Magic || Jughead Jones

Request from anon: Okay so ever since your Supernatural cross-over I’ve been a bit obsessed with the idea of the ‘supernatural’ in Riverdale. I really want to see a ‘reader’ with magical powers, kind of like a 'Sabrina’ type character and she’s friends with the group and subtly tries to use her magic to help them out. I’m thinking football games she uses it to help Archie with a throw or Ronnie is about to fall of the top of the pyramid but she stops it. It could be a jughead x reader and eventually he notices??

A/N: This was super fun to write! Hope you like it!

Gif by @bellsprincess


You always knew you were different. Ever since you were six and literally levitated the cookie jar your mom had placed on a high shelf directly towards you, you knew you were unique. You never told anyone. You had wanted to tell your parents but then you had remembered a scary movie you had watched (when your parents weren’t looking) about a girl who was tortured because people found out she had “powers.” What if your parents sent you away? What if your friends told their parents or teachers who then called someone that would hurt you? It wasn’t worth the risk. So you kept it quiet. You only practiced your telekinesis when you were home alone, always making sure to lock your bedroom door. And you never, ever used it in public.

One day changed that.

It was the championship game between Riverdale and some other town whose name you couldn’t remember for the life of you. You weren’t there for the game, not really. You were there to see Betty and Veronica and the cheer squad in action. They had begged you to come, talking excitedly about how they had a new routine and how they couldn’t wait for you to see it. So there you were, under the bleachers with your boyfriend Jughead in the freezing cold waiting until halftime to see your friends cheer.

“How long till halftime?” Jughead asked from next to you.

You looked at the clock and sighed.

“Fifteen seconds.” you said.

Jughead leaned against the metal of the bleachers.

“After Betty and Veronica’s cheer can we please go get some Pop’s?”

You smirked.

“Yeah, Juggie, of course.” you said.

The referee blew the whistle signaling the end of the second quarter. The cheerleaders almost instantly entered the field just as the football players left and you and Jughead stepped out from under the bleachers to watch the halftime show.

“Go Ronnie! Go Betty!” you cheered.

The girls waved to you before they got into position with the other cheerleaders. The music began to play and the girls began to do their number, jumping and dancing around. They began to get in formation for a pyramid, Veronica getting in position to go on top. The girls lifted her with ease and Veronica smiled as she absolutely aced her movements.

However, when the girls got ready to bring the Lodge girl down, one of them slipped on the mud, making Veronica lose her balance. She wobbled like crazy, trying to keep her balance and failing miserably. The crowd gasped and some even covered their eyes as they watched Veronica stumble. You knew you had to do something before your friend fell and broke her neck.

Without another second to lose, you concentrated on your friend, making her stop her wobbling instantly.

“What the—” Jughead began.

He looked around and realized he was the only one who saw something wrong with Veronica’s position. She looked too steady at that angle. He looked over at you to see your brows furrowed in concentration as you watched Veronica.

“Y/N?” he asked.

You weren’t listening. You concentrated as hard as you could on the surprised and slightly panicked Lodge girl as she slowly but surely began to regain her balance on top of the pyramid. You began to feel lightheaded and you began to feel blood start to trickle out of your nose and you were briefly reminded of what happened all those years ago that made you swear not to push your powers to their limits again. With a quick movement of your head, Veronica was directly on top of the pyramid again and you stopped your concentration, letting out a heavy sigh. Everyone began clapping at what they thought was Veronica’s miracle recovery and you felt yourself getting more and more dizzy. You began to fall back but Jughead was quick on his feet and caught you, holding you steady.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed worriedly.

You were barely awake, your head lolling to the side. Jughead led you back under the bleachers, sitting you against the cool metal.

“I’m fine, Juggie.” you mumbled.

Jughead shook his head as he pulled a tissue from his pocket, cleaning up the blood that had fallen from your nose.

“You call this fine, Y/N? God, what happened out there?” he asked.

You shook your head weakly.

“Nothing. I just got dizzy, that’s all.” you lied as you closed your eyes, trying to get some of your strength back.

“Yeah, because watching your friend nearly fall off a cheerleading pyramid makes you dizzy,” he said sarcastically, a tinge of worry still in his voice.

The two of you were silent as he finished cleaning up the blood from your nose.

“I saw you, Y/N,” Jughead said softly.

You opened your eyes and looked up at your boyfriend.

“I saw you stop Veronica from falling,” he continued.

You looked down, internally panicking.

He knew. He knew. You were going to end up just like that girl from the movie.

“H-How long?” he asked. “How long have you been able to do… this?”

“I-Since I was six.” you said.

“Does anyone else know?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“No,” you said quietly.

You looked up at the beanie-clad teen again.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” you pleaded, tears welling up in your eyes. “I don’t want to be sent away to some science facility where they torture me and force me to—”

“Hey, hey, hey, shh, calm down,” Jughead reassured, cupping your cheeks with his palms. “Who’s sending you away?”

He wiped a fallen tear away from your cheek with his thumb and smiled softly.

“I’m not telling anyone, okay? No one’s going to send you away. They’d have to get through me first.” he said.

You let out a watery chuckle.

“But Juggie, that would be easy.” you joked.

“Ouch,” Jughead said in mock offense. “That hurt,”

You giggled again, your tears starting to dry up.

“But seriously,” the raven-haired teen said. “No one’s gonna hurt you. I won’t let them. Just know that. Okay?”

You nodded.



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Dark Bloom (For a moment, I was lost part 1)


Based on one of my favourite albums “For a moment, I was lost” by Amber Run.

This part is inspired by the song Dark Bloom.

Your best friend Caroline is none other than @mrshopkirk!

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, Howard Stark x OC!Julia

Summary: A devastating loss brings you closer to the man you are destined to be with, but a family dalliance keeps you two apart.

Word count: 2.464

Warnings: Angst. Other than that, you’re safe.

A/N: I wanted to do something different and as it turns out, Dominic Cooper is one hell of an attractive Howard. Please excuse any historical errors and even the timeline that may or may not be entirely accurate. And yes, Julia is in fact my granny’s middle name. I really hope you enjoy this little fic series! Let me know of you want on or off the tag list.

A/N: There will be of course more Julia x Howard moments in the future!

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He is Home

Prompt: Stucky fluffiness! Steve comes home to find Bucky actually sleeping when Bucky has been having problems sleeping since he has been back.

“He says it makes him feel like a child… The man is 99 years old Clint, I just don’t think that puzzles and coloring books are going to magically fix him.” Steve had the phone wedged between his shoulder and his ear as he ascended the stairs to his apartment, both hands carrying large brown bags of food.

“You’re right… I’m sorry, I’m just, yes, frustrated. He looks miserable, he is so quiet.. he just.. isn’t Bucky anymore… I’m trying to be patient, I really am. I waited 70 years to see him, I’ll wait 70 more if it means I at least have him.” Reaching the door to his apartment, he placed the bags of goodies down on the floor in front of the door to dig his keys out of his pocket.

“Thanks Clint. I’ll let you know soon how everything goes. I’m back at home now… Yeah, you too.” Steve sighs as he ends the call and slides his phone back into the pocket of his jeans. He ran a hand through his blond hair rubbed his hands over his face. He didn’t know what to expect on the other side of the door.  But he trusts Bucky, he believes in Bucky.

Steve knew that he needed to stop acting like he was doomed to clean up over a destructive pet and remember that no matter how lost sometimes he was, on the other side of that door was his best friend in the whole world, the man who meant everything to him. It was Bucky.

As Steve was thinking about all of this, he realized that it was there was no sound coming from inside the room, which sometimes seemed worse than hearing a crash of something breaking, or the frustrated curses of Bucky. Chills ran down Steve’s spine. He always has a habit of thinking the worse when it came to Bucky. He left, he was taken, his mind slipped again, all sorts of thoughts ran through the man’s head.

Steve unlocked his door, picked up his bags, and with a deep breath, creaked open the door to see what kind of scene he’d find.

Instead, he found nothing. Which immediately sent Steve into a panic. Everything seemed to be exactly the same as he’d left it some hours ago when he was called to a SHEILD meeting.

Steve’s ears burned and his fingertips turned to ice as he took in his environment around him.

There was a sound. A faintest little sound, that suddenly lifted every ounce of weight off of Steve’s chest and caused a smile to erupt on his face.

He quickly put the bags of groceries down and followed the rhythmic breathing. Just around the corner was a sight for sore eyes. At least, for Steve it was. Lying in front of a light fire burning in the fireplace was Bucky. His Bucky. All curled up in front of the fire. Sleeping oh, so peacefully; which was a miracle in its self.

Ever since Steve brought Bucky home, it seemed as if he never slept. Bucky would lie to Steve most of the time if he asked if he got any sleep last night. Buck would usually say yes, but the bed is just too soft. Steve could always tell when his best friend wasn’t sleeping.

