• me:i still love tegan and sara but im no longer so obsessed with them
  • me:mum, i just want some tns merch for christmas
  • me:*screams for 10 minutes when the merch gets here*
  • me:*on bus for 3 hours* *tries not to cry while listening to tns*
  • me:hi, new friend! this how you tell tegan and sara apart
  • me:*spends 5 hours listening to their banters*
  • me:*cries over stacy because she makes sara happy and buys cats with her*
  • me:*thinks about where on my body would tns lyrics tattoo look the best*
  • me:*checks snapchat every few minutes*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:so nice to not be obsessed with them

I like how I got into baseball hell only recently and I’m already drawing these two too much. I’m still working my way through season 1!

The second one was a random idea if Sawamura ever pitches back that fist bump to the chest ( *´艸`)プププhomerun right in the kokoro.

upd8 more like I'm just going to freak out due to bromance or shipping feels

(also, because I saw someone post this, and I’m just gonna freak out here)

Because John called Alpa!Dave, “regular Dave”. And not REAL Dave.

It goes back to what he said before how he views Davesprite as just another Dave just more spritey.

So to him, all Daves are still the same Dave. There might be differences, but they’re all Dave, the real Dave.

And I just…

DAVESPRITE! Come back here and have a heart-to-heart with John where he goes and just reminds you that even if you’re now a sprite you’re still the real Dave, just with added stuff. You’re Dave and not the bottom of the bucket.

And the fact he still called out of regular Dave, and just him out of all the characters he hasn’t been around/hoping to reunite or meet with.


hey guys !!! you’re probably wondering where i’ve been or if i’m ever going to be active again —— short answer is depression and yes. i’ve been in a really rough place with my mental health lately and i’ve just been staying offline due to being tired and wanting to sleep constantly. now i’m catching the cold my mom had, so on top of not feeling good emotionally, i’m slowly not feeling good physically, either. i’m not abandoning han, that isn’t even a thought in my mind right now —— leaving this blog isn’t an option, because i love han too much to even consider it. this is my happy place and it will remain my happy place, and i care about han far too much to just stop. so i am sorry for up and disappearing, that wasn’t my intention, i’ve been signing in and telling myself to attempt drafts or memes or whatever, and end up offline again a few minutes later. i’m working through my personal issues, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and i’ll be arriving at it shortly. you guys have been amazing and i thank every single one of you for the support and patience with me. i love you all to pieces.


I’m afraid I simply must make this post because I haven’t replied to my RP partners in too long as it is.

Starting now, mun shall be on Hiatus until March due to Thesis deadline drawing nearer by the hour.

Though I request that you forgive me minna if I end up dying at the literary hands of said thesis. Trust me when I say that it does seem like a possibility at times.

Though this does not mean I won’t be lurking around still.

All threads shall be continued starting March 1st. And with the ones I have been discussing ideas, all planned threads shall be put into action at the same time.

Still available for chat more often than not.

Ah, and a general life update: I became an auntie this weekend!! My sister had her first baby <3 <3 <3. Wahhhhh my niece is so, so cute!! Ehehe, so if you guys ever wanted to know where I got all my pregnancy details for Hachi, well- that was it, lol (plus my ma’s a midwife and baby-obsessed, ahaha).

Also, I’ll be going back to uni in a few weeks, and I’ll be writing a short thesis this year (for anyone interested, it’s on Environmental History). I should be going on writing/fandom hiatus but…I doubt I’d be able to stay away lol. Maybe I’ll try to stick to drabbles and shorter stories for a while, unless I want my thesis to sound like fanfic, bwahaha. 

dofvin asked:

Hi there! I just found your blog and I wanna say that you're amazing at answering questions, so I have one for you. What is your opinion on how Leorio has been handled in the manga? I feel like he has so much amazing character potential, but he's always shipped away when all the important stuff happens.

Thank you!

And oh man, Leorio… Like, I feel for all the Leorio fans out there who have been waiting for several years to a decade for him to get back into the action, only to have Togashi go on extended hiatus, haha. That sucks so much, you all have my sympathies.

But, the greatest thing about Leorio is that… despite not really being there for all the really intense stuff happening, HE HAS THE BEST MOMENTS IN THE ENTIRE SERIES???

Like, I don’t know how everyone else feels, but for me personally, Leorio punching Ging in the face is the greatest moment in HXH. I had to stop what I was doing and just… walk away… to take it all in. And I remember when I was rewatching HXH with my best friend, literally the entire time I was just thinking ‘okay one more episode closer to Leorio punching Ging in the face’. And then when it happened we had to pause for like 20 minutes because our faces hurt so much from laughing and we just could NOT handle it.

So while I’m sad that he was MIA for so long, I’m also just… eternally grateful for how things happened. I’m expecting more amazing moments like that from in the Dark Continent arc, maybe we’ll also get some serious/emotionally intense stuff with him too. It’s honestly a relief to me knowing that Leorio is gonna be there, it makes me feel like things can’t get too grim.

I bet there’s already a post somewhere floating around out there that’s like “the best of Leorio” but if not I will try to make something like that at some point, haha. (IF THERE IS ONE PLEASE SEND IT TO ME)