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by any chance could you do a lil tutorial/process of how you draw limbs in different poses? esp. legs/thighs, your legs always look so jaunty and charming i love it but i never know what to, ,, ,,, do with mine, like where to put them so

Okay! I’m going to try to answer this best I can, but before I do, please remember I am just a humble animation student and by no means a professional artist or a seasoned expert, so this might not be the correct way to do things or be extremely accurate. This is just how I do it, and a couple tips I’ve picked up from teachers at school.

First of all, getting familiar with the anatomy of legs helps a lot! (I know this is the dreaded answer to every art question) I don’t know too much about the muscles of the legs other than the basics, so I don’t talk about them here because I don’t want to look like an idiot. They’re very worth studying though, especially the muscles that form the inside of the thigh and back of the calf.

Those are some leg studies I did from life in class last year, with the key parts labelled.

Chances are you’ve tried to draw legs and??

Unless you’re going for a certain style, legs that look like straight tubes or 90 degree angles are gonna look a bit weird.

As you can see with the life drawings above, legs have certain natural curves and rhythms to them! None of the bones in the legs are straight or tubular, so your legs should not be either.

Sorry for the really mediocre pelvis it’s not my strong suit oh god. It’s easy to characterize the legs as something like this:

Remembering that the knee is a hinge joint and that it has a sort of curved offset from the upper leg to the lower leg really helps.

So when you keep that offset in mind and apply some curves over the muscle and fat layered on top of those BEAUTIFULLY RHYTHMIC bones, you get dynamic flow in your legs. The hip (trochanter), kneecap (patella) and ankle (fibula/tibia malleolus) are good landmarks to keep in mind.

So by applying some curves, you get a softer/more dynamic/rhythmic feel to the legs that makes your figure look a lot less static even if they are standing entirely still. It’s also worth noting most people shift their weight onto one hip or another, position their feet weirdly, etc etc.

Hope that helps!


A PSE cover of @thatsthat24 cover of Waving Through a Window.
Ive taught myself sign lanugage, so parts of these might not be correct.

In the case Thomas sees this, I just wanted to say how amazing, funny, and talented you are, and that watching your videos instantly makes my day brighter.
And I was wondering if youd be hosting any tiny meetups outside of the official ones at playlist for the people who were too busy panicking about booking meetups to book meetups.

And Happy late Birthday

The (Fake AH) gang’s all here!

A peek at what I’ll be giving away at RTX- Fake AH charm/keychains! I’ll only have 50 of these total so I can’t give away full sets, but maybe I’ll give out pairs- but I haven’t decided for sure yet! I want to make sure everyone who wants one gets one. But yeah, find me at RTX and get a least one of these <3 

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I come across the word "love" between friends a lot in Shakespeare, and I always like how they can say they love each other in a platonic way. However, I've noticed that it's not uncommon among people I talk to to take this as a sign of romantic or sexual love. I don't want to be that guy and naively say that two men (it's usually men) aren't together, but I feel like I'd need more to go on. Am I wrong to think that these characters are more comfortable expressing platonic love more than we are?

The quick answer is yes. We know that in the early modern period (and before) men were more comfortable expressing their love for one another, because it was more socially acceptable to do so. It was completely normal for men to kiss, and hug each other in public, for instance. Shakespeare’s England was what is known as a ‘homosocial’ society, which is to say that (mostly non-sexual) same-sex relations between men were privileged socially, so for instance trade deals, and even marriages were often facilitated to improve the social relations between men.

This means, on some level, that there was a valorisation of same-sex relationships, and of perfect friendships, especially between men. The idea was that men, having a higher intellectual capacity than women(!), would be able to form a more perfect relationship with one another than a heterosocial relationship could ever achieve. In the language of the time (and before) these same-sex relationships were called ‘amity’, and you’ll find many examples of ‘perfect amity’ spoken of in contemporary literature if you look for it. 

