mbmbam sentence starters!

taken from various podcast episodes and the tv series! 

  • “idiot can’t make his own pancakes, how pathetic.” 
  • “what would you do if an arby’s manager punched you in the face?”
  • “shooting guys with master chief, my best friend.” 
  • “is bronze bulletproof?” 
  • “i would like to formally request that you start referring to me as ‘king nuggets’.” 
  • “for a fifty i would fight everyone around me in a one hundred foot radius.” 
  • “you dumb piece of shit.” 
  • “does anybody know how to curse a real sword?” 
  • “can you curse a nerf sword?” 
  • “it seems like you’re upset about literally every word in this sentence.” 
  • “don’t do a hit.” 
  • “i’m too fucking strong and way too fucking sexy to be murdered in this shower right now.” 
  • “you’re too strong to be killed.” 
  • “no one has died listening to a beyonce song.” 
  • “you thought the psycho was out there? surprise, the psycho is in here.” 
  • “i use the beyonce to keep me pumped up to kill somebody.” 
  • “batman jokes aside…” 
  • “this makes me so mad i could bust a nut.” 
  • “you’ve made me so frustrated i’m seriously about to bust a nut right here.” 
  • “i think if I see a guy in a bolo tie, i know it’s time to party.”
  • “you know what? boners are beautiful and that’s the way of life.”
  • “would you be shocked to find that the best ways to find demons is on yahoo answers?”
  • “can you cook and eat the beans from a beanbag chair?”
  • “i’m talkin’ ‘bout that dank herb!”
  • “i just take a lot of naps.”
  • “so many of emotions are hunger based.” 
  • “oh no no no no no.” 
  • “i’m not gonna be here one day. it’s all gonna stop one day.”
  • “she is a pure being of light.” 
  • “if you need me, i’m on my mobile.” 
  • “what do i say when i touch his dick?” 
  • “that’s like the sweetest dick.” 
  • “so this is the clown box.” 
  • “i abandoned my boy!” 
  • “abstinence until i die.” 
  • “yo, what the fuck, dog?”
  • “i’m the protector and king of chillidelphia.” 
  • “fuck you, nerds!” 
  • “i’m ready to bust a nut in this job.” 
  • “young, dumb and full of…you know.” 
  • “you’re a jerk person.” 
  • “EAT THAT SHIT, _______!” 
  • “premarital sex is only gonna get you one thing; pleasure. the second one is babies.” 
  • “just to prove that i’m gonna rip a phonebook in half.” 

mangareader88  asked:

Hey ^-^ what are some Trimberly headcanons you have?

- Trini and Kim fight over whose house they’re gonna go over for dinner because they love each other’s ethnic foods. 

- Kim managed to convince Trini’s brother that the pink ranger is the best one. Trini has brawls with them over who loves her the most. They don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with a random superhero she never met…

- When she can’t stand her mom, Trini will often sneak out and stay over with Kim’s family. They might love her more than they love their own daughter, honestly.

- Kim is a brilliant artist. Trini thinks she is as well, though she isn’t… The Harts have Trini’s scribbly stick figure people hung up all over their fridge. 

- As cool and unaffected as she tries to act, Trini is the total sap in the relationship. She knows the exact date and time they started dating, and posts “Happy _ week anniversary” snaps on her story every week. Almost all her instagram posts are of Kim. Her followers are getting annoyed. She doesn’t care.

- “Are you okay?” “Yeah, duh.” “Trini, last night you texted me a video of you crying because you saw a dog on tv.”

- Trini likes to embarrass Kim by dancing in public to literally any song that plays. Kim changed her ringtone from a beep to a song because she secretly loves it.

- Kim loves photography. She’s been hoarding polaroids of them in a drawer for ages, and gives them to Trini as a birthday gift. “To decorate the wall you finished.” Trini is less scared of being alone in her room now that the damage from Rita’s attack has been replaced with hundreds of pictures of happy moments with her favorite person. 

