Double the Fun: A playlist of Rob Houchen and Anton Zetterholm being the talented best friends that they are

1. Double Show Fun (original) - Rob & Anton // 2. My Island (Easter Rising) - Rob // 3. Red & Black/Do You Hear The People Sing? (Les Miserables) - Anton as Enjolras, Rob as Marius // 4. Hallelujah - Anton & Rob // 5. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Les Miserables)- Rob as Marius // 6. One Last Prayer (Kerrigan & Lowdermilk) - Anton Zetterholm // 7. Stay Another Day - Anton, Rob, Niall Sheehy, Jonny Purchase, Lee Dillon-Stuart // 8. Kiss the Air - Rob // 9. Wenn Ich Dein Spiegel Wär (Elisabeth) - Anton & Annemieke Van Dam // 10. Heaven Is a Place on Earth/Baby (mashup) - Rob // 11. River - Rob & Anton // 12. The Last Double Show (original) - Anton & Rob ft. Les Mis cast


Calum convincing you to go with him to source some little lake he heard about that’s “only just down that little hill, babe” but his idea of ‘little’ is apparently drastically different to yours and while you genuinely loved the adventures he took you on, this one was a little steeper and a lot rockier than you expected but you comply, smiling to yourself while he treks just ahead of you, a little bounce in his step like a puppy let off his leash and it’s not until you reach the stones by the bank of the river that you realise how exhausted you are, the thought of climbing back up that hill making you groan so he crouches down and waits for your arms to wrap securely around his neck, his hands gripping under your thighs and he starts walking back, carrying you in an entirely different direction and when you bury your head against his neck and mumble a quiet, “Cal, you’re going the opposite direction?” against his skin he just chuckles and says, “Oh, no, we took the Bear Grylls shortcut before, there’s a walking path just over here.”

About A Girl (Part Four)

a/n: it’s a long one! thanks for your patience, guys. i hope it was worth the wait. as always, feedback is pretty cool and very appreciated :)
word count: 2940 / part one / part three

The bed you woke up in was unfamiliar; the room smelled like boy and before you even opened your eyes your chest tightened a little at the thought that Luke might’ve seen you leave with someone else. Blinking against the harsh midday sun creeping through the blinds, you stretched and turned to your left where the silhouette of a stranger lay curled up, black hair poking out from beneath the blankets.

“Morning, missy,” Michael’s familiar voice grumbled from beside you, roused from his slumber by your fidgeting. You exhaled deep, relief slowing your heart rate when you realised the figure beside you wasn’t a stranger at all. “How y'feeling?”

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blurb: hugs 4/4 ( #1 )

Calum- ok so i think Calum would be really affectionate and having to be close to you a lot of the time because its easier for him to show you how he feels with like hugs and kisses instead of telling you because its hard for him to think of the right words idk. so he would hug you a lot and his arms would squeeze your body really gently and he’d smell really nice and he would be smiling rly big when he hugs you but you wouldn’t know and aw. 

Ashton- omg so you’d probably do something really cute or get nervous and trip on your words and he would giggle and be like “c'mere” and he’d pull you in by your waist with his big hands and just hug you tight and you’d be smiling really big and he’d probably kiss your forehead. w o w i am not okay

Luke- i feel like you would be the one always hugging Luke and he loved it so much and appreciated the fact that you wanted to be hugging him and he’d rest his chin on your head and he’d probably be like ’“you smell really good” or something and you’d laugh into his chest and look up at him byyee 

Michael- hmmm Michael would be the kind of guy that liked reaaallllyyy long hugs and he’d grin and just be really happy knowing that he’s hugging you and when you’d both let go he would probably slide his hand down your arm and play with your hands because he just liked your touch and agh im done 

ok guys so since i had to make a new blog this is my first blurb and there will be many more on the way! let me know what you wanna hear with requests and stuff. ill literally write anything :-) it doesnt have to be a blurb! thanks for reading and ily