So Tea and I were gone for a couple of days, and my step sister and her fiance were watching all the pets while we were gone. We got back on Wednesday and I noticed immediately that something was wrong with Dipper. He was laying in front of a heater but he didn’t come up and great me like usual. He looked really sad and weak. When I picked him up, he went limp in my arms. 

The next day we brought him to the vet, and they said he had pancreatitis and an intestinal blockage. I was at work when they told me he might need surgery to remove the blockage and I started sobbing in the back. They were worried because he was so dehydrated. But overnight they had him hooked up to an IV and gave him antibiotics, and the next day they found a strand of yarn in his poo. They took some x-rays and said his intestines looked normal, so the yarn was what was blocking his intestines! 

My mom brought him home when I got home from work and I’m soooo happy that he’s ok! Dipper might be a butthead sometimes and he might annoy the crap out of me 80% of the time, but I absolutely treasure this boy so much. This has been a hectic couple of days, but I’m so glad that my boy is recovering and at home. <3

Me: *watches DB episode 150* 
Goku: Are you cold? 
Chichi: No I’m alright. 

You’re back is warm~


They are just so touchy with each other on these episodes //// it really shows why they are not afraid to touch on DBZ


So you guys are mad that Tony Stark will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Okay, you don’t like the character and it’s fine, I get it, nobody’s gonna judge you for that, but uuuhhhh Tony Stark in every marvel movie? Sorry?? But?? No??

 Here’s the list of MCU films:

Tony was in Iron Man trilogy (wow incredible), in two Avengers movie (wOW tONY STARk in AVENGERS MOVIE shocking) and in Civil War, and I don’t think I need to explain you that Civil War was not about him, and there were literally every superhero in this movie (with a different screen timing, sure, but Tony was an important part of the conflict), and the film was about Steve in the first place. 

So, um, Thor who? Doctor Strange what? Guardians of the Galaxy? Both Captain America movies? Ant-Man? Never heard of those guys.

Firstly, Tony was not in every Marvel movie. Just because you ignore everything that is not Avengers-related doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Secondly, his appearance in Homecoming can be logically explained because he upgraded Peter’s costume, he found Peter, introduced him to other Avengers and now he’s some kind of mentor for him. I don’t think Jon Watts was sitting in his chair and thinking about how nice it would be if Iron Man was on the background of his movie about Peter Parker. I mean, what do you expect now? That Tony will be the main character? That he will be appearing on screen every five minutes just to suffer and make jokes? What? Come on, this is a film about Peter Parker, and the reasonable appearance of Tony doesn’t change it. But here we are, getting mad and arguing with each other. Cool.

@mamaguchi even if you are overweight youre still really pretty and cute!! that wont change no matter what!

also the pizza isn’t the only meal I had.. I ate a little in the morning.. then I ate my school lunch.. and then i ate a hamburger right after :p


Don’t do hate guys, it’s just sad.

Answer: Its funny because at first I didn’t even read it, I just looked at how good this is and how much effort you put in. Like that last picture. the doors boarded up, there’s food and omg I love this. You draw so well and the way you draw me made me feel all warm inside thank you so much this is so cute. I love it you’re so adorable and tiny and I want to cry!


Kharjo looks so cute in Nordic Carved armour (=^・ω・^=) it’s like the helmet was custom fit to avoid squishing poor kitty’s ears. Wish I’d picked him up as a follower sooner, he’s much more pleasant to have around than Lydia. Plus it always makes me giggle when we’ve just slaughtered a gang of enemies and I turn around to see him with this big goofy, toothy grin (also slightly disturbing).

My char Tunisa, who was once a lithe archer clad in light armour, has transormed into a hulking tank (mmm well the vanilla body slider for females doesn’t do much else except make the chest bigger so she’s as bulky as it gets for now) and I’m having a gay old time running around chopping heads off with a war axe and shield bashing faces in. Yay Skryim! :)