Rereading Robin is Ironic

There are so many things that are different between 15 year old Tim and should-definitely-be-18-or-19-but-stuck-at-17 Tim.

  • Thinks he will retire to civilian life one day
  • Great priority on civilian relationships 
  • Hates lying and manipulaiton (bc he doesn’t get to choose the targets. He lies to the people Bruce tells him to.)
  • Wears baggy t-shirts and jeans all the time (Alfred can’t get near his wardrobe, drat!)
  • naps. So many naps. 
  • and junkfood
  • His relationship with Bruce is v. professional with a side of friendship
  • Trusts Dick so much
  • Trusts Cass so little
  • Constantly stuck in a love triangle with Steph and another girl and he NEVER knows how he got there
  • Bruce lying to him is hte eND of tHE WORld
  • Bruce literally laughed at him for believing in time-travel. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, BROOSE?????!!! HUH? HUH???!!!!!
BokuAkaKuroKen Headcanons

Headcanons about the wonderful and beautiful pairing BokuAkaKuroKen from Haikyuu!!. These do imply situations where the four would be living together - taking place when they are in college. 

If there is a pairing that you would like to see headcanons made for, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy!

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Things I thought were normal but lol were really just diabetes:

Eyesight getting fuzzy after drinking sugary drinks
Naps to get through the day
Like… so many naps.
Taking one full day to recover from drinking
The amount of caffeine it would take to stimulate a rhino to get me through the day
Just being blind in general
Feeling like absolute death if i hadnt worked out.
Just feeling like i was dying all the time.

But like… i was just like “yep. This is how people feel all the time” and powered on. Fuck.

#14 Dating EXO would include: Kai’s Edition:

-Spending so many lazy days together.

-Him buying you a dog on every damn occasion.

-Taking so many naps together, like literally you two would spend half of the day sleeping when you have nothing to do.

-Like honestly you two would just have woken up in the morning, you’d take a nap after breakfast, and another one after lunch.

-Him being flustered when you complement him about his looks or dance, or anything really, he’d start giggling like a school girl and become all shy and it’s so freaking cute.

-Him calling you “princess” or “honey” or “jagi”

-Him acting tough infront of the members and on stage, but become a cute little puppy when he is around you.

-You feeding him because sometimes he is just pure lazy.

-You cleaning up after his mess.

-Like sometimes he’d try to help but it always ends up with a disaster, he’d either add to much soap to the washing machine and floods the laundray room, or he’d burn the eggs he was trying to make for breakfast.

-Him asking you to choose his outfit for the day.

-Couple shirts, couple rings and couple everything, though he wouldn’t be that much into wearing them outside.

-He’s not into PDA, like he’d keep it on the lowest when you are outside surrounded by people, he’d just lightly hold your hand in public and that’s about it, but he’d let go when you two are just around the members.

-He’d get jealous when you are approached by a guy in public, but he would make a big deal out of it in public, he’d wait until you get home,where he’d show you who you belong to if you know what i mean.

-Cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling, you’d cuddle in every damn position, spooning with you as the small spoon or vise verca, craddling etc..

-When he’s trying to tease you he’d give you a lap dance ayE.

-Him stripping when the weather gets hot like it is the most normal thing ever, even if you had people over he’d take his shirt off if he’s feeling hot.

-You being flusterred, he wouldn’t even notice what he is doing to you, “why are you red?” he’d ask being a clueless tease, you’d scold him until he put a shirt on, but not after whinning “why? but it’s too hot” with pouty lips and wide eyes.

-He is a big tease, intentionally and unintentionally, everything he does is just a turn on for you.

-He is a love making member, who is into cute yet sexy lingerie, and costumes like maid costumes and police costumes and so on and would like handcuffs and ropes.

-You giving him lap dances, and grinding against him and him grinding back against you, with two pairs of lustful eyes staring at each other and heavy breathing, challenging each other and competing wou would be the one to give in first.

-Everything is a damn competition and bets, “hey wanna see who can finish eating 10 pieces of chicken first?” “Let’s play a video game, and the loser has to buy the other dinner?”

-This relationship would be so much fun, like he’d adore the shit out of you, and you’d get to see him blush and giggle a lot, he’d love you and protect you and give you all of his attention and spoil you, and call you my girl and i am kinda crying right now because he would be a perfect boyfriend.

