Here’s my questions about Teen Wolfe finale :

1- Why did Stiles was able to look in the eyes of the Anuk-ite and doesn’t turn into a stone?

2- What was the paper/letter that Stiles wanted to give to Lydia one day?

3- Where is Danny and Greenberg?

4- Why the coach was okay with surnatural?

5- Why Thiam isn’t endgame?

This Day in 1D History - June 22


  • Liam posts his very first tweet!!!


  • baby babes in LA <33


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Raleigh, USA 


  • Harry enjoys a day out in Stoke Newington 


  • Liam and Richard Ayoade discuss the serious issues for UNICEF 
  • Anne updates her Twitter icon :)) 
  • Liam attends a charity event for children with cancer at Windsor Races 


  • Liam gets ready to hit the gym! (via Insta)
  • Louis goes grunge (ish lol) in LA 
  • out ‘n’ about in London :))
BTS Reaction To You Being Shy

I made this one up myself. Because I’m shy?? Dunno. 

(Most of my reactions will be gender-neutral)


“Care to dance?” He asked sweetly. Your heart fluttered, unable to control how badly you wanted to. About to take his hand, you realized you were shy and self-conscious. Quickly, you recoiled, and swung your head back and forth. As you said no, his face fell. 


“I can’t dance! Especially not in front of people!”

He giggled stupidly, “That’s adorable, jagi! But, I really want to dance with you.” 

Looking into his eyes, you finally took his hand. After the dance finished, he whispered for only you to hear, “You were very graceful.” 


“(Y/N), can you fix my tie?” Suga asked you as he combed his hair. The two of you were heading out for a rare fancy date. You replied with yes, and began to fiddle with his tie. While you did this, focused on your task, you felt his lips press against your forehead. Freezing, your hands stopped moving. Then, after what felt like a century, your face flushed red and your hands clapped over the spot. 

“I-I…!” You stuttered, stepping back and falling back into the bathroom door. 

“Oh, please, it couldn’t have been that bad.” He grumbled, beginning to fix it by himself. 

“I mean, it wasn’t bad, it was good– I.. just–” 

He smiled, putting his forehead to yours. 

“I knew you shy, but god. Too cute.” 


The two of you were walking down the street when all of a sudden, Hoseok shouted, “JAGI, I LOVE YOU!” You squealed in embarrassment, and lightly hit his shoulder. 

“Did I say something wrong?” He questioned, confused.

“D-don’t say that in public!”

“D’aww, Bashful Jagi is my new favorite jagi!” 

Rap Monster 

You were wearing shorter shorts as it was hot out, and you entered the house, Namjoon looking up from his book to greet you. 

“Welcome back, (Y/N)…” His voice trailed off as he took you in, “Are you trying to excite me?” 

“T-this isn’t for you, it’s because it’s h-hot–!” 

“You get red really easy… It’s so cute!”

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(Sorry this gif is so big, but the more Joon the better right)


Bent over an essay, hair in all directions, you tried to finish your college work as quickly as possible so you could get at least an hour or two of sleep. Jimin, your boyfriend, stumbled out of bed to find you and find out what was keeping you. Seeing how hard you working for your future made him want to squeeze your guts out. So he tiptoed over and gave you a sweet smooch kiss on the cheek, making you jump and nearly shriek. Then, you got shy and put a hand over your face, which only made it heat up more.

“Jagiya, I know you like my kisses.”

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V (Taehyung)

The two of you would just be walking in the park and you shyly hold your hand out for his but instead he grabs it and brings it to his lips. He’s like lowkey simply kissing your hand really intensely, and you try to take it away from him but he continues to hold it.

“I like to give you kisses, you squirm.”

“W-who’s squirming?!”

“You are! Squirm-er!”

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He’d probably be as shy as you because he is a small child. Although, he has become more confident with the ladies… so if he were to kiss you/give you PDA out of nowhere, you’d be flustered. Walking, he’d just quietly and casually even though he’s dying inside hold your hand. He’d stretch out his big hand to grab yours, and he’d watch as your shoulders tensed and your face went rosy.

“Wow, I really have that kind of effect on you, huh?”

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Author’s Note:

I gotta go for real after this. Too many fluttering feelings uGh