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What do you and ur bf do for fun? It seems like me and my bf just sit around and don't really go out but I still like spending time with him I just wish we could go on fun adventures sometimes

honestly we r so lumpy all we do is watch movies. Today we watched fight club!! lmao

I didn't move from the couch all day

I literally stayed there the whole day. I only ever moved to eat or pee… Oh god. 

I was doing homework! And some other junk but homework! I have too many essays. ugh. They take me forever, even if they are way easier than back home. I just hate them so much. Why do you think I’m an art major? This is why! So yeah I basically sat on the couch, did research, ate things, and watched things. I didn’t even start any of the essays! Just research. God.

I was supposed to go to apertivo with Sophia and Carina but they bailed because they ate too much panini… So I continued to not move. This might be the reason my back hurts so much. Just been slumped on a couch for hours. 

I did have a lively skype session with Stivi! Man, I love her. Friends are the best. Just the absolute best. 

And she started eating cheesy garlic bread lays ( whaaa???) so I got inspired to eat actual cheesy garlic bread. So that’s what I made! 

And then back to the couch. Wow. I’m surprised I’m not couch jelly already. My butt definitely is. 

so I’m trying to write some fan mail but I don’t really know how

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like this guy ^ I don’t really tend to have heroes, just people I really really like. 

is that something people still do? does tom hiddleston ever see his? I’m a little out of my depth here.

the extent of my experience with fan mail is Ned’s letter to Steve on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou . I am tempted to just follow that to the letter. 

but I do have a fountain pen. I should use the fountain pen shouldn’t I (in my experience the answer to that question so far has always been ‘yes’)? 

so my questions are: where do I send it to? how do I address it? I was going to include some things I made, is a lumpy package (lol) more likely to be rejected? it would only be A5 in size, so not large. is chance of a reply more like on in a million chance or one in a none chance? would it be funny or not funny to scrawl ‘not nudes’ on the envelope? 

honestly I have no clue. I’m floundering here any help would be greatly appreciated. 

yours (confused and a little out of my depth),


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Turner’s Hybrid (aka Mikado) was first offered in 1886. It is huge, juicy, and delicious. These two held by Kutztown seed farmer George Ehrgott are unusually lumpy (so well just eat them, not save seed) - they are more commonly round. Look for seeds exclusively at Hudson Valley Seed Library (@seedlibrary). #solanumlycopersicum #lycopersiconlycopersicum #heirloomtomatoes #kutztownseedfarm #seedkeeping #seedsaving #mikadotomato #turnershybridtomato #roughwoodseedcollection #uglytomatoes #beautifultomatoes (at The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center)

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im not wearing a wig cap so its lumpy but this is the new blue wig.

the color and style is way better even tho its cheap and probably gonna look awful by the end of the day

When I locked myself out last month I told the locksmith I would bring him grapes once they got ripe because he’s the same locksmith who changed the locks on my pink house with my ex (he remembered that craziness) and is a super nice old guy who likes to talk about plants. they finally got ripe (it took forever with all the cold) and I put a bunch in a bag and took them over but he wasn’t home. I put them on his doorstep and realised it looked like a bag of poop: the plastic was opaque green and all you could tell was it held something dark and lumpy. So I put them in his mailbox with some hanging out so he would know they were there but it does look like there’s a bag of poop in his mailbox, but I left them and hoped for the best. But now I wonder if the mailman will think they’re for him and it’s turned agonising.