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whispers: watch nikita, it's one of THE best things i've ever watched. it's a spy series with an asian woman as the lead protagonist, AMAZING fight scenes, and really brilliant, smart writing. i've never been bored watching an episode, it's just extremely well-paced. and all relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are treated with a lot of respect, but the most meaningful and heartwrenching dynamics in the show are consistently between women. and the whole series is on netflix!


Thanks! :D

School Musical

Okay, friends and students of Westmore. This is happening. The elections are over, the power is back on, and we’ve all moved into our new spaces with our mock claims. 

With all that out of the way, I say it’s time for a little fun around here, don’t you think? The first event I’d like to go forward with in my new position is putting on a musical here at Westmore! 

I really want it to be something that everyone will enjoy though and there are so many options out there. So I’m going to start with taking suggestions from my peers and go from there! 

So now’s your chance, Westmore. What musical would you like to see our fine school put on?

About Haikyuu!! Seiyuu Post


If you’re wondering why I keep posting Haikyuu!! seiyuu facts, well, I currently have too many Haikyuu!! Seiyuu story, relationship story, cast comments, behind the recording story, etc etc etc….

Sometimes I tried to combine them together into one post, but most of the times, it becomes random facts clustered together and it displeased me. 

So it’s either post them now individually or never at all. I choose the first option. 

Thank you for your understanding :) I’ll post normally again soon <3

Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest

PS: That’s what happened to my [Aoi no Ai] Aoi Shouta - UtaPri seiyuu’s stories. I ended with too many information and have no idea how to split it, so in the end, I never post it :(

Honestly I’m all for Bossuet being the little black dress of Amis ships

he’s just so laid-back and so easygoing and totally made for Wacky Hijinks and relationship farce 

(and listen I love the OT3 as much as anyone, but like. Open relationships. Times before they met. There are so many options here.) 

like this is absolutely not something I’m gonna fight anyone on but yeah, it’s got a good flow, I’m for it, Bossuet/Whoever 2k16 yes. 


I passed my academic writing class with an A WHICH I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE

It was the class I struggled with the most this semester and so many times I felt like giving up and that quitting my education alltogether would be the best option but I pulled through AND I GOT AN A?????

I had to write my MA thesis plan for this class and so often I felt like I was navigating through fog with my eyes covered and I felt so inadequate in the academic world, not smart enough, not scholarly enough, not knowledgeable enough, thinking anything I wrote could have been written by a 5-year-old and that whatever I came up with had little sense