Girlfriend requirements

- understand i do cuddle….but….not all the time….
- i have SPD, emotions are hard for me to express or understand.
- i am cold and seem to not care….but i do…just give it time.
- Living embodiment of BBC sherlock with out the drugs.
- actually Elliot alderson without the DID and drugs….
{Serious part over)
- be as swift as a coursing river
- all the strength of a great typhon
- be okay with my shame pile of snacks i hide behind my pillow.
- agree to stay inside a lot
- i kill the flying bugs, you kill the spiders deal?
- naps. So many naps
- silence. I want to enjoy it with you.
- bookstores are important. Used book stores more so…
- hamilton. I am alexander….you are ____
- disney sing a longs
- hamilton sing a longs
- bus rides?? Train rides??
- train ride to chicago {for real i live in michigan this is possible}
- be of the mindset Eliza hamilton deserved better

*idk i got bored…. @just-a-random-fandom-24 you see what i do when i am trash eating kroger brand nutella, also cheddar pringles and nutella are really good.*

Dating Kim Jongin (Kai) Would Include:

Other Members: Baekhyun |Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | KrisLay | Luhan |  Sehun | SuhoTaoXiumin

• super passionate kisses that leave you absolutely breathless

• taking his dogs for late-night strolls like, every night

• knowing that he fully trusts you when he’s willing to leave his dogs with you when he goes away

• so many late-afternoon naps with his arms wrapped loosely around your body and your head resting gently on his chest as it heaves up and down in perfect rhythm

• talking on the phone until 3am when he’s away, just because you both miss each other’s voices

• him always finding you in the crowd at concerts and locking eyes, looking only at you while he performs

• him getting super bashful whenever you ask him to dance especially for you

• heart-melting moments whenever you see how absolutely fantastic he is with children

• lazy days when you two just chill at home, playing video games or watching cute movies

• him trying to be sexy around you but, no matter how comfortable he feels with you, he always turns into a bashful mess under your stare

• him completely losing his mind whenever you tell him you love him

• like, he becomes so flustered he can’t even manage to form a reply for a good three minutes afterwards

• him gazing at you with an intense stare, chewing nervously on his bottom lip as he watches your every movement

• but then freaking out and getting super flustered when you catch him, pretending like he wasn’t looking at you at all

• being able to feel entirely comfortable with him, no matter what

• like, you could let out the most unladylike burp in the world and he’d just laugh his ass off and find it friggin’ adorable

• just Kai constantly making you feel like you’re on cloud nine and giving you this fantastic feeling of comfort. Like, he’d honestly be your best friend and your boyfriend, all rolled into one

As A Boyfriend; MinYoongi/ Suga

First meeting;

• Awkward silence at first
• He admires you all the time
• Looks bored but actually isn’t
• Complements
• Shy af
• Hands in pockets
• Constantly tugging at his beanie
• Light blush
• Small smiles
• Bright eyes

First date;

• Tells you all about him
• Expects the same of you
• Wants to get to know you
• Wants to know your back ground and what every small bump and bruise came from
• His dress sense would be desirable
• Make sure to put you first before himself
• Simplistic things like moving your hair out of your face for you
• Staring at you longingly
• Hand holding, like your one hand in his two hands
• Gives you his jacket even though he is only in a thin t-shirt
• Walks you all the way home
• Kisses your cheek to be respectful to you
• Leaves you with a cheesy comment that seems reasonably not like yoongi at all


• Wears all black since he look gorgeous in all black.
• Confident
• Extremely invested to you
• Smirking
• Slight pearly white smiling
• All the attention is on you
• Cheekily makes sly and subtle innuendos towards you
• Skin ship straight away
• Arms around you
• Happily gives you his jacket and walk ahead of you so you can see his physique

First Kiss;

• Caressing
• Sensations of a new beginning
• Smiling with eyes, radiating warmth
• Excitement
• Nervous butterflies
• The awkward 2 seconds beforehand when you don’t know who is going to lean in
• Staring into each other eyes, communicating with each other
• Relief
• Vulnerability
• comfortability