On more than one occasion, Steve has raced into Bucky’s room, nearly breaking the door down, hearing the terrified yells coming from his best friend from a nightmare.

Steve thought that comforting someone like Bucky in a time of distress would be a challenge, given the circumstances and the amount of affection Bucky has actually received in the last 70 years. Steve came to realize though, that after everything, his Bucky is still in there. Bucky still responds to Steve the way he used to.

“Bucky?! Hey Buck… Bucky it’s me man..” Steve would call as he ran into the dark room.

“S-steve?” Bucky croaked, panting and shaking. Steve quickly made his way to Bucky’s bed.

“Hey buddy. It’s me. I’m right here Bucky.” As soon as Bucky’s damp face hit Steve’s bare chest he began to sob. Bucky frantically grabbed at Steve, anything to hold to. He was so scared that he was going to fall again, that he would loose Steve again. Steve had only ever seen Bucky cry twice in his whole life before this.

The first time was when Bucky was ten and his dog had died. Steve had excitedly skipped over to his best friend’s house. He was so excited to show Bucky a cool rock he had found the night before. He let himself in, as he always did, and made his way to his best friend’s room. Steve swung the door open.

“Hey Buck! You’ll never guess what I found!” Steve proclaimed as he burst in the room. That was when he noticed his best friend sitting on his floor, hands buried in his hands, heavy sobs escaping from behind his hands. “Buck.. What’s wr-“

“Get out! Get out of here Steve!” Bucky yelled at the small boy. Steve was so scared and confused. What had he done to the older boy to make him so upset?

“What? Bucky what’s-” Before Steve could even finish his sentence, Bucky had pushed the blond boy out of his room and slammed the door in his face. Steve sunk down the door and sat on the floor. He could hear Bucky on the other side of the door, sitting just as Steve was with his back against the door. It broke Steve’s heart to hear Bucky like that.

Steve had soon learned from Mrs. Barnes what had happened and she reassured Steve that it was not his fault. 

Bucky always wanted to make a good impression on Steve. He never wanted to come across as weak. Steve could never even imagine thinking something like that of his best friend. Steve always had thought of Bucky as his protector, his best friend who he knew would always be there until the end of the line. Steve and Bucky never spoke of that day ever again.

The second time was when Steve’s mother had died. Steve and Bucky were much older now. They knew that they were expected to be strong men who did not cry. Bucky was Steve’s silent hero that day. He stood by Steve all day, never leaving his side. He was Steve’s rock. Bucky, although visibly sad, never shed a tear, which helped Steve hang on to every ounce of strength he had. Steve, no matter how strong he tried to be, let out a few tears at the funeral. And when that happened, Bucky wrapped his large arm around the smaller boy’s shoulders and rubbed his arm soothingly, letting him know that it was okay.

It was not until that night that Steve really let it out. Bucky had walked Steve home and had only planned to stay long enough to see if there was anything Steve needed, although he really did not want to leave him, but figured Steve would need his space. He wanted to make sure that he did anything he could do for his best friend.

Steve sat down on the couch in the living area, and looked around for a moment. The house was so empty. Only the noise was the wood floor creaking under Bucky’s shoes. Steve finally just broke down. Tears came pouring out of the blond boy’s eyes and sobs escaped his lips. Bucky was quickly at his side, arms wrapped around him. Steve buried his face in the larger man’s chest.

“Shh Stevie, it’s okay buddy. Everything is going to be okay. Let it all out.” Bucky cooed, softly rubbing his hand over his best friend’s small, boney back.

“I miss her so much Buck. So damn much.” Steve managed to choke out between sobs. Hearing his best friend, this boy who he had come to love so much, so hurt, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Bucky held Steve tighter to his chest. He never wanted to let him go.

“I know Stevie. I miss her too. But it’s going to be ok. I am here. I will take care of you. I promise.” Tears beginning to run down his face. He quickly sniffled and tried wiping the tears from his face, but it was no use. As soon as he’d wipe a tear away, many followed. Bucky kissed the top of the boy’s head as Steve continued to cry.

“P-please don’t leave me. Not tonight. I don’t know how to be alone.” Steve whispered. He looked up at his older friend, and for the second time since he’d known him, saw tears rolling out of Bucky’s eyes.

“Of course Stevie. I will be here as long as you need me.” Bucky whispered with a small, reassuring smile. With his thin, frail hand, Steve reached up and gently wiped the tears off his friend’s cheek.

In that moment, a new wave of affection had washed over Bucky. The kind of affection he had only felt a few times before with a couple of different girls from his school. The one’s who told him that he was handsome, that he would be a great soldier one day. That they loved him. Bucky knew that he had to shake this feeling off. Steve was just his best friend. That was all. His best friend that he loved so damn much. He was the boy that he would make sure nothing would ever happen to as long as he was alive.

That night, Bucky got what he considered the best night of sleep he ever had. When he woke that morning he found his arms still wrapped around Steve, who was asleep on his chest. They had both past out on the couch but sometime throughout the night, they had found a comfortable sleeping position, which included Steve’s light body lying on top of him. His best friend’s head in the perfect spot to hear the rhythmic beating of his best friend’s heart. Steve felt like the beating of Bucky’s heart had sung him to sleep, and out of the nightmare he had been experiencing since his mother’s passing.

As Steve stood in front of the dark haired man, he took it all in. How peaceful Bucky looked, actually resting. He was lying on his stomach, hands tucked under his face. Steve crouched down to get a better look at this wonderful sight. He was wearing one of Steve’s hoodies, which even with Bucky’s large build, was still adorably baggy on him. Steve chuckled at the small pool of drool escaping from the sleeping man’s mouth and had to restrain himself from wiping it away, which would inevitably startle him and ruin this beautiful moment of peace.

Steve then noticed the partially put together puzzle in front of Bucky. Bucky was still in the midst of his recovery therapy, and Clint had this wonderful idea of having Bucky put together puzzles while Steve is gone because it “works for his kids”.

Steve knew that Bucky was not a child, but decided to give it a shot anyways. Steve was willing to try almost anything that could help Bucky without people having to pry into his brain. He knew it exhausted Bucky when people were constantly trying to pick his brain and make him relive those terrible years.

Steve examined the puzzle. It was not finished, but Steve could tell that it was a black and white 500-piece puzzle of Time Square. It was vintage, so it reminded them of their home in Boston. It was so beautiful back then, but not as flashy as it is today.

Bucky and Steve had picked out that puzzle from the store just last week after Clint pitched the idea. Bucky wasn’t too thrilled about it at first, stating that he felt like he was being treated like a kid and not a grown man. Steve felt bad about it, but tried to get Bucky to understand that everyone is just trying to help. No one liked the idea of him being scared and alone when they were off doing work for SHEILD.

“I am not scared!” Bucky proclaimed, a little too loudly, pulling himself away from Steve.

“Bucky.. it’s okay to be scared. You’ve been through a lot. No one is going to judge you for that.”

“Don’t you dare Steve. I am not a child. I am not stupid, and I am sure as hell not scared! I do not need a bunch of babysitters Steve. I can take care of myself.” Bucky tried to walk away but Steve quickly snatched him back up, and pulled their bodies close.

“Hey! Now you listen to me right now. I am not going to let you storm out of here like this. I have waited 70 years to have you back in my life. And I will be DAMNED if I am going to let your stubborn ass just walk away because you do not want to admit that the god damn badass James Buchanan Barnes gets scared sometimes. I came out of that ice too Bucky. I woke up in an entirely different century in an entirely different place and you know what? I was scared as hell. But with the help of the same people who are trying to help you, I got through it and here we are now. So were are going to buy a god damn puzzle and we are going to take it home and you will put this puzzle together because I love you and I just want you to be happy.” The last part came out as a frustrated whisper. Their bodies were so close now they could feel each other’s breath on their skin. Bucky bit his lip and released it slowly.

“I love you too you fuckin’ punk.” With that, Bucky kissed his best friend on his soft, pink lips.

Steve smiled into the kiss and kissed back, their hands intertwining. This was not the first kiss they had shared, thank god. Steve had waited far too long in the first place in his opinion. Bucky knew for a long time that he had romantic feelings for Steve, but was always too afraid to act on them. When they grew up, something as scandalous as that could get you killed. But Bucky had come to understand that things were different now, maybe not perfect, but defiantly better than it was.

Steve smiled at the memory of the kiss, thankful that he no longer had to hide his feelings for his best friend. As Steve went to walk towards the kitchen to put the groceries away, his shoe scuffed the floor. He immediately cursed himself because he knew the noise would wake his lovely sleeping beauty.

Bucky’s eyes flew open and he quickly attempted to scramble to his feet before he realized that is was only Steve, not an intruder.

