More toddler!Sonya spam because it’s finally my day off and I did nothing but lounge around all day watching netfix and intermittently napping instead of booting up my game like I said I would.

Love Letters: OPEN

SO—as promised, I am opening love letters again for a time and writing the ones I feel I have good ideas for! I do still have none love letter requests in my inbox, and I’ll be getting to those as I can, but I will be sluggish as I am working on other things today. When I feel I have enough love letter requests, I am closing it down again!

Here are those rules:

Ever wanted to receive a love letter from your favorite man or woman in assassin’s creed? Well, that’s what these are for! c: Read the rules below before submitting your requests!

After the craziness that erupted the second time I opened these, I am ONLY picking love letters at random, but I am not going to do 100+ again!

Look through this list of flowers and pick out the ones you are captivated by or interested in and do the following:

1) List the flower types you like to me in my inbox. You can be anon or signed in—I don’t mind. Pick as many as you want—depending on what you choose will depend the direction of the love letter.
      1a) If you pick flowers, write their descriptions in the inbox, or I will delete the letter, no questions asked. I found it beyond exhausting going back to that page and trying to search for each one requested. This will, not only lessen the amount you can pick, but will also help me stay sane and save time.

      2a) These flowers are only if you want to be surprised by the direction of the letter. If you have a plot involved already, let me know, and I will just take it from there.

    3a) SFW letters will possibly be shorter than NSFW letters given the plot base description and then the sexual scene that follows. In the end, I do try to keep all letters under a certain length, so do not think picking many flowers will grant you a longer letter.

2) Say what Assassin’s Creed character you want to write the love letter to you. REMINDER: I can only do characters from AC2-Brotherhood/ AC3/ AC: Black Flag/ AC: Unity/ AC: Rogue/ AC: Syndicate.

3) Choose a rating: E – Everyone (G rating), M – Mature (PG-13 rating), R – Restricted (R/NSFW rating). Understand that if you pick R and don’t specify you want it raunchy/NSFW, and I don’t see flowers that could indicate such, it’ll be light/verbal teasing at best with hints of what is to come–not full out sexual wording.

1b) If you do not give me a rating, it will always be SFW!

      2b) Please tell me if you want it to be directed to a specific reader type: IE woman/man. I don’t mind doing lesbian/gay letters, but I will always write these letters with the thought they are going to a reader of the opposite sex.

4) You can ask me to post or not post it (IE: send privately)—it will be 100% up to you. Naturally, if you’re Anon, I have to post it. X’D

5) These will be reader x-ish, so not personalized. With the new name generator, everyone can be involved!

►As a reminder: if I see someone’s name in my inbox that I recognize as being a supporter of my blog (IE: I know them well enough or they always reblog my works) I will be bias and choose their letter without hesitation as a thanks for all they’ve done. ◄

Thanks again for your support, dears. ♥

~Oreana Galena

#14 Dating EXO would include: Kai’s Edition:

-Spending so many lazy days together.

-Him buying you a dog on every damn occasion.

-Taking so many naps together, like literally you two would spend half of the day sleeping when you have nothing to do.

-Like honestly you two would just have woken up in the morning, you’d take a nap after breakfast, and another one after lunch.

-Him being flustered when you complement him about his looks or dance, or anything really, he’d start giggling like a school girl and become all shy and it’s so freaking cute.

-Him calling you “princess” or “honey” or “jagi”

-Him acting tough infront of the members and on stage, but become a cute little puppy when he is around you.

-You feeding him because sometimes he is just pure lazy.

-You cleaning up after his mess.

-Like sometimes he’d try to help but it always ends up with a disaster, he’d either add to much soap to the washing machine and floods the laundray room, or he’d burn the eggs he was trying to make for breakfast.

-Him asking you to choose his outfit for the day.

-Couple shirts, couple rings and couple everything, though he wouldn’t be that much into wearing them outside.

