• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why hasn't amy sherman-palladino been given as many opportunities as aaron sorkin when her dialogue is so clearly superior? their most well known contributions to television aired within the same window and thrived for similar reasons and yet only sorkin is the one that prevails in the public consciousness despite having vastly more critical failures. why did the newsroom get three seasons and bunheads only one? how come she is stuck with a world that only wants her to do one thing whereas sorkin can bloviate about whatever he likes as long as it comes off the lips of a great man™? what did i do to deserve this? siri, why does god allow suffering?
.:Free Seed Sunday:.

I’ve found myself with too many seeds to plant, so every Sunday I will select someone to give them away to. These seeds are leftovers so I can’t guarantee their quality but I can say I’ve had no issues with them myself. Now on to the goodies!


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This is not a sponsored event, no one is paying me to do this, and I am not doing this in affiliation with any companies. I have a lot of seeds I can’t possibly plant. Thats all this is.

Starting a garden can be costly so I really  hope to help out, even in a small way. My garden has brought me joy


@ffxvweek Day 3 - Brotherhood Baseball Tee for Stand By Me

Materials: Bella+Canvas Baseball Tee in Marble Black with Black Sleeves, Siser Easyweed HTV in Silver

So this design started with the baseball tee and worked out from there - I couldn’t resist one in such a unique color scheme that perfectly fits the party’s clothing aesthetic and would look very striking combined with metallic vinyl.

The vinyl designs went through a few iterations and a few brushes with failure (because working with HTV can be fraught with complications) before I found something that worked. (Many thanks to @inevitablesurrender for providing feedback during this process). In the end I took this theme rather literally, combining the Brotherhood logo silhouettes with the phrase.

And because I can’t get enough of decorating sleeves when I decorate t-shirts, I added the names along the full length of the sleeve. The crystal divider comes from the I in the FFXV Universe logo and I picked the name order based on the battle HUD as of the E3 Demo. Because I am nothing if not thorough.


More of Part 1

I should be further along than this! I have everything pulled and ready to go but my heart just isn’t in it right now.

I’ve been struggling with the loss of 2 of my family members. My nephew was shot 2 months ago but he was holding on and we thought he was going to make it, but then he had a stroke…he was 39 years old. My niece had been fighting for 4 years with End Stage Renal Failure…she lost her battle 2 days after my nephew…only 28 years old!

I’m not trying to post a sob story, I just felt like I needed to get that out because I’ve been holding onto it for my brother’s sake!

I’ll be off line after tomorrow for a few days (funeral services Friday) There seems to be so much tragedy in the world lately and it’s taking it’s toll on so many!  Creating and playing Sims does help a little so hopefully I’ll be finishing more stuff soon!!

Everything above is ready - All have 3 - 9 original Sims4 recolors except the signature and the coffee cup decal. The Chef Station is a slave to the one with the stove (which was in the previous upload). The shelf with utensils is a slave to the one without untensils (Master Shelf)


Why people are having a field day with the Kimye drama

[Short version: Taylor’s vulnerability is what makes her lovable. The public’s recent perception of her as a calculating, image-obsessed diva is what makes them root for her failure. Please read + share.]

To start, let me simply say that I am a lifelong fan of Taylor and I believe she should’ve handled the situation better. I don’t agree with fans who defend her every move. You can love your friend and still think she made a mistake.

But the die-hard swifties raise an interesting question:

Why is Taylor, someone who generally tries her best to be a good person, getting so much more hate than Kanye, who frequently offends people without a care?

The answer, and the reason why so many people find Taylor’s “exposure” so satisfying, is simple:

There is nothing people hate more than inauthenticity. 

You can be as crass and offensive and hateful as you want, but as people believe you’re being real and owning up to the truth, they’ll maintain some minimal level of respect for you.

The public sees Taylor hushing up minor discrepancies with the threat of legal action, going to great lengths to maintain an image of perfection, and crying feminism or “playing the victim” any time she’s portrayed in a negative light, and they come to the conclusion that she’s inauthentic. 