“Well good morning Sleeping Beauty. Taking naps in the middle of the day? What are you 99 or something?” Steve joked, his hands crossed over his chest.

Bucky blushed at the nick-name and yawned while trying to muster up an excuse to why he was asleep in the middle of the day.

“Well I- uh.. see I was just doing that puzzle and-” Steve interrupted him with a peck on the lips.

“I was just kidding Buck. It’s nice to actually see you sleeping. I know you don’t do much of that these days.” Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, not even trying to deny it.

“So, uh, how was your meeting? You went shopping I see.” Bucky changed the subject walked towards the bags to help Steve put them away. Bucky quickly began unloading the bags, avoiding eye contact with Steve.

Steve placed his hand over his boyfriend’s, causing Bucky to at him.

“Buck.. I know you’re not sleeping at night. You look exhausted. But just then, when I saw you sleeping. That was the most beautiful and peaceful thing I have ever seen.” Steve cupped a hand on the side of Bucky’s face and stroked his soft cheek with his thumb.

“I-I’m fine Steve. Really I am.” Bucky looked down.

“You’re lying Buck. Tell me, what can I do to make this any better for you? I’ll do anything Bucky. Tell me what you need.” Steve pulled the man’s chin up to look at him. Bucky’s eyes look sad and tired. It broke Steve’s heart that the man he loved was so tired.

Bucky looked down again, not knowing really what to say.

“I’ve been thinking.. and I uh.. I just.. I don’t know.” Bucky broke away from Steve’s gaze and grip. He turned around so that he was not facing Steve.

“Come on Bucky.” Steve put his hands on his boy friend’s back. He gently massaged the man’s shoulders before sliding his hands down his back to the hem of the large hoodie he was wearing. Steve slipped his hands under the cloth and felt Bucky’s smooth skin. Steve reached around the front and wrapped his arms around Bucky.

The warmth of Steve’s skin on his made him both smile and shiver. Bucky shook his head.

“It’s just.. remember when Sarah died and I stayed at your place? And.. and we fell asleep on the couch together right? Well.. I slept so good that night.. I know that sounds stupid because it was really sad, but honestly that was the last time in 70 years I remember sleeping that well.” Bucky had his eyes squeezed shut, not knowing what to expect from Steve.

“So.. you want us to sleep together? Like in the same bed?” Steve clarified. Bucky quickly soun around to face Steve.

“We don’t have to! I just mean, I like having you there, I mean, I really really love having you at night Stevie. If you’re not ready for that, I mean, that’s okay too I just-” Steve pressed his lips against Bucky’s. It was a long and magical kiss. Not the type that knocked the wind out of you, but more like the type that felt like you were filling back up. Like the kiss was actually putting life back into Bucky.

“I love it when you call me Stevie.”

Bucky smiled sheepishly and blushed. He looked down at their feet to try to hide his embarrassment.

Steve put a finger under Bucky’s chin and gently forced him to look into his crystal blue eyes.

“I would love it if we slept together every night. I just wished you had told me sooner.” Bucky smiled wide, the widest Steve had ever really seen him smile since he was back.

“As a matter of fact, I am pretty worn out myself. What do you say you join me for a little power nap before we join the gang for dinner tonight?” Steve pulled Bucky close and peppered his face with kisses.

“Power nap? Who is the old man now?” Bucky joked. Steve just laughed and took Bucky by the hand. As they walked to Steve’s room, Steve began tossing off some of his clothes. Bucky tried not to gawk at him.

“What are you trying to pull Rogers? I though you said a nap?” Bucky crossed him arms and pretended to pout.

“Well I didn’t want to get my clothes all wrinkled or anything!” Bucky rolled his eyes. Steve kicked off his boots as Bucky sat down on the bed.

Suddenly, Steve surprised Bucky by jumping on top of him. Bucky fell backwards on the bed with a thud. They both laughed. 

“So how do you prefer this thing? Me on top or you?” Steve winked at the dark haired man. Bucky looked away, trying his damn hardest not to blush again.

“Well kind of like this..” Bucky and Steve maneuvered positions until they were lying just as they were that night, although Steve is now much bigger than he used to be. But Bucky did not mind at all.

“I like this.” Steve breathed out after a yawn.

“Me too.” Bucky replied, stroking the blond man’s hair.


“Hmm?” Bucky replied, already falling out of consciousness.

“I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Me too, Stevie. Me too.” Bucky held Steve tighter to his chest before drifting back off to sleep.

Second place for my fic contest goes to @instagramless-ruth . I am a sucker for Mark of Cain Dean, and this one hits the spot. Sexy, angsty, so many emotions…I loved it! After you’ve recovered from this perfection, make sure you’re following this awesome author!

When I Needed You Most by @instagramless-ruth

Word Count: 4600

Warnings: angst, light smut

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A Light In A Dark Tunnel

Prompt: Ryan’s sister comes to see Amelia and learn about her brother.

Set in an AU where Amelia has little Ryan and they are happy with Owen. More Omelia and little Ryan can be found here 

“Hi I’m looking for a Dr.Shepherd?” The women asked one of the nurses siting at the desk. The nurse looked up, slightly taken back by the strange resemblance between the women and Dr.Shepherd. She had jet black hair, crystal blue eyes, similar bone structure, pale creamy white skin, and was even around the same size as Amelia.

“I’ll have her paged for you.” The nurse answered, quickly paging Amelia.

Within five minutes Amelia was standing in front of the nurses station, exhausted from being called in late last night, and annoyed that her real shift had just started and she was already being paged. “You paged?” She asked the head nurse sitting at the computer, only for her to nod toward the women waiting in one of the chairs against the wall. “I’m Dr.Shepherd.” Amelia said, holding her hand out for the woman to shake it. She carefully examined the women with her eyes, she couldn’t have been more than twenty-five, and she had a familiar aura about her.

“Hi!” The woman said, way too cheerful to be a random stranger. “I’m Emily. Emily Kari-”

“Mommy!” A small voice came from down the hall. Amelia and Emily looked in the direction of the cheerful voice, only to see the small black haired, blue eyed toddler squirming out of the red headed mans arms and in a dead sprint for his mom.

“Hi buddy, I missed you.” Amelia squatted down at height with the four year old, letting him crash against her. “We’re you good for Owen?”

“Uh huh!” He nodded with a huge smile, the same smile as his dad’s, but sadly only Amelia knew that. “He make us sabble egg fo beakfast.”

“Not as good as my waffles though.” Amelia smirked, receiving a giggle from her toddler and a finger over his mouth to ‘shsh’ his mom so Owen wouldn’t find out.

“Alright little man, lets get you to daycare.” Owen scooped the toddler back into his arms so he was laying horizontal and started to tickle him as Ryan yelled, “Bye Momma!” still laughing down the hall.

Emily watched as the little family, or so she assumed, interacted. Her eyes carefully watched the little boy especially taking in how much he resembled the reason she was here today. She watched the red head, who she now knew was named Owen, carry the toddler away, she quickly jumped back into her conversation with Amelia.  “Sorry, you’re Emily you said?” Amelia asked turning back toward the black haired women, tilting her head in question.

“Yeah, Emily Kerrigan.” She smiled slightly, ready for whatever reaction she received from Amelia, only to get the one she was expecting. Amelia stood there, completely speechless. She didn’t know Ryan had any siblings or at least that what he told her. He never really mentioned his parents, only that his father was a coke head, and quiet frankly when she was newly sober and found out she was pregnant, contacting Ryan’s family to tell them hadn’t been on her to do list. Staying sober was a struggle and too add a ragging coke head grandfather into the mix wasn’t something she wanted around her son.

“I know you’re probably taken by surprise and I totally understand, it’s just that-“ Before Emily could finish explaining herself, she dropped to the floor and started seizing. Her body was shaking violently as it hit the floor, Amelia leapt to her aid, flipping Emily on her side to keep her air way open. “I need some help here!”

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In the Rubble

Dust and the smell of smoke hung heavily in the air as they’d begun the arduous task of finding a needle in a haystack. Finding one person among countless corpses and mountains of debris was hopeless, but still they pressed on. Despite utter exhaustion, a select few of the Normandy’s crew were driven to continue, probably until they could no longer function. All for the loyalty, respect, and love of one Commander Shepard.

Garrus sighed heavily, taking a moment to try and check his malfunctioning omni-tool one more time. It was beyond frustrating that it wasn’t working properly, at a time when he needed it the most. Liara walked ahead, her face a calm veneer over what he knew to be barely contained panic. In the quiet of her passing and him staring in frustration at the broken device attached to his arm, he heard the faintest of rustles off to his right.

The turian’s head immediately snapped over in the direction from which the sound had come. His eyes roved over the pile of debris, wondering if what he’d heard had been merely a figment of his imagination. But then, just as he was about to look away and follow after Liara, a twisted metal beam trembled, as though something or someone under it was struggling to push it aside.