The difficulty from a modern perspective is that these passionate relationships between men could be entirely non-sexual, but they could also include physical intimacy. For instance, in the case of Michel de Montaigne and Étienne de La Boétie, Montaigne explicitly denies ‘the license of the Greeks’ as ‘rightly abhorrent to our manner’, although he speaks ardently of his love for his friend. In Sir Thomas Elyot’s Boke named the Governour, on the other hand, there is the exemplary tale of amity which heavily implies that there is a sexual relationship between Titus and Gysippus, the two friends. There is the sense that friendship is treated as a spectrum up to and including physical intimacy; it simply isn’t as sharply distinguished as it is these days. But if we’re talking strictly Shakespeare, most depictions of male friendship tend to show the failures of amity because of relationships with women, because as a tradition it’s being displaced or because the nascent forces of capitalism are destroying the way generosity works. It’s not that Shakespeare doesn’t believe in same-sex relationships (far from it), it’s more that he doesn’t show much faith in the possibility of ‘perfect’ amity in a complex society (The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Merchant of Venice are two of many examples).

What’s really remarkable about this period is the means by which these socially acceptable forms of homoerotic behaviour are distinguished from the illegal and morally problematised idea of ‘sodomy’. You see, most of the people engaging in same-sex intimacy would not have considered themselves sodomites, hence why James I could have eroticised relationships with his favourites while decrying sodomy and effeminacy. Sodomy was a narrow category that often treated the case of an older man forcing himself on a younger male of a similar social class (a master doing it to a servant was seldom legally challenged). Because of these various distinctions, and because of the blurry line separating friendship and sexual attraction there were remarkably few recorded legal cases of sodomy from the early modern period.

The basic contention in academia has been that sexual identity, like gender identity, is an ideological construct. It’s not that people don’t naturally experience sexual desire for someone who might be considered the same gender, it’s just the categorisation of such desires that is a social construct. So while it might not be correct to call an early modern person or character homosexual, by the same token, they can’t be called heterosexual either. 

I’m afraid that this won’t make things any easier for you if you’re trying to separate platonic relationships from sexual or romantic ones, because that enterprise is anachronistic by nature. But then it’s anachronistic on either side whether you’re trying to establish that two men are friends or lovers, since lovers can be friends (and to add to that the word ‘friend’ could mean lover). 

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Himitsu-san! I has a Q 4 U! I understand that Ultraman has several timelines and continuities within the franchise. Would you mind shedding some light on which series belong to what continuity?

Let me start by saying thanks for the question!  Also, oh boy is this one a weird one.  I would also say I am still learning about the history of Ultraman so my answer might not be entirely correct.  Due to the complexity involved here, I am only going to cover the main, live-action, Japanese produced series here.  Sorry fans of Ultraman Powered, Ultraman Great and Ultraman USA, they won’t be counted here.

Let’s start with the main continuity, the one that’s the core of all the others.  That would be the Showa series continuity, also known as the M78 Continuity because that is where most of the heroes from this series of shows hail from and where the main Space Garrison base is located.

The M78 Continuity started in 1966 with Ultraman.

It was never really intended to be the launching point for a franchise and the followup series Ultraseven wasn’t originally in the same continuity as Ultraman.

However, come 1971, the series The Return of Ultraman introduced not only a new hero (retroactively) known as Ultraman Jack but established that Ultraseven and Ultraman were in the same universe as this new hero.

From there this continuity took off and soon Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Leo and Ultraman 80 were all part of one big continuity family.

Now, for the rest of the M78 Continuity we need to skip ahead 26 years from 1980 to 2006 when a new member of this extended family was introduced, Ultraman Mebius. He was also part of this universe, a young new hero who joined the rest.

After him came a few movies starring yet another new hero, Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraseven. We’ll get back to him in a bit though.

In that 26 year gap, there were several all new continuities that sprung up.  This started in 1996 with Ultraman Tiga.

Tiga was an all-new hero with an origin utterly divorced from the previous universe’s giants from the Land of Light.  However, he would not be alone in his little corner of reality as the next series, Ultraman Dyna was also set in his timeline!

So, when the series after that was announced, we found out it would not share a universe with Tiga and Dyna but be set in yet another new continuity.  This series was Ultraman Gaia.

After Gaia, there were a series of stand alone continuities starting with Ultraman Neos in 2000.

Then came Ultraman Cosmos in 2002!

By this point Ultraman was starting to appeal way more to children than adults so another new continuity, this one skewed towards an older audience was created.  This was the continuity that Ultraman Nexus was set within.

Then in 2005, there was yet another series outside the continuity of all of the others, Ultraman Max!

