• what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Season 2 has already shown us character development from our main cast. Max, Nikki and Neil all seem to have slightly more respect for David and went to him immediately when Daniel started brainwashing kids. Additionally, David actually attempted to stand up for both himself and his camp. It's like the Season 1 finale actually happened, which is refreshing since so many shows still rely on the "everything resets to the status quo" trope. However, there are still so many mysteries. What camp was Max signed up for? What was david's home life like? What is MAX'S home life like? Why does Space Kid always wear his astronaut costume? Will the squirrel rebellion subplot pay off? Will Daniel return? Will Gwen do something useful with her degrees? I need answers.

FFXV Week Aug 13th-19th

8/14 | Day 2: Episode Gladiolus // Camping // Cor Leonis

i love that they spend a lot of time camping in FFXV cuz i f’n LOVE camping! UGG! LIVE THE DREAM FOR ME CHOCOBROS!!!! LIVE THE DREAM!!! sadly though, there is a distinct lack of sleeping bag snuggles and/or the ability to make s’mores!

[day 1]


Gillian Anderson behind the scenes of “The Truth.” I have little idea what is happening, but it’s kind of great?

queenofpanthers  asked:

I wanna ask the reasons why you find Shinso so lovable. From a personal pov I didn't find him that amazing of a character neither fell in love with him but I am curious about the reasons you have and since I've seen the amount of attention you give him I decided you were the right person to ask.


But first of all, let’s remember that everyone has different tastes and opinions and that what I’ll say is my personal opinion and you have the right to not agree with me. Something that attract me to a character might repulse someone else. 

SO!! Let get into it!

First of all: I love the misunderstood kind of characters.

Even though most of the people were afraid of him because of his quirk (something that he can’t control, like?? He can’t choose what quirk he get, it’s not his fault if I got a brainwashing quirk.) he still want to be a hero, probably to prove to everyone that even with his power, he can be a good person. When you think about it, it would be so much easier for him to be a villain. But he decided to become a hero and he’s determined to be one! 

His personality

Even though he didn’t get much screen time, we can see what kind of personality he has. He’s very straightforward and yet very reserved. Shinsou is definitly the kind of character who try to show like they don’t care but, in the inside, they do. We know that, during his childhood, he was constantly told he would become a villain or that his quirk isn’t suited for a hero. He must have got used to this kind of comment and became more cold toward people.

His look

I mean.. like…. Messy purple hair and huge eyebags…. What do you need more??

No seriously, I just love his look. And the fact that he’s so tall….

So many mysteries!!!

We don’t know much about him tho! ( And that’s what drives me crazy )

His family? Are his parents supportive to him? Is Aizawa a relative?? Is he an orphan? Does he have siblings?

His childhood? Was he bullied? How did he discover his quirk? Did something bad happened with it?

His eyesbags? Where do they come from? Insomnia? Family genetics? Countless sleepless nights thinking about the meaning of life??

Why he wants to be a hero? Prove he’s a good guy? Prove that his quirk is not just for bad things? Because someone inspired him to be one?

His quirk

Let’s be honest, brainwashing is a super cool quirk. 

I can’t think of anything else right now but… Those are some reasons of why I love him so much.

mrsjadecurtiss  asked:

What do you mean about a timeskip in winds of winter? :0 you said it won't happen, but in what shape would it have been there? I've still put off reading the new Chapters, but this matter sounds worrisome (feel free to talk about spoilers tho, i dont mind)

When GRRM was originally working on ASOIAF, he wanted it to be an (in-story) years-long adventure, where the characters would start out as children but by the last book they’d be adults. (At the time, the story was conceived as a trilogy – A Game of Thrones, A Dance with Dragons, The Winds of Winter.) But not only did the story get bigger as he wrote it, but everything happened so quickly – instead of AGOT taking years, with months-long gaps between each chapter, most chapters take place very soon after each other and the whole book is just over a year, at most. A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords also move quickly with even fewer timejumps between chapters, everything happening during a year at most together. So for example, Arya’s 9 in AGOT and by the end of ASOS she’s 11.

Therefore, to catch up with his original idea, that the younger characters would be adults by the end of the series, GRRM planned a timeskip, a five year gap. A Dance with Dragons (now planned to be book #4) would have started five years after the end of ASOS. That’s why so many storylines conclude in ASOS and why so many mysteries are resolved (Jon Arryn’s murder, the murder attempt on Bran, etc) and why so many characters are in a place where you can see their future has so many possibilities albeit on one specific track. Like, Jon’s elected Lord Commander, Dany chooses to stay as queen in Meereen, Tyrion’s killed his father and is off to Essos, Arya’s off to Braavos using her Faceless Men coin, Bran and company have made it through the Wall with a guide to take them to the three-eyed crow, Sansa’s at the Eyrie with Lord Protector Littlefinger having killed Lysa, Brienne’s off to find Sansa and Arya, Jaime and Cersei are in charge of King’s Landing after Tywin’s death, Euron has taken the Seastone Chair, etc.