-He’s not into PDA, like he’d keep it on the lowest when you are outside surrounded by people, he’d just lightly hold your hand in public and that’s about it, but he’d let go when you two are just around the members.

-He’d get jealous when you are approached by a guy in public, but he would make a big deal out of it in public, he’d wait until you get home,where he’d show you who you belong to if you know what i mean.

-Cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling, you’d cuddle in every damn position, spooning with you as the small spoon or vise verca, craddling etc..

-When he’s trying to tease you he’d give you a lap dance ayE.

-Him stripping when the weather gets hot like it is the most normal thing ever, even if you had people over he’d take his shirt off if he’s feeling hot.

-You being flusterred, he wouldn’t even notice what he is doing to you, “why are you red?” he’d ask being a clueless tease, you’d scold him until he put a shirt on, but not after whinning “why? but it’s too hot” with pouty lips and wide eyes.

-He is a big tease, intentionally and unintentionally, everything he does is just a turn on for you.

-He is a love making member, who is into cute yet sexy lingerie, and costumes like maid costumes and police costumes and so on and would like handcuffs and ropes.

-You giving him lap dances, and grinding against him and him grinding back against you, with two pairs of lustful eyes staring at each other and heavy breathing, challenging each other and competing wou would be the one to give in first.

-Everything is a damn competition and bets, “hey wanna see who can finish eating 10 pieces of chicken first?” “Let’s play a video game, and the loser has to buy the other dinner?”

-This relationship would be so much fun, like he’d adore the shit out of you, and you’d get to see him blush and giggle a lot, he’d love you and protect you and give you all of his attention and spoil you, and call you my girl and i am kinda crying right now because he would be a perfect boyfriend.

Dating Kim Jongin (Kai) Would Include:

Other Members: Baekhyun |Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | KrisLay | Luhan |  Sehun | SuhoTaoXiumin

• super passionate kisses that leave you absolutely breathless

• taking his dogs for late-night strolls like, every night

• knowing that he fully trusts you when he’s willing to leave his dogs with you when he goes away

• so many late-afternoon naps with his arms wrapped loosely around your body and your head resting gently on his chest as it heaves up and down in perfect rhythm

• talking on the phone until 3am when he’s away, just because you both miss each other’s voices

• him always finding you in the crowd at concerts and locking eyes, looking only at you while he performs

• him getting super bashful whenever you ask him to dance especially for you

• heart-melting moments whenever you see how absolutely fantastic he is with children

• lazy days when you two just chill at home, playing video games or watching cute movies

• him trying to be sexy around you but, no matter how comfortable he feels with you, he always turns into a bashful mess under your stare

• him completely losing his mind whenever you tell him you love him

• like, he becomes so flustered he can’t even manage to form a reply for a good three minutes afterwards

• him gazing at you with an intense stare, chewing nervously on his bottom lip as he watches your every movement

• but then freaking out and getting super flustered when you catch him, pretending like he wasn’t looking at you at all

• being able to feel entirely comfortable with him, no matter what

• like, you could let out the most unladylike burp in the world and he’d just laugh his ass off and find it friggin’ adorable

• just Kai constantly making you feel like you’re on cloud nine and giving you this fantastic feeling of comfort. Like, he’d honestly be your best friend and your boyfriend, all rolled into one

*nearly starts crying while talking about how much i love my friends*

me coming back to school like

teacher: alright so have u learned anything this summer

me: adore u is a funky pop song that has fun and fresh lyrics that match seventeen’s age on top of an addicted melody

teacher: what

me: what


MONSTA X is just a normal KPOP group… with the occasion screaming, pulling, hand biting, hand holding, and hair playing… Nothing unusual. Totally normal.

sometimes i think about going back on brandon / my comic blogs but then i remember how uncomfortable dc blogs made me and i punch that thought immediately out of my brain

sometimes I think about matsuhana and what a good, stable ship it is. loaded down with snark, sweet baked goods, and wearing each others clothes. so many naps and also just a massive amount of drinking.

i rate this ship 10/10 would sail again.