That brings us back to Ultraman Mebius and the M78 continuity and we can finally talk about Ultraman Zero. Zero did something new and revolutionary for the Ultra series, it introduced the concept of the multiverse.  Zero finds himself between universes, staring at the vastness of literal infinity with all the possible universes laid out before him, floating in separate bubbles.

That’s when the universe hopping began and that’s why in series like Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb we get heroes from ALL of the continuities popping up.

So, there are a bunch of continuities, the main one is the M78 Continuity but thanks to the multiverse and the discovery of relatively easy travel within it, all the universes can now interact.  

Simple right?

I think I need to go lie down now.

Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You - Part 5

Damon takes you to Paris for a romantic getaway. It is a much-needed trip and it’s only made better by the fact that Damon is the one that you’re sharing the experience with. The two of you want to experience everything Paris has to offer, or at least as much as you can during your trip. The whole vacation is just so romantic and perfect. Of course, nothing can ever really go as planned in a world of supernatural creatures. Something happens on your last night that neither you or Damon expect.

Pairing/s: Damon x Fem! Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore (very briefly mentioned), surprise character (I don’t want to spoil it)

Warning/s: Implied smut, blood, and a little bit of violence

A/N: The french is roughly translated from google so it might not be 100% correct. 

It Was Always You Master List

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The Immortals- Part 24- Driving Away

Hi, hello, bonjour :D

Here’s a little thing I wrote, I know I haven’t been posting in a few weeks, I am so sorry but I am so busy :(

I also wanted to thank you so so much, I reached 1000 followers and I still can’t believe it!

Words: 1032

I hope you like it!

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there and I’m on my tablet which is still horrible so some words might have auto corrected in French…

Plus, obvioulsy, I have no idea how long it would take to go from MF to Charlottesville so…just go with it, lol.

Enjoy :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23

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こんにちわ/こんばんわ! あなた は げんきですか。(いま、わたしは 日本語を べんきょしているので、わたしの ぶんしょうは ちょっと きみょうです。I'm still learning Japanese so this might not be correct. :3)

こんにちは! わたしは元気です!
あなたは 元気ですか?:3
日本語 とても上手ですね!おうえんしてます、がんばって!(*≧▽≦)

(Eng sub)
hello! i’m fine thank you! and you?:3
your Japanese is great! i’m rooting for you, my best wishes on your Japanese learning!(*≧▽≦)

ahaha sorry for my English not enough xP

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Hi! I'm a new ARMY and Jungkook is my bias... but I'm still not sure how to pronounce his name? Help pls? Like is the second k silent or not? And is the J pronounced with a "ch" sound bc I've heard it like that before too and idk he's just a beautiful person and I want to say his name correctly :)

hey, welcome to the fandom! i’m not korean so i might not be 100% correct but the ‘j’ isn’t a ‘ch’ sound it’s just a ‘j’ sound but maybe slightly softer?? the second ‘k’ isn’t silent and i think a better romanization of his name would be jeongguk with the ‘u’ making an ‘oo’ sound


Imagine - You are in a group chat with The Maximoff Twins and they speak Romanian to confuse you leading to secrets to be revealed!
Requested *below are translations, please don’t judge, I used Google Translate so they might not all be correct*

Hei Pietro , permite doar vorbesc în limba română = Hey Pietro, only speak Romanian

Ea va primi confuz , sora = She will get confused, sister

Aceasta este partea amuzantă = That’s the fun part

Da , prințesă dar totul vina pe Wanda a fost ideea ei = Yes princess, blame Wanda everything was her idea

Vina mea ?! Tu chiar dont pare amuzant că vă place de ea = You just do not find it funny because you like her

Acum, ea va ști secretul ! = Now she will know the secret!

Cel puțin nu trebuie să fie atât de speriat mai = Don’t be so scared (I think)

Eu nu am fost speriat != I am not scared

Minciuni ! Cel putin ea te place înapoi ! = Bullsh*t! At least she likes you back!

