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No wait Sorey can have these powerpoints for class for each section/chapter and like half of the pictures he uses in them, if not more, have both himself and Mikleo in them! One could be Sorey holding up a peace sign while Mikleo could be looking at the camera in surprise becuz idk, Sorey suddenly said “CHEESE!” and Mikleo wasn’t ready but gOD DOES HE STILL LOOK ATTRACTIVE XD with a beautiful temple in the far background~

@soymilkheaven HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

ok OK so i dont know if anybody beat me to this but did they imply that fiddleford was kind of making what could have been the apple computer in his time??? cause ok look at this 

This is fiddlefords house 

And this is a picture of  “ Home of Paul and Clara Jobs, on Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs formed Apple Computer in its garage with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976.”

and also this poster is in fiddlefords room??

and this is one of the previous apple logos 

and ford said fiddleford was “wasting his talent trying to make personal computers” LIKE WHAT NU UH FORD HE WASNT WASTING HIS TALENT 

like dang i love this little detail so much its so neato 

ok just bear with me here we know that neil could literally not care less about keeping his phone on or even charged and i imagine this wouldn’t change when nicky finally convinces him to upgrade to an iphone so just picture our boy leaving his phone all over the damn place and the foxes casually picking it up and taking a couple pictures before returning it to him

  • btw nicky sets a passcode for neil before handing it over (it’s totally 0310 let’s not kid ourselves) but you don’t need to know that to get to the camera so
  • nicky and matt take such goofy pictures like even when they’re trying to look good they exaggerate it so much that it’s funny
  • matt also takes a lot of group pics bc his arm is long enough to include himself in them amazing
  • nicky is the one responsible for most of the pictures of andrew’s group because
  • kevin literally could not care less for this. does it contribute to their exy skills? then get that phone out of his face nicky god damn it
  • he only takes a picture of himself once and its at some historical exhibit
  • aaron also never takes pictures bc he would never do neil the favor(?) of picking up his phone for him but you can bet that katelyn’s snuck in a couple of them when she runs into neil at parties with the vixens
  • in one picture she’s actually caught aaron laughing at some lame science joke the nerd and neil will never admit it but he thinks it’s the perfect example of why they’re right for each other
  • but his favorite is the one of aaron being used as an armrest by katelyn (probs taken by another vixen)
  • allison somehow manages to document anyone’s embarrassment on both her phone and neil’s
  • matt and dan take the most obnoxiously adorable couple pictures and at least a third of them originated on neil’s phone
  • renee pops up in group pics with all the girls but usually she ends up taking a lot of candid shots of the team
  • like she’s just really good at catching that one moment where everyone’s engaged and happy
  • allison and dan eventually talk her into taking a couple pictures of herself too, usually right after she’s redone her hair
  • and basically they all do their best to fill neil’s phone with pictures of themselves so that even when they’re not around in person he’ll remember that they’re family and they’ll always be there for him
  • and they just want to record every happy moment like a tangible wish for these memories to slowly outweigh every one of neil’s bad ones
  • and then there’s andrew

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Client: Put a picture of elephant beside the logo.

Me: (after a quick google search) Is this what you want?

The photo I found had a few elephants, one of which was facing away from the camera so you could see its butt.

Client: Yes! Perfect.

Me: Like that? Or smaller?

Client: Looks good! But can you warp that one elephant around so we can see a bit of its side?

Team Delusional Masterpost

Okay so I’ve been looking for a while and I can’t find a masterpost of just team delusional theories and posts so I decided to make one. Feel free to message me ones I’ve missed.

My favourite post concerning how she survived

This focuses on everything you could ever want including; medical issues; biblical familiarities; set pictures; foreshadowing and the clocks! It’s what dreams are made of - aerishere 

Theories Revolving Around Characters/The show itself

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Martin in 5x01 parallels Beth - nerdbitches

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Name Anagrams - aeroknot

Rick and Beth Left behind parallel - ask by bellarkeisendgame

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(If you don’t see her in the post above this post will really help)

Father Gabriel’s reading in 5x09 promo - stayingupblogging

Morgan kills a walker with similar injuries to Beth - Sheriffandsteel

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Theories Revolving Around Time

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Theories Revolving Around Real Life Situations

Examples of People who have had brain injuries and survived + more stuff and thangs - xbluemagnoliax

Head Shot Stats - deni269

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Theories Revolving Around Biblical Topics

