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so I’m finally back, as I actually will have time to create a few things. but I have the problem that I’ve been away for a bit now and my head is exploding with too many ideas… so I decided you guys can choose for me what I shall create first. I made a little poll thingy down below (click keep reading to view the poll), the options are a bit brought but it will help me narrow it down. you can vote on as many things as you like + I will make it both in TS3 & TS4.

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ay e yEAH [insert mark's voice here from Take It] i wanna requeS T GIFLESS REACTIONSSS BUT THERE ARE SO MANY LIKE -nct [any uniteu] reacting that you can rap better than markeu -you're annoying as haechan because you're his cousin/little sister -you can dance to Navillera 2 times faster and so many more like?????? YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OUT OF THE OPTIONS SO YOU WON'T BE STRESSED <333333 - anon that talks too much

this is going to be gifless like you requested so !! also i chose nct 127 because most of the members are in this unit , if you want another unit do feel free to request again hehe ily

Nct 127’s reaction to you being Haechan’s younger sister

Taeil: When Haechan first introduced you to him , he was polite and really awkward , but as soon as you opened your mouth to speak ,or start making funny jokes/roasts , he knew what was going to come for him - he had to deal with Haechan2.0 .

But surprisingly though, you and Haechan hardly ever tease him , mainly because he’s much older than y'all and he’s so clueless sometimes , you find it hard to make fun of him . But that one time you imitated and teased his owl impression for a whole day straight , he looked so done with you , you eventually apologised and hugged him cheekily .

Johnny: I feel like Johnny would just smile to himself a lot , as he noticed how you’d have similar personality traits with Haechan , and he found it cute that you’d always try to make the others around you laugh .

Being the romantic and sweet guy he is , he wouldn’t mind much if you teased and joked around with him a lot . But if you did it too overboard though , he’d tease you back instantly - making fun of you being shorter than he is , and probably also pat your head after , saying how much you remind him of a kid - which you’d be pouty and whiny about .

Taeyong: As soon as you met him for the first time , “ Ty track !! Ty track !! ” , you high fived Haechan and laughed together with your brother - he facepalmed himself and sighed , knowing that he had to deal with another kid , which he found adorable anyway .

Despite the number of times you played a prank on him though, he’d still help you no matter what , and giving you advice when needed to . Gets annoyed when you greet him with ‘Ty track’ instead of ‘oppa’ but doesn’t show it , because he likes how you’re so carefree and happy all the time , just like Haechan .

Yuta: When you introduced yourself as Haechan’s sister , he immediately replied with a “ Wow donghyuck ah , i didn’t know you had such a pretty sister ” - you knew what his character was like . Both of you eventually got closer and would have little roasts competitions and arguements with one another from time to time , which Haechan sometimes joins in too , which yuta dislikes because all he wants is to talk to you tbh .

“ oppa , stop flirting so much with winwin , he looks so uncomfortable all the time ”

“ shut up , no one’s flirting with who - unless you count me and you ”

“ no one wants to flirt with you ew ”

“ oh i’m sorry i was talking to the BEAUTIFUL lady behind , not you haha ”

Doyoung: Was really excited to meet you , in hopes that you’d be much sweeter and not as annoying as Haechan , but was caught off guard when you and donghyuck played a prank together on him . Was genuinely upset about it and it was not only you apologised and promised to make it up to him that he forgave you .

Nags at you A LOT , and has a frown on his face most of time - not because he dislikes you , but because you’re always disturbing and teasing him , and with Haechan around it’s two times worst . But nonetheless he still treats you like a child sometimes and helps you out a lot , and sometimes you’d catch him smiling and shaking his head at your silly actions .

Jaehyun: Like Johnny , he’d be really chill about it and probably not do much , only laughing and giggling at the jokes you make and how loud you were . At times too , he’d tell Haechan about how he thinks you’re cute , which you eventually found out about because donghyuck cant keep his mouth shut .

Would probably agree with you on playing pranks on the other members , especially on Doyoung because he likes seeing bunny pissed . Loves taking care of you and treating you like a child too , and he probably saved your contact name as “ hyuck’s lovely sister ” or somewhere along those lines .

WinWin: Shookt™ and speechless at first when he realised how you and Haechan were so alike , especially the loudness and happiness , being the mood maker and talker of your first meeting/encounter with each other .

