities around the shoujo community. “A” infiltrates many scanlation groups for ulterior reasons, hijacks her suppliers’ raws, and uses multiple identities to conceal her crime, hence the reason why it’s “A”. EDIT: If you wish to know more about this person’s villainous actions, click here to see the masterpost of all the other statements, as I won’t do you any justice (lol).

What does it have to do with us?
Let’s say a lot of things. Out of our speculation, we believe that we have been infiltrated by this little devil. It may have happened a while ago, but as many other statements are coming to light; it is something that we can not overlook. When we will release part B of this “announcement” depends on how Miss “A” plays her cards, as she has copious amount of statements to prove/defend. I am sorry to say, but the image of the email you displayed is not considered complete solid proof, as we have yet to see the email address. Anyone can create an email and fake an identity, which has been shown through your multiple personas so far.

Our Purpose.
The main objective of this post is to spread awareness, so whether or not you reblog this is completely up to you. We can’t force you or anything, as it all come down to one less person knowing what is going on. We do not spout lies as it will do us nothing, but harm and a complete waste of our time, since we have a life to live and manga to scanlate. Once again, reblogging this “announcement” or any other statements are completely up to you.

To the innocent staff in WT:
We can’t really apologize for actions that your admin has caused, but we do hope that you come to your sense soon if you haven’t realized that what “A” is doing is completely wrong. We don’t want you to beat yourself up for being part of that little devil’s unacceptable deeds. Everyone make mistakes and as long as you recognize what you did wrong, you are forgiven. Don’t be afraid to stand up and say your experiences with WT as it can be extremely hopeful towards putting an end to this.

To other scanlation groups:
I’ll just directly quote Freewheeling Scanlations, because they could not have said it better than I ever can. “Be cautious as an elephant stepping on thin ice when accepting applicants. Don’t leak any essential resources/info with members you don’t know well. Azusa has so many faces my hand ain’t enough to count her fake identities. Feel free to contact us or the other involved groups if you’re suspecting your group has been screwed up as well.” (I will help you to the best of my abilities, but frankly speaking, I don’t have as much info as the other groups…)

To our tea/coffee lovers:
If you ever donated to WT, then we are sorry to say this, but you may have gotten [badly] ripped. If you were going to donate or planned to, think hard before you do. The fact that WT couldn’t provide receipts to any transactions is extremely sketchy as everyone are not only demanding for the receipts from Kinokuniya, but also their paypal transaction history. Whether you believe us is completely up to you, but we do hope we shed some kind of new enlightenment.

To our little devil “A”~
Words are not enough to prove your innocence right now, so pull out those pictures you claim to have. Whether or not you feel sorry for what you have done or the lessons you have learned, it is all completely up to you, BUT you picked the wrong people to play games with. We are not just people who solely scanlate manga as a hobby and just in case you didn’t know, we have a life to live. So you can spend your free time thinking up more lies to cover up your current ones, but in the end you’re digging yourself a very deep grave.  To end this, I have a phrase for you that you may or may not have heard of before, but get wrecked.

One last thing to our dear, Miss “A”: I don’t whether or not if we should thank you or not for dropping GB, but frankly speaking your quality in releases needs dire improvement. So, please get on the level of “quality” from every scanlations’ projects you stole before you hijack another series.

Much Love,
Katsu & Café Employees.

P.S. Even if you may not have any receipts from online, there should still be a price label on the books as they are all orders shipped from Kinokuniya Japan warehouse.

confused dork (birthday gift for @KohiSparkleman on twitter!)

“I will steal her heart back” - Kou Mabuchi 

that sweet precious child <3 love him too much! 


#my production 2 

@obsessiveidiot, i still have feels for them. i dont think there will be a time i wont have feels for them cndslndlnflkdsnfka 

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pinkurumashumaru asked:

Hello! Sorry for bothering but....What romantic mangas do you recommend? I'm dying to read more romantic mangas! Thank you! Q u Q

Mmhh~ Let’s see…

Koi to Uso is really entertaining *u*

  • Beast Master
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei
  • Hadashi De Bara Wo Fume 
  • Himitsu No Ai-chan
  • Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu
  • L-dk
  • Moe Kare!! 

