Naoki Urasawa’s Manben

If you haven’t watched Naoki Urasawa’s Manben Go watch it now!..well if you are into manga or comics and want to see the process, tools and lives of famous Japanese manga creators in a documentary style program exploring all that then you’ll surely like Manben!

The series is hosted by Naoki Urasawa who is the mastermind behind a body of work that includes masterpieces like : 20th Century Boys, Monster, Pluto, Billy Bat and more. I’m a huge fan if you haven’t noticed, however, it’s not just about’s got so many different flavors and inputs and I really enjoyed it and learnt (learning still) a lot from it.

I recommend that you looks it up and watch it if you like what you read.. and I’ll put links to what I found on the interwebs .so if it doesn’t work or if it violates any rights please let me know and I’ll fix it/remove it. (it’s still ongoing so there will be more in the this month of September!..and I don’t want it to stop! :D) 

But first..some pictures:

Second, comes the English subbed episodes that I found that I’m not sure about sharing them..let me know if there is other sources that should be here instead or where to buy them..etc

Urasawa Naoki Manben S0E0 - Kawaguchi Kaiji & Yamashita Kazumi 

Urasawa Naoki  S1E1 2015 - Higashimura Akiko 

Urasawa Naoki  S1E2 2015 - Fujita Kazuhiro

Urasawa Naoki  S1E3 2015 - Asano Inio

Urasawa Naoki  S1E4 2015 - Saito Takao

Urasawa Naoki  S2E1 2016 - Hagio Moto

Urasawa Naoki  S2E2 2016 - Hanazawa Kengo

Urasawa Naoki  S2E3 2016 - Igarashi Daisuke

..I believe season 3 is on through September still..Enjoy!

(I will update this post with new episodes if I ever find them online in the future!)


The other day, Mommy went to something called an outlet mall and came back with a big bag of pretty, multi-colored chocolates! They are so shiny and round! Who knew there could be so many different flavors of chocolate.

I bopped every single one with my nose, but I couldn’t decide whether to try any. Unlike my Easter eggs, these are too pretty to eat! I am going to hoard them instead–HEY, MOMMY, YOU CAN’T EAT THAT, IT’S MINE!


yes i know i already made a video making fun of menenists already but they come in so many variety of flavors and i cant just leave people out, that’s their job

Better Than Boullion

It looks like this:

and it’s literally a food superhero.

It comes in so many flavors and includes regular, organic, vegetarian, and reduced sodium varieties.

My favorite things to do with it are to add it directly to pasta sauce and soups for a rich flavor boost, going a little at a time to adjust and make sure I don’t add too much.

Adding it to couscous or any cooked grain (like bulgur) can satisfy a meat craving or create a ground meat substitute.

My newest favorite thing is to add it to any kind of mash, whether it be mashed potatoes or cauliflower, in order to make it feel more like a meal. Just mix it all up with a fork and you have everything seasoned! No need for salt of anything else.

And if you really enjoy strong salty flavors, a tiiiiiiiiiiiny bit of the stuff smeared on the inside of your bread before you make a grilled cheese is absolutely heavenly. Not too much here, literally just the thinnest layer possible. The beef flavor will make your ordinary grilled cheese taste like a cheeseburger.

If you buy your ramen in bulk and it doesn’t come with seasoning, this stuff will save you. Just use a half teaspoon of it and a half teaspoon of soy sauce in one cup of water with your noodles and you’ve got a perfect ramen!

This stuff can be your hero when you’re sick - you can literally make a mug of hot water in the microwave and stir in a teaspoon of it, probably either the chicken or veggie flavor, and add some lemon slices and honey if you can. Drink it up when it cools down a little bit, and it should give you a bit of a boost.

Here’s the product website - it has some awesome recipes and a section where you can see all the flavors available:

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

“Milk” is the thing with calcium -
That perches in the mug -
And adds the cream without the fat -
And comes out of - a jug -

And sweetest - in Latte - is heard -
And warm must be the drink -
That could abash the little Curd
That flavored so many things -

I’ve poured it in the chilled coffee -
And in the strangest Tea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
I left a crumb - for thee.


Ethiopian Food-  one of my favorite types of cuisines. so many flavors & spices with tons of veggies. forgo your utensils and eat your feast the traditional ethiopian way; moping everything up with injera. 

I walked over 10 miles today and still have a few to go. I’m splitting this family-sized Valley Veggie pizza from Me-n-Ed’s pizza in Santa Maria with my friend PJ. I made it vegan by asking them to forgo the cheese and swapped the alfredo sauce for red sauce 🍕 It comes loaded with spinach, artichoke hearts, broccoli, zucchini, fresh mushrooms, roasted red peppers, red and green onions, fresh tomatoes, and black olives. With all those vegetables, why would anyone need cheese? So many yummy flavors going on 😋 Me-n-Ed’s even has a second veggie pizza on the menu: the classic veggie which includes fresh mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, and red onions on red sauce. To make it vegan, just ask for no cheese.
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the concept of bertie botts’ every flavor beans cracks me up so much

as wizards you have the potential to make amazing magical foods and candy, i mean look at all the prank candies fred and george made

you could make jelly beans that taste like freshly baked pie with the warmth and everything, or jelly beans that know your favorite foods and adjust their flavors accordingly, jelly beans that not only taste wonderful but also lighten your mood/help you focus/etc

and then bertie botts is like “hey kids you ever wanted candy that tastes like dirt and earwax”