me coming back to school like

teacher: alright so have u learned anything this summer

me: adore u is a funky pop song that has fun and fresh lyrics that match seventeen’s age on top of an addicted melody

teacher: what

me: what


Savis ven tar atha em’an, ara nas dys ea i’ma.
[Though the road rises to part us, my soul shall be with you.]

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Gravity Falls Symbolism: What Next?

The symbolism I researched for Mabel months ago has come to pass. Shooting Stars, Rainbows, Squirrels… And in the end of this post, I’ll discuss some extra stuff on Mabel potentially being the “ultimate power” I described her to be in those very same posts as well.

But first, I want to discuss something that seems fairly absent: Dipper’s symbolism. Where and when will it come in? I’ve been looking back into this and researching on the side, and I may have a general idea or two where he’s headed much like how Mabel’s reached many of her symbolic connections these past few episodes. Is Dipper next? Probably so.

Let’s dig into this and return to my favorite theory topic: SYMBOLISM!

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MONSTA X is just a normal KPOP group… with the occasion screaming, pulling, hand biting, hand holding, and hair playing… Nothing unusual. Totally normal.


The other day, Mommy went to something called an outlet mall and came back with a big bag of pretty, multi-colored chocolates! They are so shiny and round! Who knew there could be so many different flavors of chocolate.

I bopped every single one with my nose, but I couldn’t decide whether to try any. Unlike my Easter eggs, these are too pretty to eat! I am going to hoard them instead–HEY, MOMMY, YOU CAN’T EAT THAT, IT’S MINE!

7:30am is always the best time to post drawings.

I have never attempted to render anything in such a way so this was certainly an experience.


Last week, for the first time ever, I was home alone for a few days. Being home alone means zero cuddles and zero head rubs, but it also means a 24/7 buffet! Before she left, Mommy filled up my plate with more noms than I have ever seen in my life. I was so excited that I started in on the feast right away. In fact, I was in a food coma before Mommy even left!

Okay so I know 555 isn’t a milestone or whatever but I’ve always loved the number to be honest (look at the dimensions of this photo), but anyway woo! I’m at 555, five hundred and fifty five people following me thank you very much I’m sorry I haven’t followed some of you back but you’re all lovely and awesome don’t stop ok

huge thanks to a lot of you for being great when i’ve been blah and yeah you deserve greatness and happiness forever okey and massive hugs to sarabeaarr and splicerspawn for being great friends and yes i hope TO GIVE YOU BOTH HUGS yyes


here goes the thingy


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6.40pm, 4 August 2015 || I’ve been taking so many naps lately it’s crazy. But at least I finish my homework and revision before napping, right? Finished a topic on the eye in Biology and I had a lot of fun learning it 

One last day of full lessons tomorrow, then my school is having an entrepreneur fair on Thursday and Friday is a public holiday! Maybe then I can catch up on sleep :’)