You’re Not The Baby Anymore (Batmom OneShot)

CHARACTERS: Batmom x Damian (ft. Batfamily)
SUMMARY: A big announcement has the youngest of the Wayne family in a sour mood and the family want to know why.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have fallen in love with so many Batmom fics on here that I decided to do one of my own. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you do!

Something was sour about the air in the Wayne Manor and it was making everyone feel a bit of blegh. The sourness seems to be gravitating around the youngest of the Wayne family. Poor Damian is grumbling every chance he gets. Whenever the others see him, he has a sour look on his face or he’s mumbling to himself. That sort of thing was keep everyone on edge.

“Ask him.”

“No you ask him.”

“Damnit Dick, you’re his favorite.”

“No, no, no, mom is his favorite.”

“Fine you’re his second favorite.”

“Shut up Jason! You ask him if you really want.”

“Hell no! I value my life. Make the spare ask him.”

“Screw you Jason!” Tim growled, “I value my life more than you.”

“I’m serious, Dick. Go ask him.”

“And I’m serious, idiot. I’m not going to.”

“We all want to know what’s going on with the demon spawn.”

“See even the spare agrees!”

“I’m not agreeing with you, idiot. Everyone else is on edge because the demon spawn is acting the way he’s acting.”

Dick and the two were arguing when you found them. They were looking into the room of your youngest son and you laughed. You shook your head as you walked up to them.

“What are you boys doing?” you asked.

The boys jumped turning to you quickly. They all had a surprised look on their faces, but it was only Dick who had the blush on his face. You did notice that the others looked gloomier than usual around the manor and it had you worried. Did something happen during patrol that you didn’t know of or did someone not tell you something and they were all feeling bad about it?

You wanted to know what was bothering your family and it seems that the youngest of the lot was making the air in the manor gloomier than usual.

“Well you see, Ma,” Jason laughed scratching the back of his neck, “Demon spaw—I mean Damian has been acting strange since last night.”

“Since last night you say?” you asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Dick responded, “He came home after patrol mumbling to himself and his permanent frown is lower than usual.”

“So we’ve been trying to have Dick ask him what’s wrong,” Tim said.

“But I told you two idiots that he doesn’t like me at the moment,” Dick looked at you, “So what do you say, Mom? Can you ask him what’s wrong or fix it so we can all go back to our normal lives?”

You laughed and shook your head before patting your oldest son’s cheek. “Okay fine, but after I fix this, you three leave your brother alone.”

“Yes Ma’am!” the three said.

You walked into your youngest son’s room and see him on his bed with his sketchbook and a look of concentration in his eyes. You knew that this only happened whenever there was something on his mind that was bothering him.

“Hey Dami,” you smiled at him and noticed that he stopped sketching before putting his book down and sitting straight on his bed.

You sat down next to him and looked up to see that the rest of the family joined the three nosy boys. You smiled when you notice the smile on your husband’s face before turning back to your youngest baby.

“Is something wrong? Everyone seems to be gloomier than normal today,” you asked.

Damian sighed putting his hands on his lap before looking up at you with those puppy dog eyes that make you weak. “You’re pregnant.”

A collection of gasps and surprised shouts were heard from the door and you laughed.

“Yes I am,” you look at your son, “How did you know?”

“I’ve noticed the changes for awhile, but I only believed it last night when you and father were talking over the comms. I don’t know if you forgot to cut me off, but it seems I was the only one who was on the comms when you told father.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Oh my god! We’re going to have a baby!”

“Ha! I know why the demon spawn is the way he is now!”

You laughed at everyone’s outburst and saw the blush on your youngest son’s face. “Oh Dami, are you upset that we’re having a baby?”

Damian didn’t answer. He just looked down at his hands. You smiled knowing what was bothering your baby boy. You pulled him into a huge and kissed the top of his head. Damian sighed and wrapped his arms around you.

You pull away to make him look at you.

“You’re not the baby anymore,” you smiled at him, “But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be my baby anymore. You’ll just have to share that title.”

Damian did his usual tick and you laughed. “I’m still going to be the favorite right?”

“Hell no! I’m Ma’s favorite!”

“You’re kidding right?! Clearly I am mom’s favorite.”

“Screw you, Grayson! I am mom’s favorite!”

The argument for who was your favorite continued until you and your youngest son walked up to your family standing at the door. Bruce pulls you to him and kissed you softly which stopped the argument to ignite the usual groans and gag sounds that came from your kids whenever you and Bruce displayed affection around them.

This was your family. Your big and boisterous family.