- They take so many naps together.

- Will Trini ever go one night without sending a really long, sappy goodnight text? no.

- Kim’s family brings Trini on family vacations a lot. Trini thanks them every five seconds for it.

- Kim takes spanish classes, and always tries to impress Trini by speaking her language. This is always followed by a lecture about Kim’s failure to understand how to pronounce “ll”s and “goddamnit Kimmy, it’s not called a ‘squiggly thingy’ it’s a fuckin’ tilde”

- Kim meets Trini’s extended family, and it takes everything in her to not throw a fit when Trini introduces her to her Lita as “my friend.” 

- Every time someone thinks Kim is gay, Trini gets really defensive about how she’s actually bi. Kim doesn’t even mind it, though.

(I could go on forever but I’m tired)

Vocal Team Coffee Shop AU


  • Are you sure this is not a flower boy café at this point?
  • Bc it might as well be
  • Doesn’t know s*** about coffee so he helps with the cake and food in the café despite not having a sweet tooth bc it’s fun
  • But he takes so many naps?? Minghao literally found him dozing off while leaning on the counter once
  • Oddly gives random advices to customers that are actually useful??
  • Like if your hair is looking dry af and/or if you need a good haircut?? He knows a good salon
  • Or if you feel like a flu is coming?? He’d whip out his secret flu remedy tea
  • He got you, fam
  • Like, thank u random barista for waking up from ur nap just to impart us with ur wisdom
  • Likes to tease the living heck out of Chan
  • “Dino nugu aegi?”
  • Tended the cashier once but the manager had to change his position bc people would stare at his beauty and the line gets too long lmao
  • So now he’s a server but the customers don’t want to leave now adsdfjlgjlkl
  • One day found Seungkwan and Vernon slacking in the back and he’s been found doing it with or without them ever since
  • Gets into trouble with Seunghceol a lot of times for it but gets away with it bc Jeonghan’s shameless when it comes to doing aegyo


  • A Model Employee for three consecutive months
  • The sweetest and most gentlemanly person you will ever meet
  • Writes out encouraging messages on the cups when customers seem to need it
  • Sweet messages like “Hard work won’t betray you! ^^” for burnt out students or just a simple smiley face for someone who looked kinda down
  • Raps from time to time
  • “Yeah, café latté so hot, Starbuck’s whattchu got? Seventeen café is on top, serving the best coffee we won’t stop.”
  • Vernon is shaking
  • Softly nags hungover customers when they come to the shop
  • “You shouldn’t have drunk so much.”
  • “You should’ve just drunk water.”
  • He got bored during his shift once bc it was a really slow day so he ended up doing the worm on the floor but then a customer came in and it’s just a reaaaally long and awkward eye contact between the two of them
  • Has a long list of acoustic songs he wanted to recommend to play on the café’s stereo but seeing how Dino and Seungkwan are always bickering on who should play the next song, it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen any time soon :(
  • Sorry, AJ Rafael 


  • Makes a mean coffee bc he smol and angry
  • Even the manager is afraid
  • Complains about how disorganized the staff is bc there’s Jeonghan snoozing in the back, the stray cats keep coming back bc of Wonwoo and then there’s Mingyu spreading the Plague
  • It’s a mess
  • “If they continue being like that, I will shove this steamer up their–”
  • The poor kid in the risk of getting high blood pressure from the stress istg
  • But despite all that, he loves them and looks after the other guys a lot
  • Like, there’s that one time when a customer was incredibly rude towards Seungcheol (but hOW? WHY?) and Seungcheol seemed really upset from it so Jihoon forced offered him to go home and rest and Seungcheol almost cRIED
  • Uses employees’s privilage to black coffee generously
  • Bc he needs his caffeine to deal with Seungkwan and Seokmin so early in the morning
  • Helps the café in putting out new beverages
  • “Pineapple+orange is the same drink flavor???”
  • “Why…why are the mixed together?!”