That was all the confirmation Garrus needed to close the distance and begin digging. “Liara,” he called aloud as he frantically began to peel back the layers of destruction to find the poor soul under it all. How someone might have survived after all this time and while trapped under all of this refuse was beyond comprehension, as far as he was concerned, but he intended to help them get out. It wasn’t until he revealed an armored limb adorned with a very distinctive red and white stripe that he truly felt the strange mix of dread, hope, and despair well up from somewhere deep in his core. “It’s her! She’s here!” With renewed strength and determination, he began lifting and tossing aside the charred wreckage that pinned the commander to the ground.

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An Unexpected Yuletide

Imagine your Christmas dinner is interrupted by Thorin’s company as unexpected guests.

 Chapter One: Under Their Own Steam

         The Sheriff of Hobbiton, Artemis Took, strolled in through the open front door of their new blacksmith’s smithy.

           It wasn’t every town in the Shire that could boast having a Dwarrow blacksmith, let alone an apprentice of the Master Blacksmith, but Artemis wished they had come by young Fili’s services in a less tragic way.

“Good morning, Mr. Fili! How’s that metal leg you made yourself holding up in this cold  weather?”

Fili looked up from his work, with a cheerful smile.

He seemed genuinely happy, in Hobbiton, especially with his new wife, and that was somehow more heartbreaking to Artemis than if the poor brave lad had been miserable.

“It’s a bit creaky. But as long as I keep on it, and I keep those gyro-gears moving? Me leg ought to keep steaming along.”

Fili and the Sheriff both laughed at his joke.

Artemis Took was one of Belladonna Took’s brothers, the only one who lived in Hobbiton. In his sister’s stead, Artemis had determined to make things as right as he could for these two young  people since Belladonna Baggins had returned from her long journey with her new husband.

Bella had arrived in the middle of the auction of her property, with the older of the Master Blacksmith’s nephews.

Young Fili had gained quite a bit of experience in life, and a wife, but he was missing his Uncle, his brother, and his left leg below the knee.

But Dwarves were a stoic lot and all Tooks are tough.

It wasn’t long before the lad bought a piece of land on the main street, and built a smithy.

Even those who suspected he might not have been as good a smith as his Uncle, when they found out that Fili had designed and made his mechanical leg, all under his own steam?

They decided they could trust him with their business.

But, as their first Yuletide in Hobbiton approached, Artemis knew that Bella and Fili would keenly be feeling the absence of family.

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My Guardian Angel - Newt One-Shot

Character: Newt
Era: TMR (The Glade)
Reader: Neutral
Summary: Newt is desperate to escape the living hell that is the Glade. But what lengths will he go to?
Warning: Spoilers for the Death Cure, mentions of suicide, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide.

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You weren’t a rule breaker. Simple as. But neither was he. So when you found him sneaking into the maze, you couldn’t help but debate whether to follow him.

What if you got banished? What if you didn’t make it out? What if you got lost?

But then, what if he got hurt?

You looked around, making sure that no one was looking as you stepped past the boarder, walking along the looming walls and running around a corner as so no passerby from the Glade could see you.

Foot marks in the dirt were helpful when following. But when you got a good hour’s away from the Glade, you were beginning to worry about what could cause Newt to travel out this far. Was there something him and Alby weren’t telling the boys?

You couldn’t tear your eyes off the floor. The track marks being the only important thing, what you didn’t want to lose. Your ears would be able to hear Griever’s and voices, but losing those tracks meant losing Newt.

But then they stopped. You didn’t understand. It was like they’d disappeared into thin air. You hesitantly continued walking and must’ve crossed over two corners before you were sure you’d lost it.

You started to walk back, not wanting to lose your own tracks and not be able to get back, but then you saw him.

He was cast out on the floor, his leg in an inhuman direction, a groan escaping his lips as his head moved slightly from side to side.

You called out his name, your legs moving as fast as they could until you slid by his side.

“It didn’t work. It didn’t work.” He whined.
“Newt? Newt, can you hear me?” You yelled frantically, taking his face in your hands.
“We’re gonna die in here. We’re all gonna die. We’re never escaping.” He was almost sobbing as you held back tears yourself.

You stood and hooked your hands under his arms, lifting his upper body and trying to drag him but he screamed in pain as his leg moved. You carefully placed him back down, knowing that you didn’t have the strength to drag him back to the Glade anyway. You’d have to wait for Ben to finish his run before he found you both.

You sat back down on the ground, moving his hair from his face after placing his head gently in your lap.
“Everything- everything’s going to be okay Newt. It’s g-gonna be just fine. Ju- just keep your eyes open, yeah?” You breathed, watching the blue eyes gaze up at your face.
“I just wanted to get out of here.” He sniffled.
“I know. We all do. And we’ll find a way. We’ll get out of here together.” You told him.
“It’s been 2 years Y/N. I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.” He groaned.
“But we’ll get out. And think about it, if you die now, you don’t get to punch those bloody shanks when we do.” You told him, attempting to keep the conversation flowing.

“Why did you want to do this?” You asked, wiping your tears to stop him from noticing.
“I guess I didn’t see a point in living anymore.” He uttered, his eyes drooping to a close.
“Newt. Look at me. Look at me goddammit.” You said as his eyes opened, looking into yours as he noticed the red rims of your own.
“We need you. The boys need you. I need you. Who else are we gonna go to when we need someone to confine in, or a Greenie’s being annoying or Gally is acting like a shank?” You saw his lips curl into a small smile, and a weight felt like it had been lifted from your chest.

“You can’t leave us. Think about the affect it will have on the boys. How Alby will feel. How Minho will feel. How I would feel if I hadn’t followed you and then later found out you were dead.”
“You know, you’re making out that you care about me a lot now Y/N.”
“Because I do Newt! There isn’t a day where you don’t brighten it up or you don’t care for one of us. We wouldn’t have done half of what we have if you weren’t around. And I’m refusing to let you abandon us now you shank.” You sobbed, trying to control your breathing for a moment before you heard Ben’s voice ring in your ears.


You sat in your cot with your head on Minho’s shoulder, his arm around your waist as Alby sat across with his head in his hands.
“How did we not notice?” Alby muttered, pressing his fingers to his lips.
“We can’t blame ourselves.” You muttered, lifting your head and leaning over to place a hand on his knee.
“Yeah. It’s the shanks that put us in this place that should get the blame. Bad enough putting us in here with the Grievers and now they’re driving us to the point where we’re jumping off the maze.” Minho snapped as you rubbed his back, trying to get him to calm down.

“Are we gonna get in trouble for this?” You asked Alby. His head snapped up in confusion.
“What?” Minho asked.
“I mean, obviously Newt won’t, but I still broke one of the rules-”
“No. You saved his life. By the time Ben got to him, he would’ve been long gone. We owe you Y/N. You saved him.”
You scoffed at Alby’s words.
“Saving him would be getting him down off that wall.” You mumbled.
“Saving him was keeping him awake. Saving him was waiting with him for Ben. Saving him was following him out there. Got it?” He asked, his harsh stare into your eyes as you nodded.

“Now, we’ve got to figure out what we tell the Glader’s.”


Frypan had given you the food to take up to his room. He was on strict commands from Alby not to leave until his leg had completely healed. But seeing the way it was placed, you doubted it ever would.

“There’s my Guardian Angel.” He smiled as you placed the tray on his lap.
“Eat.” You told him, turning to leave.
“Wait.” He said and you stopped with your hand on the door.
“Please. Stay with me while I eat. Treat me like a human. Like I’m not broken. You won’t even look me in the eyes anymore. No one will.” Your hand dropped and you pulled up a chair, placing your chin on your hand and staring at him.
“Eat.” You said again and he gave you a small smile.
“If you say so Angel.” He said, dipping bread in some soup and beginning to eat it.

You sat back and crossed over your arms.
“Why do you call me that?” You asked him, as he looked up from his platter.
“What? Angel?” He asked as you nodded.
“Because if you hadn’t been so concerned to follow and watch over me I wouldn’t be alive. Believe it or not I’m actually grateful for your stalking.” He added playfully.
“Stalking? Really? I’m calling it saving your scrawny butt.” You smiled at him as he laughed. You’d never been so glad to see that smile.
“I, Umm, I regret it… you know. Jumping. Trying to-”
“I know.” You told him sincerely.
“Thank you. For saving my scrawny butt.” He said.
“No problem. Just promise me you won’t be taking your scrawny butt into the maze anytime soon.”
“Believe me, with my Guardian Stalker by my side, it’ll be near enough impossible. And I wouldn’t want to anyway.” He smiled as you placing a hand on his leg.


“How did the Subject’s cope Ma'am?” The scientist asked his Chancellor as he observed the screens.
“Keep an eye on Y/N. This Variable seems to have taken a particular toll on this subject. Make sure to keep the affects of it monitored.”