• Low moans
• Pleasing caressing of his hands on your waist
• Adrenaline rush
• Intention, giving off the vibe that he will kiss you
• He gives you the ‘look’
• His eyes on your lips as he bites his
• Slowly gets closer to you
• empowering
First week;
• replying to texts straight away, no waiting for a reply
• lots of emoji using when both are tired as words become less
• not embarrassed to introduce each other to their friends
• Comfortability around each other, weird mannerisms come out and humour progresses
• Finding the comfortable stages of interests and more
• Feeling all warm and tingly
• Everything is natural, nothing forced
• No feelings of awkwardness


• Smirking
• Sexiness
• Excited but nervous butterflies whenever he touches you
• Showing signs of deepening affection by the way he slowly eases into the relationship
• Teasing you with his eyes
• Gives you the ‘ I know you want it’ look

First Month;

• Feeling spontaneous because being together is not chore, it’s completely based off of affection.
• Completely full of respect for you, your friends and your family and vice versa.
• Communications is easy to do, everything is honest
• Encouragement is always given
• Always filled with surprises
• Major fans of having nights in rather than going out
• Similar visions of the futures
• Always feeling welcome by their family and bts family


• Completely comfortable being naked around each other in daylight
• More smirking
• Showering together
• Lazy bathing together
• Constantly on his lap as he doesn’t want you near anyone else or the boys
• Slight possessive since he just wants you all the time
• Behave like newly weds

First time;

• Passionate
• Enticing
• Possibly started by you simply just moving and your shirt rides up a little
• Exciting
• Adrenaline
• Hot af
• Intense
• Staring into eyes
• Constant asking if you’re ok with what he is doing
• If there is anything you would rather do
• Confident
• Smirking
• Moaning messes

First year;

• No secrets, complete honesty
• Proud of what you both had accomplished together
• Basically, you’re both night owls
• Becoming the second eomma of bts
• Feeding yoongi
• Falling asleep together while in the bath because everything is too exhausting to get up and go into the next room
• Yoongi placing things on a high shelf where you can’t reach and then regretting it because neither can he
• More lazy days and night in’s than nights out
• Sarcastic banter between the both of you
• Playing with each other’s hair as a comforting thing
• Sex
• More sex
• Newly wed sex

Looks like I have a long day tomorrow and I’m not gonna get enough sleep but I really don’t want to sleep. I take so many depression naps (didn’t take a single one today though) but it’s gotten to the point where I’m too depressed to go to sleep. I don’t want to say “the word” but yeah…. :/ 

Okay but when all the titans are defeated, imagine:

  • Eren having PTSD and waking up in the middle of the night, shaking, tears streaming out of his eyes and his face going strangely white. He’s choking on his own sobs. His breathing is shallow and uneven. He’s muttering things about death and blood and pain and how it’s so lonely and everything dies.
  • Armin finally seeing the ocean with his own eyes; the breathtaking, new sight of turquoise waves splashing against the sand, the tide swirling around his bare ankles. He finds a rock to perch on, and he fills up half of his journal with musings and descriptions of the water, and drawings of it in the margins. He sticks his hand in the water and glides it across the paper, smearing the ink. He doesn’t care. He’s just so so happy he’s finally there. His toes dangle in the water, and he talks to the clouds.
  • Christa visiting Ymir’s grave, her eyes cold and watery like a windowpane during a winter rainstorm. She doesn’t cry anymore. She just lets the sadness wash over her, like the waves Armin loves so much, and she longs to float away. She picks up the flowers from the previous week, plucking the browning petals onto the grass, and places another bundle on the dirt. No one told her how Ymir died. She didn’t want to hear it. She knew she wasn’t strong enough to handle it.
  • Mikasa walking along the tops of the walls, surveying the world outside, admiring it’s beauty and opportunity. So many places to walk. So many places to nap after a long day. However, she was still doubtful. After all: The titans could come back, right? And there was no way in hell she’d just leave Eren inside. If he wanted to stay, so did she. Then why did she feel so lonely?
Merc Sleeping Habits Part 1

I got this idea from an anon about doing a headcanon set about how the Mercs sleep and if they snore or not, etc. I thought it would be kind of fun, so here you go!

Scout snores like crazy. He sleeps in the latest by far of the other Mercs and he’s not even the last to go to bed. Days off, he’s sleeping all weekend, only waking up to eat and try to convince the others to play a game of catch. 

Soldier goes to bed early and wakes up early. He’s used to a military sleep schedule and he’s got an internal clock that’s absolutely amazing. He snores louder than anything you’ve ever heard and he stays completely still when he sleeps, like a statue. 