  • Did someone order a side of the most beautiful smile with their coffee?
  • Who needs coffee when his thousand watt smile is enough to charge your day???
  • It could be Monday morning and you’re having a bad day already at 7 am and you decided to grab some coffee and then you see this sunshine of a man and wow???? you feel like you can take on the world now
  • The manager couldn’t have chosen anyone more fitting to be a cashier than Seokmin with his positive vibe 
  • Has the weirdest and contagious laugh
  • Like, Seungkwan and Chan would be at it again and he’d be laughing his ass off all the way at the counter but you wouldn’t be able to help but to snort into your drink bc that’s the weirdest and most beautiful laugh you’ve ever heard
  • Sings to himself while working
  • It’s the most beautiful yet annoying thing ever
  • Like, one song would be playing on the stereo but he’d just sing out whatever song has been stuck in his mind
  • “Dollar bill y’all, dollar bill y’all.”
  • Tried to wink seductively like Seungcheol does to the customers
  • They ended up thinking he had an eye infection so the manager told him to go home lmaoo


  • Seokmin’s rival for Loudest Employee of the Month
  • Isn’t as loud as Seokmin but his divaness definitely takes up the lose space for that
  • When the others laugh at him for his attempt to speak English to a foreign customer, he keep his head up and say
  • “My English is best quality.”
  • Omg yas baby it issssss
  • Likes to sing as he tends like Seokmin does
  • Snatches everyone’s wig whenever he start to full-on imitating Vernon’s rapping
  • Always ends up being the one to promote on the streets when the shop has promotions bc of his MC voice
  • Slacks off pretty often with Vernon in the back
  • Dominates the mic during company dinner/day out at the karaoke place
  • Insists recommends to the manager to have a karaoke night
  • “Goddangit, Seungkwan, this is a café, not a disco 90s showdown.”
  • The café’s unofficial cake decorator and helps Jeonghan with the food
  • Makes the prettiest frostings for the cakes
  • That is if he didn’t get into a food fight in the kitchen with Soonyoung first
  • Always bickering with Chan over who will choose the music for the day
  • “Beyoncé-sunbaenim will always be superior to Michael Jackson.”
BokuAkaKuroKen Headcanons

Headcanons about the wonderful and beautiful pairing BokuAkaKuroKen from Haikyuu!!. These do imply situations where the four would be living together - taking place when they are in college. 

If there is a pairing that you would like to see headcanons made for, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy!

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Scenario: First Sleepover

Your dear boyfriend has asked you to 

at his place for the first time ever. Happily, you have agreed. In the bottom of your stomach, a pinch of nervousness and excitement grows.


Noctis doesn’t stress about having you “formally” over for the night. One time, he just decides to ask would you like to stay the night the next time you come by his apartment. It is more of a heads up for you to pack the appropriate things with you.

You’ve been at his place so many times already and napped together that this isn’t really different. At least, not before Noctis really stops to think about it. This is the most probable time he will initiate anything further than kissing, if he feels your relationship is in that stage.

Despite the fact that the Sleepy Prince™ can fall asleep anywhere, he is most comfortable in his own bed. As usual, he is eager to get into cuddling with you, and just the thought of cuddling with you for the whole night. Whoa, he can’t wait to fall into mutual unconsciousness with you against his chest.

He is somewhat worried of your sleeping habits, especially since you tease him beforehand how you throw around the bed in your sleep. So, at first he is nervous as you go to bed, but as soon as he pulls you against his chest, he falls asleep, feeling your hearts beat in tandem. And prince Noctis has never slept better.


It’s basically a pajama party with Prompto.

He is excited and nervous about having you over for the night for the very first time. He has all sorts of activities planned and you won’t possibly have time to do all of them. He wants to watch a movie with you, preferably a horror film, since he is too scared to watch those on his own and sleep alone after. Video games of course; you can take turns playing the newest AAA game. Even ordering take out with you is a huge thing for him.

