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Awhile back, (about three months), you asked what twins thought of the 2CT. I'm a fraternal twin, so this might not be correct, plus I can't really figure out if the theory is about one twin killing the other, or just taking the others place. For the latter one, I think the way the evidence is presented is off. For instance, I've read about one Ciel being shy, and the other being extroverted, and the evidence seems contrary to how a twin would act. (part 1)

(Part 2) In my experience with my twin brother, who is much less shy than I am, he tends to try and support me. He either drags me along, or I follow him around and let him introduce me. Also, if one of us died, we wouldn’t deny it. For instance, if I was in the same (Hypothetical) situation as the second Ciel, my first priority wouldn’t be revenge, it would be tricking the demon into not getting my soul. (Continued.)

(That’s another thing I find odd about Ciel. He’s very clever, so (Continued) (why is he so set on having Sebastian eat him? It seems like something he could get out of.) What I’m getting at here, is from my experience, Ciel being a twin seems unlikely, cause if it is true, based on the large amount of research Yana has done, you’d think she’d have talked to some twins or something. Sorry about the long thing, I just think a ton.

It’s been 3 months already? Wow! And yes, I did ask about it some time ago. Thanks for the detailed response! And double thanks for being against the 2CT! Don’t be sorry- I don’t mind long messages at all :)

The theory goes all over the place, tbh, whatever the 2CT fans thinks is convenient, so we have Ciel literally pushing his twin at the cultists, his twin sacrificing himself for him, Sebastian’s stomach being like some weird space arsenal, and of course, Ciel pretending to be his twin for reasons.

You’re correct about one twin being shy and the other being extroverted, though. That’s what the 2CT fans believe anyway.

Interesting! So from your experience, it’d be more realistic for the twins to be helping each other instead of just one of them running off and leaving the other in the dust. So far, if we go by 2CT, the extroverted twin abandoned our!Ciel twice, once to play with Klaus at Vincent’s party, and once in the BoC sidestory, instead of dragging our!Ciel with him.

Also, not denying it! That’s a good point too. I liked it so much I bolded it lol.

I agree with you! Yana does a lot of research and it’s really not hard to look at how twins interact. 2CT-ers say they have a deep, psychological bond blah blah, but I recall Yana having trouble writing Edward and Lizzie because she didn’t have a sibling. So if she thought it was hard writing for two non-twin siblings, I see no reason why she’d make the main character a twin and hide it for 100+ chapters. 

I also agree that the crux of the story is the contract and really, Ciel having a twin won’t change anything about himself or anyone else tbh. 

comadxxfwarrior, desertedsparrow, warboy-dingus

Also, here is a fun story about why I’m drawing on yellow paper. The girl at the office I work at was supposed to order one ream of yellow paper…….she ordered 10 cases. So now I have a bunch of yellow paper to draw on.


Some screenshots from my current modding project, The Merchants of Sadrith Mora. 

Pictured: a tailor, a trader and an enchantress who just likes soul gems and mostly outsources the actual selling enchanted trinkets part to people who can be bothered dealing with customers. Bothersome pests, those customer types. 

And Julan, who’s really gotten into the spirit of photobombing recently.

Happy Birthday Harry James Potter! ♥

I wasn’t about to miss the chance to do something to celebrate my absolute favourite character of all time, so I’m really pleased that I managed to get this done in time for his birthday! 

Flower symbolism: calla lilies for innocence; borages for courage; red, yellow, and pink roses for love, friendship, and joy respectively; white poppies for peace, and daffodils for chivalry. 

Today was my first day at my new job.

I didnt do alot since it was just training, but I can say I’ll probably be a lot busier at this job then I was at my old job. I’ll be supervising a large student organization while also supervising student governments at several regional campuses around the state. I would go more in depth about it but I’m tired and wanna go back to sleep. But I’m excited to get started and get my feet wet in student affairs.

