this is embarrassing but um my anxiety is getting the better of me so could you like this if it’s okay for me to approach you to come talk and plot things and stuff? 

so i’m considering buying a car .. .. …… .

I spent a really long time looking at paint chips today with our new landlord. He was so excited about it and we kept going from room to room and looking at the chips in different light. Don’t click read more unless you care about paint colors.

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I’m weirdly less offended when people dislike Clarke than when they dislike Clexa or Lexa. I think it’s because if people dislike Clarke it really is almost always personal preference and not some bullshit prejudice

so i spose it’s that kinda time to go over some primary rules again, since it seems a lot of followers aren’t followin them.

1. i’m a mutuals only blog. that means i follow you, you follow me, we do a lil jive and everything is well in the world. i don’t rp with non-mutuals. that means if i put out starter calls or reblog memes, i’m probably going to ignore your requests.

2. if you reblog a meme from me, send me shit. not the ones that involve rp if the above applies to you; in which case, reblog it from the source. if you can’t, then that’s fine !!! reblog it from me !! but i reblog so many like headcanon memes and such and people just. take them. without sending. that’s fuckin lazy and rude.

these are some rules that im only posting about because they’re recurring problems. i notice usernames. if you keep doing it, im just gonna block you, cuz you apparently don’t know how to respect simple sentences accessible in about 4 seconds.


Hey sorry to keep on harping on the same thing, but we are getting little to none national media coverage. This is what is looks like down here and it keeps on getting worse for everybody.

My brother TJ and his wife Jenni evacuated from their apartment and are safe with us now, but they have lost their cars and have no way of transportation. TJ just recently lost his job and Jenni was working as a photographer – there won’t be any jobs calling for photography right now in the thick of this. 

My aunt and uncle have no home now, it’s completely underwater. Jenni’s family has a child with special needs and they can’t get their necessary supplies for her because their house is underwater. 

I know everybody’s more interested in Clinton and/or Trump or the Olympics, but Louisiana is really suffering. Please keep Louisiana in your prayers. I’m going to post some links for y’all if you wanna give some support, but really if you could just reblog this and let everyone know what’s going on, that would be so incredible. We are strong and we will make it through this, but every little bit counts, even down to the the second to reblog. Love you guys! <3

Update: I just set up a GoFundMe for TJ and Jenni. Any bit counts!

My sister-in-law’s family GoFundMe page

Louisiana Red Cross

Salvation Army Louisiana



“At least classes seem to be starting off well, and seem to be at least relatively interesting.”