i’ve seen quite a few Friend Presence posts about how it’s great to just sit with someone doing your own thing, but i’ve also noticed in my own interactions that one person falling asleep while hanging out with someone else is somehow rude.

fuck that.

if your bud falls asleep while they’re hanging out with you it’s 1) obviously because they need it and 2) because they trust you enough, on some base level they may not even acknowledge, to keep them safe while they conk out for a while.

and that’s a little thing that’s Really Important to me. it’s a huge gesture of trust and physical vulnerability that’s often ignored or taken for granted.

so don’t. let your pals rest. i promise you can find ways to entertain yourself for an hour or two.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered a single parent kuroken AU? I don't know who else to scream about this with aside from the person who got me shipping kuroken. It's just, Kuroo would be an excellent dad. And Kenma would be so awkward with the kid in the beginning but then he'd be killed by two Kuroo smiles. And he would slowly warm up to the kid all while reminding Kuroo to not overwork himself and there would be Family Bonding!! (Part 1)

And naps, so many naps. Also imagining Kuroo’s soft smile as he watches Kenma play with his child kills me. And picture Kenma running his fingers through both Of the Kuroo’s hair (part 2).

ugh god please don’t do this to me

papa kuroo is perfect because he’d be so gentle and loving towards his kid and you could just see it in his face how much he cares for them… and then little mini kuroo grows up with that same stupid sass and smirk ‘kuro… did… did he inherit your bed hair………..’

poor kenma but the kid just latches onto him because he has a good gut instinct just like his papa and kenma warming up to him and kuroo so happy ahgsh