solongnaota and brown cow are going on tour for spring break!

So Long Naota (ex 2049, syscrusher, casionauts) is a queer pop/emo band from Lansing, Michigan. for fans of tguk, dinosaur jr, thin lizzy.

Brown Cow   is a 3 piece female fronted downerpop band from kalamazoo, michigan.

We are headed out to Boston and back from Michigan and could use some help booking shows in or near your town.

so far were playing:

feb 27th in Kzoo, MI

Feb 28th in Cleveland, Ohio at Mosh Eisley w/ heart attack man, let em run and the ground is lava!

March 1st in Pittsburgh, Pa at 222 ormsby with au revoir

March 2nd in Lancaster at the seed with Human Weathervane

March 3rd in lehigh valley?  *need help

March 4th in Philly at freedom 35 with decades

March 5th in Connecticut *need help

March 6th in Boston *need help

march 7th in Erie/somewhere north central PA

March 8th in Columbus, Ohio

March 9th in Lansing @ church of the three cats

msg me on tumblr, or email or text me @Five17-214-973three if you can help in any way! thanks a milly


So Long Naota - Celestial Something or Other


So Long Naota - Hold Fast

Self aware and self assured are sadly not the same
Getting used to disappointment like it was your middle name
When the sun it sets and leaves you, and only the cold remains
Just like the river in your hometown or the blood inside your veins

And anyone worth anything is everyone to you
In love with love and its losing like its your worst dream come true

Hold fast to the hope that things improve
Know that life is whats right in front of you
Although this world will tear at you with every tragic turn
You better Let your life be lit by every lesson that you learn

Unbalanced and unburdened by unbelievability
Left pining for the presence of lips placed perfectly
Just like that song about the burning car and delicious sounding drink
Or the one where the stars fall from the sky and where they long to be

falling in and out of favor as fast as you fell for all your friends
Underscored and understated as your attempts to make amends

Hold fast to the hope that things improve
Know that life is whats right in front of you
Although this world will tear at you with every tragic turn
You better bet your path is brightened by every bridge you had to burn

New jam referencing the mountain goats and the simpsons and the carpenters and other ridic stuff. Share/critique.


So Long - in a family way (birds of prey)

hold on to your heavy heart
this time i think we’ll make it through
one word before we start
lets try our best to make it new

go forth and gather youself up
take your love and give it all away
with any luck it will find its way to you again
on a some dark and cold and lonely and fateful day

unsaid as the thought thats
you kept to your self
unread like the books
left gathering dust up on your shelf

tell yourself it will be ok
fragile as a fabrige
bluer than the epponymous jay
while clouds above such an ominous gray
as elegant as a tv tray
or a thesis to a punk rock essay
a pigeon to their bird of prey
the sea gulls screaming at the bay
all the prophets whove been lead astray
or pauses left in a family way
the message of hope we could not convey
just dissapointment without delay
all the fears you could not allay
all the tears you would wipe away
so save em up for a rainy day
like those three little words that you’d never say
your better angels were on display
replete with childish naivete
you were the costs i could not defray
or the hell that we would one day pay
your best attempts not to betray
those secrets held in dossiers
you were the loner to my jfk
now someone call the cia
the lizard people to my greys
mysterious and vast as the milky way
or the consequences we never weigh
those games we tried hard not to play
all the rules that we would disobey
much to our mothers dismay
oblivious as your fathers toupee
and the welcomes that we’d overstay
take me to the sweet soiree
let your love be my attache
we can talk it out or just hit the hay
pray for a tomorrow better than today
as miserable as the 17th of may
or the leftovers we set out for the stray
so send out a communique
queer as in fuck you,  im them and they
anachronistic as bombay
corpses cought in eternal ballet
while the ladders of our DNA
lie twisted up in acidic array
our passions we found oh so passe
slaves to all our social mores
the day we die and turn back to clay
left eponential in our decay
all the gods to whom we’d never pray
or the dragons that we’d never slay

will one day come and make everything alright

tour is nearly finalized!

thurs feb 27th wafflehouse in grand rapids
fri feb 28th mosh eisley in cleveland
sat mar 1st 222 ormsby in pittsburgh
sun mar 2nd the seed in lancaster pa
mon mar 3rd *not booked* looking for lehigh valley
tues mar 4th freedom35 philly
wed mar 5th mr beerys in long island, ny
thurs mar 6th *in the works* boston
fri mar 7th *not booked* rochester ny
sat mar 8th Wylinder in columbus ohio
sun mar 9th church in lansing michigan


So Long Naota - Celestial Something or Other at Church of The Three Cats in Lansing, Mi. Secret of Mana for SNES playing in the background.

Hey y'all I’ve been steadily writing and recording music since i moved to michigan in 2013. I just realized there are five unique releases on the bandcamp, each with different amazing folks contributing to it. So yeah go check one or two out and let me know your thoughts/critiques or whatevs. Also share it with someone if you dig it.