And ADWD was supposed to begin 5 years after that, with all that had happened in those 5 years maybe occasionally shown as flashbacks after the first new status quo chapter. Jon and Dany and Cersei would have been entirely sick of ruling, with all the trouble that comes with it. Tyrion (probably) would be a slave in Meereen. Brienne (probably) would be wandering the Riverlands, jaded and wounded. Theon would be Reek, having spent years in the dungeons of the Dreadfort. Bran, 14, would be deep in his lessons with the Last Greenseer, having gained all kinds of power and knowledge. Sansa, 18, would have spent years learning the game under Littlefinger’s tutelage as Alayne, ready to work on the next part of his plan. And Arya, 16, was supposed to begin ADWD with “Mercy”, in which she’s someone else entirely, a cold faceless assassin actress who uses seduction to entice a man and kill him (while snapping back to being Arya while she does so), before returning to this not-Arya self. Later chapters might explain exactly how Arya got to this, but the point was this post-five-year-gap chapter was supposed to shock the reader with how much she’d changed, what she’d become.

However, GRRM ran into trouble writing ADWD – not the least that this “endless flashbacks” structure became incredibly unwieldy with very forced and complicated writing. Parts of the story moved too quickly time-wise, with Dorne needing to respond to Oberyn’s death immediately, not five years later. The Ironborn storyline also needed to happen right away. Other problems involved some characters having done basically nothing for five years while other characters had done a ton of things in the same time period. And the big question of the main ice-and-fire plot, why exactly have the Others decided to wait doing nothing for five years, when they were so active (with the attack on the Fist of the First Men, etc) just before, why are they finally starting to move again just when everything else is also finally happening. It was just very contrived and GRRM was more and more uncomfortable and frustrated with it as he wrote.

So a few (our world) years into writing this uncomfortable and frustrating project, GRRM decided to throw out and rewrite tons of material. There would be no five year gap, everything would happen real-time as it had in AGOT-ASOS, and all these “training sessions” and roadtrips and ruling difficulties would be shown on page. The problem of the kids being so young would just be dealt with, and “if a twelve-year-old has to conquer the world, then so be it.” The book was split into two, A Feast for Crows mostly dealing with southern Westeros, King’s Landing and Dorne and the Iron Islands, and A Dance with Dragons mostly dealing with the North and Essos. (The new ADWD ran into its own writing slowdown problems mostly because of “the Meereenese Knot”, figuring out the order of Dany’s many visitors, but at least there was no flashback structure anymore to deal with.) And notably, in-world the story still moves with few gaps time-wise, taking place over less than a year. (It’s “January” 300 AC at the start of AFFC, “August” at most by the end of ADWD.)

But then GRRM released his TWOW preview chapters… and “Mercy” is still “Mercy”, even though Arya’s only 11, not 16. It was significantly revised, he said, very different from how it looked when it was Arya’s first post-five-year-gap chapter, revisions that happened because of the removal of the timeskip… but there’s still a lot of extremely uncomfortable sexual elements in it, IMO. And I shudder to think at what it might have looked like back when Arya was a Westeros legal adult. Or for that matter Sansa being 18 in her post-ASOS storyline; while it might have made some relationships more palatable, I hesitate to think about what GRRM might do, because GRRM. Although the fact he’s said he’s not going to change his plans that much despite the kid characters being so young still… well… well… we’ll see, I guess.

Hope that helps! And if you’re interested, you can see more discussion of the five-year gap that never happened under this tag (including many links to GRRM quotes on the subject), and my specific reactions to “Mercy” here.


if tikki has been around since like, the dawn of time

and she’s been lending her powers to various ladybugs throughout the centuries

and chocolate chip cookies have only been a thing since like the 1930s

… what the fuck has she been eating till now? 

Moodboard: Higurashi no naku koro ni「 ひぐらしのなく頃に 」

Yes… It was indeed very simple, and right in front of them the entire time: the key to so many things, to simply trust and forgive. Trusting and forgiving was all they needed to defeat their inner demons… and conquer their suspicions. However, trusting and forgiving can’t solve everything, especially in Hinamizawa, where so many mysteries remain to be solved.

Sometimes i wish steven universe would be a more focused show, I would gladly give up almost all of the time spent with beach city citizens for some more time with the actual crystal gems.

There are so many great mysteries and interesting concepts in steven universe, and I get that it needs to be built up but for christ sake. Its been 5 seasons and we haven’t really had any real questions answered.

We still don’t know what causes corruption and what it exactly does/is.

We still don’t know anything about Pearls past.

We still don’t know anything about Rose’s motives for doing what she did (regarding Bismuth, keeping so many secrets)

We still don’t know who white diamond is or what she does

We still don’t know what the temple-fusion is

We still don’t know the concrete history of the gem war, only vague generalizing statements from both sides

Besides that, here are some things that gnaw at the back of my mind everytime they make a millionth nonsensical beach city episode;

Mystery Girl??

Centipeedle, healing corrupted gems??



preparing for potential diamond attack??

The fucking things inside of lions mane???

There are SO many great things that you would feel was interesting to watch about this show but no, you get a dewey episode or a goddamn cool kids episode. It feels like a spit in the face. It makes Steven come off as an awful person too honestly, there are so many things he could do to help but instead he fucks about in a band or in a local election.

