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Have you played Left 4 Dead 1/2? I wonder how the ES squad would act if that sort of zombie apocalypse hit Tamriel. Noelie surely wouldn't be very shaken, right 😂?

No, I haven’t. There’s so much zombie stuff everywhere that I’ve grown a bit weary of the subject… As has Noelie, you’re absolutely correct about that. :’D

As for the rest, Skaila and Davius would probably be busy hacking and slashing their way through the shambling hordes of undead. Laraniel would be the one trying to find out the reason for the outbreak. Bron, Brenna, Varril and Meirami would pretty much just jump at the opportunity to loot everything that isn’t nailed down.

Do u ever see a book and think,
‘your so beautiful,’
But then realise you have no money so you give it a loving glance, brush your fingers over it and whisper,
'I’ll be back for you my love,’

Selfish Part II

In which it’s very difficult to love two people at the same time, and our favourite heroes learn it the hard way.

Note: I did NOT mean to let this fanfic take over my life. I did NOT mean to spend the last eight hours writing it. This was NOT supposed to happen, dammit.

Note2: Thank you all for the amazing response this little sh– err, fanfic got! All the likes, reblogs, comments and messages are very much appreciated, plus some of your tags were hilarious. I don’t know who told me to ‘wreck them’, but hell yeah I did.

Note3: Normally, I wouldn’t let you have it so soon, but this bastard wouldn’t let me live my life and I don’t want it anymore. JUST TAKE IT.

OH, and things get a bit steamy, by the way, but it’s still pretty tame (aka T rated). That, or I’m just too much of a sinner to be able to judge, welps.

Part 1 is here: (yeah, I have no idea how to do that fancy hiding the link beneath a word thing, judge me)


Part 2


Adrien’s voice was hoarse, mouth opening and closing for moments after he identified the spotted heroine who was confidently marching towards him, the sensuous swing of her hips not unlost to his verdant eyes.

She was the last person he wanted to see.

‘’You’re lucky I was patrolling around this area. It can get pretty dangerous at night, you know?’’ Ladybug waved her hand matter-of-factly, finally stopping at a distance that was not too close to be polite, but allowed Adrien to stare at her in all her glory: his eyes glanced over the smooth, rosy skin of her cheeks, descended to her modest but protruding cleavage and then her masterfully sculpted waistline, to hungrily take in her long, lean legs, after which he berated himself and brought his sinful gaze to a pair of azure eyes that could color oceans, glassy orbs that somehow made his head spin, affecting him more than her luscious body.

As she smiled invitingly, a smile that was actually kind and just a little shy transformed into powerful temptation, sinful and seductive and maddening. He swallowed. He had to say something. ‘’I was…’’

He was unable to finish, however, Ladybug paid his verbal incapability no mind. For the first time, she could see Adrien flustered, unable to control his gaze or even articulate himself – and it was because of her. The red coloring of his neck, the way his mouth moved but did not speak, the way his hands fiddled with the ends of his shirt in a visibly unconscious manner – it was all a reaction to her very presence, and it gave her a feeling of control that was unfamiliar, foreign, but she relished it.

The mask was on; clumsy, stuttering Marinette was gone. She was Ladybug and now Adrien was the one who lost his voice. The roles were reversed. She was in control.

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Happy Birthday, Lev!

A chorus of Nekoma cast members wishing Lev a happy birthday past midnight when it was technically the 31st.  LOL  

Takato (Kenma) 
There were so many zombies on the train, it sort of felt like I was on the Walking Dead.  
Also, even though it’s technically over, Happy Birthday Lev!

Bishin (Taketora)
Happy birthday~
But Nekoma’s real ace, is me, Yamamoto Taketora!!!

Takeru (Yaku)
Oh yeah.
It’s technically the next day, but Lev’s birthday was yesterday.  Happy birthday! Lev.

Naoki (Kai) 
Ah, Happy Birthday, Lev.
…I totally knew it was his birthday by the way. lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

OKAY BUT can you imagine Lucifer during the zombie apocalypse? Rick or Negan or someone would be like ‘hey- can’t you do something about this you gotta have powers or something’ and Lu’d just be like ‘I did do something. I made the dead walk. This is entertaining. You’re welcome AMC’ and they’d just sort of squint. 