You can also check out my recommendations HERE~ <33


anonymous asked:

A request for Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Kuroo, Tsukishima and Daichi coming home to their s/o watching a really sappy shoujo anime and she pouts how romantic and dreamy the main male character is? She's jealous of how romantic the character is? I'd like to see the boys reactions please!

|| Yes okay, this is great because I’ve been watching so much shoujo stuff lately because I am shoujo manga/anime trash when I’m not looking at cute fictional sports boys. ;u; I’m sorry I couldn’t resist making a reference in one of them ||

Having arrived home from another practice, Daichi passed by his girlfriend with her eyes focused on the TV screen. Eyes mopey, her expression a pouty one, he only realized that then that she was watching another romantic anime. He found himself amused as he chuckled lightly, but also a little guilty for perhaps not being able to pay better attention of her. “I’m home.” He spoke, getting her to look his way, causing her to pause the series and give a sheepish smile in response to his words. “You’re a little earlier than usual.” She mentioned, standing up from the couch before approaching to give him a kiss on the cheek on her slight tiptoes. “I guess,” He shrugged. “Say, anything you want to cook together tonight?” Such made his companion cock her head, but smile nevertheless. “Does curry sound good?”

It has probably been more than the third time Tsukishima had caught his significant other sniffling and pouting over another anime. “You can’t be serious.” Jumping slightly, she eventually stuck her tongue out, cheeks reddening in embarrassment for him catching her again. “Well I’m sorry you hardly shower your girlfriend with affection, leading to her yearning for some hugs and kisses.” She murmured with a teasing tone as she stood from her seat after pausing the show as the blond approached her. She then found herself in the arms of the blocker, causing her to giggle a bit. “Promise you won’t disappear.” She requested in a half-joking manner, resting her head onto his chest. Despite clicking his tongue at the statement, he kissed the crown of her head gently. “You’re ridiculous.” He told her before muttering to himself. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

“Watching again?” Oikawa questioned, circling his arms around his beloved from behind. Blushing in embarrassment, she eventually nodded in response. “It’s the same series as last time with the cute popular guy saving the girl from the stalker and all.” The brunette chuckled a bit, nodding in understanding. However a pout made it to his lips as he found her focus still on the show and not on him. Then again, maybe he got what was coming for spending his last few days fixated over practice. Letting go, he then made his way to sit next to her, gently tugging her to lie down on his lap. Happily, she complied, resting her head against his lap, while caressing his face.

This was certainly no surprise for Iwaizumi to see upon seeing his partner watching anime. A sigh then escaped his lips as he entered the living room. “Again?” He muttered, crossing his arms at the sight of her pouting. As the kiss scene in the show takes place, she then sighed. “Jeez, if only Hajime was a little more affectionate like that.” She spoke softly, having not noticed the said spiker’s presence yet. Taking the opportunity, he decided to sneak up on her. He then sat next to his companion and wrapped his arms around her waist. Such caused her to squeak a bit as she realized who it can only possibly be. “I heard that.” He whispered into their ear with a slight tone of mischief.

Amusing was probably the word Kuroo had in his mind while watching his significant other squealing and pouting as the two leading characters in the anime kiss under the fireworks; definitely a cheesy scene but nonetheless cute and sweet in the eyes of his girlfriend. “Seems like you missed me.” He teased, leaning against the room’s wall. She merely huffed in response, closing the laptop before approaching them. “As if I’d miss a pain in the ass,” She retorted in a playful tone. “Oh?” He arched a brow, chuckling a bit before stealing a quick kiss. His sudden gesture resulted to them blushing in embarrassment, pouting. “Still a pain…” She muttered under her breath.

All of my tags for the shows I’ve loved and an update of what I’m currently watching and reading. This is all in no order!



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  • Zankyou no Terror
  • Owari no Seraph
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Cowboy Bebop

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