His imagination has been running wild ever since you agreed to stay the night, and all sorts of scenarios are going through his head. What if you want to sleep with him? Like sleep sleep. What if you don’t? Should he initiate it? Maybe you should talk about it? No way. He is too nervous to bring it up.

When the time to hit the hay comes, you wonder aloud why he has barely touched or kissed you during the whole evening. Prompto realizes he has been too invested in friend-mode in his nervousness. Your words set his mind straight and he eagerly captures you in his arms, drowning you in kisses and silly sweet nothings whispered in your ear. You fall asleep as a tangled mess of limbs, barely under the covers.


Gladio is not even a bit nervous about having you over. When the opportunity to ask you rose, it was more of a matter of convenience. Your first sleepover happens after a day already spent together, and what would be a better way to continue the evening? He has his evening routines and is thrilled to have you with him – To show that domesticated side of him to you. Be it a walk or just preparing for supper, he loves to have you there with him.

Out of all the Chocobros, Gladio’s behavior changes the least when he has you staying for the night. Actually, it doesn’t really change at all. That’s probably because it makes no difference to him where you are (alone) when you’re together. You get the same amount of needy kisses on the side of your neck and slaps on your butt. Gladio is not worried about sleeping next to you – If something happens, then it happens. If you feel more comfortable alone with him at his apartment, then it’s all the better.

During the night, you wake up drenched in sweat to realize what kind of a heat radiator your boyfriend truly is. Like, you knew he was hot, but you would’ve never thought a person could save in heating costs with body warmth. You might want to keep a little distance for the rest of the night, or at least shove the bed covers on the floor to cool your bodies down. Even though, that just leads to him grabbing you back against his broad chest, all the while he is grunting contently in his sleep.


Ignis will not propose a sleepover, unless he is absolutely certain that the unfolding of certain events is timely and appropriate in your relationship. It doesn’t matter if it won’t actually happen, he won’t be disappointed or anything. He just isn’t keen on the idea of putting either of you in an uncomfortable situation. He wants to let things to move on their own pace – Preferably on the smooth surface he has provided in the form of a perfect, quiet evening together at home.

Ignis would’ve cleaned his apartment from floor to ceiling, unless it hadn’t been so clean beforehand. Still, he might clean just a bit. It makes his mind easier. He carefully plans the menu for the evening and cooking with you will be the highlight of his day, as it always is.

When you arrive at his place, Ignis will treat you like he would treat any other guest, but that is just because he is absolutely nervous about having you over. Despite all the thinking he put into it beforehand, he doesn’t even realize why he feels so awkward at first. However, when it hits him, most likely with a little help from you, he corrects his behavior and acts more affectionate. When you continue to act with the familiar casualness you usually do, Ignis relaxes, remembering again that it’s you he is with.

Ignis offers his own bed for you to sleep in, but when you laugh and say that you both fit in there just fine, he becomes flustered. He thoroughly enjoys talking with you just before sleep claims you – And it might even happen in the middle of a slowly spoken sentence.


Nyx is as casual as ever. Having you over for the night, sex or no sex included, makes him extremely happy. He just wants to relax with you, watch the TV, or cook and eat some before bed. Having something so domestic in his life makes his heart burst with joy, since it’s a really rare sensation for him. He savors every moment of it and can’t wait to have the next occasion to feel it again.

Whatever the case may be, Nyx is constantly planting kisses on your lips and everywhere else he can reach at the moment. Cuddling on the couch? Nice, he can have you in his arms. Cooking in the kitchen? Hoisting you on the counter to reach your lips makes a good waiting game while the food is cooking.

You can practically see the change in Nyx as he can’t keep out the thoughts of how it would be like to actually live together with you. His apartment has always felt hollow for him and somehow you fill that hole in ways that he could’ve never anticipated. It is a rare privilege to see Nyx in that relaxed and perfectly happy mood with no worries shadowing his demeanor. Expect a lot more invitations to come spend the night at his place after the first one.