Would just smile to himself quietly and let you do what you want , as he’s used to haechan around , it’s nothing new with you now . But at the same time he’s too cute and pure , you hardly ever make fun/tease him , but instead you’re unconsciously sweet to him most of the time , which of course caught haechan off when he noticed , making him suspect that you had a crush on winwin .

Mark: “ this hyung is so dumb but also great at the same ” - you remember your brother telling you this , and you eventually understood what he meant when you got to know him better . He’s so clueless and naive you feel the need to tease him all the time , which he’d always just sigh and shake his head to after , denying and claiming to what you were teasing about .

Poor Mark now has to deal with both you and Haechan , as y'all constantly tease and joke about him . But since Mark has known donghyuck for the longest time ever , he wasn’t surprised when he noticed that you and haechan were the exact same . At times he’d also smile and laugh to himself , can’t help but agree that you were a funny person .

Haechan: He’d always wanted to introduce you to the members , mainly because he feels that you’d be good friends with them , and also because he wanted to prove to the other members that there was someone just as annoying as he is .

Both of you like just like partners in crime and like to play pranks and tease the other members . But at the end of the day you’re thankful towards him because he gave you the opportunity to meet and make friends with such wonderful people .

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because my darling yenna has such beautiful and positive ideas i thought i would borrow it and do some myself, because you guys have all done so much for me, and you are all the sweetest people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and not knowing (regardless of if we have spoken or not, i love you dearly) so i figure it was high time i did something for you guys

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Anon Request: Can you do one where you go on a camping trip with him and you two have been sending signs you like eachother for a while and stuff I’m sorry I don’t know what else, but I love your imagines, they’re so good!

Looks like today you were going on a road trip! Your best friend invited you and some of your friends (including (C/N)) to go camping. You were so nervous, so many things could happen on this weekend with (C/N). You would either embarrass yourself hardcore, or romantically bond with (C/N). You were really hoping for the second option. You and (C/N) really seemed to be hitting it off lately, you were flirting and he would sometimes hold your hand and hug you. You didn’t wanna mess that all up over one weekend. 

You had all your little sports bags filled with clothes ready to go. You hear a car honk it’s horn several times queuing you to leave and tell your parents good bye.

“Could you have honked the horn some more, I could barely hear it,” you jokingly say as you enter the tight packed car.

“She think she has jokes,” (Best/Friends/Boyfriend) chuckles out, “take a seat, any seat.”

“She doesn’t have much of a choice, she’s gonna have to sit by me,” (C/N) says pulling your hips to the only seat available.

“Jeeze,” you laugh, “so are we good?”

“Yup! You were our last stop, funnest weekend ever day 1 let’s go,” (Best/F) says excitedly.

The car ride was amusing but long. Maybe you all shouldn’t have left at 5:30 P.M. Sitting by (C/N) made it all the more great however. He would tell you jokes, whisper in your ear to make fun of your other friends (his hot breath tickled your neck and left goosebumps on your skin), trace shapes on your thigh with a feather light touch, and when an hour had passed by, he let you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Tired?” He asked you with a slight smile.

“Yeah,” you answer.

“Well it looks like we’re here,” (F/N) says.

“Great, atleast my loser boyfriend didn’t get us lost,” (Best/F/N) says as she gets out of the car.

“You loser boyfriend can hear you!” (BF/Boyfriend) says as he too exits the car.

“It’s already dark, what can we do now?” You ask.

“Skinny dipping,” (C/N) suggest as he steps facing directly behind you ‘tazering’ your sides.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you,” (His/F/N) says while laughing and eyeing you the whole time.

“Shut up,” he responds while laughing too.

“I say we get camp set up first, and then we can play truth or dare,” (F/N) says with a devious grin.

Everyone agrees, and you all set up camp. There are two tents, one for the guys and the other for the girls. So, three people would sleep in each tent. When you all finish, one of your guy friends sets up the fire and some logs for you all to sit around the fire. When you arrive, (C/N) pulls your hips to sit next to him like he did when you were entering the car, and your friends roll their eyes and smirk. You begin to play the third and fourth rounds and it’s getting really fun.

“Okay (F/N). Truth or dare?” Your best friend asks mischievously.

“Dare!” Your friends name responds confidently.