“Yes Ma'am. And the boy?” He asked, noting things down on his clipboard.
“Check over his health. If he by some miracle manages to pass the rest of the Variables-”
“He’ll have to accept the fate of having the flare.” He said blandly, Ava Paige looking over at the boy.

“Yes Thomas. Yes he will.”

Little Wolf - Part 13

A/N: Oooh its getting close to what you’ve all been waiting for. Only a couple parts left until Little Wolf is finished!!

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: Swearing, FLUFF

Word count: 4.3K

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Just Live With It (Just Go With It 2)

Sunt deja in durere!AS PROMISED PART 2 IS HERE HEHE 


Anyways, here you go hehe 

Part 1 (Just Go With It)

credits to gif owners

Just Live With It (Just Go With It Part 2)

Pietro Fucking Heartbreaker Maximoff x Lovely Fake Ex-Wife Reader

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Y/N hissed under her breath as she fixed Cooper’s collar. Clint knew nothing about the whole shenanigan, of course. He thought the two were just taking his kids out to “that stinky kid’s place”, which was JC McFunnigan’s.

“This is going to be exciting.” Pietro grinned at Lila, who he was carrying in his arms. Lila smiled at him and booped his nose, causing him to giggle.

“Let’s review then, yes?” Pietro announced. “Lila, your name is not Lila, but it is…?”

“Magda!” She exclaimed. She believed that this was all a superhero game where Pietro was her superdad and Y/N was her supermom. At least she got the concept down. Meanwhile, Cooper knew everything.

“Why does my name have to be Coco?” Cooper complained with an irritated scratch of the head. Y/N smiled at him. She loved these kids like family, and she was pretty disappointed that they had to get mixed up in the mess she and Pietro made, but obviously, there was no turning back now. “Because,” he told her, “Your father named you that.”

“And mummy’s name is Devlin,” Pietro told them. Lila raised her brow, “But mummy’s name is Laura.”

“No, no, draga mea, we have been through this.” Pietro sighed, brushing a stray strand of hair out of Lila’s eyes. “Y/N is your mummy and she’s not Y/N, but she’s Devlin.”


“It’s pretend, Lila,” Y/N informed her. “Remember when we played Godzilla?“

Lila thought for a moment before she nodded, “Yeah…”

“And remember how Pietro was pretending to be Ford? The Godzilla slayer?” Y/N smiled at the memory. It was when she and Pietro babysat the kids for a little while during the summer and they had a campfire in the backyard.

“Oh yeah!” Cooper piped up. “And I was Godzilla! Man, we should do that again!”

Lila nodded, “I understand now. Can we play inside now?”

“Leslie, darling!” Y/N exclaimed, arms wide open for a friendly hug. Leslie gladly walked into her arms and Y/N squeezed her lightly before she pulled away, afraid that she might squeeze her to death, literally.

“Devlin!” Leslie exclaimed, equally excited.

“Hello, my love,” Pietro greeted her and planted a little peck on her lips, making Y/N’s stomach turn.

“This must be—”

“My name’s Magda,” Lila spoke instantly, bouncing a little in Pietro’s arms. “And Pee-tee is my daddy and Y/N is my— oops!”

Leslie raised a brow, “Y/N?”

“It’s my second name,” Y/N lied smoothly. “She likes calling me by my second name. She thinks it’s pretty.”

“Oh,” Leslie nodded. Lila turned to Pietro and tugged at his ear, “Can I play now, papa?”

Pietro smiled, the act warming his insides. “Stay close, cel mic,”

“I will,” she said excitedly as she squirmed out of Pietro’s grasp to run off to the slides.

Leslie smiled at the scene and so did Y/N, but with a sigh, she pushed another thought away and turned her attention on Cooper. Leslie smiled at cooper, “You must be Coco.”

“Yeah, that’s me,” it was obvious that Cooper wanted nothing to do with Leslie, because deep inside, he shipped Y/N and Pietro himself. During their first meeting, Cooper had thought that Y/N and Pietro were actually married. He wanted them to be, but not like this.

“What do you like to do, Coco?” Leslie asked him sweetly.

“Well,” Cooper sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “I did like hanging out with my dad and all that, I liked it when he and mommy would take me and Li— I mean Magda to the park,” he sniffled. Cooper had concluded that he didn’t like this Leslie girl. How did he come to the conclusion? Y/N’s face when she spoke. He would always pick Y/N over any of Pietro’s girlfriends.

Cooper had been a top theatre student and now, he thought, was a good time to use his moves. He sniffled again and hung his head low.

Pietro looked at him curiously and so did Y/N. What was this kid doing?

“What’s the matter, honey?” Leslie asked sweetly.

You are, Cooper wanted to say, you’re messing with my OTP. (Cooper owned a laptop. He knew his internet slang.)

“I—it’s just—” when Cooper started hiccupping, Y/N crouched down to his height and wrapped him in her arms. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” All Devlin aside, Y/N was genuinely concerned about the boy.

“It was all fun and we were a family until…”

Leslie frowned, “Until?”

“Until?” Pietro asked as well, leaning down and looking at him curiously confused.

With another dramatic sniffle, Cooper cried out, “Until he met you!”

Leslie gasped and looked up at Pietro in utter shock, “Until he met me?”

“No, no, no, no,” Pietro stuttered out and chuckled nervously. “You know papa loves you, Keekee—”

“Coco,” Y/N corrected Pietro. “Mommy and daddy love you, you know that.” Y/N clicked her tongue in a motherly way. “Come, let’s clean your face. No more crying, sweetie, daddy is happy. Come now.” Y/N lifted Cooper up and excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Pietro with an angry looking date.

After swerving through a bunch of kids with heels on, she arrived in bathroom and set Cooper down on the counter.

“What was that?” She asked him quietly while she took out paper towels from the dispenser.

“That was me trying to save Pietro from making the biggest mistake of his life.” Cooper answered her as a matter of factly. Y/N raised a brow and him and shook her head.


“He should be with you or my OTP won’t be canon,” Cooper huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Y/N giggled at his funny language and wiped the wet towel over his face. “What are you talking about?”

Cooper sighed hopelessly, “You know what never mind.”

When Y/N finished cleaning Cooper up, he went over to wherever Lila ran off to and she returned to the two and found them mooching each other’s faces off. She froze in place for a few moments before she realized that this was going to be the norm pretty soon.

During the past few days, Y/N had made a big decision. She didn’t like it, but it was an opportunity to do something different. She can’t keep hanging around and waiting for things to happen.

That night, she returned home with the kids and no Pietro. Lila and Cooper were kaput and she had to call Steve from upstairs to carry Cooper in the tower, where they’ll be staying the night while their real mom and dad take a little vacation in Paris.

Y/N stayed up a little longer than the others and sat by the bar, downing a few shots. She was planning on telling Pietro about her decision, but he decided to run off with his girlfriend. And so when a few turned into a dozen and another and into a full bottle of throat burning Whiskey, and Pietro was still nowhere to be found, she opted for a phone call.

It was three in the morning across the city and Pietro was still awake. Beside him was a sleeping Leslie. Pietro couldn’t sleep. He hasn’t slept since that day he and Y/N created Devlin Maximoff. Devlin Maximoff. Devlin Maximoff. Devlin Maximoff… Y/N Maximoff. Y/N Y/L/N Maximoff.

Pietro shook his head rapidly in hopes that he could rid the thoughts of his best friend from his mind. You’re best friends, he told himself, that’s enough.

In truth, Pietro didn’t want to be friends with Y/N. If given the chance, he wanted to be more. But the thing was he thought that someone as beautiful and amazing as Y/N was too good for a guy like him. He thought it was already a miracle that they were friends, and he was not going to risk what they had because of his feelings.

What would he even say?

Hey, Y/N, I’ve liked you for a while now.

Hey, Y/N, you and I, we’ve been friends for a while but I want something more.

Hey, Y/N, we would make beautiful children.

If he did say those things, what would she say?

I’m sorry, Piet, I don’t like you like that.

I’m sorry I don’t want anything more than our friendship.

Pietro, you fucking weirdo.

With another breath, Pietro rolled over and turned to look at the girl beside him. A few days ago, he had thought that she was the one to replace Y/N from his heart, finally, but once again, as much as he hated to admit it, he was wrong. No one can replace her and Pietro just had to live with that. Pietro reached out to touch Leslie’s face but was stopped when the loud cry of his phone broke the once troublesome silence. Quickly dashing towards the dresser, he picked up the phone as soon as he read the ID.


“Pietro, hey,” her voice was low and raspy, sounding as if she had a sore throat. “Um, you said you were coming home tonight… Where are you?”