In their eyes, she’s no longer the humble, relatable, likable person they thought they knew: She’s a calculating, image-obsessed diva who lives in a golden bubble of denial of the way things really are. 

This difference between their opinion of her and her perceived high opinion of herself is why people want her to fail, unfortunately. They feel like they need to take her down a peg to restore equilibrium, for better or worse. 

I really think embracing her vulnerability, instead of trying to control and win every battle, would go a long way in repairing her reputation with the general public. 


So that’s what I think the public thinks. Here’s what I think: 

I’m not naive enough to believe Taylor is perfect. But I also know that even on her worst day, she is 47 billion times more caring and deserving of positive attention than Kanye freakin’ West. I’m rooting hard for her to figure this mess out and get back to what made people love her in the first place: Her vulnerability, her groundedness, and her sweet heart.


My AU Photoset: Obikin + Gymnastics

Requested by: anon

Obi-Wan was a troubled gymnast who was extremely talented. He came very close to winning a gold medal but the failure caused him to retreat from the world of gymnastics. A few years later, an up and coming gymnast, Anakin, tracks Obi-Wan down and tries to get him to be his trainer. Will Obi-Wan accept? Features: lots of angst, the pressures of training, Obi-Wan who is haunted by the past, many passionate encounters, fanboy!Anakin, and overcoming past issues. Spoiler: Obi-Wan never thought he’d be so excited to see someone else win.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!

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why do so many diabetics get upset when nondiabetics complain about experiencing low blood sugar? also how low can nondiabetics even get?

Hypoglycemia exists outside of diabetes. It’s when blood glucose drops below normal levels. The most common cause is diabetes (loss of blood sugar control), but it can happen when someone exercises more that usual, because of a tumor, hypothyroidism, liver and kidney failure, starvation, or excessive alcohol consumption. My not diabetic high school chemistry teacher had a cabinet of snacks because she had hypoglycemia.

Honestly, I think it stems from the sugar is not synonymous with diabetes argument. Symptoms associated with diabetes can occur without diabetes. It’s easy to get angry at normal people for using diabetic jargon because it’s such a specific, eerie feeling. It’s like saying “if you think I’m diabetic because I ate too much candy, then you definitely don’t understand what being low feels like.”

I haven’t read anything about non diabetic hypoglycemia ranges, but I would say it’s probably similar depending on the cause. 


About a year ago, my Nikon D600 was stolen from me. Won’t get into the details about that, but it was very disheartening and there were many times this past year where I became sad thinking about it. It was a graduation gift from my sister, brother-in-law, cousin, and cousin’s boyfriend. Had so much sentimental value.

I never allowed myself to look into buying a new DSLR because I felt that I didn’t deserve it. Allowing it to be stolen seemed like a failure on my part to care for it.

While I was in Oregon, my sister kept asking me when I was leaving back to Arizona. She said she was going to mail me something and needed to know if she should mail it to Oregon or to Arizona. There had been issues with mailing to my Arizona address. Mail keeps getting lost (and it’s not just the barong incident). I told her to just mail it to Arizona because whatever it was, I didn’t want to carry it on the plane with just a carry-on. It was only then when she told me she and her husband got me a new DSLR! Freaking D750.

It was a very heartfelt moment for me. Part of it feeling guilty about the D600 and being given a second chance. Part of it being a restoration of a part of myself that was lost. And part of it knowing that my sister is still looking out for and supporting my interests and passions.

The Grand Canyon photos are the first real photos I took with the D750. I forgot how satisfying it is to shoot and edit my own.

Who to Support in the 2016 Presidential Election

I’m sorry.. you are such an idiot and its time I get your crap out of my feed. At first I thought you brought an interesting perspective to the table.. but with this, are you fucking kidding? I’m not pumped about the binary choice we have in front of us and I have many gripes with the system. However, failure to vote for Hillary is tacit consent of a Trump presidency. By failing to support Hillary, you side with evil over good. The choice should be so clear. You are a big part of whats wrong with America.

