HELLO EVERYBODY !!! I love this lump and you guys seem to feel the same way, so i decided to make stickers! 

just REBLOG to enter for a chance to win some :>

1st prize: i will draw you something on paint and make a sticker and you get it PLUS 2 lumpstickers of your choice.

2nd prize: 2 dang lump stickers that you want

3rd prize: a single good lump sticker of your choice, maybe the Original Lump sticker??

and you can buy them all HERE if your good heart desires!!!!!! i would appreciate it very much!!! thank you!!! giveaway ends November 30 :)

Chest binding without a binder

Ok, gather round, children!

got yourself a tank-top? it should be a bit too small but not too small!

With a “shelf” AKA an elastic band and extra fabric bit that most people hate.

I used a sports top my uber-religious anti-trans grandmother bought me!

turn it around and put the band in the center of your chest

fold it up and down like this *throws sparkles*

take another, not-stretchy 

put it on your body

with a tight fitting shirt its a little lumpy

so i normally wear loose clothes

I hope this helped!

who to fight: rick and morty edition
  • Rick Sanchez:while the urge to fight him may be there, DO NOT FIGHT HIM. this man creates killer robots for fun. he has no morals. he is the rickest rick, and once fought a group of himself and won. DO NOT FIGHT RICK SANCHEZ
  • Morty Smith:don't fight morty smith. he may be small, but he has a survival instinct like you wouldnt believe. all he needs is a burst of adrenaline and he will win. plus, whether you win or lose, you have to deal with rick afterwards. DO NOT FIGHT MORTY SMITH
  • Jerry Smith:you could fight him, but what would be the point? he's already an insecure and sad man. there's not much lower you can bring him. of course, if you fight him, you gain rick's favor. fight jerry smith
  • Beth Smith:while she's probably not that strong of a fighter, she is a (horse) surgeon and has the knowledge of anatomy on her side. plus she seems like she would fight dirty. fight beth smith, but prepare well first
  • Summer Smith:You can fight her and win, but she will come back. and she will come back strong. she will come back so strong and will hurt you. do not fight summer smith