Heyooo, so I keep posting about this film me and my stubborn upstart up-and-coming intersectional feminist filmmakers have been seeking funds for, and I thought “hey, you know, I should probably post one of our actual videos to tumblr so y’all can see what’s up.” So here’s what’s up: teaser shots of our film and interviews so you can see why this is important. Check it out! (but don’t look at my bad eyebrow job, k? it was the lighting)

In case you can’t/would rather not watch the video right now, here’s the gist of our goal:

Engage is a 15-minute short film about an ambitious young woman who finally gets the courage to accept her own sexuality, only to find herself taken hostage by her ex-boyfriend, who insists he’ll “fix her”.

Ever watched a homosexuality-themed film? Engage is totally there –but this isn’t a film just for LGBT viewers. It’s made for determined people who have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, despite how arduous, or perhaps even violent, that path might be, and it’s a thriller that will keep everyone on their toes. Plus, it’s going to be made by an “all-female” production crew. (Yeah, you heard me right — ALL-FEMALE. Whoop whoop)

All casualness aside, this is really important to me. I’ve been on tumblr for five+ years now, and it’s made a really big difference in how I view feminism and LGBTQIA rights.

You’ve all helped me come to terms with my gender (I used to be a self-hating tomboy who shunned pink because it was “girly”, ugh) and my sexuality (I’m bi and thought I was straight for ages all because I ruled out girls as an option when certain friends and family members made shitty jokes about gay people), and you’ve really opened my eyes to the racism integral to American culture and law.

For all you’ve done, I (the writer of this film) want to give back to all of you, and this is the best way I know how. Ironically, that means I have to ask for a little more.

Our campaign ends June 1st, so help us make this happen by signal boosting and/or contributing now! It’s gonna be awesome.