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   Well, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t intimidated


               Is there a reason I was called here? Should really get back to my team for the tournament–”

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“what are you doing out here, little one?” ned crouched besides sansa. snow fell around them, decorating the north in such a way that some of the little ones had never seen before. while sansa had been born in the winterfell, spring had come but the snow still fell. there were a few others outside for he could hear robb and jon off in the distance but his sole focus was on sansa at the moment. he could see the concentration on her face and it caused a soft smile to grow on his lips. 

when he had been younger, the snow was something he loved to play in with lyanna and his other siblings. however, as he grew older, unable to enjoy the snow as much, he loved watching his children play in the snow, even as they built things. his own fingers began to pack snow in a ball as he continued to watch.

maybe I’ll start doing this thought I just had. so I think I want to start pulling daily tarot cards for at least a person or two other than myself, partially to get me better at interpretation, partially to get me on regular communication with others, and mostly because I do best when I am expected by others to do something. so would anyone be interested in a daily card being messaged/texted to them by me?