Pietro frowned, “I am… I am at Leslie’s, but if you want me to come home, I can—”

“Never mind, Piet,” she cut him off with a frustrated sigh for herself. “I-I can’t do this, alright? I can’t take another day of all this lying,”


“The thing is, I like you, like, a lot more than you maybe want me to, and obviously we can’t have that interfering with your relationship.”

“You like me?” Pietro’s heart was thumping in his chest a million beats per second. He couldn’t seem to find the strength to scream I like you too back.

“Don’t say it again; I’m already getting embarrassed as is. I had to get wasted to do this,” she giggled then hiccupped. There was a silence and Pietro sighed knowingly, “You’re lying in the pile of dirty clothes aren’t you?”

“It stinks but yes,” she laughed to herself silently. “I’m trying to figure out what this is on Stark’s pants…”


“No, too bright to be gravy.”

“Maybe it's—”

“Pietro, no.”

Pietro chuckled and shook her head. There was another silence and Pietro took a breath, “I’m coming home, Y/N,”

“No, don’t,” she said quickly. “You can’t come home.”

“It’s been a long day, I’m going to keep you company.”

“Just stay there, Piet,” she told him. “Stay there, come home tomorrow. It’s too cold to travel out.”

“Do you think I care?”

“I care about you and your safety, and because of that, you should too. Good night, Pietro. Go to sleep.”

“Good night, Y/N,” he said and before he can stop himself, he said, “I love you,”

Y/N side was quiet. It stayed like that until a broken voice spoke, her broken voice spoke and she said, “No, you don’t,”


“Bye, Piet,” and with that she hung up.

“Wait, Y/N—” Pietro groaned in frustration when he realized that he had cut her off.

Tomorrow then, he thought and went back to bed. He lied down and closed his eyes, going over what she had said and their whole conversation until he came up with the conclusion he had been dreading. His eyes snapped open and he sat up, mumbling to himself, “She’s not going to sleep,”

He got up as quickly as he could and stumbled around to grab his jeans and his shirt.

Leslie woke up and looked up at him with tired eyes, “Baby?”

Pietro froze and turned to face her with his left leg stuck in the wrong leg of his pants. “Go back to sleep,” he whispered, stumbling on his words and letting it come out in his own language.

“Pietro, you know how I hate it when you talk to me in your Sokivono.” She huffed, annoyed. “Where are you going? It’s the middle of the night and I—”

“Leslie, shut up,” Pietro found himself saying.

Leslie gaped at him, “Excuse me?”

“You want to know something, baby? Hm?” Pietro took a breath. “I’m not married, yes, and I don’t have three children and Magda’s name is actually Lila and Coco is Cooper and Vision is named Nathaniel Pietro. They’re the great kids of the guy I work with and I love them, but they’re not mine… And Devlin? My "ex-wife”? Her name is Y/N and I am fucking in love with her.“

Angered, Leslie couldn’t help but scream at him, "Pietro you fucking prick!”

“I’m sorry, Leslie, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.” Pietro shrugged and fixed his jeans. He ran around the room in a flash to collect his things and stopped in front of Leslie. “You think my sister is strange, you hate it when I am myself and you never listen to me, but now I need you to listen and you’ll have no choice but to listen— you and I are through and I am sorry.”

Pietro left Leslie and ran back to the tower anxiously. Something bad was happening and he didn’t like the feeling of not knowing. When he arrived at the tower he found that all the lights were on and everyone was awake— even Lila and Cooper who were crying.

“What’s going on?” Pietro asked Tony, but before Tony could say anything back, Pietro took off in a sprint around the whole floor, opening doors and calling her name. Pietro returned to the main room panting, his eyes brimmed red with tears that burnt him and his chest twisted in a way that caused him pain he couldn’t understand. “Where is she?!” He screamed at the group of heroes before him.

Tony gave him an annoyed look, “We don’t know, Speedy, and your sister isn’t telling us anything.”

In the corner of the room, Wanda sat quietly with a sorrowful look in her eyes. Pietro frowned at her and ran to stand in front of her. “Wanda?”

“She is safe, brother, I promise,” Wanda assured him but Pietro shook his head, “I need to know where she is, Wanda, please,”

Wanda was silent and at this, Pietro turned to leave again she grabbed onto his arm to stop him.

“She does not want me to tell you,” Wanda cried out, holding her brother in place and looking into his eyes. The look on his face brought her pain. Before her stood her brother in a state she has never seen him in— not even when their parents died— broken and helpless. She felt for him, she really did, but she knew Y/N wanted to be alone.

“Wanda, Wanda,” Pietro sobbed, grabbing onto his sister’s robe. He went down on his knees and looked up at her as if she were his only hope. “You must tell me, I beg of you.”

“She is afraid, Pietro,” Wanda forced the words out of her mouth as she stared down at her twin. She couldn’t stand seeing him in the state he was in, and she was currently battling whether or not she would give in for him or keep it in for her. “She does not want to hurt you, nor does she want to get hurt.”

“Wanda, you do not understand,” Pietro almost yelled out, his voice breaking at every word. “Sunt deja in durere!”

Wanda brought a hand up to her mouth to silence her sobs. She could not bear to see her one and only family, her brother, her twin, her partner in crime, hurting as much as he was now. She could feel his hands shaking as he held onto her wrists and his shoulders trembling as he pressed his face into her stomach. She could not take it, which lead her to apologizing to Y/N.

“She left for the headquarters,” said Wanda, causing Pietro’s face to look up at her. “Agent Coulson is relocating her to Europe.”

Wanda pulled her brother up and reached up to wipe his tears away. Pietro leaned towards her touch and leaned forward to kiss her forehead gratefully. Wanda gave him a faint smile, “Go,” and so he did.

He ran over a hundred miles on foot, restlessly trying to get to her in time. That night, a record was set for most car alarms being activated at the same time throughout the streets of New York. Whilst Pietro was on the way, Tony made his own commands towards S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Do not let that girl get on a jet, do you understand me?” he yelled into his phone to an agent on site. The agent replied with a yes, sir before he hang up and did what he had to do.

Y/N was sat in a white room, occupying one from the row of empty chairs while Coulson got called to get her itinerary. She was relieved that he had left her side for at least that moment. The man couldn’t stop bugging her about why she smelled like alcohol and dirty laundry, and why was she wearing a dress in the middle of the night. Y/N was too lazy to explain herself, so she just shrugged him off and told him to drive.

As she waited, she rethought about everything she was about to do. Moving to another continent? Was she crazy? Yes, she was crazy. She was going crazy because she was where she was. She could start fresh out there, grow out of heartbreak, find someone new, start a healthy relationship… but was it all worth it? Was the risk of having a new life worth leaving her friends? The group of idiots in a tower she called her family?


Suddenly, she longed to feel his touch; to hear his voice tell her to stop and come back to him. To feel his warm hand wrapped around hers. To feels arms around her body like he did when she felt cold like she was at that moment. To hear him say—


Y/N whipped her head to the side to see a tired looking Pietro, panting with his hands on his knees as he bent over and tried to regain his breath. “Y/N,” he said again.

Y/N stood from her seat and took in the sight in front of her as Pietro straightened his posture. He stood across from her in the other end of the room. Her heart was beating as fast as he could run, and so was his. She wanted run over to him and wrap her arms around him and tell him everything she ever wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t. She was frozen, yet she said, “I told you not to come home until tomorrow,”

“It is tomorrow,” He replied, taking careful steps towards her. “And I came home, draga mea. I came home to you… but you weren’t there.”

“I told you to go to sleep.”

“But I knew you weren’t going to do the same,” he said, stopping just a few feet in front of her. She felt a tear run down her cheek as she saw the state he was in. He looked tired, drained and in so much pain. She couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing that somehow she had caused this.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came here for you.”

“I’m leaving,” she told him.

“Then I’m coming with you.”

Y/N blinked and took in a breath. “What made you change your mind?”

Pietro shook his head and gave her a small smile, “My mind was made since the first day I saw you on that table, I just didn’t know it… until now.”

Y/N bit her bottom lip and prevented a sob to come out of her mouth, yet the corners of her mouth were turned up as a smile forced its way onto her lips. Pietro saw her reaction and couldn’t help but do the same.

“Te iubesc,” Pietro whispered loud enough for her to hear. Loud enough for her to understand. Loud enough for her to believe and run into his arms like one would in a cliché love film. She cried into his chest and nodded, “I love you too, Piet.”

Pietro wound his arms around her shaking frame and buried his face into her hair until they both calmed down. She then leaned back and looked up into his eyes and held his face in both her hands. “Pietro?”

Pietro smiled, “Yes, dragoste?”

“I’m glad I fake married you.” She smiled and leaned up towards him, meeting him halfway as he leaned down and caught her lips in a much awaited kiss. His mind went hazy and her heart raced faster. None of them could have imagined the feeling of each other’s lips would be the best feeling in the world.