“I dare you… to… run around the campsite in just your underwear. So I hope you were wearing boxers instead of briefs,” she laughs.

“Is that all you got? I was gonna do that anyway,” he says. He runs around and completes the dare. It was (C/N)’s turn.

“Truth or dare (C/N), don’t wimp out on me! I just rand around here half naked,” his friend states.

“I’m a man, c’mon. Obviously I’m gonna do a dare.” (C/N) replies while slinking his arm around you when he stated that he was a ‘man.’

“Since you’re getting so comfy with, (Y/N) over here… I dare you to kiss her. Right here on the lips,” his friend said while mocking him.

(C/N) looks at you for approval, and you just nervously smile and shrug your shoulders. He grabs you and stands you both up, cups your face in his hands and breathes you into a kiss. He stops, looks at you again, and kisses you harder while biting your lip and breathing heavily like you were his only source of oxygen.

“I said a kiss not a makeout!” His friend laughs and says.

“Dude I said I’m a man did I not?” He responds.

You cover your mouth and sit back down. You don’t want anyone to see how big you were smiling and how red you were getting.  But later, the whole night, (C/N) sort of ignored you. He never once made another move on you like he normally would. He didn’t talk to you look at you, he was only with his friends. How could he just kiss you like that and not talk about it? Maybe it was just a dare. You, like all of your friends were in your tents, but these thoughts haunted you so much you just wanted to take a walk.

You got really deep into the walk when it started to get colder. You were only wearing a pair of shorts and a thin cardigan. You had to wrap it around you as you walked because the wind was getting to be too much. You hear mumbling like someone’s talking to themselves, and you find out it’s (C/N). You can’t quite here what he’s saying but he’s alone and he sounds upset. You try to get closer with out being seen until you step on a branch that made the loudest noise ever.

“Who’s that?” He shouts. “Seriously come out!”

“It’s just me,” you say nervously as you approach him. “What are you–” you take a quick sniff of him. “Were you drinking? Are you drunk?”

“I’m not drunk I’m just a little buzzed,” he replies.

You knew it, he was only holding one bottle after all and the smell wasn’t that strong. He was still in his right mind. 

“Why are you following me anyway?” he asks.

“I was just taking a walk and then I saw you and, and I just I feel like there’s something wrong,” you admit. He look at you and looks back down to his feet in silence. “There is something wrong isn’t there. Was it the kiss?”

“I guess,” he says.

“Well elaborate, I’m not gonna be upset or anything, just be honest with me.” you say.

“I was going on raving about how I was such a man,” he says as he starts to pace around waving his bottle in his hand, “but what kind of a ‘man’ can’t even have the guts to tell the girl he adores how he feels with out the help of a little alcohol,” he confesses throwing the bottle into the river in frustration.

“Me?” you ask. He looks at you like you were disappointed in him. “(C/N), you should know by now that I feel the same way,” you say with a smile holding his hands. “I would’ve waited way longer than this point for something to happen between us. All I really care about is that we’re together.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah,” you say while hugging him. “And next time, you don’t need a dare to kiss me.”

“Well thanks for the permission because that’s how we’re spending the rest of our weekend,” he says and winks at you pulling you back into his arms.

Feedback please I feel like I’m getting worse at writing imagines. )):

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Cora is a 2nd hottest topic on BSN forums, right after Jaal and most of the people out there want her to be bisexual. They also brought a little talk on this matter that in the past they wanted all characters in the trilogy be options for both mshep and fshep, but chose not to so people would re-play as both genders which end up ridiculous since if you really want to enjoy the game you play it the way you want it as many times as you want it too. I think there's hope for a change this time.

that’s so good to know!! also i get the not having all the characters be options for both genders so that there is lesbian/gay rep as well but they didn’t do that AT ALL in the ot except for the romances with little content in me3 so :/ (not to talk about the gross male gazey nature of the whole sam romance which… yeah)

   I really hope bioware just stays away from  coding a woman as sapphic and then making her straight to “break cliches” again.