Imagine if you’d have an Avengers film or something where they just sit around and play chess. It’s infuriating at this point.

Sherlock Hound. When I was a kid watching this series, I didn’t realize I was watching such a master piece. Tomorrow is a birthday of Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s just amazing to know how his works has inspired so many in crime mystery genre. 

On his B-Day tomorrow, I will share very first OFFICIAL IMAGE of my animation project to let you know what it’s about.

anonymous asked:

1) hey! ive been thinking. fujisaki's friends at one point mention that he talks to himself and he sometimes, falls asleep. he's most likely talking to hiiro or ayakashi. but about the sleeping part. its probably his soul slipping out like hiyoris (either on purpose or unintentionally) now, my point is: you know, yato didnt recognize him when he passed him on the streets while he was with yukine, but before that, they interacted during the yomi arc, didnt they? he also didnt look like fujisaki

2) so was he interacting with yato while possessing someone else, or was it his soul? like, his real appearance and everything? i think he was already possessing fujisaki then so it could really be that at that time it was just his soul. what do you think? sorry for my bad english and how it makes no sense


Yep. I believe Fujisaki has been possessed by Father ever since he appeared in the story, which was Chapter 24. At the time, Yato didn’t recognize him because he hadn’t seen him in this form yet.

The next time Yato sees Fujisaki after the Yomi arc is when he invites him over to talk. This is when it’s confirmed that Father has been using Fujisaki’s body for a long while, as he mentions his/Fujisaki’s father, and how he got permission to take the exam to transfer schools just to meet Hiyori.

I think it’s safe to say this is the first time Yato saw his new appearance: Fujisaki asked him if he liked his new image, and Yato replied that he didn’t care since he looks different everytime he sees him. He also only realized it was him in the street because he called him “Yaboku”. 

So what happened during the Yomi mission? Well, I don’t believe they interacted at all. I don’t think Father was possessing someone else because it doesn’t seem like the process is that easy. Father was already in Fujisaki’s body way before he even entered the story, so it’s quite likely that Fujisaki is a very unique vessel. Both Father and Mizuchi are also always very careful that he doesn’t get hurt, implying Fujisaki is indeed quite special. I also don’t think Father has a “true” spirit-like form because nothing like it has ever been implied (or at least it’s not a form that he can use easily). I also don’t see why he would need to be in a non-human form at that point either. In the anime, he was also shown in a human form and wearing his monk robes (which I guess was approved by Adachitoka):

So why didn’t Yato see his face? Who knows. Yato and Father didn’t seem to communicate during the Yomi mission. As far as we know, they only communicated through Hiiro. It’s quite likely that Yato was afraid to look at him. Or maybe he just didn’t want to look at him because acknowledging his presence would be like admitting that he was back to square 1 despite having Yukine and Hiyori in his life.

  • adena loves sunflowers
  • okay listen to me she /adores/ sunflowers theyre so vibrant and pretty and strong
  • like she loves all flowers but sunflowers are special to her okay
  • when she was younger she would never pluck them out of the ground because that would be killing them and she wants them to live forever
  • when kat finds out she really buys a bunch of sunflowers (and other plants) and put them on different window sills in their apartment
  • and there is one on her desk because kat edison is quite possibly the biggest sap of all time im euirheaiuh
  • also i firmly believe that when they move in together kat and adena turn one corner of their room into a nook, somewhere to relax on
    • like im talking beanbags galore. theyre two year olds at heart okay
    • and im talking books because theyre nerds and its by a window too so sunlight is streaming thru all the time and kat’ll return home from work to find adena already curled up there reading something with a soft smile and kats heart does that thing where it melts and ohgod i hate myself
  • adena loves her family and listen. listen shes muslim so i know for a fact that her family is big because we dont just consider our family to be blood relations we take in our entire community to the point where other people we know just become ‘aunts’ ‘uncles’ etc. like eiruheauihraui adena loves them all. 
    • also im tired of the trope where muslims apparently have broken family lives like shut up 
  • kat is really good at baking!
  • adena never really thought about it too much but she sometimes helps kat bake
  • they design the apartment together! both have similar tastes but with their own flair and take on it so it works really well
  • their home is really just vibrant and full of life, with both light and dark colors and it flows so well and its so homey and i love it
  • they really just share their closet space but also wear each others clothes sometimes because they might not have the same exact size but some things work
  • like im talking adena shows up to work in one of kats strapless dresses but its paired with leggings and a jacket 
  • likewise kat wears one of adenas shirts and a hat to work looking amazing
  • adenas favorite colour is blue because it reminds her of the ocean,sea, and also the stars and open sky and god there are so many mysteries in the world so many things existing and she firmly believes that Allah made it for a reason and loves all of it, loves the idea of everything existing for a reason, loves life so much
  • while kat might not necessarily convert to Islam she makes an effort to understand it because its important to adena and they have a lot of talks about it
  • see because thats the thing the two of them can have such serious mature talks where they understand each other or at least try to but can also be such goofballs and its such a healthy relationship
  • erhea i have to go but i really love these two so much i would die for them