BTS Soulmate: Reaction to their soulmate wanting to run away with them

anonymous:  Ouuu! Y'all have a soulmate au blog now! Omg I totally was waiting for this! 😂💕 Lol but could u do a reaction to their s/o parents arranging a marriage for her/him n she/he runs away with BTS. Thanks and plz!! Head Admin, I hope ur doing well n also for the rest of the admins! I thank you for doing all this including head admin too!! Love y'all! ~~~~ J anon! 💕💕💕💕😍😍😘😘🤗🤗🤗

A/N: Hello! Yes I finally made a soulmate blog after a while! I’m currently the only one on this blog. The other admins are in their respective blogs. I’m the only admin who is in charge of creating new blogs.:) But they are doing well thank you for asking!.As for me, I have more surprises lay out for you guys, more blogs will be coming out soon! 

Jimin: “Alright. Let’s run away together. Just the two of us. Together for life”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jin: “Let’s go pack our things then. Let’s create a brand new life together”

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Jhope: “If you’re sure then let’s run away together. This world is too good for us. Let’s go somewhere quiet where no one can find us”

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Jungkook: “You want to run away? Are you sure? It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just want to make sure you really want to run away and start a new life with me”

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V: “Let’s go right now. Let’s buy  a house in near the sea with nobody around us”

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Suga: “I can take so many naps with you when we are in a better quiet place. Let’s go. I can’t wait”

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 Rap Monster: “Let’s find a new home first”

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Rereading Robin is Ironic

There are so many things that are different between 15 year old Tim and should-definitely-be-18-or-19-but-stuck-at-17 Tim.

  • Thinks he will retire to civilian life one day
  • Great priority on civilian relationships 
  • Hates lying and manipulaiton (bc he doesn’t get to choose the targets. He lies to the people Bruce tells him to.)
  • Wears baggy t-shirts and jeans all the time (Alfred can’t get near his wardrobe, drat!)
  • naps. So many naps. 
  • and junkfood
  • His relationship with Bruce is v. professional with a side of friendship
  • Trusts Dick so much
  • Trusts Cass so little
  • Constantly stuck in a love triangle with Steph and another girl and he NEVER knows how he got there
  • Bruce lying to him is hte eND of tHE WORld
  • Bruce literally laughed at him for believing in time-travel. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, BROOSE?????!!! HUH? HUH???!!!!!

thesuttonbrady  asked:

I wish you'd write a fic where mike & ginny are forced to share a bed and cuddling (smut? If you want?) follows

(ahahaah, it’s like you’ve been reading through my drafts. I actually am writing a bed sharing fic, but it’s not anything that anyone’s—besides you!—actually prompted and I work on it pretty sporadically. So, here’s a bit of that.)

Mike’s huff cut through the mostly dark room. “Baker, I swear to God—”

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly, locking her phone, the room descending into full darkness. Or something much closer to it. Faint shafts of light seeped in through the gaps of the curtains and the alarm clock continued to glow dimly on the nightstand.

“Some of us need our beauty sleep.”

“Is that why you take so many naps?” she teased, turning to her side and coming face to face with Mike’s fond annoyance. 

He scoffed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you don’t.”

Mike didn’t bother to argue with her, letting the room grow quiet. Soon, his breathing evened out, and Ginny felt hers slow to match. Her eyes fluttered shut, but not before she took a good long look at Mike’s peaceful face, the stress lines that were so prominent in high stakes games smoothed to faint creases. He was so close, his parted lips puffing out gentle puffs of air. It would be so easy— 

Cheeks burning, Ginny rolled over, forced her mind to go blank, and prayed sleep would take her soon.

#14 Dating EXO would include: Kai’s Edition:

-Spending so many lazy days together.

-Him buying you a dog on every damn occasion.

-Taking so many naps together, like literally you two would spend half of the day sleeping when you have nothing to do.

-Like honestly you two would just have woken up in the morning, you’d take a nap after breakfast, and another one after lunch.