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I see you telling people that leg workouts make legs thicker and I think thats wrong information what will happen is that the muscles are covered by fat so you will have to balance leg workout with cardio or the fat will make the legs look bigger

it might happen to people who originally has thinner legs but trust me i have no fat on my legs and if i start to build muscles (because i have done it before) they surely will get bigger as muscle takes place too. muscular and sporty legs can look good for smbdy who wants that but i personally dont want that so i dont workout just let them be thin.
i did workout for my legs to get thinner in the past and it didnt get better it got worse so i might not be correct for everyone but im not telling wrong information at all.
it depends on your built a lot, and many professionals if you look it up, says to stop training the legs if u find them too thick from muscles.
because in the cases i told this, wasnt about actually fat people trying to lose weight.

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jupiter whats happening with nicki and taylor rn?? i must've missed it omg

basically nicki was callin mtv out and talkin about the racism and sizeism in the industry and taylor’s ass comes in sayin “i love u but ur pitting women against each other” and nicki. wasnt even talking about her. i might be wrong so feel free to correct me

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i always love the headcanons that you write out, and i was wondering if you know anything, or what your personal thoughts are, on how the imperius curse works. in terms of people being imperiused to fight for voldemort in the war, how much of their free will do they retain? do they exist in a zombie-like state until they're commanded to act? when it came to the wars, how much of it do you think was magic and how much was threats and blackmail?

thank you!!

I think - and I might be wrong here, so correct me if I’m missing some canon info - that it’s either or situation, where you’re either fight it or, most likely, submit to it, it’s just the spell needs to be recasted every now and then (it’s not permanent), so, like in case of Barty Crouch Jr, at some point people can start fighting it (I guess it is much easier to do when you know you’re about to become of victim of Imperio whereas most victims are unaware the spell is about to be cast on them until it is too late). The longevity / strength of it also depends on the mastery of the person casting the spell, as well as the intent.

and I don’t think it was such a common case actually, seems like too much trouble! I think mostly just people in important positions (like the Ministry) were Imperiosed, and many actual DE later just claimed it as defense because there is no way to prove they weren’t under the spell… Threats and blackmail work better I think, like, even Lovegood tried to sell Harry out, and nobody had to ever go near him personally to make him work for DE. Then again, there were a lot of sadists among the DE who would enjoy using the Unforgivables just because they could.

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do you have any resources about the history of the spanish language?

Wikipedia’s section on the Spanish language is probably your best bet. You can also look into the actual references there and find more of the books.

You may have some luck if you check out historical linguistics for the Romance Languages. Spanish proper doesn’t really appear until the 13th century, but there were other Iberian languages that existed that Spanish eventually drew from. It may help if you look more into Alfonso X who is also known as Alfonso el Sabio who played a large part in the formation of Spanish and in translation in Toledo between the Muslim/Christian borders of Spain.

You may also find some resources from the RAE [Real Academia Español] which is the “authority” on Spanish and what’s considered “acceptable” and “grammatically correct” so it might have some information on roots there.

Some of the main books on the subject are things like Introduction to Spanish Linguistics by Milton Azevedo, Introduction to Spanish Phonetics by Barrutia and Schwegler. 

And Dr. David Pharies is one of the more well known people who’s written on the subject in Introduction to the History of Spanish 

It’s probably kind of early to be worrying about this, but I recently became the president of my school’s GSA (that was started last year), and I could really use some pointers. I think I have a pretty good idea for what I want to go over on the first meeting, but any tips and pointers would be great! I really want to make this a safe environment for the queer and questioning kids at my school, but in order to do that I feel like I should keep the members (new and old) informed. I want to be able to give them correct information, but a simple google search might not give me super correct information. 