And you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I can protect myself! I always have!
—  Emori

But think about ti. She always has. The world has made her ruthless since she was born for nothing more than how she was born. They’ve hated her, forsaken her, wanted to kill her. And she’s fought tooth and nail to take care of herself, to make sure she survives. The world has never loved her so why should she love it. Even her brother left her eventually. But … but not John. Not John whose probably as broken as her and is just trying to make her smile with fragments of what a man should be. Not John who would sacrifice anything even himself for her. 
Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”

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okay but the worst thing about obi-wan having ewan's singing voice is... how would he know? The jedi don't seem likely to engage in frivolous things like lullabies or singing - maybe the republic itself doesn't do music! I mean, their idea of opera is giant space bubbles! So obes has never sung before in his life until he's off to tattoonie with fussy baby luke and a woman on a ship starts singing a lullaby to quiet him and obes picks it up and BAM ewan voice, while the lady sits back like daamn

OH MY GOD OK, I have a LOT of feelings about Obi-Wan and Baby Luke on that initial trip to Tatooine. Like…how long did it take? Did they have to take the equivalent of Space Bus transportation so as not to arouse suspicion? How the hell did Obi-Wan hold it together?

This combined with the above is killing me. Poor Broken Obi-Wan and teeny newborn Luke. They are all the other has right now, and Obi-Wan knows next to nothing about newborns (even if he has met tiny kids at the Temple before, they’re not day-old babies which are a WHOLE different world.) 

And Luke is SUPER hungry and he hasn’t been sleeping and he’s really, really, fussy. And Obi-Wan is exhausted and traumatized, and worried all this crying is going to attract attention. And then Obi-Wan notices some mother on the Space Bus sing-songily calming her baby and he’s like…well, maybe I can try that. I’ve heard people singing before on various planets. He knows some traditional Mandalorian songs, maybe. 

And so he tries it. And he sounds like Obi-Wan McGregor. And Baby Luke is like 😲 followed by 😴. 

Luke always likes hearing people sing after that. He’s not entirely sure why, but it’s always been soothing. 

Work From Home - Smut

Originally posted by fandcm-world

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stuart Twombly/Reader
Words: 2,656
AN: A little birdie told me there’s going to be a couple of Stuart fics coming out in the next week….here’s one for ya. I love you guys, I hope you like!

Your boyfriend Stuart worked long hours a lot, and it could get pretty lonely. He loved his job, and you knew it he was good at it. He was incredibly smart, and he’d been chosen out of hundreds of applicants for the internship that got him started with Google, and you were so, so proud of him. You just missed him.

He texted you whenever he had a free moment, asking you about your day, and making plans with you for dinner, telling you stories about his co-workers, or jokes that made you laugh. But sometimes you wished he could stay in bed with you all day, putting those fingers to better use on your body, instead of on his phone or computer.

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I’m still recovering from it hahfhvhaha XD
It was so good to see you all again and meet many new fannibals!
Bryan and Hugh talking about my art on stage was too much I feel HONORED af.
Playing in the Musical was also a new win for me! The audience was so receptive, thanks again to ALL the team and BISOUS SPÉCIAUX to my baby @maelipie ofc!!!!!

oKEEEEEEY since I can’t write or speak english correctly I’ll stop here. Many others will have a better description of that weekend X)

I LOVE YOU ALL, your love and support means a LOT to me. This is the best fandom I’ve ever been in!

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Lim Changkyun dropped out of high school so he could pursue music and he didn’t even care if he was successful or not bc he just wanted to make music and be happy and then he joined Nu'Bility and they disbanded before they could start making music so he went on No Mercy and was treated as an outcast but he still worked hard to pursue his dreams of debuting and now he deals with feelings of inadequacy and the guilt of having stolen a spot in Monsta X from the other contestants despite the love and support he receives from the other members and he still works so hard and writes his own raps and he should be loved and accepted and appreciated for his efforts and all he does for Monbebes

In bed with... Taeyong


Anon: In bed with taeyong??;))

Anon: Heya so I’ve seen the in bed posts tht have been written for monsta X and was wondering if you could do a in bed with taeyong? Thankyouu ❤️

I’ll read this whenever Yuta is trying to pull me into his lane - I must remain loyal to Taeyong and Hansol. This is so fucking long like wow, y’all better be thirsty after this, especially after how many people wanted it. Get some water and a pillow to scream into afterwards bc you will feel very dirty after this lmao… Enjoy ;-)

In bed with… series:

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sorry but these gifs are so hot like hdfbsidhbfjd sorry bout this

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BTS reaction to their gf nuzzling them when she‘s cold

anon: How would bts members react to their girlfriend randomly nuzzling her face into his neck because she is cold

It’s sooo cute *-* Omg.. I’ll do it to my bf often if I get one ;; >


Originally posted by bulletproof-heaven

It was like -20°C outside. You go to pick up your bf Jin from practice because you wanted to spend some time with him even if it was so cold. When you two were walking down the streets of Seul, you tightly hug his arm and start nuzzling his neck. He looks at you and start smiling.