-Him being flustered when you complement him about his looks or dance, or anything really, he’d start giggling like a school girl and become all shy and it’s so freaking cute.

-Him calling you “princess” or “honey” or “jagi”

-Him acting tough infront of the members and on stage, but become a cute little puppy when he is around you.

-You feeding him because sometimes he is just pure lazy.

-You cleaning up after his mess.

-Like sometimes he’d try to help but it always ends up with a disaster, he’d either add to much soap to the washing machine and floods the laundray room, or he’d burn the eggs he was trying to make for breakfast.

-Him asking you to choose his outfit for the day.

-Couple shirts, couple rings and couple everything, though he wouldn’t be that much into wearing them outside.

-He’s not into PDA, like he’d keep it on the lowest when you are outside surrounded by people, he’d just lightly hold your hand in public and that’s about it, but he’d let go when you two are just around the members.

-He’d get jealous when you are approached by a guy in public, but he would make a big deal out of it in public, he’d wait until you get home,where he’d show you who you belong to if you know what i mean.

-Cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling, you’d cuddle in every damn position, spooning with you as the small spoon or vise verca, craddling etc..

-When he’s trying to tease you he’d give you a lap dance ayE.

-Him stripping when the weather gets hot like it is the most normal thing ever, even if you had people over he’d take his shirt off if he’s feeling hot.

-You being flusterred, he wouldn’t even notice what he is doing to you, “why are you red?” he’d ask being a clueless tease, you’d scold him until he put a shirt on, but not after whinning “why? but it’s too hot” with pouty lips and wide eyes.

-He is a big tease, intentionally and unintentionally, everything he does is just a turn on for you.

-He is a love making member, who is into cute yet sexy lingerie, and costumes like maid costumes and police costumes and so on and would like handcuffs and ropes.

-You giving him lap dances, and grinding against him and him grinding back against you, with two pairs of lustful eyes staring at each other and heavy breathing, challenging each other and competing wou would be the one to give in first.

-Everything is a damn competition and bets, “hey wanna see who can finish eating 10 pieces of chicken first?” “Let’s play a video game, and the loser has to buy the other dinner?”

-This relationship would be so much fun, like he’d adore the shit out of you, and you’d get to see him blush and giggle a lot, he’d love you and protect you and give you all of his attention and spoil you, and call you my girl and i am kinda crying right now because he would be a perfect boyfriend.

Dating Kim Jongin (Kai) Would Include:

Other Members: Baekhyun |Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | KrisLay | Luhan |  Sehun | SuhoTaoXiumin

• super passionate kisses that leave you absolutely breathless

• taking his dogs for late-night strolls like, every night

• knowing that he fully trusts you when he’s willing to leave his dogs with you when he goes away

• so many late-afternoon naps with his arms wrapped loosely around your body and your head resting gently on his chest as it heaves up and down in perfect rhythm

• talking on the phone until 3am when he’s away, just because you both miss each other’s voices

• him always finding you in the crowd at concerts and locking eyes, looking only at you while he performs

• him getting super bashful whenever you ask him to dance especially for you

• heart-melting moments whenever you see how absolutely fantastic he is with children

• lazy days when you two just chill at home, playing video games or watching cute movies

• him trying to be sexy around you but, no matter how comfortable he feels with you, he always turns into a bashful mess under your stare

• him completely losing his mind whenever you tell him you love him

• like, he becomes so flustered he can’t even manage to form a reply for a good three minutes afterwards

• him gazing at you with an intense stare, chewing nervously on his bottom lip as he watches your every movement

• but then freaking out and getting super flustered when you catch him, pretending like he wasn’t looking at you at all

• being able to feel entirely comfortable with him, no matter what

• like, you could let out the most unladylike burp in the world and he’d just laugh his ass off and find it friggin’ adorable

• just Kai constantly making you feel like you’re on cloud nine and giving you this fantastic feeling of comfort. Like, he’d honestly be your best friend and your boyfriend, all rolled into one