A message, in response to this article link I posted yesterday.

OTOH, andrewbaggott wrote:

SAME. I also find her frankly hawkish, and that’s the polar opposite of what I hope for in foreign relations. Hawkishness has led us deep into an unending war with a conveniently ill-defined enemy, and I’m not interested in more of the same.

Now, another response, in Twitter point form:

  1. I post a lot of stuff here, and a bit of it I may not be in ideological agreement, or in opposition. But I might deem it thought provoking enough to merit citing.
  2. That said, I have immense respect for the author of that article (Eddie Glaude Jr.) as well as others like Cornel West who’ve publicly proclaimed their choice not to support Hillary Clinton. I empathize with their thoughts on Clinton the candidate – I also believe her to be a poor candidate and one who could be described as “Republican-lite” and offering nothing more than warmed over neoliberalism redux.
  3. However, I’ve not cast my lot in with Jill Stein & the Green party yet either, although the proposition is under consideration.
  4. I believe people should vote their conscience. And we should strive to change the meta of the voting system to be more inclusive of third parties and competitive races. I’m all for open primaries, instant runoff voting, and other measures that break us from bicameralism.
  5. OTOH, SCOTUS justice selection is an important power of presidents, and here, there is a stark difference between Clinton and Trump. As disappointing as Obama has been on many fronts (Hillary will be Clinton v3.0 as Obama, for all the banter about hope and change, really was Clinton v2.0), I am thankful for Sonia Sotomayor (and to a slightly lesser extent, Elena Kagan).
  6. Yes, Trump is a monster. But as andrewbaggot (and other esteemed analysts) points out, Clinton embraces the same hawkish tendencies and as unbelievable as it sounds, might be more of a loose cannon than Trump, when it comes to the hawkishness factor.
  7. I reckon after a summer and fall season of Republican invective, I’m going to tilt to voting for Clinton, as the right wing bile both sickens and propels me to cast a Democratic party votes wherever I can.
  8. In many states, it probably won’t matter, as the margin is going to be too far tilted, in one direction.

Part of what makes the test question so interesting to me is how differently audiences can react to a character’s failure, as well as how the character does. Is it The End of All Things, no point in trying any more, that character is done forever? Or something to get past, get over, learn from it, pick yourself up and try again, keep on rooting for them? 

I’m thinking specifically of how the audience reacted to S4b. Many people I saw were deeply unhappy about Snowing failing their test with Mal’s egg – was it the specific nature of that failure, or the fact that they hadn’t had significant failures before? Do we assess characters differently based on their prior records? Do we grade them on a curve or an absolute scale? Do we take test conditions into account?

There’s just so much fun stuff to unpack in this topic.

EDIT: also, to what extent do we rely on the other characters for judgment?

that-opera-unicorn  asked:

Hi! I'm 14 and I'll audition for voice lessons, but I have a terrible "I-don't-think-my-voice-is-that-good-and-I-don't-want-to-mess-everything-up-in-front-of-5-teachers" kind of fright. But I want to do it. I really want to learn how to sing, because I just love opera and I want to be a part of this world. Yesterday, I went to my friend's voice teacher, and I was so nervous that I started shaking and I could barely breathe (or sing). What should I do so this doesn't happen at the audition?

Hi!!!  FIRST of all … know that you’re completely normal, ok? This happens to so many people and it’s not a sign that you’re a complete failure. (I promise!)  It helps me to remember that the voice teacher is on your side, that they are there to help you get better - if you don’t show them exactly what you have to work with, they won’t have the information to help you improve! So don’t worry about shaking or cracking or nerves .. in a WAY, if you let those things come out, then they have MORE information to help you. (I’ve cracked SO many times in lessons!!)  I have a feeling if you can work mentally to shift your thinking away from yourself and how you sound, and concentrate so much on how deeply you love singing and music, then you take away the pressure of being “GOOD ENOUGH” (ick!) and just SING!! That’s ultimately all that matters! Good luck!!! Joyce

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Any ideas how to tell yourself that it's okay after you've overate? .. I always feel unable to be in my own skin and digusted afterwards. Never now how to act/feel..

