Welp I am finally not in Didny Worl anymore 0-0

Though gosh I just feel meh =_=

So I decided to watch some old VHS tapes that were laying in my room and gosh I came across some good cheesy stuff.

From generic Gymboree videos (which I couldn’t watch long due to how shaky it is now) to old Christian based ones like Hide ‘Em in your heart 0-0

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In elementary school our churros were made with blueberry filling and no cinnamon or chocolate on them (came prepackaged too), so now regular churros are a disappointment to me because they taste so plain. I'm so used to cinnamon in my waffles and pancakes since I add a mix of cin/ging/sugar to every type of p or w, that it tastes "normal" and anything less is bad so it's meh

that sounds amazing i wish i went to the blueberry elementary school

I’m rewatching the duel between AI!Atemu and Kaiba from the movie and… where did Atemu get his duel disk?

He walked into the church with no duel disk, but then he suddenly has one when Kaiba starts the duel. I know he’s just an AI, but… why not just have him wearing it when he entered, instead of it just appearing as soon as Kaiba activates his own?

I dunno, this is bothering me cause it just seems odd, but whatever, Kaiba likes unnecessary, confusing dramatics anyway so… meh.


@amigoingbananas Every time I try to sketch Hideyoshi, I think of you. Maybe because the first time we ever talked was when I’m about to finish his route and I have no one to fangirl with. You also dragged me into Yasu’s fans club and looking back now… I can’t believe that it’s been that long!

Thanks for being such an amazing friend to me. Hihihi. Love you to moon and back.

I tried :v

A Yangarang idea I had like 6 months ago but only in these week I got the time to actually do it ;;
I’ll definitely do a redraw in the future but for now I’ll go with this version