Pietro pulled back and leaned his forehead on hers. “Your kiss felt different.”

Y/N giggled and shut her eyes, “Good, because you’ll have to live with it.”

Pietro nodded and chuckled, “I look forward to it,”

With a content sigh, Y/N smiled, “Let’s go home.”

Sunt deja in durere! - I am already in pain!

I hope you liked this series !! I had fun writing it. 

You can suggest me to write prompts or maybe just talk. My ask box is open all the time :) x 

In case you missed it, here’s part one!!

More Pietro!

He is Love - Part II

// Namjoon, Jimin, Reader
Word Count: 1700ish
The passionate sympathy you have for Jimin’s emotional struggles puts you in the middle of the two men’s affections and insecurities.
Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII - Part VIII

A/N: Jimin makes me feel all cuddly inside. Also, have four minutes of Jimin laughing. Video isn’t mine, but it made my day. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBII //

“Sorry for butting in,” you mumbled, looking over at the guys. Jungkook, eyebrows raised, was looking between his hyungs, one of them appearing very surprised and the other just annoyed.

“You guys just stay here and wait for practice to start,” Namjoon said, showing no sign that he had even heard you as he left the practice room mumbling something about the manager.

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Replace VI Ch 2 “THE NEXT GENERATION” English Translation Parts 6-9 *FINAL*

IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!!

Links to the previous parts
Part 1-2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Chapter Summary:
A new school year has started for Seirin. Hyuuga and the other senpais are now third years and Kuroko, Kagami, and the trio are now second years. Since their victory at the Winter Cup, Seirin has become famous all over. The basketball club has over 40 new recruits aspiring to be on the team. One is the emotionless Asahina Daigo, and another is the timid Yagi Yuuta.  However, things look troublesome for the team when the two first years don’t seem to get along, and there seems to be problems between Asahina and Kagami as well.

Next Update: Conclusion of Teiko in Hawaii! What could Akashi’s plan be? I will be finishing the remainder of the chapter in one go! Then after that will be “Ch 3: Time of Departure!” 

This is one of the three chapters that’s a sequel to what happened after Winter Cup (that’s canon besides Extra Game) so let’s see what the future of Seirin holds!

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I Failed You

A little coda for 12x1. It’s also on Ao3 Here.

They’d been going for more than 48 hours. No one wanted to sleep, not with Sam still out there dealing with God knows what. Dean saw his mom stifle a yawn as they sat across from each other at one of those late night diners with the sticky formica table tops and lights that buzzed just a little too loudly overhead. 

Dean ordered for them both while they waited for Cas to come in from out at the car. He wanted to stay in the car a bit longer to finish searching something on the laptop. He had a thread of a wifi connection, and he was going to do what he could, despite his lack of faith in the technology.

Mary stifled another yawn and the waitress came over to refill her coffee mug. “Long night huh?” She offered as she poured.

“The longest,” Mary said as she looked up at her past drooping lids. “Thanks.” The waitress stepped away to fill other mugs down the line of tables. The lot out front was filled with a whole slew of big rigs humming away under the amber glow of the street lights.

“We’re gonna get a room at the motel over there. You need the sleep.” Dean’s face was all parental concern, which was several kinds of odd given the situation. Well, everything in the last 48 hours had been more than odd, surreal might be a better word for it.

“Not ‘til we find Sam,” she said.

“Look, I get that, I really do, but we gotta be ready. Not enough sleep and one of us could wind up dead. That ain’t doing Sam a bit of good.” Dean folded his hands in front of him. The door to the diner opened, and Cas strolled in on a rush of wind. It was a bit of an entrance, and Dean was reminded a little of the first time they had met. Cas came to the table and stood awkwardly at the edge of it waiting for one of them to slide over and make room for him.

Dean moved, and Cas settled in next to him. As was often the case, he slid into the bench seat until they were right up next to each other. “So I found a couple of warehouses that I think might be relevant, given the last lead that we had. They are each pretty far from each other. It might be best if I go on ahead to the more distant ones and let you two take care of the nearer ones.” Cas had folded his hands in front of him on the table in a mirror image of Dean’s posture.

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The Captain.

This is something I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write for many more years – I would have preferred never to write it at all. But somehow, this day has arrived, and arrived all too quickly. And I don’t know what to say. Not because there isn’t anything to say, but because there’s just too much. I’ve always hated the phrase, “Words can’t describe…” because that’s not right. Words can absolutely describe; a lack of a proper vocabulary is the true impediment. But today I’m here to say that I don’t have the vocabulary to do our captain justice. So I’m not going to try. But when I think of the words I do have to describe the man from Huyton, there’s one in particular that always comes to mind.

That word is superhero.

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“Carter says that episode 4 will deal with one of Scully’s most distinctive character features: her religious faith, a source of conflict with Mulder.”

Entertainment Weekly - June 25, 2015

(This isn’t revival negativity, it’s just… rambling inspired by one brief comment from over a month ago that isn’t even a direct quote because I finally finished the show and now I can talk about things \o/)

Scully’s Roman Catholicism is pretty much never a source of conflict between her and Mulder. Mulder has been sympathetic and supportive of the ideas of sanctuary, faith, and religion in general (Conduit; Signs and Wonders). He’s questioned Scully (Orison; Gethsemane), but it’s always because he genuinely wants to understand her position, not because he’s trying to belittle her, prove her wrong, or out of frustration–okay, maybe a little bit of frustration. But it’s essentially the same thing she does for him: I don’t think Scully is ever looking to prove Mulder wrong, per se, she just wants him to be able to articulate his theories and beliefs in a detailed way and to back them up with logic and evidence.

What Mulder and Scully both loathe is when men and women warp faith in order to take advantage of others. (I can’t even hope to cite all the examples: The Field Where I Died; Miracle Man; Red Museum; Roadrunners.) Mulder wears her cross necklace when she’s missing (3), and obviously he doesn’t do that because he’s suddenly devoted to Christianity, but because it’s a part of her that he recognizes and loves. After her return from the abduction, he appeals to the strength of her beliefs, her very ability to believe, and implies that he thinks he might pale in comparison but beseeches her to accept the offering of his presence and fidelity anyway (One Breath). “I feel that you believe you’re not ready to go, and you’ve always had the strength of your beliefs. I don’t know if my being here will help bring you back. But I’m here.” Later, as she is dying from her cancer, Scully tells Mulder that he’ll be in her prayers and he teases her with the line about saying “hail Mulders” because Fox Mulder always trolls and makes inappropriate jokes rather than acknowledge something important to him (Redux II).

Both Mulder and Scully have had episodes about loved ones and the afterlife (Beyond the Sea; Closure), and although they approach the topic from different perspectives, in the end their separate approaches bring them close enough to the same conclusion to experience “a madness shared by two.” Excuse me while I transcribe their final conversation from The Truth:

SCULLY: You’ve always said that you want to believe. But believe in what Mulder? If this is the truth that you’ve been looking for, then what is left to believe in?
MULDER: I want to believe that… the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us… as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen to what’s speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves.
SCULLY: Then we believe the same thing.
MULDER: … Maybe there’s hope.

And then he scoots forward to play with her cross. Seriously. One of the very last images of the show is a close-up of Mulder lovingly caressing Scully’s cross necklace. The very last lines we hear the two of them speak are about how despite their differences, hell BECAUSE of their differences, they find enough strength in one another and in their individual beliefs to persevere.

Mulder wants to believe that all their trauma and all their loss will not be the end of their story. Death and tragedy and manipulation will not have the final say.

The X-Files is a story about two very different people thrown together by nefarious forces outside their control… who nonetheless found enough goodness and heart in one another to build and dwell in a single folie à deux, and to choose that shared madness over and over again despite the odds against them. They both learned from one another. Nothing else matters became There’s so much more than this. (Mulder used to look at the night sky and think about UFOs watching him; now he thinks that souls might live in starlight, searching for homes.) Logically I would have to say no evolved into I came to believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Scully sees open doors where she used to see delusion.

Look at scenes like the one on the staircase from Gethsemane. When the show is at its best, it uses Scully’s religious beliefs as a connection between her and Mulder. It gives them a way to talk to one another about the things that confuse them about the other: faith in something for which the other has never seen proof. Scully’s religious faith gives them language and a way to communicate that they simply wouldn’t have if she were an atheist or simply not religious.

Mulder does not have a problem with Scully’s faith. Scully does not have a problem with Mulder not sharing her faith. Mulder proselytizes to Scully about aliens W A Y more than Scully ever proselytizes to Mulder about Christianity. Her whole life is her witness to the strength it gives her. And it’s not static, and it’s certainly not always well written, but calling her religious faith a source of conflict with Mulder is silly… because it’s actually part of what makes them work as well as they do. Religious faith is about imagination and empathy and possibilities and hope and searching, and I just love Dana Scully and her faith, and Mulder does too.