“You’re cold Y/N? Me too. So RUN TO HOME! Or we will freeze. I was scared that you will want to walking like this for more time”


Originally posted by jeonbase

Cold winter night. You and Yoongi were on a walk because why not? But it was only your mind. Suga wanted to go back and take rest after tiring day at work. So when you nuzzled his neck he take it sign to back from this walk.

“Babe. You look really cute but we should go back or you will get cold and I’ll be sleppy tomorrow”


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Hobi know that even -0,5 °C  can make you feeling cold because you are chilly person.He would think that’s the cutest thing on the world. When you start nuzzling him he would laught and hug you tight.

“owhhh. My poor Y/N is cold again. Come here babygirl. I’ll show you how sun of Bangtan can warm up our baby.”


Originally posted by forjimin

You hated winter. It’s cold, snowing and again cold in this season. Namjoon knew about it so he make sure that you’re always dressed heat. But if you will looking for some warm in his neck he will take off his scarf and wrapped you with it.

“Ehhh. How many times I have to tell you to dress better for this kind of weather? ehh. My lovely Y/N”


Originally posted by jikookshandshake

Jiminnie feeling your cold nose on his neck can get worried that you will get cold and feel sick. He would make sure that you feel warm. Taking your hands and blow on them with his warm breath, lookind deeply in your eyes.

“I don’t want you to get sick. But I love how you are nuzzling and you can make it more often babe”


Originally posted by bwipsul

Tbh I feel that he would do this more often then you. He just love to hug you, cuddle with you and just feel your smell(?) and JUST YOU. But if you will be cold and poke his neck he would look at you, give you a big kiss and hug you till you can’t take a breath. Happy Tae is sweet boyfriend.

“I’ll give you a kiss and when we’ll be at home I’ll cuddle you for all day long!”


Originally posted by bangtan

Freezing. It was what you feel at this time. You was on shooting for new Mv of your bf group. At gut level you started to looking for Jungkook to warm you up. And there he’s~ alone so it’s perfect time. You hug back him and put your face near to his neck. He was surprised and decided to make some jokes. He push you away and say “Girll.. You’re too cold. I’ll get sick. Go away”. You were in shook and don’t know why you wanted to cry. But then he come closer and said that it was just a joke and he doesn’t want to hurt you.

“Come jagii~ Don’t cry. This jacket is enough for two people”

Shameless Preference 9- Married Life(Gallavich)

Mickey and Ian being married would include:

  • Yev calling Ian dad as well
  • Mickey finding a beautiful house outside of town
  • Mickey going legit, working at an auto shop
  • Mickey being the keeper of Ians meds
  • Still having the amazing sex that started this all
  • Svet carrying one of their kids
  • “When I close my eyes all I can see is babies with his beautiful eyes and amazing smile and I love it. I want it all with Ian, he’s my end game”
  • Having many Milkovich-gallagher pool parties at their home
  • “Fuck you Gallagher” “Actually its Gallagher Milkovich”
  • Mickey giving in when Ian says they should get a dog
  • Yev and svet living with them
  • Terry dying, they throw an all weekend party
  • “When we met I was so fucking scared of my feelings, and I thought that if I let you kiss me that it would make it real, but it didn’t. All this makes it real and youll never understand how much i fucking love it”
  • “Your husband sounds like a tool sometimes” “He is but i love him”
  • Lip still never understanding how it all came to this
  • Fiona being a bitch about it sometimes
  • Carl being at their house most of the time
  • The wedding bringing lip and mandy back together, who happen to come over and make out a little too much for Mickeys liking
  • Tony coming back to town and staying with the boys, he mets Lana, they fall for one another 
  • “I didn’t buy this house with a huge ass bath tub for me to use it alone. get your ass up Gallagher”
  • Them having fights about stupid things but they never go to bed alone. Neither of them can sleep without the other, it makes them sad and they just stay up all night thinking about the other.
  • There families being so mixed together that they are just one huge dysfunctional family with so much love for each other.

