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nanna evverythin has been goin vvery wwell since ivve created my kin blog but i cant help but feel like its goin too wwell cause ivve had literally no hate and evveryone has been extremely nice to me and i just keep feelin like all of a sudden evverythin is goin to come crashin dowwn on me or somethin havve you got any advvice on howw to fight this feelin

Omg, do people expect to receive hate when making a kin blog? That’s so sad…

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I’d say? If you have a nice little community and things are going well for you, cherish that! If somebody comes out of nowhere to berate you, just know that you don’t deserve that. It happens to a lot of us, but anti-kin have no business in our safe spaces. Put up as many walls as you feel necessary!

Rude folks don’t deserve the time of day, so just focus on the positive aspects of your little community.