Beth parallels Jesus - starlight-samurai

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them arms are jesus arms -some anon pointed this out 

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Palm Sunday - hideyourgraces

Theories Revolving Around AMC or Filming News or Cast

AMC really playing up the Beth + Group / Bethyl reunion before the MSF - greeneapples

Emily Crying on TTD - can-yousee-the-dark

Emily’s tweet about feeling alive - dixongurl

These pictures get your hopes up - saywhatjenn

The Bigfoot picture Coat - [source deactivated]

That one time shit went down on set??? - bethtatorship

People shouting Beth on set like ????? - demonslayingfordummies

(in relation to the article above) - sparks-and-mistletoe

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Other Theories I didn’t know where to put

Beth is the Wolf from “Up The Wolves” (song at the end of Still) - Sweetiedarling14

Red Flag in Coda - primordial-gnosis

What Coda means - dillarosahermayani

Why Coda doesn’t make sense - misseffie

There’s a movie based on true events where a girl is shot in the head and goes to Grady and recovers and it’s strangely like Coda - ME

i feel like i’m a detective in the middle of a case and i have all of these pictures and articles tacked to a board and i’m stepping back and looking at the whole picture and whispering “it doesn’t add up but how”

  • Iron Bull:I'm just saying, Dorian, you carry around this picture of the Qunari in your mind.
  • Iron Bull:Like you see us as this forbidden, terrible thing, and you're inclined to do the forbidden.
  • Dorian:I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Iron Bull:All I'm saying is, you ever want to explore that, my door's always open.
  • Dorian:You are impossible. This is...(growls).
  • Iron Bull:Good. I like that energy. Stoke those fires, big guy.

Lafayette: George Washington? I love him like a fath- [trips] [drops hundreds of portraits of George Washington including unauthorized shirtless engravings] haha, these are just some of the tokens of my devotion to my adopted father [starts showing them to literally anyone that will look] listen he’s just the greatest [thousands of pictures scattering across the floor, including centerfolds from DILF Monthly] oh this one is my favorite.


I’ve made two new side blogs dedicated to what I believe would be what Daria and Jane’s blogs would be.

Obviously Daria’s would be one where she posts her writing and occasional review of books and such.

Jane’s would be an art blog showcasing her own art and her inspirations.

I will be updating the content every so often so feel free to follow the blogs.

Daria’s Blog

Jane’s Blog

*note: I am treating these blogs as if they’re run by real people so I will refrain from actually posting screencaps or gifs of the show unless its just a picture of Jane’s art that could look like someone just took a picture of her for example.

Remembering Greystone, #1.  Over the next week or two, I’m primarily going to be posting previously unpublished works on my second-favorite building in America, which is currently being demolished by a corrupt state government - Greystone Park State Hospital.  I’m also going to reblog “old hits” from the hospital with additional commentary, much of it from my personal reminiscences of the grand Second Empire building and its outbuildings.  This is the first in that series.

Pictured here is one of a handful of paintings in the male extreme violent wards; wards for patients so unruly that food was usually slipped to them through portals cut into the bottom of the door instead of actually having to interact with the patient.  Some patients could look outside their doors and see these lovely paintings - and yet every one of them is disturbing.  Here, a tornado threatens a homesteading family that looks straight out of the Dust Bowl; they cling to the necessities, like family pets, but seem to be running for the hills.  It evokes the same sort of climate as John Ford’s interpretation of “The Grapes of Wrath”.  What a strange thing to show to the most disturbed patients in the hospital, no?

Prints available here.

ok listen guys… i took this picture at yosemite when i was in high school and i was literally so proud of it but nobody has ever given me praise for it and if someone could just tell me they like this photo or that it’s artful or something i would feel like my life was more balanced


back at it again at krispy kreme (temporarily) here’s a new chara psd named after my momther leah<3 the last one i made for her was super cringey and every time i look at it i wonder how i could’ve disrespected her so much like that so here’s a new one that’s a bit of an improvement. everything is labeled so it should be real nice and easy to use so enjoy !!

  • you’ll need three pictures for the polaroids
  • the font is arial
  • don’t redistribute or claim it as yours please!
  • give credit where its due
  • like/reblog if you’re using or downloading



Don’t mind my explosion of selfies; I just took these test shots of my Scarlet Witch ages ago and I wanted to post them! I had a really fun time making this cosplay for the Motor City Comic Con…its my goal to find the perfect Pietro Maximoff one day
*gazes into the distance* one day….