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whispers: watch nikita, it's one of THE best things i've ever watched. it's a spy series with an asian woman as the lead protagonist, AMAZING fight scenes, and really brilliant, smart writing. i've never been bored watching an episode, it's just extremely well-paced. and all relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are treated with a lot of respect, but the most meaningful and heartwrenching dynamics in the show are consistently between women. and the whole series is on netflix!


Thanks! :D

Cooking With Kian // Avocado & Banana Puree

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen; I’ve decided to wean Kian onto foods! I’ve done my fair share of research and made sure that my son is 100% ready to begin eating, so I advise all the mamas and papas out there to do the same and not to rush their kids into eating when they’re not yet ready - it could lead to quite a few problems.

When deciding what to feed Kian, there were so many options that quite frankly, left me a little confused. Should I give him store bought jarred food? Rice porridge? Food from my plate? So, as usual, I did my research and discovered that I could quite easily (and cheaply) make him my own purees. That way, I knew exactly what he was eating: nothing but healthy, fresh produce.

The first puree I wanted to make for him was avocado and banana. Not only would it taste great and be easy to make, but the raw fruits would ensure that none of the nutrients are lost in cooking. In addition, both bananas and avocados are extremely beneficial for growing babies as they contain important vitamins, monounsaturated fats and have a high calorie content.

To make this puree, simply mash a banana and avocado together, and add whatever milk your baby drinks. The amount of milk will depend on the desired consistency of the puree. 

The puree can be stored in the freezer for up to a week, although personally, I wouldn’t leave it for that long, hence why I label all of the purees I make with the date that they were made.

Kian absolutely adores this puree. He’s always eaten more than the average baby (no wonder he’s so big!) so when he finished half a jar on his first try eating, I wasn’t at all shocked. I tried a bit of the puree myself, and I must say, it really is delicious! 

Try this recipe for yourselves, I’m sure your baby will love it. Just beware of the drastic change in poops afterwards!

Daphne x

Why Can’t You Just Listen

Description: So I thought this was going to turn into a smut thing but it didn’t play out that way. It’s just you and Castiel being all cute and worried about each other. 

Castiel X Reader

Note: Don’t forget to send in some request. Running low on some ideas, I can do whatever character you’d like. 

You had done this all before many, many times so why was this time so different. Was it because Castiel and you finally confused your true feelings for each other?  Was it because he almost saw you die? You had no idea what the answer was all you knew was that Castiel was pissed, so much so that once you got in the bunker he pointed to the library and said nothing else. You know that this means he wants to have a private talk or have a little fun even though the second option is to far fetch.

Dragging your feet in defeat you walk into the empty library. Sam had left a mess on the table as usual so you quickly cleaned up trying to distract yourself from the awaiting argument. Suddenly you hear Castiel clear his throat, rolling your eyes in annoyance you turn around placing yourself on the table. “What you did was dangerous, you know that right?” Cas’s voice was firm but you hinted that it was still a bit soft. “Cas I know I didn’t do it on purpose. I just I knew I had to act fast before anyone else got hurt.” You were talking so fast, you were nerves and didn’t know why. Maybe it was the way Cas’s eyes darkened. He moved in closer hold your waist, “I just can’t bear to think about losing you”, Cas looks down at the floor sadness of what could have been fills his crystal blue eyes. “Cas no please don’t think that way”, you bring him in closer embracing him so that he knows just how much you care. “I love you, (y/n)”, he whispers into your ear. “I love you too, Cassy”, you gently place a kiss on his cheek. Castiel looks into (y/c/e) you notice once more that his eyes are a stormy blue, pulling you in even closer Castiel buries his lips into yours. His hands begin to roam all over your waist going as far as your back side. Gasping at his touch your hands begin to roam down his chest to the top of his pants. “Make love to me Castiel”, you say into his ear. You can see the hairs on his neck stand at attention and you know you’re about to get what you want. Picking you up into his arms Cas takes you into your room, placing you gently on the bed. He begins to take his clothes off and you follow right behind. “Promise me that next time you will be more careful. I don’t know why you never listen when…” Before he could finish your lips were on his, “Oh Cassy I promise”.  

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Hey any suggestions on how to punish a little for not going to bed on time? I know spanking but I want some unique options