Rick: You can wipe them out
Lu: Yes
Rick: Then do it
Lu: Nah

So back in October, Monster High let me know that I was one out of 100 that won Zomby Gaga in a contest they held on Twitter earlier in the year. They said that the dolls would be shipped December-January. Well I’ve seen quite a few people already get theirs at the end of December, and there’s no sign of mine. I was wondering if there were other winners that haven’t received theirs? I’d be able to stop worrying if I knew that they were still sending the dolls out, or if I need to contact them.


Inktobers, day 1 through 4! I never said I would participate in inktober because I’m not..very confident in my trad skills… I’m struggling a lot (and very frequently, hating everything lol) but I’m doing it in hopes that I’ll get better at it by the end of the month. Also chose to post them in a small bundle instead of pestering you guys everyday with one single simple drawing.

I used this list of oc outfits<< to follow through the month and asked my friends to decide the outfit for the next day each time.

What’s Eating You - by TheSpazzBot Chapter 9

Levi: It’s no use brat, she knows you’re awake.

Hanji: Levi -

Levi: No.

Hanji: Levi, let’s play I Spy!

I finally got the courage to read the update for What’s Eating You… and OH MY GOSH why? I was soo happy that chapter 33 came out, but then I saw people commenting about how sad it was. .. but now I know, and I can’t go back. .. all that is left to do is to go cry in the corner and try to put my heart back together while I wait for the next chapter….

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I'm so sorry if you've been asked this before. What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead? Yay, nay? Do you like?

I love that Walking Dead brought so many fans into the genre. I love that it turned so many people onto zombies and maybe introduced them to other zombie films & TV and even the larger scope of horror as well. I know that it did for some people. 

It’s not really for me, though. At first I thought that it was everything I loved about Romero’s original zombie trilogy, but in a serialized format. But then it kept going, and it didn’t really change. And as much as there may be character development, I don’t feel like the show ever deviates in formula. Each season as the same basic arc. 

The same characters are always safe, and every now and then, in a big dramatic turn of event, they’ll kill a major character. And because of the intensity of the world in which the show is set, we won’t notice that that’s still them adhering to the basic formula of just about every single sci-fi/horror TV series. 

I’ll admit, I only watched the first three seasons regularly. So I can’t say for sure where it’s gone from there, I’m only going off the things I heard about it. I like a lot of the actors on the show and I think the makeup FX are pretty stellar, for the most part. But its so drawn out and it never really feels… different, I guess. 

But I want it to keep going and to keep being successful because more horror on TV and more fans being brought into the genre are always a good thing. 

Man every new episode of KnK makes me like Ikoma more. I expected him to be really whiny because of his design, what happens to him in the show, and the fact that the anime is made by the same studio that made AoT (ngl I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eren). But instead he’s a guy who won’t lay down and accept shit that he deems unacceptable. If shit needs to get done then he does it. He has moments where he freaks out over something or feels bad about something but instead of dwelling on it constantly he moves on, or makes up for it (for example, I thought he’d angst over attacking Ayame for way longer than he did. Instead he spends most of the episode trying to save the train. Again. Then he just makes a pact with Ayame to fight for them in exchange for blood. Problem solved.) His speech to Mumei in episode 6 really showcases why I like him so far, he basically says “Yeah we’re weak. So what? Doesn’t mean we have to accept our fate. If we’re weak then that just means we can learn from our mistakes and become stronger”.

Also, when Mumei said “go ahead and tell me it’s my fault we’re in this mess” I thought he’d be all nice and tell her it’s not her fault. But instead he was like “Yeah you totally ruined everything you asshole” while working diligently to free her and also admitting that he also acted impulsively by abandoning the crane to rescue her. Which I thought was a great moment. He seems to be very willing to take responsibility for his mistakes. He’s also constantly surprising me with how badass he is despite being a huge nerd lol. Not to mention he’s surprisingly cheerful sometimes, like when he was gushing about his steam gun, or when he was all excited about his plan. He has two modes, angry green zombie nerd, and happy green zombie nerd.

He’s overall just a way better MC than I thought he’d be when I first saw the previews for the anime. Hopefully he continues to impress me.