Dacă vă referiți la faptul că tu crezi Vision nu vă place , te înșeli , pentru că face ca tine = If you are referring to the fact that Vision doesn’t like you, you are wrong, he likes you

Ei bine, bine! Dacă el ma place , atunci ea te place = Well, if he likes me then she likes you

Wanda , Vision te place prea , sa evident = Wanda, Vision likes you too, it’s obvious

Asta a fost un fel de cald , prințesă = That was kind of hot princess

Te-ai uitat asta nu? Tu de fapt, n-au cunoscut o tot acest timp = you didn’t know that right? You looked it up (roughly)

Cred că sunt cool = I think you are cool

Opri complimenteaza -o atât de mult , enervant sa = stop complimenting her, it’s annoying

Vrei să mergi la o întâlnire cu mine ? = want to go on a date with me?

xx Hannah

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(On mobile so meme might not be 100% correct but...) TM TM TM TM!!!!!!!!! <3


Send Me  ™ If You Think I’m Quality Meme | Accepting |

Let Me In by Marika Hackman

Oh let me in, the air out here is thick and I’ve grown thin
Been choking on the wind,
Retching through my skin
Coughing up a laugh that tastes like spring, green and starved of oxygen

I could be the light
Blaze my own damn trail and you’ll follow
To a cruel, hard heartland
I’m a cruel, hard heartland

Grey charcoal blue stretched across the sky
This lonely moon leaves footprints in my shoes
Wanders through my bed, strokes my paper face and calms my head
Speaking silent words with hands instead

She could be the light
Help me blaze a trail and they’ll follow
To a cruel, hard heartland
I’m a cruel, hard heartland
I’m a cruel, hard heartland

To the east I raise my cup
Rise at dawn and make me sluggish and
Beat life again
I am with thee now
Poised and ready now

I chanced into the lake to hide my tears, conceal my salty fears
Heaving on the grass, gasping at the air, the sky went dark
The fire broke upon, we slept at last

When the embers die
They’ll not take your hand and lead you there
To a cruel, hard heartland
I’m a cruel, hard heartland

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Tabimatsu: Osomatsu 1/4 “Osomatsu’s Ambition 1”

These Tabimatsu stories are so cute. I will translate when I have extra time~! Of course, I had to do my husband favorite Matsu first. I am not fluent at all so there might be mistakes. Please correct me if I am wrong. Enjoy~

I corrected two of the last pages. Thanks to @bobaaddict for pointing out it was Obachan not Osomatsu talking. Wow talk about a stupid mistake @_@

Oso: “I’m not going to save the money I gathered, I’m going to use it all on high stakes pachinko.

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like imo the reason why kimono is NOT cultural appropriation is because:

- multiple sources of japanese people say they have absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact they actually encourage it

- real cultural appropriation happens when an aspect of a culture is taken out of it’s necessary cultural meaning and significance. e.g. wearing native headdresses because those have a specific cultural meaning and they aren’t just a thing that random people can wear. you have to earn it, and it’s very important culturally to a lot of native people (hopefully i said this right. i know very little about native cultures so i might have screwed up here. correct me if i am wrong or said something incorrect) 

- kimono is literally for every one to wear. this is kind of hard to explain because in a sense, everyone wears kimono (it literally translates as ‘thing to wear’) but not everyone wears specific types of kimono. married women wear kimono for married women. unmarried women have kimono specific for them, too. so do brides, and children, and men, and geiko, maiko, etc

- as long as you follow the rules (following the rules 100% is literally impossible because there are thousands of rules that are impossible to memorize that have changed over hundreds of years and there are different kimono schools that disagree about certain things) BUT as long as you follow the basic ones like folding left over right and try to do your best to dress yourself with care, you’re good. like, don’t drape the kimono improperly over yourself and say you’re a “sexy geisha girl.” just don’t. 

- kimono is unfortunately a dying art in japan. nowadays, and the majority of kimono makers are very happy that the art they love is being appreciated by young people, whether they are native japanese, or a westerner. 

- 99% of people who wear kimono are respectful and see it as an art. there are some rude and disrespectful people out there of course, but honestly almost everyone is super nice and do the best they can to research a lot. 

tl;dr it’s an awesome community filled with people from all over the world and it’s sad that some people on tumblr can’t seem to understand this and instead resort to being hateful and mean to people who like kimono. 

I have been posting study tips for the past week or so, but they have been separate and short tips. So I will still post some of those, but I wanted to make a big post about the majority of them. So of we go!

