I feel like I don’t say this enough


Fanservice aside, this was a REALLY GOOD EPISODE and of course, I’m being biased about it


Bless this episode

They played videogames and everyone was just chilling and bonding. All those videogame references are A++! And look at Nanami bae naturally bringing everyone together reminiscent of how her AI was in SDR2 and I’m just crying tears of joy over here because they’re all just precious dorks geeking out.

Everyone looked so happy and just generally having fun together

Everything’s going to go horribly downhill after this tho so savor the happiness while it’s still there. Worst case scenario, I’ll just pretend the anime ended here at episode 2 where everyone is happy and alive.

BEST EPISODE SO FAR and it’ll probably be the happiest we’ll get 

PS I fucking love Chiaki Nanami protect this precious child

Future Arc / Mirai-hen Opening: So dark and the song is intense; The members were dying and they fall to the bottomless red pit. So much despair. And then there’s naegiri moment(s).

Despair Arc / Zetsubou-hen Opening: Very colourful and lightly; Goddamn Junko and poor Ikusaba shows up, then there’s Izuru. Yukizome appears, and then Nanami (implicitly) shows up

Conclusion:Future Arc’s opening implies despair (dark, gore, related to death), but then Despair Arc’s opening implies hope (cute, lightly, colourful). All hail the contradicts. 


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To prove that I’m not being a lazy GM and I’m actually working on things, I’m going to just post this quick update for you all on Chapter 2.

- I’ve redone a few things around the blog here and askdanganlive. As you may have noticed, there’s a new logo/icon now, and I changed a few other minor things.

- I’ve redone all of the sprites and added a few new ones, so expect pretty new things showing up in the chapters. I still have to redo my template, though, so that’ll be just a short while longer.

- I’m about 70% done with (Ab)normal days, so that’s always good. I’ve also started looking at the trial and investigation stuff, so we’re a little ways into that.

- While discussing the whole character situation, I’ve came to the conclusion that, on top of having changing main characters, I will remove half of the main character immunity clause I’ve previously stated. This probably sounds really bad (and it probably is xD), but the long and short of it is that the main character is no longer safe from murder, though they are safe from being selected as the murderer. It was something that I talked with a few people about and it just struck me as really interesting, because imagine the despair that could result if the character you identify with suddenly gets up and murdered. I can’t make guarantees on whether or not this situation will ever occur, because of your guys’ influence and whatnot, but it’s a rule change that I feel the need to state. That being said, I’m going to ponder on the main character a little more, and you’ll find out who that is with the start of Chapter 2.

- All CG’s have been planned out, and I’ll be trying to get a start on them prior to starting Chapter 2, so I don’t have a repeat of last chapter’s exhaustion.

- I’ve been looking over the auditions for voices that I received, and I’m thinking of closing auditions when Chapter 2 starts, which, as you see later, will be at least a week. If you need more time than this, send me a place holder e-mail and I’ll see what I can do, but if not, I’ll be closing things up so I can get everyone notified and the like. [In case you forgot, you can e-mail me at if you are interested in auditioning.]

I think that just about covers everything, but needless to say, things are progressing as planned. At the earliest, we’ll be starting next week, while I’m hoping the latest is two weeks. It depends on how much this LL:SIF event consumes my time. [Edit:] Things might actually be starting sooner than I expected. Inspiration kind of hit me, so I’ve been getting a lot of the CG’s done. All said, I’m pretty comfortable starting this chapter soon.

Mukuro Ikusaba appreciation

When everyone else saw Junko in the opening, 

We saw Mukuro and probably cried/screamed

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