Twue Love

Elsanna Week, Day 3: Classic Romantic Movie

She didn’t come for her.  Tears welled in her eyes and she groped for the small hidden dagger in her jewelry box.  She stared at it before pulling the sheath off.  As the tip pointed to her bosom, she closed her eyes and prayed that she would join her beloved soon.

“There’s a shortage of freckled breasts in this world.  It would be a pity to damage yours.”

Her eyes flicked open, wide with surprise and she turned towards the source of that sweet voice.  She flung the dagger away as she rushed to that slim figure on the bed.  "Oh, Elsely!“

Fierce kisses covered her beloved’s bruised face.  Hansperdinck lied.  Her Elsely was alive.

"Gently,” murmured Elsely.

Instead, she renewed her kisses with more fervor, wrapping her arms around her neck and lifting Elsely slightly.

“Gent…ly…” said Elsely, with a pleading note in her voice.

“Why won’t you hold me, my Elsely?”

“I… have no strength…”

Butteranna released her hold and Elsely plopped back down on the pillow with a grunt.  Her beloved smiled at her sheepishly.

Meanwhile, swords clashed in the courtyard below.  Olafigo staggered against the wall as he parried the six-fingered Duke’s attack.  With every movement, pain lanced from his wound, and he gritted his teeth.  

“I should’ve killed you back then, brat,” jeered the six-fingered Duke Weselgen.  "Did you really think that you can beat me with such twig like arms?  But don’t worry.  You’ll be joining your father soon.“

The memory of the Duke laughing over his father’s  death stiffened his resolve.  "My name is Olafigo Montoya.  You melted my father.  Prepare to die.  My name is Olafigo Montoya.  You melted my father.  Prepare to die.”

The chanting seemed to numb the pain from his wound.  He advanced on the Duke, slashing with more vigor.  "My name is Olafigo Montoya.  You melted my father.  Prepare to die.  My name is Olafigo Montoya.  You melted my father.  Prepare to die.  My name…“

"Stop saying that!” yelled the Duke as he backed away.

Olafigo switched to his left hand and they fought across the courtyard. The  Duke awkwardly parried against the unusual stance.  Olafigo feinted, causing the Duke to lose his guard.  He chanced the opening and thrust into his opponent’s shoulder.

The Duke fell to his knees and Olafigo disarmed him.

A six fingered hand rose in surrender.  "Please stop!  I give up!  Let me go and I’ll give you anything!“



“I want money…”





“Cake?”  The Duke looked at him quizzically before quickly agreeing, “Yes!  Anything else?”

“I want my father, Marshalo Montoya, you son of a bitch!”  Olafigo thrust home and the Duke’s eyes rolled up in agony.  With a negligent push with his boot on the Duke’s chest, his blade came free and he cleaned it with the Duke’s cloak.  The man didn’t need it anymore.

Meanwhile, Butteranna cradled Elsely’s head against her trembling bosom.  "What happened to you?“

"I was tortured in the Pit of Despair.  I was mostly dead, but that doctor, Mad Oaken, gave me this miracle pill of his own invention and saved me.  The man who broke me out of the Pit, Olafigo, rescued me in exchange for a way to get into the castle.  And so, here I am.”

“Oh, Elsely, will you ever forgive me?” cried Butteranna with despair in her voice.

“For what?”

“I’m married to Prince Hansperdinck.”

“Did you say ‘I do’?”


“Then you’re not married.”

Elsely’s reassuring smile melted the despair in her heart and she hugged her tightly.  "Oh, Elsely!“

"Gently please…”

“A minor technicality,” came a gloating voice from the door.  "A mistake that I’ll correct as soon as I make sure to send you back to death’s door.“  

Butteranna stood between him and Elsely.  "You promised to let her go!”

He unsheathed his sword.  "Let’s settle this to the death.“

"No, to the pain.”


“I’ll explain and use small words so that you’ll understand, you troll-faced buffoon.  To the pain means the first thing you lose will be your feet and then your hands at the wrists.  Next, I’ll slice off your nose to make it easier for you to eat your boogers.”

“Save the insults and stand up.”

“I’m not finished.  You’ll lose your left eye and then your right…

Hansperdinck stepped forward.  "Let me guess… my ears next.  How awfully predictable.”

“Wrong!  You keep your ears, so that every shriek of anyone who sees your hideousness will be yours to cherish.  Every child that runs away, weeping at your approach and every woman who cries out, "Heavens above, what is that thing?” will echo in your handsome ears.  That is what “to the pain” means.  It means I leave you wallowing in angst forever.

The prince raised his sword menacingly.  "Enough!  You’re bluffing!  I let the Duke play with you in his Pit.  I bet you can’t even stand.“

"You’re right.  Maybe I don’t have the strength to stand.”

Butteranna took a step towards the prince, but a cool hand stopped her.  She looked back to see Elsely’s reassuring blue eyes.  She squeezed her beloved’s hand.

“Or maybe, I do.”  Still holding her hand, Elsely slowly got up from bed.  With a slight nod, she let go of Butteranna’s hand to draw her sword.  Her icy blue eyes fix on the prince like a hunter on her prey and her voice was strong with the weight of challenge.  "Drop.  Your.  Sword.“

The prince’s sword trembled and he let go.

"Sit over there,” commanded Elsely.

Hansperdinck obeyed, looking like a frightened child.

“Tie him up tight.”

Butteranna found some rope under the bed.  While she tied the prince, she wondered why there was rope under the bed.  She shuddered as she thought of a possible horrible fate in these bridal chambers.

A man with twig like arms and carrot long nose staggered into the room.  "Found you…  Where’s Krissik?“

"I thought he was with you.  Butteranna, this is Olafigo.  Olafigo, this is Butteranna.”  

The man bowed awkwardly.  “Pleased to meet you.”

When she finished tying up the prince, Olafigo slumped against the wall.   She noticed the blood on his shoulder and moved towards him, but he waved to Elsely.

“Not me.  Help her.”


“Because she has no strength.”

At that moment, Elsely plopped back on the bed.


Hansperdinck crowed in triumph and struggled against the rope.  "I knew it!  You were bluffing.“

The man touched the intricately carved handle of his sword.  "Want me to do him in?”

“No thanks.  I want him to live knowing what a coward he is,” replied Elsely with derision.

A large man entered the room.  

“Krissik!  Where have you been?"  Olafigo reached out and clasped his large hand.

Krissik helped him up.  "Here and there.  I got lost, but I heard your voice, and came over.  We better get out before more guards come.”  

“Let’s do that.”

“But before we go…”  Butteranna walked over to Hansperdinck and punched him in the face.  He toppled over unconscious along with the chair.

Elsely smiled proudly.  “That’s my girl!”

With Krissik supporting Elsely and Olafigo, they made their way to the stables and found 4 reindeer with saddles.  Krissik helped Elsely get on and then mounted the largest reindeer.

He patted its great head.  "This is Sven.  He’s my new friend.“

Olafigo inclined his head.  "Nice to meet you Sven.”  He turned his attention to Elsely.  "Where to, captain?“

"The back gates.”

They rode out of the castle and into a new beginning.  Elsely guided her reindeer next to Butteranna and offered her hand.  Butteranna smiled widely and took that familiar caloused hand in hers.  Together, they rode off into the sunset.  Once safely away from the prince’s lands, they stood on a cliff, their bodies framed by a full moon.  Since the invention of the kiss, legends and fairytales spoke of kisses that were the most passionate, the most pure.  Their kiss left them all behind.


“Again please!” cried the twins in chorus.

Queen Anna of Arendelle closed the book.  "You promised to sleep after I read this story.“

"But you were ” said crown princess Lana.

“ almost at the end,” continued her twin sister Elaine.

“I’ll read it again tomorrow.  Besides, it’s your bedtime.”  She tucked them in and kissed their foreheads.  "Sweet dreams.“

The slightly open door swung on its hinges to admit her wife.  Queen Elsa went to their daughters and kissed their foreheads as well.  "Good night, Lana, Elaine.”

“Good night, Mama… Good night Momma…” said the twins sleepily.

Anna doused the lamps and left the room with her wife.  As she closed the door behind her, she asked, "How long were you standing there?”

“When you changed it from 'perfect breasts’ to 'freckled breasts’.  I’m beginning to worry about your creative embellishments.  What if they talk about your modified stories with the other royal children?  It won’t be the same as the book.”

She slipped her hands around her wife’s left forearm.  "But they like it!  I bet you’re just jealous.  How about I tell you a story?“

"Will it have freckled breasts in it?”  A daring glint rose from those icy blue eyes.

“As you wish,” replied Anna with a wink.

Together, they walked quickly to the Queens’ Bedchamber.