So if any of you have any experiences/stories/or suggestions you wouldn’t mind me using or sharing, please message me! I could really use the help, and if specified I’ll be sure not to repeat any of the information given. Thank you guys!

gwangmin & co's ustream story :-)

ok so I woke up at nine in the morning ready to write a final exam at one in the afternoon but that’s besides the point

I got an email saying gwangmin’s livestream was on air & I didn’t expect much of it bc it was sent at seven n I thought they’d have left by then

but nOPE. I saw a green haired boy (I thought I wouldn’t like green gwangmin at first tbh but I think I’m in luv again) and his friends, hyeongeun (who, might I add, is so precious n everything perfect) and also euijun (someone correct me on this bc I actually don’t know about him but he was super chill giri 2.0 imo)

I was just basically watching pretty boys breathe (and eat and brush their teeth and also listen to my national anthem Ohio by hyukoh &&&& minsik’s new song, which was lit btw!!!!!) did I mention their voices are heavenly even tho they were just talking yes

and then they started calling people? like they would put up their numbers (prob temporary or smth) and with my limited korean I didn’t know if I should call them or nah

but listen this could prob be my only chance bc I ALWAYS miss their streams bc I’m always sleeping ok ok :( so I gave it a shot n called (sorry long distance what)

AND OHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS. gwangmin was sleeping beauty & was just listening at the back but hey it’s ok it’s ok so he passed the phone to hyeongeun

and at this point I was already done they said hello and asked me for my name and I asked if it’s ok that I didn’t know korean well & they were like oh……. so I kept saying I was v v sorry & hyeongeun just kept saying no no don’t be 
and they asked for my name again n I told them, I guess they couldn’t understand it at first bc ya my name is kind of a mess but ITS OK. and then they had to say bye n I couldn’t even tell them how surreal it was!!!!!

but when I hung up, they were still streaming & either they called me cute or called my name cute bUT HELLO HG GOT CALLED CUTE BY THE CUTEST THAT IS HYEONGEUN OK OKKK
and they just kept trying to pronounce my name (and I have a vid of the latter part but tumblr is being a bum n not lettin me post it) :(((((

but yes my knees have given up n I can’t process anything anymore

it was a v great morning & I passed my exam too so there’s that :-)

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Apparently I am. But here is one thing setting us apart. I'm not self diagnosed. According to them. there is something wrong with me, but I don't post about it all over tumblr, Hell, I never disclosed it on this website until you asked. I'm embarrassed of my disorders, thats how I know you're a huge faker, Because real mentally ill people don't want anyone to know

i want people to know so then theyll know why sometimes i make posts “freaking out” and such?

i want them to know bc maybe they can offer HELP and ADVICE

i mean man, i wish i was faking this.  thatd b great then i wouldnt have to deal with this bs.  but sadly that aint th case.  ALSO some of my disorders are professionally diagnosed or my doctor says theres traits of it.

AND ALSOOOO im not embarassed by my disorders bc?  i find nothing embarassing about myself so i meannnn yeah

anything else that might make you actually correct?

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lol now you're gonna act all cocky and pretend youre important just because fucking biblegirl tweeted you

no anon let me correct your anon hate so you can send it again

  • she retweeted my header
  • she put my header on her twitter account
  • she retweeted my square promo
  • she posted my square promo to instagram
  • she @ed me on instagram
  • she followed me on instagram


  • she called me amazing.

so send this hate again with the corrections and i might consider publishing it.

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Hi! Your writing style is great! I was wondering if you could write a drabble about Iggy? Maybe a date where you cook for him and be all nervous whether he'll approve of the food you make or not???😛

Hi there! ^ω^ Oh gosh thank you you’re so kind English isn’t my mother tongue, so please forgive me for the mistakes I might do, and please do correct me with a private message, feel free to tell me everything! Even if I didn’t satisfy you with my answer, please do contact me!  

And drabble it is  -w- Enjoy ~

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Ah, I cannot say for sure about this since I do not know you very well (forgive my hesitance in social tendencies, heh) but so far I feel we might be quite similarly shy? You're free to correct me if I am wrong!

what sort of vibe do i give off

( correct! i’m incredibly quiet & shy ._.; too intimidated by others to approach them whatsoever =| )