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Day 2: sharing a milkshake

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So I saw a post bringing awareness to bipolar disorder, and they had this image:

Why did they have to draw the fat person so… lumpy and gross looking? Was this really necessary? This really makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to pick apart the post, but this is just gross. This isn’t what fat people look like, and there was no reason to draw us this way. -V


I think I remember reading that these drawings were made by one of the directors…


( [wheeeze] hello headcannon where Lemongrab is in a situation where he cannot scream and just literally out loud plainly says “screaming” with a blank expression. If normal mundane things stress him out,imagine what highly unusual things do x’DD The movie has only begun but he might just want to leave already again )

“[they’re sitting really close to the screen][he’s extremely far sighted][forgot his glasses at home][sits there,pretends to know what’s going on]”