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What would Nagito's singing voice be?

Mmm… Exactly THIS. It’s the character song of Nagito Komaeda ~!

For real, I think if he tried, his voice would be pretty decent, although it would crack at high notes. I can also imagine him starting to chuckle and shrug after trying to sing correctly. He wouldn’t be able to take himself seriously when he tries at anything, thinking no one sane enough would want to hear his horrendous voice. ~ Mod Narii

they’ve asked me what I’ve missed the most
the shine in your sweet smile..your presence of your hands on my body as we sleep or the simple 3 words that manage to slither from your mouth into a whisper in my ear so many times in the day 
i can’t choose for it’s like picking between what I love most about you
It’s everything
—  what i miss the most (231 out of 365)

takiki16, please let’s talk about Jupiter and Caine and pregnancy and babies, because I have been mulling over so many thoughts and I just don’t know what to do with them tbqh (sorry for the separate post, I didn’t want to tack fandom discussion onto that pretty space quilt picture)

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musical magical gender-role defying boys… topp dogg

hansol: giant boombox, small pigtails with those hairties that have the big circular beads, always has eyeliner on, never leaves people alone but he’s cute so they deal with it, So. Many. Earrings

sangdo: trumpet, classy high pony, brass knuckles, loves to bake but will poison your food if you make him angry, gold dust on his fingers. always

kidoh: a banjo, messy bun, is constantly wearing orange lipstick like Do you have any other color, mostly keeps to himself but sometimes in the middle of conversation he’ll say the most random shit and everyone will laugh, cowboy boots are a must

bjoo: early 2000’s cd player, cute neck length bob, always has bandaids on his nose bc he thinks he’s cute But He’s Not, tries to dress more masculine but when he gets home he slips into oversized t-shirts and fuzzy bunny slippers

yano: portable drum set, The Antagonist, can’t play for shit he just likes to go around and annoy everyone by playing the one song he knows over and over, shoulder length straight bob, looks kinda terrifying and Probably sells creepy dolls he finds in his attic

xero: the triangle, Dude why do you own so much triangle merch, likes to play the triangle with his freakishly long toes, septum piercing, wishes he was tvxq

nakta: He’s the pet turtle in the house they all live in together, sometimes they put googly eyes on him

a-tom: keytar, super long pretty orangey-red hair, constantly says “bro”, loves wearing band merch without a single idea of who the bands are, Is never seen without rubber wristbands

gohn: megaphone, classic wavy pony, makeup is always flawless, Will cling to people and never let go until they forcibly remove him or beat him w/ their instruments, Loves puppies like he even has puppy posters in his room, “pass me the aux cord”

seogoong: fog horn (where did he even find it) rly short crimped hair, perfectly applied lipgloss at all times, Carries around a tiny lion plushie im his bag at all times, enjoys waking everyone up by singing celine dion through his fog horn

jenissi: piano, 2 buns on each side of his head, has a cartoon sun tattooed on his cheek, plays everything in major key, carries lysol Everywhere, always smells like dandelions

hojoon: a cute blue violin, long pigtails with star clips keeping his bangs out of his face, wears star shaped glasses even though he can see perfectly (Hipster), favorite site is rainymood, why does he own so many pairs of combat boots p>

pgoon: the human butler, grey hais even though he’s only in his 20’s, grudgingly picks up after slumber parties and cries to himself when the house is wrecked Again from a boss battle, you would think a butler would wear a suit But no, never seen in anything but white tanktops, has a secret stash of “Stress Snacks”

i dont know what im doing

(they’re doing the same sign, the namesign for Electric Daydream, which is half of “electricity” and the sign for “dream”. i think. i don’t do ASL because i’m terrible at languages, i’m trusting my muses for afra and steven here)