part (II/∞) good seventeen concepts to consider thinking about on a bad day:

  • making woozi smile so hard after a stressful day at pledis working on songs and you can see the way his mouth curls up at the sides and how his face starts to regain a glow all because you told him you were really proud of him and that whatever he has in store for seventeen is going to be mesmerizing - you’re sure of it!

  • passing by a stray cat and agreeing with joshua that you two should buy some food for it from a nearby convenience store and when you hurry back to feed the cat you notice how gently joshua speaks to it and how sincerely he hopes that one day it’ll find a warm home. the pureness of a person couldn’t be more evident in that moment.

  • drinking a really tall, cold glass of lemonade with s.coups after he’s been practicing and praising him on how well he’s leading everyone and when you least expect it he leans over, unfortunately knocking his lemonade over, but still pressing a soft kiss of gratitude against your lips