I can’t believe the sleeping headcanons post has 150+ notes on it, holy shit.

Oh my god you guys, over 150 notes for my little post on how these boys sleep?? Well, I didn’t expect my little urge at 2 am to be such a success, but I certainly am not complaining! I’m ecstatic that so many people enjoyed my little list of headcanons! 

I would L O V E to do more of those, so I’d like for you guys to REPLY TO THIS POST with ideas of different headcanons for the Matsuno brothers you’d like to hear about.

I cannot guarantee I will do every suggestion, as the asks in the box come first to these fun supplementary posts I’d like to start supplying. And I’m sure the other Mods would maybe enjoy doing some of these as well in their spare time!

So leave those headcanon suggestions down below!

~Mod Oso

anonymous asked:

maybe one where ty wants to top but j won't let him so he lets it slide until j is about to cum but j needs ty to say hometown and like t won't say it and idk it could end up with ty being stubborn and eventually getting his wish???? something like that??? go forth and sin my child

I am #achildofgod™

“It’s not fair Josh, I wanna top this time!” He’d complain continuously.
“Shut up and be quiet you little slut, not this time.”
And okay, maybe Tyler had pissed Josh earlier by flirting with other people, but that didn’t matter. So Tyler gives in, letting Josh push in and letting out a desperate moan.

Everything would be going fine for Josh, thrusting into Tyler deep and hard. But he still needed it, needed Tyler to say that fucking word.
“Ty, please say it, c'mon baby,” the boy would plead. Tyler would keep his mouth shut, shaking his head ignorantly.

“What do I have to do baby? Please?” Josh would start begging at this point. Tyler would wordlessly turn them over, sliding Josh out of him and slowly pushing in instead. He’d thrust harshly after that, hand wrapped around Josh’s throat.

“Knew you’d give in, hometown, slut.”
And Josh would fucking lose it, cumming. Tyler would smirk, following short after and laughing, because he always got his way.

The signs as shit my AP Lang teacher has said/done
  • aries:don't make my start breakdancing *adds quietly* maybe on a good day
  • taurus:*in response to when two girls were arguing and one hit the other and complained* Oh good, because I'm not allowed to.
  • gemini:you are not shrinking, you are too young to be shrinking. I am shrinking.
  • cancer:maybe my enthusiasm is just a little bit intimidating for some people.
  • leo:they would look for you in the parking lot, Mary Kate. With a crowbar.
  • virgo:gummies are the gateway drug
  • libra:*compares her boobs to the tivoli fountain in Italy*
  • scorpio:you guys were all sources, poor ones, but sources.
  • sagittarius:I was so distressed when I looked in my doily cabinet and I could not find the right sized doily!
  • aquarius:closed blinds are sad blinds
  • capricorn:I'm so excited about my new *lowers voice* skins *in reference to her new computer skin*
  • pisces:when I so much as sniff an oreo I see the face of God
fit post #4

skipped my entire weekend of working out  and  didn’t watch what i ate as closely as i usually would and still managed to somehow lose more weight which i am absolutely not complaining about! hopefully this means that all my running is maybe helping boost my metabolism a bit, but i have no clue how that works (fitblr side of tumblr?) anyways, managed to go to the 24/7 gym in town after work and get in some miles (it was pretty crowded surprisingly so i skipped the weights) and then checked out my apartments gym this morning and logged an extra mile more or less to wake myself up for work. 

they gym at the apartment is surprisingly big with a wide range of equipment so now i can do my workouts at home and only go to the gym training days, yay for saving gas money

ive lost 2 more lbs since my last post bringing the total to eight! so its still early but just two more pounds this month and i will have reached my goal for 10 lbs/August!! 

Working out tonight after work again because ill be busy tomorrow so hopefully its not as crowded tonight ~