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❋ He Is the Same // Jon Bellion

❋ Gabriel // Bear’s Den

❋ Come Under the Covers // Walk the Moon


❋ So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze // All Time Low

❋ First Things First // Pentatonix

❋ Oh Boy // Red Velvet

❋ Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar) // The Weeknd

❋ Karma Police // Radiohead

❋ I’ve Told You Now // Sam Smith

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all time low + inspirational lyrics from each album (with the help of @gabricl)

put up or shut up (2006) - the party scene
so wrong, it’s right (2007) - stay awake
nothing personal (2009) - therapy
dirty work (2011) - time-bomb
don’t panic! (2012) - so long, and thanks for all the booze
future hearts (2015) - missing you


All Time Low Lockscreens

Don’t Panic

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“’Would you say Don’t Panic is the best album that you’ve ever made?’             ‘Yes’                                                                                                                     ‘And how is it different to all your other albums?’                                                 ‘It’s better’”

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