It was Friday, which meant Magic and Pokémon! I love that I get to spend a few hours with mi amor at his second job, I swear it powers me through my work night.

Also, it’s fun to wear a semi cute relaxed outfit and bright shoes.

Mostly I just like to be all in his personal space. 😍😍😍

Bae is bae. Smart, funny, kind, silly…haha I could write y'all a list but I won’t. Basically he is, down to the letter, everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner ever.
Hashtag I’m not gonna fuck this up. Hashtag God guide me.

helpidontknowhowtolife  asked:

Hey! I really like your askblog so far! Could you maybe do US, UF, SF, and UT bros reacting to their s/o crying and when they ask if the s/o is okay they just do finger guns (because they honestly don't know)??

oh my gosh, i would do this. its a great ask hun! im going to assume that someone made them upset, and they just let it out now if thats okay!))

uh, kid? oh geeze… he immediately tries to comfort you as best he can. First, hugs and cuddles and kisses. when he asks you whats wrong and you give him the guns? okay kid now he’s really worried, you are DEFINITELY not okay…he’s going to sooth you untill you finally stop crying, and if you dont want to talk about it that’s fine. He’ll make a lot of bad gun puns untill your tears are the happy kind.

DATEMATE WHATS GOING ON?! like his brother, he trys to comfort you, and makes you comfort spaghetti. When you give him you finger guns, he is super confused. arent you sad? why are you crying and doing this thing? once you stop he will wait for you to explain.

thats it. who the fuck made you cry?! whats wrong doll? finger guns wtf? he is angry and confused at the same time. he wants to comfort you, dust the guy who did this, and have you explain.

pretty much the same as Red, and he makes you lasanga for you to eat while he sends Red to fetch the latest addition to his tourture chamber…

DATEMATE DONT CRY! He cuddles you and asks whats wrong. finger guns and he is confused and scared. did he break you? he’s going to get Papy to check on you because hes scared for you. hes going to make tacos and a feel better cake. (if you tell him what happened he goes low-key yandere and leaves later while you’re asleep and kills the guy who made you cry))

oh no. what happened? he doesn’t know whats going on so he just kind of turns into an octopus and wraps himself around you. he fakes a smile when you do the guns, but he really just wants you happy again. he lets you bring up the subject later. hes not gonna pry.

okay he doesn’t know what to do. like, at all. he tries to ask you whats wrong and you just made it harder for him with the fingers. what the heck is he supposed to do with that?! eventually he just huffa and cuddles you untill you feel better, but demands an explanation later.

happy first, questions later. he becomes very protective of you, doing literally anything to make you happy again. you may not even get a chance for finger guns because youll be giggling so much. when hes sure you’re happy and relaxed, he’ll gently coax an explanation from you. cuddles all night for you, but mysteriously theres a news report of the guy being missing the next day…

oh geez this was a bit hard to write. but it was fun! see ya soon hun!~))

There is no Ryder without Jaal Ama Darav: Part 6

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

This has been edited by @allieasweets, she did a lovely job! 

They could see Meridian.

Kind of.

Currently the floating black sphere was surrounded by a massive fleet of Kett ships.

Honestly it terrified Sara to look at them. All those things wanted to kill her and the people she cared for.

She saw a Resistance ship fly by the Tempest. It reminded her she had her own fleet.

Resistance, remnant, exiles and Initiative ships surrounded the Tempest. Both sides seemed equal in numbers, as the stared each other down.

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Like, I agree that Scanlan can be a selfish character in some areas. I can understand why people don’t like/are wary of him even if I don’t agree with their view/interpretation of the character all the time (for example: I’m more lenient on nearly all Modify Memory uses, Vex being the one I’m most against and Percy’s being a mixed bag). But I just really can’t see the idea that Scanlan would abandon them in battle, or wouldn’t try to save Vox Machina.

That’s the only problem I have with what Marisha said, because Scanlan hasn’t done anything to make me think he’s that selfish or awful. Even looking at the withholding of an 8th level spell and not using the flute, it just doesn’t click for me. Make bad decisions? Sure, I can understand questioning Sam/Scanlan’s logic in battle after that. That makes perfect sense. I can understand that wariness of “we don’t know what he’ll do in battle” and how that’s a big issue for a group that’s always getting in fights. And like Travis said, we don’t fully know why he never used the 8th level spell, and as for the flute you can probably argue he didn’t want to throw J’mon immediately into the fray so they could have him later. Maybe it just didn’t work out well. Either way I don’t know (and I don’t know if he talked about it on Talks).

But then to go further and say he’d ditch them doesn’t…feel right. At least, in regards to a battle scenario. That’s the only part I’m against, because there’s no real proof that Scanlan would leave them suddenly in battle. Looking back at those fights, Scanlan died twice fighting Raishan with Vox Machina, so using the first fight against said dragon as an example that he’d probably leave them doesn’t sit well with me. Would he back off and try to get his health back up? Sure. Put distance between him and the enemy? Yeah. But to just leave? The only way I could see that is under very dire circumstances, like if half the team was unconscious or dead and there’s nothing he can do about it. Or pulling a Keyleth and trusting/hoping the team can get themselves out of  danger (in a scenario where it is a possibility, I mean). Which I’m not even sure I’d be mad about depending on what happens afterwards and the fact Scanlan has outside family he actively wants to return to (which creates a grey area).

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be annoyed with it if it was framed in a questioning manner, like a “we’re just not sure after everything that’s happened.” But as I recall, Marisha just sounded so sure and framed it in a general kind of manner (like even before Thordak/Raishan this is what she thought Scanlan would do) that it bugged me.


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-Kuroko no Basuke

-Owari no Seraph

-Beyond the Boundary


-Wadonohara and the Great Blue Sea


-Fire Emblem

-Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2



-Love Live

-Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!

-Professor Layton

-DRAMAtical Murder

-Tokyo Ghoul

-Neon Genesis Evangelion

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“When have we ever hid anything from each other, painful or not?” - Janine Hale

Resurrection S1 E4 “Us Against the World” + faces