Yes, guys, to get it through your head, Jongin does look at members the same way. 

When their giving speeches / talking you cant blame him for being proud

but what makes it different is that to Kyungsoo, Jongin doesn’t need a reason to stare because kyung just being his bf makes jong so proud

theres no reason Jongin shouldn’t be facing the camera right now

Kyung wasn’t doing anything

All Kyung did was smile?

Why are you giggling Jongin

Kyung wasn’t even the one talking at that time yet theres Jongin-

He JusT WANts TO eAT

While the other member was acting out something, you’d expect all attention to be on the other but Jongin only focused on Kyung

What was so interesting that got Jongins full attention

Chanyeol noticed too

“HyonG es So kYoot”

Wasn’t talking

let the man walk

internally crying because ksoo is giving xiu attention 

kyung looks

jong looks away

haha hyung youre so cute walking

not my edit

im just gonna stare at ksoo instad of the camera like the other members

omg the back of your head is just as beautiful as the front

if you know me well enough then you’d know I ship these two too hard that it’s unhealthy for me– //shot



I also made that weeks ago but only got to posting it now because I didn’t have the confidence


And honestly Sensy’s new design looks pretty hot– //triple shot

And I honestly think Ganz is the sub out of all the Genzy shippers out there– //quadruple shot

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it's so cute how you're always like ❗️ and even at times ure like ‼️ it's so kyoot it's like ure always alert and enthusiastic and full of exclamation ❗️💕 love ur texts btw!!

i have many things 2 be excited abt ❗️❗️❗️such as nice friendly cute smart cute cute cute anons like u sending me msgs ❤️❤️❗️

Realest OTP: 2Seok

now it’s about the smiley pair!!

well only hobi is a forever smiley (as i usually say) but Seokjin’s smiles are as cute as Hobi’s!! ^^

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see what i mean~??

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hobi taught jin beatboxing! and let’s not forget how they laughed at Jin’s beatbox lol

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hobi hobi approves Beanie-jin (don’t we all? omg he so kyoot and puppy with that beanie)

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they’re an awkward pair because… well people dont talk about them… but i think they should be appreciated as our 7 boys are shippable in every way possible!!

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both of them seal-clapping at kookie buying slacks >~<

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probably fight-pair….?? or squabble-pair?? 

OOH forgot most imporant point: both like cleanliness and nag at their dongsaengies to clean the house!!

clean-clean pair ^^

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‘Today Talk’ with Jin~ by our host the forever-smiley J-Hope!!

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Eat show ‘Eat Jin’ ft. J-Hope… ^^

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tbh they look like tourists who became BFFs xD

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and also let’s not forget Team Step Up!

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let’s all appreciate 2seok/Jinhope/whateverrrr~ AKA the fight-couple!

bye bye~ sys!

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(we can never forget Ricky Dillon with Jin&J-Hope, both not knowing the other was a star xD)

Realest OTP: Yoonseok

huuuu it has been days since i posted a realest otp, right? sowwy~~ /does puppy eyes/

SO let’s talk about this rap line! 

they’re no joke, i tell you

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(who styled yoongi’s hair wtf this doesn’t look nice on him!)

they even started their own v-app segment! AKA Hwagae Market!!!

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the two are so smiley smiley whenever they’re together (lets leave out hobi who’s a literal smiley face)

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damn the height difference /runs away from angry yelling yoongi/

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omg what is this?

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we have relatable min and relatable jung here! (cant find gifs but lets admit all of BTS are so relatable)

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no jokes with Mr. Min

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ummm…. wth yoonseok?

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lalalalalalala ok~!

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all yoonseok shippers (tbh all otp shippers)

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the eye contact (go watch this bomb it’s seriously so kyoot)

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okay…. no.

gif spam~ (cr. to owners)

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so… i guess this is it! we all know how shippable BTS actually are, but i want to say something here:

as much as we ship our favourite pairs, we also need to know that we shouldn’t force it onto them in real life. i am a HARDCORE shipper of a number of pairings, but i know they’re not real. i mean, the have friendship, yes, but love… we dont know. we would never know. it’s their own choice, so lets not force it on them 

(the reason why i put this is because i’ve seen  ALOT of people commenting about the ships and telling them to do things (not nsfw you perv)… on youtube and also on v-app. not everyone reads the comments but some do and some who understand those comments do read those. i dont think i have the right to say this, being a shipper myself and posting about these ships but i just wanna put it out there: don’t think that your ships are real)