There are so many punishments! Be creative and make sure it fits the crime. if I was in your shoes I would think of the reason why she is still up past her bed time?
Maybe she’s not tired enough…. So I would set her alarm an hr earlier for every ten minutes she’s over her bed time. This will make her wake up early and tired so the following nite shell be in bed even earlier then normal bedtime!
Maybe something is bothering her…. As a daddy its your job to make sure she is tucked in bed safe n sound. If distance is a factor then make sure she goes to bed as soon as u hang up and make sure she calls you if she can’t sleep and tell you why. This way u know what needs to be taken care of so ur little can sleep on time.
If your little is just being defiant then a more direct punishment like hard spankings (not the sexy kind either, make sure she remembers what she did wrong everytime she sits for the next few days!) no cuddles from daddy, take her toys away, time out, restrictions from social media, basically make it so she can’t distract herself with the things she loves most. Its not supposed to be enjoyable. She should be thinking about what she did wrong and learn not to do it again
But the most important thing is to lecture your little before punishment. You have to let your little know why they are being punished and what is expected of them.
Never ever stop talking to your little or not see them as a punishment. That is abandonment and should not be used against your little. And never use a punishment against her to get what u want like a threesum, anal, etc.
Remember that as a daddy your job is to lead your little down the right path and support her at all times. Your her everything and she wants nothing to do but please you. That’s why she chose you as her Daddy!
Again, this is what I would do with my princess if I was in your shoes 😉

I wish you the best of luck with your little and thank you for asking!! Hope it helps.

Okay, I got out all my late night Jem ~mainly Techrat~ cravings and it’s time to say goodnight. And by “goodnight”, I mean “I’m laying in bed contemplating whether I should ship Techrat and Minx, a ship with actual hints, or Techrat and Pizzazz, just ‘cause they look good together. Of course, there’s no possibility of either of them getting together because if the lack of The Misfits in the new movie. That movie’s gonna suck. But I’m still gonna watch it, it’s just to irresistible. Hey, that Friends episode with Sherilyn Fenn is on. Dear god, I can’t wait for new Twin Peaks. They better put together Dale and Audrey. If Audrey is alive. Wow, there were lots of Chandler and Monica hints before they got together. If Friends was a new show, that would be so many people’s OTP. ~smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you~ *drifts into sleep”

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How do you balance school work and practicing??

honestly, you make a schedule.

college is different from high school in that your classes arent always back to back. (i arrange

mine to be, but you can arrange them NOT to be also) you may have 9am music theory and 12pm class piano and nothing in-between. you’re not going to go back to your dorm then are you? it takes 20 minutes to walk there and another 20 to walk back. so here you are in the music building with nothing to do, right? wrong. that’s when you’re gonna practice.

it’ll be a little rag tag “when do I have time??” for the first few weeks, but actually it’ll be fine. here’s an example!

this is my schedule for this upcoming fall (TH and F mirror M&T so i cropped them out) so basically a whole lotta nothing right? when will i practice?

this is one of many options, and this is what i did when i first started college. practice at the same time every day, make a habit of it right? well it didnt end up working out so well. i ended up not practicing at all on tuesdays and thursdays (which have looked like that every semester so far. yikes) because i was just so exhausted after so many classes, plus hell man i was so hungry. by the time id eaten id lost all motivation & typically went back to my dorm, took a 2 hour nap, and then did homework/studied.

the schedule that works best for me is more like this: practicing right after class and waking up every day at the same time. i could still practice in the areas indicated in the first image OR i could practice:

getting up at the same time every morning helped me transition into my 8ams faster, and also, literally nobody is awake then so you can sound as atrocious as you want. also, practicing in the morning is good for warming up and if you end up wanting to practice in later times of the day (for fun! because practicing is fun!) you’ve already got an idea of what you need to work on, or youre already warmed up, or youve already put in the work so you can relax and just well. play.

i always make several color coded schedules at the beginnings of each year. the important part of schedules is that they can change though. remember that if you find yourself sticking to a schedule but NOT WANTING TO! it isnt a good schedule. change it. make sure you allowed time for yourself and for regular meals (which honestly i cannot stress the importance of enough) and for sleep (again, mid-day naps fucking rock)

hope this helps! also i love scheduling so actually if you wanted to send me your class schedule id be more than happy to help you figure something out :-)


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try pressing ctrl + shift + t. that usually works for me.

iteachmorons said: When my browser crashes it has a ‘restore last session’ option. That opens all the tabs in all the windows I had open. (have lots of tabs in lots of windows most of the time; so many fics, so little time)
brizzbee said: With chrome it will reopen all the tabs that you had open when it crashed

eheheh [slightly unhinged laughter] I don’t think you guys know HOW MANY TABS I have open and how utterly and severely my browser crashes when it crashes. usually it takes my entire laptop down with it, I have to hold the power button down and kill the whole thing, then re-instate some of my laptop’s settings once I log in again because it forgot what my background image was supposed to be.

I use chromium as my browser, which works a bit faster than chrome, despite their being very few noticeable differences in capability. when i open up my browser after it crashes (even if the whole laptop didn’t crash), it only remembers a certain number, if any. occasionally the “restore previous session” option isn’t there for some reason (it is sometimes but not always), and there’s always the time when, actually, re-opening the tabs I had open just isn’t worth it. not to mention the fact re-opening them all at once would just crash the thing again.

either way, hopefully I’ve learned from this repeated mistake and WON’T BE DOING ANY OF THIS AGAIN goddamn it Elmie why do you do this