Motivation plays a big role in studying! Without it, you won’t want to do anything.

  • So you must remember that your hardwork pays off in the long run. It may seem hard in the short run, because it is hard. 
  • Also, this may seem a little weird, but keep track of your grades. If they are going up then great! However, if they are going down then talking to your teacher would be the best thing. After all, they are the ones who know you the best and can help improve your grade. 
  • Self motivating
    it is you who makes this happen. So you have got to motivate yourself in order to get the best grade you can. Going on tumblr to scroll through all the studyblrs is a form of motivation! If it woks for you, then continue.

Habits! Having a habit is the best thing to keep something going over and over again. 

  • Staying healthy would have to be the best one. This would mean having a somewhat healthy diet. Eat food that makes you feel good about yourself. This could be anything really, just don’t binge eat McDonalds. 
  • Reading the material everyday. Read when school finishes. You would have to read all the material that you did in school on that day. If you do this everyday then it will make studying a lot easier later on when you study for the big test. 
  • Having a habit which includes practicing test papers. You could try and do this everytime you finsih a topic. It will help you know what questions could come up in the future and make you understand the topic better as well. This is a really good habit to have. 
  • Get out of the habit of using other people notes. Your friends have different ways of learning and their notes may not contain all the information you need. Go straight to the teacher if you missed a lesson. They will give you all the information you need and you can write your own notes. 
  • Be neat and prepared at all times. If you get into this habit then life will be a lot more easier. Your work space will be clean and your notes will be organised. 
  • Have a specific study area(s). Having a few places to study will help you focus. When you sit in those specific area you will automatically thik you need to study. 

Its currently the holiday now. So what must you do before school starts again? 

If it is the start of the year then 

  • Make sure you know what classes you are taking.
  • Search up the specification points if there are any. 
  • Get your notebooks ready. You can buy one notebook with dividers for your subjects. 
  • Have a setup for your notes ready before it schoo starts. 

If it is a holiday then 

  • Review the notes you have previously done. 
  • Take this time to prepare or re write some notes that you may need next term. 
  • Also, take this time to pracice some past papers i you have access to them.
  • Most importantly, please do take this time to relax. You will have another term to work hard.

What about when you start school. How can you get ahead? 

  • Get to know your teacher and their teaching styles. 
  • Get a planner started with all your classes listed.
  • Study the specification, so you know what to do this year. 
  • Work as hard as you can! It will show your teachers that you WANT to study and they will help you as best they can. 
  • Don’t forget to get sleep and excersie. 
  • Sit in the front, you wont want to fall asleep. 
  • DON’T SKIP CLASS! Only skip if you need to! 
  • Get to know the people in your class. They might be able to help you further in the year.
  • With the people you know. Ask some of them to be your study buddy, they will be the person you go to in case you don’t understand. Go to them first before the teacher. They could also explain topics in words you understand. 

What shall you do all year though? 

  • Take lots and lots of notes. The more the better. However do make sure that they are organsied and make sure you can understand them. 
  • If staying the library helps then, go to the library! However, it doesn’t always work. 
  • Do a lot of exam prep. This means past papers and I mean lots of them.
  • Try to understand the subject more and more. Confsuion is bad. It doesn’t do you much good, you won’t pass the final. 
  • Tets yourself and ask your friends to test you. If it helps you then use this technique. I have and it has worked wonders.

Now with all this information should you do it weekly? 
Oh yes you should. 

  • Try to do as much of this as possibly on a weekly bases. 
  • However, please take a chill day. Make this day on the weekend though. You should study hard all week and have a day to yourself.
  • Follow a study timetable thoughout the week. 
  • Set a time everyday to study. 

This are the tips that I use. However, like I said I will still post my daily study tips. You might of heard a lot of these tips before but these are the main ones I use and a lot of them I have heard from others and seen here on Tumblr. 

(Sorry if there are spelling mistakes and blah blah blah. Its a long post, so I might of missed some corrections.)

So I would like to thank you for reading this and I hope you use some of these tips. 

Free! Eternal Summer thoughts anyone?