Say to yourself ‘I give myself permission to be HUMAN” You probably overeat because on some level you do not love yourself, and on some level you feel unworthy of your own love. So when or if you do overeat, then and there is the time to practise SELF LOVE.

I KNOW ITS HARD I use to be the biggest binge eater for years while I struggled with Bulimia. I would stuff myself with SO much food, my head over a toilet bowl throwing it all up, I cannot even begin to count how many times throughout that decade I hated myself, how many times I felt like I failure, disgusted in my own in- ability to get it together. What helped me more than anything was I stopped fighting with myself, I stopped abandoning myself every time I did something that I thought was bad.

And TRUST ME it was hard, there where times in my life where I didn’t leave the house, all I would do is binge and purge over and over again. And it was beyond difficult for me to then look in the mirror and say I love you when I had just physically abused myself to the point of complete exhaustion on all levels.

But through creating new habits, I started to give myself compassion and love when I did those types of behaviours. I saw my patterns as my inner child just wanting to be loved and seen. So that’s what I did, I started to give ME my own love. When I said something to myself that I didn’t like, I would say cancel cancel cancel. Remember the brain is a muscle it takes time to re program it, but it’s absolutely possible.
First step “become aware of the negative self talk” and IMMEDIATELY cancel the words by saying cancel cancel cancel ( they use that in a silver mind control course, super powerful) and then replace with positive words and gratitude for your life, body and health.
Lastly if I had a chance to take back all of those days, weeks, months, even years of my life I spent hating myself and always feeling like a failure I wouldn’t. Not for anything, those moments have helped shape me into the woman I am today. Just like they are helping shape you into the person you are destined to become.

Stay present and take it one day at a time. Today go and celebrate yourself. Your alive, your amazing and you have the chance to make your life whatever you wish to create. The sky is the limit. I know it sounds generic but please trust me when I say; if I can do it.. so can you!
I believe in you & your presence on earth is deeply appreciated. 💖

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1. What is your favorite name?
my own 
2. How old were you when you discovered your favorite music artist?
uh 15? 16?
3. Have you ever gone to the movies alone?
4. If you had one wish, would you use it on something you wanted or needed?
something i need to get what i want
5. Are you playing Pokemon Go? If so, how many Pokemon have you caught so far?
i caught a squirtle and named it Bubbles
6. What are your aspirations for the rest of this year?
get money and raise my gpa
7. Cat or dog person?
8. Who is your ultimate heartthrob?
kang insoo
9. Do you have any irrational fears?
is failure irrational?
10. How many languages can you speak?
one fluently. i know some spanish and japanese and a tiny bit of french
11. What is one thing that defines who you are?
the letter a

my questions:

  1. milkshake or smoothie?
  2. who is your favorite girl group if you have one?
  3. favorite game?
  4. do you prefer pools or beaches?
  5. favorite rapper?
  6. top 3 movies
  7. what colors do you think define you?
  8. do you block ppl often?
  9. what song do you think people dont appreciate enough?
  10. if you could create a tv show what would it be about?
  11. name one tag you have blacklisted

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Feel very unwell

Wish I could get rid of these evil emotions and go back in time with the knowledge I needed so many years ago
And do things right, do things how I wanted and how I thought I was
But I was just a fool
A fucking fool

I wish I could take it all back, I wish I knew so long ago so I could fix it
But it’s been so long and it’s too late and
hate doesn’t begin to describe how I feel
All this time I’ve been a failure and I missed it every time, felt confident and secure and I was so wrong and
too much to make up for too much time wasted too much too much too much why did it take so long now it’s too late and theres no kind of redemption it’s too late to even try

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted a hard restart
I’ve played with the idea but
Now not restarting doesn’t feel like an option
Because I can’t live with myself like this

I need to tear out everything and start over
Start over start over start over
I don’t even know how but I can’t stay in this life full of so many regrets and so much shame and hate I can’t take it
I have to get away
No idea how but I can’t stay
I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t

Yesterday, I cried all the way home from Big Cat’s very appointment. He’s totally okay, but his ears and upper respiratory system are infected.