(Sorry for the slow postings, ive been really sick:(()

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guys okay so i watched ordinal scale and im literally dying. like i stepped out of the theatre and my hands were SHAKING!! that’s just how good the movie was!!! but i can’t express all my feelings towards the movie in such a small text post like this, so im gonna go full-on sao trash under the read more. feel free to click on it if you want my opinion on the movie!~ (will contain spoilers ofc lmao)

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“As I reached them, he leaned his head down to Bree’s, looking out from under his eyelashes at me and sounding rather thunderstruck. “Mama looks verra lovely, aye?”“Aye!” Brianna squeaked automatically, having incorporated this word promptly into her vocabulary.“So does Da,” I said fervently, taking his free hand and squeezing.“Oh?” he said, and I smiled to see his look of shy gratification. “It’s…alright, then, the Suit?”  Odd, that my throat felt so dry and yet my eyes seemed about to overflow. “You’re beautiful, Jamie.”He smiled broadly and leaned down to kiss me.”

–From Flood My Mornings by the fabulous @bonnie-wee-swordsman

This is one of my favorite au’s- Bonnie is so talented at conveying so many emotions; joy, angst, humor, love, etc, etc., and this wonderful story never fails to give me all the feels. And baby “minna fash sacknap” Bree is the cutest thing to ever happen. Bonnie is also an incredibly kind person; your support of artists is endlessly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so welcome in our awesome little fandom! 💗


Or: why I appreciate the newbies on Arrow

*Note: This is a bit of a ramble, but I get very little time on SM lately and have been wanting to put this out for a while. So between tasks I had a few minutes, so here it is.

I was having a discussion with @ireland1733 the other day about (what else?) Arrow. One of the things that came up with her, and I continually see with other fans online, is the marginalization of OTA and the strong push for new characters.

Now I have made no secret of the fact that I love Arrow for Oliver, Diggle, & Felicity. And I have such a soft spot for my fellow STEM geek. LOVING Dark!Felicity so far!

Part 1: A LOT of what I see on the show I have to suspend disbelief because it’s a show inspired by / based on COMIC BOOKS. Not a whole ton of reality is expected. But Arrow is different. Despite some questionable choices made last year that included magic, Arrow has managed to stay well-grounded in their storytelling. But these three are always around. WILL NO ONE EVER PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER? (see Professor McGonagall above)

Part 2: I am not a “and they lived happily-ever-after” girl. I want to see some of the “happily ever after”. If season 3 had been the last season, I’d have been PISSED.

So…onward to season 4 and the sweet wonderfulness of newly discovered bliss.

But as I’ve said before, I still wasn’t satisfied. The domestic life was not fulfilling for Felicity (no more slow cookers), and Oliver was still running - this time from the Green Arrow side of himself. So… they blew it up. IN THE WORST WAY  - but that’s another story.

Fast forward to now. We’re rebuilding (the angst is REAL folks) and it both hurts and feels good at the same time (it’s GOOD angst). Olicity has been shaken to it’s core, but the rebuild has started and the RECONCILIATION IS COMING - I’M SURE OF IT.

Now - to my point. Oliver, Diggle & Felicity are the heart, soul and core of Arrow. But let’s be real. Or as real as we can be. One day (maybe we’ll see it, maybe we won’t) there will be Olicity babies (y’all can debate how many @jbuffyangel - I’m content with one). And maybe another Digglette (I don’t know, maybe a girl this time? I mean, again, I mean - UGH Arrowverse :() But babies take time. Effort. Single-minded focus. Did I say they take time? How are these two beautiful families going to be able to enjoy the lives that they’ve wished for if they never get a break?


So I like the introduction of new characters. Do I miss Thea? ABSOLUTELY (and I’m hoping both that there’s a good explanation for her absence and that she gives EWR her comeuppance). I miss Roy.  But the new BC? Mr. Terrific? Wild Dog? I’m giving them a chance. Because of them, in time, OTA can be sitting on a beach somewhere toasting their friendship and good fortune, watching their children splash around in the surf, knowing Star City is in good hands.

BTS reaction to you being too small to kiss them

requested by anon


Jin would be super cute about it. I feel like he would always take your face in his hands and hold you very tenderly while bending down to kiss you.

“Ah, my love has the perfect height!”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Yoongi would like to tease you about it. He would keep his face just out of reach, just because he thinks you’re cute when you’re frustrated. But he would of course give in (after you kick him in the shin) and give you a really sweet kiss. 

“Come on baby, give me a kiss right here!”

Originally posted by yoongijae


This lanky noodle would be pretty awkward about it. It would take him some time to get adjusted to your height and he would get all pouty and frustrated when he can’t figure out how to kiss you resulting in a lot of laughter and many sweet kisses.

