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whispers: watch nikita, it's one of THE best things i've ever watched. it's a spy series with an asian woman as the lead protagonist, AMAZING fight scenes, and really brilliant, smart writing. i've never been bored watching an episode, it's just extremely well-paced. and all relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are treated with a lot of respect, but the most meaningful and heartwrenching dynamics in the show are consistently between women. and the whole series is on netflix!


Thanks! :D

So while I comb through the data for my other survey, data I’ll start making public once it’s been cleaning up and siphoned into a more readable layout, I did promise a more fun, fanon lore-friendly survey. It is purely for the fun of seeing how people really play their games and how many different PCs and combinations of PCs exist.

I added as many options I could think of for each question and tried to give as much freedom where available, I even added a little part at the end about NPC ships and headcanons/fanon likes. Though this survey does take a bit longer than the last one, as it is a bit longer.

This survey can be taken as many times as you need to, so all your PCs can show up in the results. Though I humbly request you keep it a reasonable level, nothing over the top (like 50 different Inquisitors).

So yeah, have fun and go take the survey.

And if you find any bugs in the survey form let me know, I’ll do my best to fix them.

Open till August 21st, 2015

you know how we got little “points” throughout the episode? like kate will help you out with nathan depending on if you answered her phone call or not and if you chose good dialogue options with frank you can make it so that you dont hurt him or his dog

there’s gotta be a reason we can warn alyssa so many times. we’re getting so many alyssa points. she’s going to fucking save us all just watch

IVF Procedure for my sister

Hello, I know that i do not talk to many people on this website but my sister has been trying to have a child for a very long time and is in need of a very expensive procedure called IVF. My sister and her husband have tried everything and this is there last option so if anyone could help my sister reach this goal and help her to have a chance at having the child she’s been wanting for so long, it would be greatly appreciated. Any little bit helps, thank you so much.

So if we go with the idea Shermy is older then both Stans…

in 1972 Stanley was kicked out Gravity Falls is set in 2012. Lets just assume they were seniors in high school so they would be 17-18 lets say 17 to be safe. 40 years have passed. Sounds about right when it states Stanley hadn’t seen his brother for 10 years then spends 30 to bring him back. 40+17= 57. Most GF pages state both Stans being early 60 so maybe its actually been more then 30 years? I’d have to be 33 which honestly at that point perhaps Stan lost track of time a little? Lets just stick with a solid 30 to try and stay as close to canon as possible.

Lets just guess that Shermy in 1972 is in college. There are so many options but the one I’m going to is he’s about 19-21. The child in Ma’s arms is HIS kid. The chances of knocking up a girl on college wouldn’t be too weird. if the kid is almost 1 then about 1 ½ has passed since he got the girl pregnant making him about 18-20 when it was conceived. We can just assume Ma is taking care of the child while the older one is in school.

There is also plenty of possibilities where Shermy could even be out of college at this point and just too busy working to take care of the kid. (The mother may or may not be in the picture) I just think him being a young adult at the child’s birth gives more reasoning for Ma to be caring for him. Though she could also just of been visiting with the child and the child could of just been there for the night.

This could also be why Filbrick is putting the weight on Stanford to make the money since the first kid just knocked someone up and left the kid with them.

Why Shermy isn’t mentioned in their childhood? Could of just been an older brother that didn’t want to play with ‘little kids’. A lot of times twins will stick together and ignore other siblings. Or the other siblings just are interested. I mean when they were 12 he would of been 16. aka angsty teen years.

IF Shermy is 21 in 1972 40 years later he would be 61 a normal age for a grandfather of 12 year olds. (A little young imo) It would also make Mr. Pines about 41 in 2012 making him 39 when the kids were born. (An average age to be having children)

(As long as Shermy did not marry or had Mr. Pines before getting married and didn’t bother to change his last name Shermy could 100% be a female. There is nothing that officially states its a brother. Though the Wiki states its a male I don’t think that’s official Gravity Falls info.)

TL;DR Shermy should be around 61 (perhaps a little older)

i just realized i’ve disallowed replying on my posts for a really long time and nobody has asked me to turn it on or tried to convince me to turn it on and i’m really appreciative of that

i don’t allow people to reply to my posts because back when i had it allowed a very long time ago it was very very difficult for me to reply to replies and sometimes i would look at text posts and be embarrassed that i ever wrote them and ashamed of myself for little reasons and. think everyone who replied is silently judging me for the posts or something. it’s actually really difficult for me to talk to people in public, for so many reasons, it’s very hard for me so i’d prefer only giving people the option to talk with me in private by sending me messages to my ask box. though i do publish anything that i think would be helpful for others or anything like that it’s just. way way way too overwhelming for me to allow replies to my posts there are so many things i have to worry about then and it’s very exhausting


Ladies Can You Please Stand Up? Learning to Pee Standing Up: One Woman’s Journey… Public peeing for people with penises is generally no big deal. There’s no sitting involved, no squatting; no dirty toilet seats to deal with and no pulling one’s pants down to one’s ankles. It’s pretty unfair, when you think about it. Jeeeez thanks a lot, anatomy!

But if the Malcolm in the Middle theme song taught us anything, it’s that life is unfaaaair. So, in an attempt to even out the playing peeing field for vagina-owners, a company called Stand Up has invented some nifty little contraptions that allow women to piddle without sitting — or, as Stand Up puts it, “boycott the squat” and “join the urination.” So clever.

The Stand Up system is a subscription service, meaning you pay monthly for however many packs you choose to be sent to you directly. (You can also choose a one-time purchase option.) Six dollars a month gets you a pack of six, which come in a triangular pink box resembling something you might use to transport a single slice of pizza big enough to feed one medium-sized bunny. Once you’re done using each Stand Up, you simply throw it away.

I had to try this.

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