The vet was very nice but talked to me like I was ignorant in the literal sense of the word, and I am not ignorant in the context of animal care, which obviously he doesn’t know, but being spoken to like I am possibly unintelligent really gets to me, emotionally.

I got very upset in the car on the way home and pulled over to cry with Big Cat, because he was yowling horribly, which made me even more upset. I feel like I’m not a good pet parent, and I feel like the vet judged that I wasn’t a good pet parent.

I’m just failing in so many areas of my life or feeling like a failure in so many ways.

I don’t have the courage to call to make an appointment to have my dress altered, because I have no idea of where my weight will be in eight weeks.

I have missed so much work in the past two weeks that I’m afraid of my boss thinking I don’t want to work. I know some of my coworkers – Senior and apparently Crossfit – make comments about my leaving a few hours early for therapy once a week, and now I have to be late at least three more times in the next two weeks because of my dental appointments and my appointment with the cardiologist next week.

I just feel like I’m not managing life in general very well, and I don’t even know why, because my life is not that hard?!

Am I the only one who finds creatures with many eyes to be funny? Like yeah they’re kind of creepy but! They’re literally covered with weak spots! Eyes are sensible things that hurt like hella when they’re poked, so imagine if someone ran a sword through every eye you had. Pain! Humiliation! Failure as an eldritch horror!

I mean I would probably piss myself if a giant spider ambushed me, but eight eyes man, eight! A rock, good aim, and bam; I win.
It would be like fighting against Mike Wazoski once you get the hang of it.

anonymous asked:

I want you to know that you are cared about on here, even if it's just by silent followers like myself. It is such a hard job economy out there and you seem to be trying really hard so you should try to go easy on yourself ❤️

Thanks❤️ I just keep seeing everyone all around me working or doing something awesome with their lives.

And yet here I am with a Masters…applying to so many places I’m qualified for and have yet to hear anything.

I can’t take it anymore. People keep asking me when I’m gonna get interviews/a job and having to constantly explain my situation gets exhausting.

I think everyone is thinking I’m a failure. I certainly feel like I failed. Like I went to graduate school for nothing. Like maybe I was stupid to go to graduate school instead of being like everyone else and working.

I’m sorry about the rant, I know and understand that you are being supportive and trying to help, and I seriously appreciate it. ❤️

I don’t know what I would do without you guys! At least you guys are understanding. I’m just in a really awful place in my life right now. So I’ll probably be posting a lot of depressing things.

I really do appreciate the support and kind words❤️ it means so much and does help a little.

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Locus and Felix get so much love and so many essays on why they're not aaaactually genocidal assholes, but oh, South is a terrible bitch because she killed North. And we only know that because DELTA said that. And Wash told Delta once that it was okay to lie and he kept lying, making him an unreliable narrative and idk man I'm just mad that we won't see the truth of what happened there but ho boy we sure will get some Merc backstory!

Oh my God do they really get essays??? I mean I’ve seen people go “MY BABIES/MY CINNAMON ROLLS” but never ESSAYS. 

And yeah oh no. I have so many bones to pick with people when it comes to the treatment of female characters. Tex is abusive because she was mad at Church for bringing her back as a shadow/failure again even though Church constantly calls her “bitch” and is hella rude tpo her. Carolina is a bitch because she got mad at her father for fucking her over and getting her friends killed so she decided to do anything to stop him. Kimball is a bitch because she was frustrated at Doyle for the fact that he.. You know…. Was part of an apparently oppressive society and led her men and his men to die needlessly. 

I’d be less fucking angry over this shit if we’d seen a female character in the season. But we haven’t seen a single one and there is N O excuse for that. At all.