It’s so nice honestly the variation of Steve and Bucky’s relationship beginning, ending, stopping, issues, hiatuses, they’ve got so much time to work with I just wonder what’d be cannon if anything

On one side, it’s the Brooklyn boys “I think I loved you before I knew what love was” looking into his eyes the first time he pulled me out of a fight he was different he was just special

Then there’s the “I pulled you out of wakandan cryo and damn we’re kissing” for whatever reason (optional: “wow took you long enough”)

There’s just so many times

There’s so many little pockets of time before the war and sirum

After the sirum “yeah but I’ve always loved you, just now everyone can see how beautiful you are” shit

“Don’t go (you’re all I’ve got)” or “I’m glad you’re okay, punk” right the fuck before or after the sirum

There’s god damn like stages of remembering shit like whatever stage but Bucky’s like with him and he’s like “oh fuck, we fuck” and so there we go or like “oh fuck, we should'a fucked” and then there we go


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whispers: watch nikita, it's one of THE best things i've ever watched. it's a spy series with an asian woman as the lead protagonist, AMAZING fight scenes, and really brilliant, smart writing. i've never been bored watching an episode, it's just extremely well-paced. and all relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are treated with a lot of respect, but the most meaningful and heartwrenching dynamics in the show are consistently between women. and the whole series is on netflix!


Thanks! :D


  • travel
  • florida
  • duke
  • colorado
  • arizona
  • california
  • save all the money
  • stop using my target credit card
  • stop buying drinks. if you’re that desperate, make cute boys buy them for you.
  • stop buying so many groceries. clean out your damn cupboard before you go to buy a loaf of bread for the thousandth time.
  • look into cheaper summer housing. see about some options. just. look.
  • make a cute little “England” jar and start putting all your spare change it in. you’re never gonna move forward if you don’t meet him first. 
  • do not go pay for any more movies this year. if you’re that desperate, take a trip home and take a sister and use your parent’s credit card.
  • you are under no obligation to clean the apartment as much as you do. so stop it. let your roommates waste away and keep your room and your dishes clean.
  • no new clothes. you’ve been pretty good at this, but keep doing it. if it’s meant to be, it’ll be under $10, and only ONCE a month. 
  • no hair dying until august. we’ll see how that goes. one haircut until then as well. this month or next month, and then not again.
  • get rid of your acne for christ’s sake
  • drink all the water
  • actually take your vitamins daily
  • look up natural recipes for healthier hair & cleaner skin
  • you can do this. all of it. just stick to it this time. 
About Haikyuu!! Seiyuu Post


If you’re wondering why I keep posting Haikyuu!! seiyuu facts, well, I currently have too many Haikyuu!! Seiyuu story, relationship story, cast comments, behind the recording story, etc etc etc….

Sometimes I tried to combine them together into one post, but most of the times, it becomes random facts clustered together and it displeased me. 

So it’s either post them now individually or never at all. I choose the first option. 

Thank you for your understanding :) I’ll post normally again soon <3

Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest

PS: That’s what happened to my [Aoi no Ai] Aoi Shouta - UtaPri seiyuu’s stories. I ended with too many information and have no idea how to split it, so in the end, I never post it :(

i honestly think it’s a mark of God’s character how nice he made everything for us. we have to eat, drink, sleep, and have sex to survive as a species, and none of those things are boring or monotonous or just duties for us. i guess there’s a practical element to creating this order (the pleasure is obviously incentive for survival) but i just woke up and im really thinking about how nice sleeping is? it’s so nice? it’s so relieving and warm and it’s filled with interesting hallucinations? God fills up the ordinary little cracks of our life with bits and pieces of light and happiness because he is bursting with joy and life and he wants to lavish it on us in everything. eating? amazing, we think about it all the time and blog about it and get to do it three times a day and variety is pleasurable to us so we seek after it. we can eat almost anything and there are so many nice options we will never try them all. drinking? great, there’s nothing more satisfying than a huge glass of cold water. it feels good going down. sex??? “have fun, guys! not only will this feel incredibly good but it will be strongly relational and help you know each other on an intimate level! honestly have fun!! have so much fun!” he is so full of good things how is he so full of good things

School Musical

Okay, friends and students of Westmore. This is happening. The elections are over, the power is back on, and we’ve all moved into our new spaces with our mock claims. 

With all that out of the way, I say it’s time for a little fun around here, don’t you think? The first event I’d like to go forward with in my new position is putting on a musical here at Westmore! 

I really want it to be something that everyone will enjoy though and there are so many options out there. So I’m going to start with taking suggestions from my peers and go from there! 

So now’s your chance, Westmore. What musical would you like to see our fine school put on?