I really like the Second chance AU by Tabersnack - it’s funny; we share the same headcanons for different characters

e.g.: Crossdressing! SCVincent dresses a lot fancier than Jeremy tho. I also thought that Doll would sometimes dress Jeremy up (he’d walk around wearing the same old sweater all the time if she didn’t) and apparently she would do the same with SCVincent :U

Second picture is just a sketch of Mike, SCScott and Doll reacting to them all dressed up (Doll thinks they’re both super cute and is probably secretly planning to put them in frilly girly dresses next while Mike and Scott aren’t quite sure what to say)

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Do you think the older Hoshido siblings suffer from anxiety?Like in Ryoma, just look at his extremely possessive myroom lines and his appearance in Conquest, the idea of losing a loved again is painful for his. As for Hinoka, you can see it in how she runs away from home to save a sibling who's practically impossible to save or how she used to do those peptalks before she did anything to reassure herself (I will forever salt about Treehouse removing this).

Oh god yes.

I think anxiety as a whole is so ingrained into this game that even the Hoshidans, who don’t really give much about themselves away, suffer from it too. Especially the older siblings, who you really don’t know anything about. Takumi you learn so much about because he is essential to the plot, Sakura you interact with remarkably more in Revelations, but the older two? An attempt to be foils to their counterparts was made. 

In Birthright, Ryouma doesn’t really show any signs of suffering from anxiety. He’s so nice and lovely and that kind of affectionate big brother the game tries to make Kamui believe they wanted all along (compared to Marx, who is the far sterner one). Literally, the game plays up the angle that Ryouma is the ideal Good Brother to Marx’s Good King. I’m fairly sure that’s even how they were advertised at one point.

Hinoka herself never seems to show any outward signs either. Again, in Birthright, you are with them. She spent her whole life dedicated to bringing Kamui home, right? Now that Kamui returned to them (albeit, she was not the one who brought Kamui home, which is a slight against her pride), there is no reason for her to focus so much anymore. 

However in Conquest… (this turned out longer than my others I think I’m sorry)

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Okay so I feel like marichat is just them sitting together complaining about crushes, ladrien is them both just staring at each other in awe and that’s it, ladynoir is like this sassy badass power couple, and adrienette is the cute shy hand-holding going-out-for-ice-cream couple. And when you put them all together it’s just pERFECTION

  • me: fuck i need to finish hunter x hunter. after that i should watch puella magi...but SnK looks really sister keeps telling me to watch Death Note. oh shit, i never finished OHSHC either, i need to get on that. i ought to rewatch Soul Eater, i haven't watched it in years, dang. and there's a bunch of other cool animes i've heard about like gurren lagann or however the fuck you spell that. did i spell that right? i think i did. i heard code geass is cool...and kill la kill...
  • me: lets rewatch FMA:B

I need more moments like this.

More father-daughter moments between Cory and Maya. I love them and I know I’m probs the only one who thinks this but I like itmore than shawn-maya relationship.

And I think the fact Shawn wasn’t in this episode was very important because I felt like it was saying what I’ve been feleing since the beginning.
Kermit was never there for Maya. Never have been, never will be. But you know who was? Cory. He’s been there for her way before Shawn stepped into her life (hell he still isn’t there for her much), and he was tehre for her when Kermit left. 
But Maya has a habit of labeling things as “Riley’s” and most of the time I feel like it’s because she doesn’t deserve them or isn’t good enough for them (lucas).

Maya has always had a place in the Matthews family. To every single one of them. If something happened to Katy (god forbid) I have no doubt the Matthews are who would take her in. I refuse to believe otherwise. 

I’m glad Maya can have someone (Shawn) to relate to and understands what she’s going though. But just because he understands what it was like to be left doesn’t automatically make him a father for Maya. 

I am probably the only person who sees it this way, except for tiramisuspice (because her and i have talked about this before and we agreed on all of the same points), but idk.

I need more moments like this. 



We’re both looking for something / We’ve been afraid to find / It’s easier to be broken / It’s easier to hide / Looking at you / Holding my breath / For once in my life / I’m scared to death / I’m taking a chance / Letting you inside [x]


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