“Aish, why are you this small? My back hurts! You’re lucky I love you so much.”

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You making it up to him + him being whipped af

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Hoseok loves kissing and so he would simply kiss whatever place is closest to him, resulting in many head- and forehead kisses. He would occasionally tease you about your height, but it would always be to make you laugh. (+ I am absolutely sure that he would use really cheesy lines to get you to kiss him more)

“Psh, baby. My lips hurt a lot, kiss them better?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


He would be the least to tease you about it because he knows how it feels to be the tiniest.

“I know how you feel, just come here and give me a kiss, I won’t tease you, promise.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


Tae would find your height the cutest thing ever, always bragging about how cute you two look to other people.

“It just makes me want to kiss you more when you are this small~”

Originally posted by agustddarling


He’ll try to be the tough guy in the situation, always making a scene when kissing you.

“I guess I’ll have to pick you up to kiss you, come here jagi.”

*confident Kookie*

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-Admin Moon + Krümmel

Libra moon things: I hate when people disagree with me and do so with bias instead of objectivity. That’s fine to disagree with me, that’s not that point at all before anyone misinterprets; it’s another thing to claim what you’re saying is ultimately right because of your own subjective (and hurt) feelings. Then, when I debate back with objectivity, with facts, I’m being ‘rude’ or unsympathetic, so I just avoid it all together. Not sure how many times I’ve been attacked for sounding arrogant or heartless simply because I’m using proper evidence instead of catering to the emotions of others. On the contrary, I’m a very “feeling” person, extremely empathetic, and I am certainly emotional, but I don’t let that blind me or falter logic and practicality. I make it a point to debate neutrally and with no bias. You can scoff and whine about how I’m rude because I’m not babying your feelings, or choose not listen to me when I’m doing my best to show you logical proof, but the conversation will then end there immediately. People mistake this for “avoiding confrontation,” oh goodness, do they love abusing this phrase to describe Libra moon. No, it is not that I’m avoiding confrontation out of cowardice, it’s more, I’m not going to have a discussion or a debate with someone when there is no equity or mutual respect. 

Safe ~ Jughead Jones

Originally posted by mieczyslwstilinski

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader

Words: 392

Requested? : Yes

hi! I’m here to ask about requesting a fic. So um how about jughead x reader where they are hanging out at either one of their houses and just cuddling and kissing. Is that ok? I hope it is. Thank you.

Warnings: Fluff? Idk I’m not good at this tbh.

A/N: I’m so sorry it’s short, idk where my flow went. I changed up the request a little bit but I hope you don’t mind! Also, first Jughead imagine can I get a “hell yeah?” I’m weird sorry…

“Juggie?” I sighed quietly as I sat down in front of him at Pop’s. His head immediately popped up from his computer screen and with a smile he slammed it shut. 

“Hey, what’s up?” He asked, taking my hands in his and kissing them lightly. He knew something was wrong when all I did was look down at the floor, lip between my teeth. My teeth were indenting my lip so much I almost thought I’d drawn blood.

“I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I feel scared to leave my house in fear of being shot in the head. I wake up and I can barely breathe. I can’t comprehend that somewhere in our little town there could be a murderer.” I whispered tears brimming my eyes. “This town, something isn’t right here anymore since Jason. It’s like everyone is everyone’s enemy. Juggie, it’s like the whole town has a veil of evil hanging over us. You think I’m an absolute mad woman.” I sighed sadly and let the first tear fall. 

Jughead was quick to jump over the table instead of walking around to the other side like a normal person and embrace me tightly. I buried my head into his neck as he drew little patterns on my shoulders with his fingers.

“You’re not crazy, you’re not alone in feeling this way. So many other people are feeling sacred too, myself slightly included and I’m supposed to be a man. Doll, you’re not in this alone. I swear I’m gonna keep you safe and sound. Nothing and no one will hurt you as long as I’m around.” He said lovingly. I smiled lightly, a small surge of happiness suddenly over taking my body.

“Christ Juggie, I love you.” I sighed, placing a soft kiss to his neck. He shivered slightly at my touch but soon pulled me tighter into him. His arms held me protectively, keeping me safe in his little bubble.

“I love you too baby. I always will. And I promise I’ll keep you safe. Don’t worry about anything, I’m here.” He smiled placing small kisses to my head. 

And there in that booth we stayed until the early hours of the morning, hugging and kissing every few minutes. I knew I was safe with him. I knew he’d keep my safe. I couldn’t have been happier.