Hi there! I’ve been thinking a lot about what will happen in Free! Eternal Summer since Wednesday is still a few days away and I can’t wait for Episode 2! While waiting, I’m going to share my predictions about Free!ES based on what I’ve seen on Episode 1. I’m not good at putting my thoughts into words but I shall try! This post was inspired from watching the Ending Theme 1268124 times. xD

WARNING: This will contain lots of spoilers. I haven’t read High Speed yet so some of these might not be correct. And English isn’t my first language so there might be a lot of grammatical error.

So okay! I think this season would probably be focused on competitions– winning and winning and losing, dreams, falling out of friendships, as well as forming new ones and rebuilding old ones but mostly about the change in the main protagonist, Haruka.

In the Ending theme, the boys were shown in an AU of what they want to be in the future—judging from the last bits of the video which is this…

Makoto:  a fireman who helps people 

..take a bath? xD

Nagisa: an astronaut in space with the aliens~ looks fun!

(Hey look it’s the Spaceship pillow child!Rin was hugging)

Rei: a beautiful scientist who wants to make beautiful things happen

..yes, beautiful. (And that’s Nagisa’s spaceship he’s making)

Rin: a policeman who strips stops bad guys and bad things from happening

–with his sexy dance!

Haru was shown in two ways, a chef…

–and a

Mermaid wait wha-

Such fanservice! I know I might be reading too much into this but I think that this has some sort of an even deeper meaning than just plain fanservice. I’ve realized this after analyzing the first season’s OP-ED theme a few weeks prior to S2’s release. KyoAni has a habit of telling the whole story via an anime’s OP-ED (which is really awesome at how accurate it actually is).

We know that Haru likes to cook even tho everything he cooks is fish or fish or—so that explains it! But Haru is a mermaid too… Why? It’s because he’s like a fish who loves and needs water. According to folklore, mermaids are the fastest creature in the sea. So why show that now? Probably because it has something to do with what will happen… about being the fastest swimmer! Have you noticed that Ep1 Rin had been going on about Haruka having no drive about who’s fastest or improving his swim time? For example.

And this.

Notice how Haru reacted to Rin. And do you remember this?

This is the introduction of Free! Eternal Summer Ep1. This water has been tamed, very docile. It’s not enough for him anymore. He doesn’t know it himself but I think he’s yearning for a challenge… somewhere. Then KyoAni shows them this.

And so~

Look at that little blush? Maybe that little race fired something up in him.. finding the thing he’s been yearning for? Who knows.

Now we shall enter Sousuke.

Sousuke, like Rin, is also a Butterfly & Freestyle (in reference to the OP) swimmer and seems to be very very good at it. I think this will be a turning point for Haru? and maybe his will to go faster and be the fastest. But then…

The preview for Ep2. This looked like some sort of declaration of challenge. Maybe Sousuke decided to challenge Haruka? Settle a score? Or told Haruka something about Rin? Like maybe Rin can’t improve his time because of Haruka’s level? I don’t know. But they’ll end up racing one way or another. And then, Haruka


Look at frustrated Haruka. We’ve never seen him like this in S1. The thought of Haruka being competitive then losing resulting in this screenshot seems very likely. In my head, I think Haru really hates losing. I’m getting the feeling we’ll see a lot of aggressive, competitive Haruka this season. And soon, he realizes that he’s actually losing himself and his passion for water. Maybe he’ll want to stop. He’s changing. Just like how Rin was in S1. So this picture–

–might be Haruka losing sight of Haruka. After looking closer, the person reflected in Haru’s eyes is wearing a short swimwear. Only Haru and Nagisa wear shorts and I don’t think it’s Nagisa. So maybe it’s Haru looking at his own self alright.

With that, the five boys will have another dilemma. Haru is changing. Ofc, this affects everyone in the team since we all know that Haru really makes a big impact on everybody. Maybe they’ll have a fight, Rin and Haru fights caused by Sousuke(?) perhaps, and as usual they will be as stubborn as a turtle until everything ends up with their friendship hanging by the line (again).

Then, because of what’s happening, Nagisa tries his best to tie loose ends but he couldn’t, so he ends up feeling helpless about everything– feeling that the remaining thread will break and he’d be alone…. as if he’s alone in space and everything else floats in front of him but it’s hard to reach them. I can just see this happening and my heart aches for this baby since he’s the one who brought everyone together by forming the club. Despite Nagisa’s outgoingness, I think he’s the type who lacks confidence in himself and in order to not feel that lack of confidence, he needs people around him so he feels less alone.

