i can’t believe seokjin chose from so many questions the “minyoongigenius jjangjjangman bboongbboong, what’s your good looking ranking?” and he didn’t intend to ask yoongi about it but he did after he got angry cause they were teasing him but to tease him more hoseok nudged yoongi’s side to choose seokjin #3 and jin almost stopped the whole interview. all of this with jimin’s squeals in the background

Is it just me or was the, “You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.” scene intensely heartbreaking yet intimate? These are things that we barely have noticed from Peeta especially in the movies. Some things that we weren’t even aware of at all while reading the books. Yet here she is absolutely vulnerable and letting Peeta and the viewers know who he is to her. I love that people who haven’t read the books were able to see just how aware she was of Peeta before his hijacking since they never really saw his traits and habits. How much it hurt her to even mention what she thinks is lost forever. Although the line didn’t make it into the the first film, she has been paying attention and she has been watching you Peeta Mellark. 


I’ve thought so long about how to properly end my official time with this blog, especially since my last post was a Valentines Day one and that’s not very… finale-like.
I was worried, because while I knew I was going to do be dead for months either way, I really wanted to have a proper finish point, something I can look back on.

The journal, guys. Journal 3.
The journal is full of inspiring things, frankly, I’m in love with it. And it made me raise from the dead one last time, no- sev’ral timez! That’s right, I’m crappily drawing out more than one thing. This is not the last post. I think… I think there’s one more. It’s the least I could do, after such a journal, after such a journey with this blog. 

So, prepare for a lot of Journal-3-insider jokes or references!
Have you noticed that on the page in the first half of the book where Ford says he’s a sucker for Jelly Beans, he trashtalks toffee peanuts in the same breath?
Have you noticed that when Dipper describes at the end of the book how everyone exposed Finale Stan to things he knew very well, he mentions that Stan’s favorite foods are bacon…and toffee peanuts?

Needless to say, this dumb idea was INCREDIBLY fun to draw. Seriously, it was a blast!

Just this one time I encourage you to delete my caption, as this post doubles as my place to lengthily say all these things important to this blog, and me. The pictures… can stand on their own, haha.

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Honestly imagine seeing 2012 ziam and zayn's like all over Liam like a possessive kitty and Liam's like a lil puppy who's like I gotta love and talk to everyone!! And zayn's like no mine I need you you're mine mine mineeeee. And of course like meeting. Them and chatting while they're holding hands and just getting to see their puppy love *falls onto my knees* my heart *clutches my chest* my poor ziam heart *passes out*

2012 ziam was iconic tbh


This is probably the best video to show what happens in Critical Role! Though there are far more crazy, funny, sad and frightening moments.

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Top 5 Graceland scenes

Sarah, you are KILLING me tonight.

1. Paul’s big reveal at the meeting: especially the look he exchanges with Mike at the door, and all the emotions that run across his face as he then introduces himself to the group in front of his protege 
2. Any scene with Mike & Bello
3. The Paige/Mike argument after Abby breaks up with him - Mike: It was something that was safe! Paige: WAKE UP. That’s what Graceland’s for.
4. The standoff between Johnny and Jakes. It was upsetting and sad but I felt like my understanding of both characters got jolted 10 steps forward in just that one minute.
5. It pains me, but “It’s just sauce, Mike.”