I just hope that Taylor sees all the secret sessioners who are choosing to be absolute dicks about the secret sessions and realises the mistake she has made with some of these people. 

Look, I get it, it is exciting to get an opportunity like this. You have had an experience that a very select few people have had and will ever have. But I would hope that as someone who is part of a “community” of people who all share a common interest, you would have the empathy and genuine love for your community to be decent and non-boastful and hope that other people get to experience the magic that you just did. 

Realistically, you are no better than anyone else. You were lucky enough that your username passed through Taylor/Taylornation’s feed at just the right time. You are simply one of thousands of people who wants this opportunity. You were just lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time. 

So post your pictures, talk about how sweet she was, talk about how glorious your experience was, wish this experience upon your peers, but be gracious. Don’t rub this in people’s faces. Don’t post things reminding people that you “know things that none of the other swifties will ever know”. 

If you do post those sorts of things, I hope you know that you are likely disappointing the person who has just welcomed you into her home. Do you really think you were invited so that you can put other people down and make them feel inferior? If her generosity is any indication, I think you know that she would be utterly disgusted to know that this is what you have chosen to use your experience for. 


So, I’ve counted…..we have around 6 ½ minutes of live footage of TLJ (from the teaser, official trailer and the bts-video combined, and I didn’t count the dark screens in the teaser).

And the movie is about 2 hours and 30 minutes long….meaning….

….we have 2 hours and 13 ½ minutes of footage that we haven’t seen yet.

Now let THAT sink in for a moment.


I didn’t expect anyone to request the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised :p

I like to call this “stop squishing Lily 2.0″

in all honestly a little more calm (for now): 

Karen calling Frank out on what he’s doing is really important to me cause she’s littearly the only human being in the world who can do that without him probably wringing their necks. 

and the scene is clearly really intense and she’s crying which shows how CLOSE they are to have that effect on each other 

not to mention again, non platonic face stroking 


Dark/Damien drawing

Over 8 hours spent on it
Made with a pencil
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
A black Micron Marker
A black DuraMark Marker


Just to let you know that…

It’s okay if you can’t afford Niall’s merch. It’s okay if you can’t see him live. It’s okay if you can’t buy physical or digital versions of his album. It’s okay if all you can do is listen on Spotify. It’s okay if you can’t buy magazines with him on the cover.

It’s okay.

It doesn’t make you any less of a fan than those who have done all that. Supporting Niall shouldn’t be about who has seen him live the most or how many of his merch that you have or any of that.

Supporting Niall should be fun, not burning a hole in your pocket or making you feel inferior to others.

You can support him to the best of YOUR abilities and what YOU can do.

Guess whose scanner isn’t working???

based off of this