And I’m guessing this is Makoto and Haru’s hands slowly drifting apart. In the AU, Makoto is shown as a fireman– very fitting for our angel! But what do firemen do? Put out the fire. In the future eps, I’m guessing Makoto will do a lot of that. Oh. Not literally putting out real fire but, the fire in friendships and arguments. He’ll try but he’ll sort of mess it up.

As for Rei, he was depicted as a scientist– megane and theories and all, of course! But I think this means that he’d also have that role in the actual plot– not as a scientist but as someone who invents solutions to solve problems (just like what he did last season). I think Rei and Makoto will have similar roles in this. Thus…

And so… This screenshot

–it really looks like Rei’s going after Rin. I dunno if he stops where he stands in this cap or if continues to follow Rin. If not, I’m sure that Rei will try to contact Rin (just like what he’s done before). I’m hoping for more RinRei friendship on screen plsplspls

For Rin, he was shown as a policeman. If you’ve watched the Ep1 of S2, you’d know that Rin has announced he’d like to go pro in swimming after graduation– but in the AU, he was shown as a policeman (doing le sexy dance)– that was probably a distraction. DISTRACTION FROM EVERYTHING. xD

OH. And since he’s a cop so he’s gonna do some chasing and bondage—I mean, catching, but yeah! I have a feeling he wants to catch Haru but Haru is now a different Haru (here it’s Iwatobi-chan, mermaid version!) I don’t know if this makes sense lol This is Haru reflected in Rin’s eyes, the Haru he sees.

On a more serious note

Rin clinging and crying so desperately intrigues me. I’m guessing everyone else too is intrigued by the reason but more intrigued about the person who he’s crying to. I can’t imagine Rei or Nagisa wearing those clothes. So that leaves, Makoto, Haru and Sousuke. But judging by the mysterious character’s built, he looks big. So it’s either Makoto or Sousuke. Though the color matches Sousuke best so I think it’s him.

If I follow the plot I’m thinking, maybe he’s blaming himself for Haru’s sudden change? Or he has something to do with it? That Haru’s starting to act the same way as him in the past? Coz I don’t think Rin will cry if he loses to Haru in a match anymore. He’s over that. Or…. maybe this screenshot is something entirely different! I’m excited to find out!

With that, let’s take a look at the ED’s pairings. (Haru’s left out from the Agent AU, he’s the mermaid princess)

Pair 1: Makoto & Nagisa.

Pair 2: Rei & Rin I’m still screaming about thisasbfaje

Something really might have happened between these guys.. Maybe they’re going to make it a mission to find out what’s happened lol Rei'sgoingtospyonRinagainthenbecomesbestfriendswithhim In the middle of those screenies was bby Sousuke (which I think is the one who started the dilemma) then the sequence was followed by Ai and the unknown boy– in short their tough competition, Samezuka. Then the sequence ends with Mermaid Haru. Well, anyway! I think we’ll see a lot of Makoto-Nagisa, Rei-Rin, Makoto-Rei and Nagisa-Rin interactions based on the ED. :D

Eye contact! (✿◠▽◠)(Θ‿ Θ✿)

Then we have this.

Rin clearly says his while Makoto and Haruka hasn’t thought about it. But the next day, during their cleanup, Haruka looks at the sky seemingly lost in thought..

This is probably a build up for Haruka’s drive to swim competitively in the future.

Well, anyway, these are just my thoughts on what might happen in the future episodes! I have no means of justifying everything aside from these screenshots and my brain. I’m thinking that my analysis might be too dramatic but I just can’t shake off this feeling of angstiness for this season… why brain why?? ಥ⌣ಥ

I’m not sure if I expressed my thoughts to you guys properly coz I can get very incoherent and just ramble on but I tried. My headcanons have a pretty linear direction since I don’t really like thinking hard but the anticipation is killing me so… yeah, I decided to work my brain hard this time. So that’s that! Whew! If you’re still reading this part, you have my utmost gratitude! Thank you so much for reading my random thoughts on Free! Eternal Summer! *bows*

In the end, we know it’ll end happily ever after! Everyone will be smiling and swimming together again, fulfilling their dreams, be gay and gayer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