Pyro can only sleep with at least four stuffed animals by their side. They don’t really snore but every once and a while, they talk in their sleep, but none of the others can ever make it out what they’re saying. 

Demo takes naps, all the time. After every meal, after every battle. Demo takes so many naps, he barely actually sleeps at night. He’s a very deep sleeper.

Engineer is the deepest sleeper ever. Once he falls asleep, the only thing that can wake him up is his custom-built alarm clock that he built specifically to wake him up somehow. Fortunately, he only sleeps at night, so the others don’t ave to worry about waking him up during battles or if the enemy plans a surprise attack. (It’s an unspoken rule that only Spies are allowed to attack at night, and that’s just because they’re spies and they don’t really pay attention to the rules)

Heavy doesn’t need very much sleep. He only lets himself fall asleep if he knows that he’ll be able to sleep for a while, though, so sometimes it’s hard for him to find time to sleep. If he ever exhausts himself because of this, the others might find him stretched out on the couch or hear Medic complaining about him falling asleep during surgeries. 

Medic always sleeps exactly seven hours a night. Never more, never less. He doesn’t usually get to bed early, since he is always up late reading or researching. Medic is absolutely silent when he sleeps and somehow is never grumpy when he wakes up. It’s a miracle. 

Sniper has always been an early-riser, since he was a kid. He loves the morning hours, and he finds them much more enjoyable than the evening. (He’s crazy) He’s a light sleeper, but he’ll fall asleep anywhere. Anywhere. Sitting in a chair, scoping out enemies, during his uber-surgery. It doesn’t matter where he is, Sniper will probably fall asleep. 

Spy never lets anyone see him sleep, ever. He hates being any type of vulnerable, and he knows that being asleep makes him the most vulnerable. He’s a very uncomfortable and light sleeper, any little noise will wake him up. He always sleeps in the fetal position and he occasionally talks in his sleep, but most of it is in espionage lingo, French, or only makes sense about his past missions. 

-PART 2-

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THIS BLOG HAS SOME GOOD SHIT PLS CUTE SICK FIC THINGS (im disgusting trash i know i know)

Thank you! I don’t know if you wanted a real fic or just headcanons so why not both???

• Nico working himself into the ground all the time on either quests or missions for his dad and he never takes an goddamn Airborne so he’s often got a case of the sniffles
• Will having about a dozen Food Network chicken noodle soup recipes memorized just for his boyfriend
• (And Sally Jackson’s Matzah Ball Soup™ recipe)
• Nico being sick so often Will threatens to have Nico’s name engraved on one of the beds in the infirmary
• Actually though Will always uses it as an excuse to cuddle with Nico and work their way through their Netflix queue
• Will kissing Nico’s forehead as an excuse to take his temperature
• Nico in return curling up in Will’s Ole Miss/CHB hoodies and listening to Will’s heartbeat
• So many naps. So much spooning.
• Will being a human radiator (son of a sun god) and Nico sticking his cold hands/arms up the back of Will’s shirt
• Will getting sick for like the first time in…well, ever
• Thinks he’s dying when he just has a common cold
• “Omigods how do you deal with being sick!?” “Calm down, you butt.”
• Will being the worst patient ever—refuses to take cough medicine
• Nico having no bedside manner
• “Take the goddamn pills, Solace before I shove them down your throat”
• Homemade minestrone soup, recipe curtesy of Giada DeLaurentiis
• Will curling up with Nico on the couch, burying his face in Nico’s neck
• Nico singing Will Italian lullaby’s to help him get to sleep
• Butterfly kisses

Yoongi as your best friend (BFF! Series)

- So many lazy afternoons

- Napping together

- When you’re not listening to music

- Or eating junk food while watching k-dramas

- Overprotective best friend

- Glaring at all the guys/girls who tries to flirt with you

-“Yoongi oppa/hyung, you are not my boyfriend.”

-“Neither is she/he.”

- Sending you great music recommendations

- Mostly from his mixtape

- Treating you to meals every time you go out

- Sharing a lot of aesthetic pictures

- Going on trips to beautiful places

- Where he can take lots of pictures

- Mostly of you, when you aren’t looking

- Stealing his long sweaters because you love to use them as dresses

- But also making you laugh a lot with his dad jokes

- Singing randomly when he walks into the room

- And that’s why you love him the most

- Because he can be the older brother you never had!

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