• giorno does pols hair up in rolls and they talk about their ridiculous hair styles
  • pol spoils trish (like he wouldve spoiled sherry) and acts more as a big brother figure PLUS MATCHING SHIRTS
  • mista is a big baby and likes to sit in pol’s lap 
  • polnareff calls jotaro every time his kids do something cute and always invites him and jolyne over

Today marks 10.5 years with my human! To celebrate, here is a look back at my 10th birthday party in July. My human made me a cake and got me giant candles! You can watch me eat my cake and see lots more photos right here.

My human and I don’t know exactly when my hatchday is, so we celebrate the day I adopted my human. I still had my egg tooth when that happened, so my party day isn’t far off from my real hatchday.

P.S. If you are wondering how I am still so small after 10 years of chomping my human’s fingers, I have a metabolic growth disorder, probably genetic. I am growing, just much much slower than a normal turtle. It is another way that I am extra special!


t: happy, i’m not gonna apologize for what i did earlier, because i wanted to protect you. by now, i figured you’d know why, but in case you don’t know…. i want my last words to have some meaning, so, happy quinn, i am in love-

h: people say stupid things in the heat of battle.
t: no, i meant it. i chose in the moment to live honestly and if you don’t feel the same way yet, i’m okay with it.
h: you’re confident.
t: in this i am. 


okay dokey, ALSO it gives me a chance to demonstrate what a doof I am because after years of having not bothered to wear earrings I was like 1000% sure my ears had healed over UNTIL TWO WEEKS AGO when I found out that I can still wear earrings! so yeah! that’s… that’s a thing now


Favorite Cast Friendships: Emma Ishta & Kyle Harris (Stitchers) (Part 1)

“Kyle and I are great friends and I love working with him. He’s such a positive, upbeat, very kind and awesome person to be around. Before we shot this season, we’d done an original pilot where a lot of people were already cast and Kyle and I were the two that came through (from that show). We had a whole history together before shooting a full season. He creates a really nice energy for everyone, we are very good friends and I’m really grateful to have someone like him to work with every day. I have nothing but really good things to say about him.” (x)


“Miss Fisher is all about the joy of life and the fun of life, it’s very central to that character, and Essie just embodies that.”

Also known as Essie Davis being a complete dork behind the scenes.